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Bridal Session Benefits

Here's some of the benefits that we talk about, specifically with the bride, this is how we sell it to them, essentially it's a great practice run on her hair, her makeup and making sure everything looks amazing and she's like, yes, I need my makeup artist, and we're like getting it in her head that she needs to happen. Makeup artists there were making sure her hair's done right, because how many times have you shot a bride? We had a bribery photographed on and can't remember where omaha or something, and we're shooting her, and I remember her complaining the whole time about how her hair didn't wasn't right the hair artists that came out didn't do something right, and it was off somewhere and in this big, actually, it was this bride right here. She had done something wrong with the site with susie had done something wrong with the side of her hair, and we had this beautiful picture action gonna show it later it's stunning photo and when I saw it and this is one of those brides you cou...

ld photograph anyway, and she just looks stunning. She just she's just beautiful, but I didn't even notice that her hair was like, smooshed down and then up on the roof, and it was like, it was I could look the crooked poopers am and she was like I love this picture but you have to fix my head you know it doesn't look right, so I tweaked it and I had to go in and fix that shot and she got a big things in the album but this is great because it's like the bride is like the last thing I want is my hair did not look good and this is a huge selling benefit for them to get excited about doing your hair had a time so we tell her it's a great practice run for her hair and for her makeup and then there's a benefit to us a cz well kind of in the background is one any time of reid has their makeup professionally done it helps us with editing on the back and in skin retouching because it makes her skin look all the more better and then another secret benefit to us is we actually get a good idea of how long the makeup artist is going to take how many times you are everything's ready to go and you are waiting on that makeup artist who has taken her every eleven time so then you can plan accordingly and say all right, you should get your makeup started at eleven a m this morning and we're not going to shoot you until four so you got it I was just wondering if you had if you were gifting the bride the session, do hair and makeup, do they also gift is ah, or do you find people that you've worked with for it's? A really depends like if you if we get this a lot where we'll get a make up artist just e mailed me she's like ham new to town I knew in the industry I'm trying to build relationships and show you what I can do and I always keep a little side list and I'll have two or three of those all the time that we haven't worked with yet, so if you have a bride and we happen to do, say and incentivize session or were we got in a book us by giving gifting her this session, I'll get on the horn of tornadoes and go have got this bride this is an opportunity for you to come out sure what you can do and she made not just book you but book you to do all of her bridesmaids as well, which happens very often will sell that benefit all the brides maid's they're like yes, because then she can make extra and I say if you can come out and do this for free as a gift to show what you can do, we can build a relationship you can build a relation with her and get more into the mix so I'll use that opportunity if I have it. Otherwise we would always have, like, two people that we loved, that we worked with all the time that we recommended, and then we would put that in there is an additional fee how you can bring out selling so we're selling so for three fifty bucks or we just direct them to contact the makeup artist directly so you can facilitate or you can send it straight them regardless, if you give them the free session, I think it's kind of assumed that they're not going to get oh, I get a free makeup artist down, every hairstyle is is, you know, and they're going to get someone to do this is their favorite, so they know that they're on their own for that, we always recommend someone, but, you know, it's, exciting it's a relationship building opportunity, then we'll take advantage that even if they purchased the session, you know, we'll tell them, you know, we have a make up artist that we'd love to connect you with that she's willing to do your makeup for free for this great trial, and if you love her, you can book her for your wedding, and so and just builds those relations is another awesome benefit get to the bride is this is an opportunity for them to hang out together a mother daughter opportunity that's like once in a lifetime and you don't want to say you guys get to hang out on the shoot it's like they hang on all the time they may they grew up to get you know she raised her but it's like this this unique opportunity no one else would be around I mean, just the three of us or however many people sheet with you a time for you to connect with your daughter to be a part of history like a momentous, momentous occasion of photographing her bob bridal portrait that's going to be hanging up for years and years and years to come. This is an awesome opportunity and then we're pitching this to our bride we always going to make sure that we're focusing on the benefit of how it's going to enhance their lives with this experience as opposed to the features well it's going to be an hour long or two hours long and bobo bobo block and we're going to talk a little bit later in the sales process of how we focus more and feature benefits as opposed to features when we're selling something to someone but just keep this in mind as you're talking on the phone with them we just want to talk about how it makes their lives better which leads us to our next point is you get to wear your dress more than once this is a great many as well to the brian because she's like I'm spending all this money I wear it once hopefully we get some great shots in it and then it gets a little dirty and I don't wear it again what we're like hey you get a chance to wear it not once but twice and that is you know what girl doesn't want to get dressed up for that once they all any girls hate getting dressed up you're all shaking their heads and me saying no they love it you know it's a it's guys for you guys out there like it's cool to get dressed up too and let me tell you if you're engaged I want to get engaged or married the women love it when you get dressed up so buy some nice clothes get dressed take a shower take a shower shave ergo scruffy or whatever and come home or call her and go hey I'm dressed up you better get your nicest things on we're going out and just do it and I'm talking preaching to the choir any this myself more often I get dressed up for creative live like sitting in my pajamas at home all the time like we're going out sorry sorry talking to myself here one small step at a time on the next they also sort of the bride that it's less pressure on the wedding day you know we talk that there's so many things to think about so many things to worry about you know, the last thing I want you worrying about is your bridal portrait sessions and we're going to get plenty of time to shoot you in the wedding day so don't stress about that that is our job to schedule and make sure we shoot exactly what you want but this is just another opportunity or we can just hang out with you relax and it relieves pressure off you on the wedding thing another question bringing him I like the question is good how do you keep the dress from getting dirty if you want to do really great, we'll answer that question to gate number here just so you know you're representing the whole internet way mentioned now on creative live because yeah slides people two slides was first on the wedding day next is you khun style is incorporate other elements so you can do unique things that you may not get the opportunity to do on the wedding day you can find out things that are unique to the bride you can find out things that she's interested even a location as she may really want to shoot at for photos but it's not where the wedding location is it's not convenient to actually go and be a part of that so that is an option that's an awesome opportunity to incorporate something completely different. And then finally, you know, we tell her when you get a session done like this, what you do is you have a big campus on display at the reception. And so you remember, you're setting up that expectation. This is what brides do when they get this session taken and then mom's eat this part up. You're like, oh, my gosh, I gotta show my daughter the reception, they get to see a beautiful photo of her and I love it and suggested selling is a great way to talk about your products, because if everyone does something, remember this and we talked about this, a lot of sales. People like to do what most people do theirs out liars, theirs people that like the biggest or the most expensive of things, but it's, not very many people, there's people that like to be the cheapest in certain areas. But it's not everyone. Most there's. A reason they call average average because most people enjoy it is not because they like to be average it's, because average means safe, right? That's. Why all you hear politicians talk about is the middle class because the middle class is most people why, because it's in the middle because people like being in the middle right, it's a safe place to be. So if I tell a bride when she's looking at albums and I go well, most of our brides get a sixty to eighty page album. Guess what happens. Most biased? Sixty eight, eighty page almost. I mean, people may be going I brides by twenty to thirty page albums. Well, that's because that's what you suggested to show to them. But when we say most people by this and they buy a black one, well, everybody bought buys a blackout. But we have only sold one other album than black in the last four years. Why? Because that's what we suggested and people just bought whatever we suggested, we suggested to almost every single wedding client that most clients by a thirty by forty canvas and about ninety percent of all of our clients for the wedding by a thirty by forty cameras every single one. So it's, very important to say that we're going to put an image up on display of your favorite shot, and most people get it in a thirty by forty size or a forty by sick. Whatever your middle size is, they'll probably buy

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