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Breaking Through Creative Barriers

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Photo Shoot

Me Ra Koh

Breaking Through Creative Barriers

Me Ra Koh

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4. Photo Shoot


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Photo Shoot

We're going to do a photo shoot today with a couple different families that have volunteered their time to come in and so I've never I've never met these families and but I did get little glimpses of the kids and so I'm so excited for us to bring them in and work with them and we're going to bring all of you in so I'm you can come in closer the students and you can watch kind of what is happening this is our this is our space to work with and if you can I'm I don't know they could turn the cameras show you but this is basically the front doors of the studios where we're at and so you will see there is a kitchen back here a counter there's just kind of you know, couches staying out on and this is what we're going to use for our setting for the photo shoot and I'm excited because I have no idea where we're going but that's why I don't I just love coming into something in creating as we go so why don't we see like what we see the kids first we're goingto bring the kids and and what I want...

to d'oh is let's see we got we have three families here yeah come on in here thank you so much for being here looking looking so ok we have I'm here is look there's one right here that I'm just move it I just want if you don't mind I would just love for you to introduce yourself to the group and just tell us uh just tell us your name and your baby's semen and who you brought with you as well yeah that would be great on that daniel's in this way have four generations that's wonderful okay he's gonna be raised like totally ready to go how old is eyes in six minutes are you six months old I can e new okay so he can sit up on his own but he's not crawling yet okay that's good no ok well we love that we love that stay so tell me tell me your name and your little line ok, so amanda vicki and really guiliani beautiful and how old is giuliani? She is she's a much darling and tomorrow and she's just taking everything in right now she's like mom what did you sign me? Oh ok thank you for being here and then tell me who you two are. This is a sign of these two she's teo on my chemistry sri sri and shining like trinity that's st e I love your name you that's so beautiful and you just look like a princess right now like a thief back we may leave the race was on so I know what I'm I'm no let judith he got a warm up tio and I'm going to take advantage of what I'm doing right now is I'm gonna engaging how they're like responding to me and how they're feeling I think I say is ready to go I think he's like lead get this show on the road so let's start and then all like called to you to come come in and join and then we'll shift around and we'll kind of work through all three of their families does that sound good? Okay, great. So let's see here I'll have you wait over there with the kids and sure enough, you could want and then and then you and I will play together does that by watch first, okay, I'm so I'm gonna I'm going to get my camera that would help I'm let's see here so before I'm before I even before I even start shooting, I'm going to look at different things I'm going to look at what I have to work with I've got a guy to work with and I'm I've got and I've got this light here, so what I asked him to do is I asked them to cut all these lights overhead so that we would get like more window light coming through can everybody hear me? Okay, okay, great and and what I do then is I often look at the floor because the floor shows me how far my life is stretching does everybody see that so like right here it's really bride but like it's it's still bright even like back two years so I could possibly get away with them being this far away from the window and depending on what time of day it is will depend on how far I stand away from that window as well so I'm I've got some couches here this autumn into work with I've got a kitchen to work with I'm I mean what should we dio what should we dio should what should meet him should we start with saying that should we show everybody how you can sit up right now okay let's do it but so I'm gonna take mom first and baby and we're going to go let's use this kitchen counter because this is a really simple thing that everybody can dio I'm gonna have you mama stand right here and face me on the other side and high okay so now oh oh you've lost your tie oh you want to taste it you want to taste it yeah so what I'm gonna do is before I do anything was setting them I'm in and I'il in my camera settings first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to figure out what my eyes so needs to be because that's kind of like my campus and you're you're so sweet like that's like what we were all like learning even though we're modeling so we're gonna I'm let's see we're going to set the eyes so what? How bright do we want this to be? Well I like that I'm going to set my eyes so teo try three twenty that's what I'm in track and I'm gonna set my stop after that my aperture and I'm going to go I've got the eighty five carl zeiss millimeter on here I love fix lenses because of how low I can go home I have stopped so I'm gonna try one point seven okay let's try it out and I'm and then after I said those two things now I'm going to figure out my shutter speed and finesse my shutter speed from there so let's see here I think my shutter speed I think I wanted to hide three d I think I want to be three hundred and twenty eighth of a second okay, so the great thing about doing this is like let's look at it it's a little bit brighter there so you know what? I'm going to come up to four hundredth of a second. So the great thing about setting up your camera first is that once it's set up, you don't need to think about it anymore and now you just get a hang out and play, so listen what? We're gonna indio are you excited? I'm excited I'm going to you this way and I'm gonna have mom kind of lean in a re on him kind of get behind him and this is something like I talk about in my book your baby in pictures because this is a great one this is a great set up to do with the baby when they consider up on their own and let in like moms love this set up because what is his candor? Do they hide their body right? So my mom's love this setup because I don't care how skinnier athletic or whatever shame she is any time the camera comes up mom freaks out because she's like all senate just get the worst in me so she gets to start in a really safe place do you know I'm saying we're going to start in a place where she doesn't have to feel so vulnerable and exposed and I do this all the time in people's kitchens and so she gets to have a counter behind her she's going to lean in and wrap her arms around isaiah and the great thing about her leaning in is what she looks liver right? So I really need mom to love these photos because if mom doesn't like the photos but the baby looks great is reading in to hire me back no right come on it's going to hire me back and we just know that whatever you do is going to be great sonia before I take the photo I'm looking at like my background here you're great right there and I'm I'm going to take me on this thing right here or can someone pull that down for me? It's just this poster because it's just a little bit distracting I'm gonna blurt anyways but I don't want anything like blaring or distracting if you were to look over here can you get over here so people can see there's like this whole coffee thing going on over here so I know that like we probably want to keep this yellow background and even maybe blue behind the two of them I don't want them to get that far over levi ideo I don't know maybe we should try what do you think? Ok, so we good I'm going to take a picture it's going to come up on the screen is my favorite part this is showtime, buddy here we go and I'm gonna use my live you because I love you the live you with working with kids I want you to look at I ve yeah you know what? You're here so beautiful I want you to like I look at him but what like let's keep your hair so I can catch your smile and not hide his mind okay, here we go I there oh he's finding long and we're going to go again, okay hey, you getting tired, tio or maybe he wants to stand is he kind of at that spot where he's starting oh, so here's the thing I could before I take this shot oh oh here turn around bridges ones again I could oh he's moving he's on the move oh you're right I see you I see you I do you're doing so good yes you you have so much to say to me tell me everything I want to hear e oh, beautiful mom look right here. Oh, darnley hi, honey. Hi. So one of the reasons I use alive you you guys and I don't use one of the reasons I use wait where you going? Getting in really? Yes, I know one of the reasons I used to live you is because I want him to see my face I don't want the child like I don't want him to have a connection with me and then all of that and I block the camera so let's bring in mom and grandma like grandma and I'm sorry graham and great ground, right? Yeah, we have for generations I'm gonna switch lenses I'm going to switch to the twenty four to seventy does anybody know why? Okay, let's see here hmm let's see, I want uh I would love to have you on this side here great grandma right in here that's wonderful and let's let's move you all just a smidge this way on let's have everybody kind of lean in tow okay here we go and everybody's going to kind of now I've got a different lens on so I need to readjust mice I needed readjust my camera right he's like what is everybody you know he's hungry holding let's not fight that let's go back tio yeah I don't know look it he's like you can't let me be this close to my mom and not give me my mom I'm worth we can't what I'm let's I always like when I'm doing baby she's I always like to say sat like actually teo I tell them it could take up to two hours we may not take that long but if the baby needs to eat her nurse or whatever that gives us that freedom and space what about serenity does she want to come and play let's see here I'm gonna use this white couch I wish serenity because her and her mom had this beautiful skin coloring and then we'll come back to isaiah when his time he feels better three d ok phil I'm moving it back based on where I'm looking out the window light right? So I'm just gonna have mom I'm going to have huge is fit right here was sharing any iron lap less to start there he looks so beautiful honey, I'm gonna have you take one step over here you look gorgeous her eyes are just amazing she's not sure what to think yet that's okay, that will take advantage of it because once you're comfortable with me gonna be lowered to give us with you mom, look right here wonderful. I'm using that one point seven can everybody see that right there and I'm what I what it's doing is it's getting me this wonderful focus of serenity and and it's giving me this like beautiful softness on mon you look absolutely beautiful. Yeah, do you want to see it come? Ok, I'll take it and then you'll see it over there so you look right here and then you'll see it come up for their she's oh, just like was reviewing you ran here can't oh, look how beautiful you are just gorgeous matthew that's just being paul, do you want to sit by yourself? No, you want state? He wants o snuggle into mom moms are the best, aren't they? Yes, they are. I just can't. This is interesting. You're my toddler two year old and you're just like so so peaceful so what he's is that your scars? Can I see I love it and look at your break oh my god, okay, so there is just not it's not possible to take a bad photo of you because you're just so beautiful look at that right there so you would never know that we're in a lobby of studio center right? Because I'm using this low f stop right now I'm down at one point seven so it doesn't really matter what my setting is because I'm blurring it anyways and then her coloring is just so like gorgeous and mom looks so beautiful you guys just both are too beautiful he actually just the right there I'm going so I like to move around and get different angles and snuggle under just a little bit more on yet it's coming a little closer to your yes, I love that that is gorgeous rhea, come here. I want one of the students to do this we gotta tell me like how tell everybody what state you flew in from teo, south dakota is our they'd gorges I'm gonna hand it to you because they are so gorgeous so you can take a job and and it's ok to, like, not take a perfect shot. I know everybody's watching, but like nobody takes every single perfect shot you know I'm saying so just I remember when the first time I did the nate berkus show and I only get one shot and then two million people see it and I was like wedding I'm so glad I had a car to get on that so nobody could tell but every but none of us get perfect shots all the time but I want you to play with this because it's so beautiful and I'm not going to block your life and you can do every you'd like oh look at that so when I'm shooting and you know photographing kids I go like unless they're in action I go pretty slow because I don't know about you but I have it you're like let me out of here I don't know about oh I love it I don't know about you but I just don't need to come home to like four hundred photos you know I'm saying you know how when you get like a shot you really love and then you take that photo a gazillion times okay so right now we're starting right now what we've done is we started in that stage where we come indoors and we face the window right right so let's mix it up let let's turn them around so the window light is behind them and see what we think and let's blast out this window light so you stay right there for a second I'm in a change away and let's turn you around and see just see what we think it may it may not give us like that big of a dramatic difference just because it's not like super bright right now like if it was like sun pouring in here it would give us a huge blasting that window right but let's just still see I'm let's head you sit like yeah, but you know what? Let me move it back farther let's try that look how pretty you are do you know what I can have so same thing that we did with the kitchen the honor let's just do this. You ready? Holding on let's have a face this way and let's have you get behind her kind of like the mom did over here. Yeah. Um let's say, have you actually get down on the floor let's see if, like, the floor will be better like that. Yeah, and then she can sit so you don't need a kitchen counter, right? I'm doing the same basic set up in some ways with them on the floor and oh, my goodness, are you kidding me right now? Are you so sweet? I can't stand it. Oh, my get this. So I need to change my settings, right? Because now all the senate's darker, right? They're not facing the window, so the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna my eyes so let's see what my eyes so we went like that I'm up eight hundred and now I've got my twenty four to seventy on here and so I can only go down to have to wait but that's still good and I can get the reason I switch is so I can get more of this background behind them ok are you ready girl are you just like what are we doing you know what I look at this and let's take the shot and see if we really like see we really like the idea because we never know until we try all right you know and you know what I'm gonna go right here and what oh my gosh that was such great face can you see my I only tell what you're trying to me one there I haven't bag in my camera oh my goodness did you see it in there where do you see it can you get in closer and show me is it really do you see it now is it where is it? Is it a big backers in a small bag? It is the small bag is it a black bag or wait bag it's white is it the kind of bug that's going to paint me? Oh no oh no better this's squishy but it's a squishy by doesn't have a lot of ways oh my skin and it's in my camera we need to call soni and tell them there's a bag in my camera let's go over here do you still see it this way do you still see it? Oh my god mom, can you get closer into her for me? Beautiful I'm using that all that glass and window only otto lykke do you have a bug? Do you like bugs? I don't I think they're grows do you linger growth well, but not all bikes because butterflies air bags and they're pretty but they're actually like big bucks have you ever had a butterfly land on you? You have were you scared so here oh, I love it I love it I love it so you know we take this time to set up a week you saw a but again the budgets by my leg oh, my goodness I better get up. I better switch over here. Let me see I'm gonna have you sit by yourself in the middle of this seat. What do you think about that d oh, ok, you know what? I'm going to get rid of the bug. Maybe the black is in that let's steve, the bug is in here. What do you think? No, I really don't like bucks tell me if you see the body okay, so here I go I gotta change right standings really quick and why did she do my saying you look so pretty sitting there easy a buck if you see about tell me I want to know do you see what you want like dad being idiot no, I'm just get back here and you know what I'm gonna have you fit teo right there like that and mama, I many have you kneel down and look at her from right there do you want me to help you, honey? Here, let me help you so these air all the way they're supposed to be the reason I'm doing this you guys is because I just want a shot of her from behind oh my god, you're kidding me I can't wait to see that photo you are do you want you know what you have done so good I could take pictures of you all day you know I think is so money how old are you, honey? Sure. Thati how old are you? Are you ten? Are you dead? Your to your to your amazing you were made to do this you're my two year old today but let's see let's have her take a break so we don't burn her out. But man, that is really pretty, isn't it that chair okay what's really with that red share and then we'll go in the next ham sure, in any u come here honey, you are I think that's a great idea you what? You have a sofa at your house? Can I come hang out at your at your house on yourself waking when we're dead you know, do you like the color red mom, you can come sit here with her if you want. So one of the things is to think about with especially two year olds and eighteen months old is that I'm if they come a little skittish of you that's a great time to dive in because the more comfortable they get with you, the more the dynamic begins to change and now I'm chasing her like, you know, who is this woman so it's really great in some way that she was not quite sure, but I'm but you can see how like as she gets more comfortable once she starts to get comfortable I'm on a time clock because I know that like probably within thirty to forty minutes she's going to be done just like that game was fun I'm done but she's doing so amazing right now I feel like people watching probably think that like we set this up on purpose keys my ladder mon key smile out of that's perfect I love it smile I love it she let's turn around this way over here you see a spider let's have you mom get in really close to her here on again three one tio oh I like that that's kind of fun are you playing for you could be with me fine teo for fits perfect let's get the baby let's give the baby extremity treaty thank you so much look at that issue right there that's you liver just beautiful honey and maybe we'll play some more we'll see how she does give her a break there right now let's bring I'm let's see where is the baby baby baby you're right in front of you all right she's asleep oh let's see here I don't want to read for me let's I'm so ok let's talk about this really quick for a second let's have you faced on this is I'm this is so darling and so just so brushes but the distance right here between their heads in the photo is going to look less intimate so one of my goals with like baby and mom is to get their heads kind of overlapping or close together because the closer those heads are the more intimate the moment feels so if we were to what can we can we take these off for you ok and then she so precious let's hear so just without changing anything let's have you put that in your pocket if we abandon her well she got it yeah what have you sit it's right here for me on the head on that corner wonderful ok and you know what I'm actually gonna have you sit on the ground while I get a little more hyped on you. So is that okay? That's greats that's great. Okay. Oh, my goodness. I'm gonna have you lift her up a little bit closer to you so uh huh that's perfect. So I'm going to show you what I'm doing in one second I'm gonna have you go angle this swing yet yeah, I like that. So what I've done is I've layered their heads so babies like head is now underneath mom's I'll show you what it looks like so you can just you're so beautiful your here she's just gorgeous I'm gonna have you just look at her and just oh, I love it what a sweetie beautiful let's see? So see, I'm bringing but I kind of want to bring him even closer into each other so let's see here let's have you put her over this shoulder so that she's not that she's facing me? Yes when she got out oh, I'm just going to get this covers out ever so I may had he lived at her head just a little bit because the governors are there we go blocking her chin okay, right and then let's, how do you bring her head like kind of up there, yes, perfect so now by doing this everybody is what you guys can't see but everybody who's watching because they could see from this camera right by doing this I have basically blocked mom's chen so no like no double chin so mom doesn't have to worry about that and I'm using baby's head to block it but I still can't see I'm enough of her face so let's try to unwrap just a little bit when you you just keep her there and I'm in a poll ok, there we go and let's, have you put your hand over that? Okay, now, after up towards you like you did yeah, you know what I want, todo? I just want to take her down to like her diapers when I want tio wait here she saddled? Okay, okay. That's great! And you can just that's perfect. So let's, just drive this you know, because let's I might want to do something different but let's start year and just see mom, you look absolutely beautiful. What do we think about that? I like it. I like I like that. Okay, so I'm so you know what? Like the biggest thing of all? Like this is really how I am on a shoot like I'm just playing, I'm not coming in with like, an agenda of what to d'oh I think when I was in some of those earlier stages I would because those that was like my safe zone I knew like I know how to do this shot I want to do this shot and so I would make sure I got those shots first but and then I would start doing what I'm showing you right now so I mean there's no rider wrong but for me I like to just figure out with them together and I don't know if you noticed but every shift we make is really seattle is not like huge changes and to me like ivan that photography is all about subtle shifts it's not like oh that idea didn't work let's go over here you know it's really like about well let's suggest you're here let's turn this way so I'm hopefully that is making sense let's undress sir let's not underestimate the answer but let's take the blanket away oh my gosh where do they get these sounds from oh my god okay, perfect oh my goodness all right there is great right there is just darling so often with shoots of the mime and baby like this often mom will be in it but I'm really like more focusing on the baby I want moms presence in it I want to feel the love of mom's surrounding baby but mom doesn't have to be in focus to have that happen right and so and shooting down on mama she needed out on any women is always like really flattering to does anyone want to come and try my cobbles off yeah come on and you can move her or have er she's just conquering you know she's in a really, really sweet place and feel free to like just take a second if you have todo figure out like what is it that I want to shoot you know what is it? What is it that I want? I like that and sometimes I will like walk around them I'll have them staying the same clave this is one of my biggest challenges yeah with these babies how do you like moveon maneuver? Yes yeah and really like baby never really know but I like to ask mom for is much help with it too, you know but before we even move her let's do this circle around her and just because you know what? Look at that angle that's just gorgeous who I love I love that that is just it's a subtle shift on mon but it opens up it just it's a different it's just different you know in fact um let's see here looking at you do that I'm like what if we took something like more wide guzman has such a peaceful energy about her is this your first baby? You are kidding me you know how stressed out I was with my first baby I did not have that aura you just look like such a national will go I love that you can go on a seat over like that here it is so you know I look at that and I'm like well, you know that red shares gonna bug me so let's move let's move the red share and I'm how old's wonder if this would be a good time to bring grandma and what do you think? How about brianna if you see out like right here I'm gonna make you sound form so sorry my mom's watching she say something to me about that later today how could she make grand? Why don't you come in yet? Turn your legs you can come in close. Okay, now one of the great things about that is is I'm let me see let me try something really quick I think graham will block our wires for us come on over a little more perfect lean into yes, lovely. I'm getting close there you don't have to go anywhere, girl okay, let's see how that oh, I love that I love it oh yes, good idea and let's see let's you have grandma and lean more even more in uh huh and grandma hold on one second let's have you bring your elbow like mooring so that you're actually like rap to more around your daughter like just had almost like you're hugging into does that make sense so let's extend your arm here and then like yes there you go wonderful it's all the little things you know what I mean if you're going like really fast you can't like no see the little things right and it's heart a slowdown because you feel like I don't want them to think I don't know what to do right but like as long as you're adjusting and fifteen then they'll never like think that I don't have you guys thought that I didn't know what to do it like some boy probably because they're probably just thinking that I hope I look good in this photo right there not thinking anything about whether I'm capable or not I love that let's see the last beautiful this is insane and now I want you I'm both to look at each other and just got high and I'm gonna have you lean into your mom kind like you were like in a lean in yeah but looking her I know it sounds funny it feels probably really funny and lean into her like you're going to arrest your forehead honor on your mom but not going he has perfect a little bit more and then like I want you to just start giggling because how awkward this feels perfect that's exactly what I want so let's see we meet if we only have fifteen minutes I'm gonna have isaiah come in now is that okay? Thank you so much though especially for being like three generations year how special and she's just still I want to spend a whole hour and a half just each of you this isn't seen thank you she just took off so see how like just them laughing that like you know it's just it's a more natural adversities and smiling did you get something to eat do you feel better yes you just mean it's e do you want to go back over there and sitting out like we heard you before do you do here remember all of this feels so different now doesn't it feel so much better anymore getting really close ma I'm going to get the two of you first you two are perfect right there sonya I'm not fighting with anything is he's got what he needed eye they uh you got your food didn't you? I know I know perfect look it I say again for me beautiful okay mom and grandma I'm gonna have mom actually let's do this grammar right here and then mom right there because this is great grandma right? So great gramma how about right here and I'm going to switch to a couple of different things and then grammar right here and I got what the three of you to look at each other and like let's see here and I want you to get closer together even and I say you're just kind of like hanging out with me but yes you are a guy's switch my legs hold on one second he's like I got all the wind and I need all the women I need in my life right here you got him all tied around your finger don't see you okay let's see here okay everybody look at each other again and just gonna look at mom she's like the newest one t o right that's so good I uh let's put him let's bring him forward now so he's like right here and then you guys look at him for me and getting actually tied her to each other oh yeah they uh s so when I have a baby that's like more active that I'll have my camera and continuous shooting mode so I can't because you know what I mean not every photos goingto work of him like moving his arms and step it I don't need to worry about it because he's were in that mode what do you think when any questions as we're doing this right now that idea you okay now yeah just feel free to like ask if you are I'm gonna have all of you come over here really quick I got your time don't worry let's see let's have let's have a mme grandma right here mom right here great grandma I'm gonna have it for two of you move just a little bit that way yeah yeah and let's see here what that I'm you both look at him and grandma I'm gonna have you work on getting his attention I want him to get very because there's like so many of you to look at he's like should I would get I e I said I'm gonna have you just because I love your smile I don't want to miss her smile right there and let's get in even closer so you're yes yes oh there were and round's gonna have jake is young go on just think so this is really a story about the four generations more than anything so I would much rather have them interacting with each other versus looking at the camera wait so he's a lover boy e oh I love that let's look at that really quick there's not that when we're going in the next very there's one more time I love I love you king at your grandma him going who is this lady what is she doing? I like that and you know what that would even be like really beautiful in black and white because it would you know just really make their emotion pop in that moment so I'm let's see any question I want you to come to my work bothers go three or just like any questions for many like one watch sener you think ok well that's amazing not a single question I'm have let's have all of you stay there and keep looking that way hey ana well I'm going to move this lamp I want you teo keep playing with isiah and I want you to actually gramma lived him kind of up uh you guys just look at him for me okay? We have to mark for me oh you know what do you move the game everything's ok lifted my warm word time angry on you okay so you know I'm gonna take that photo but I don't like that idea I just did so I'm going to do something different and that happens right mira yeah that's ok I don't usually say I don't like that idea in front of them but I didn't know that right oh you know so mirror then we do have a couple of questions. Okay. Career let's have brianna let's use it right here just like this. Ok, tell me your question one said all right so I push it from tracy how photo is do you use centerpoint focus all the time with kids who she's really paying attention again I do hey senator boyd focus all the time and I just refrain so I grabbed my focus and I move it and I don't because thinking about moving those auto focus points makes me dizzy so yeah wow she's really watching to like have noticed that thank you, tracy any other left you haven't have you come forward okay so I love this set up but I'm not loving this background behind them so I'm just gonna move created this whole thing except we're going toe shift you is that okay? Okay so just stand up just a little bit for me, okay? Let's do that here well, I like that much better or you all look so beautiful with the light on you so I'm gonna have you come forward a little more it's yet so here lean and into your daughter and I'm I love that just right here your blue all your blue eyes oh my goodness okay so herman adjust I'm gonna go I'm so sorry I have this wire sorry grandma guys why okay great can is there any other questions? Well, I mean I think you're you are showing this to us but bon lee had asked you handled two year old children that don't hold still I would love to have seen you work with my two year old granddaughter came a who doesn't hold okay, well she lets bring even when I do the three day workshop and well like well, like figure it out together let's have you mean into your mom? I mean obviously yes oh my gosh and graham okay let's have him sit up more so and that's have grandma you lean in more. Have you lean into your mom? Yes. And you know what I'm gonna have to have you set higher and lean in more so yet that's perfect candy. You can ask me questions line setting up mir, I do have a question for you. Lee wants to know if you can see and set focal points. Well, from the live view. Yes, absolutely. Yes, I absolutely can't wait for you the whole time. But I'm yeah, it just grabs the focus and it walks there and I like to, like, hit the button so it keeps locked there. That way I can in just a little bit, but not least my focus. Okay, ladies. Oh, my goodness. Well, I'm making you work right now for that once. You okay? So let's, see here, mom, have you lean it? Yes, perfect. And, grandma, you're going to sit up and lean in more. Yes, here we go. One teo for your ego. We'll show you what I was just studying that and just just a really nice photo of all three of month. Actually, we got isaiah looking at the camera too, so I had mom program. How do you feel about it? I think you know what and I wanted like mom these two because they're this is mom and daughter here I wanted their heads closer together and then that's and then we have great grandma on this side over here to tell a little bit of more that's story of the generation separation so any other questions yeah, I have a question from her g do you on family shoots do you have a hair and makeup artist that comes with you for family shoes? No uh and I and I don't photo shop step out of the photos later too so I just you know however I wanted capture because I had a mom say like, oh, I hate this mole and is there anything you could do about it and that's like when I look at her and say that bull is beautiful it's you your daughter is going to grow up seeing that we don't want to take that out, you know? So just I just love like the I guess just the authenticity of who they are. Yeah, just great because we had a question from emmy bloom who says do you edit or do you stick to the field to the rial life feel so after this you and maybe even while you're shooting are you thinking about what you're going to be doing with those images after the fact post processing that yet sometimes when I see on and image start to come like an idea I see it in black and white then like I know like oh I want to set this up so to really accentuate that backlight you know I'm but I do very little editing I don't do any time anything in photo shop all I do is in light room and you know what's so interesting about this is I used tio I'm sorry just one second I used to think that like all my editing of what I did to my images is what my clients like loved I realize that what they loved was spending time with me together and like creating together and I would put all this value on how I add it in steps so and then as we started charging more and more for weddings are high and bribes that were paying as like I own fifteen twenty thousand dollars for wave photography they would all say don't like do hardly any entity because they wanted their images to not seem like a fad that was in they wanted it to seem as real and as genuine as that moment wass and that really actually gave me a lot of freedom to not have to learn photo shop and all all that kind of step so is that helpful that's very helpful mira thank you and d styles has a question what mo do you use to shoot for families to keep the family in focus well, I'm shooting in manual, and then I have my camera. And when we have, like, business going on, I have the camera and continuous shooting. Modou. Yeah, so I can take if I want. I can take more than like one shot. I can take a handful.

Class Description

Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Me Ra Koh for a photography course on breaking through creative barriers. In this creativeLIVE course, Me Ra outlines her signature "10 Stages of Growth for a Portrait Photographer." This comprehensive guide is designed to highlight the different phases of a photographer's journey andoutline the various challenges each photographer faces during their professional career.

This photography course is all about breaking through the creative "glass ceiling" that photographers face. Ma Ra showcases real-world examples on how to overcome common barriers, and how to leverage them to build strength for yourself and your photography business.

This inspirational workshop was part of creativeLIVE's Shoot What You Love event, a 3-day inspirational event sponsored by SONY featuring fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, family photographer Me Ra Koh, and conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier.



I have had this course for a while. I held off on viewing it because I thought it would be more of an inspirational type of class. It is but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much practical content was also included. The actual shoots with the three families was really helpful for me, watching her quickly analyze the light and explain how she approaches a shoot. I especially enjoyed Me Ra's interaction with the active to year old. Good class for beginners (maybe not so much for established photographers). Would recommend.


Thank you, Me Ra and CreativeLive for this very inspiring workshop. I have felt being eaten up by my own fear and self-doubt until I watched this workshop... I learned that this feeling of insecurity was a part of the journey and totally ok. Thank you for sharing some useful tools on how to overcome our own fear of realizing our dream! Truely inspiring and eye-opening.