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You want to talk about a case study amazing couple we love talking about really good friends of ours uh lukin cat there from texas and they were formally known as our little ranch photography and luke and cat came to us back in two thousand eleven they have started a business they work on a cow farm raising show cows and they wanted to get out of that business because their parents on that doesn't want to get out of that business they want to become photographers they were in your shoes my dear just two years ago minus the cab is in every cow business in the business end of two thousand eleven they came to us and they said our businesses and doing so good can you help us? So when you looked at their business and this is what was going on inside of their business at the time in two thousand eleven they had booked eight weddings on their average starting price point was eleven twenty five there after wedding sales with zero and then their projected gross income for that year was nine tho...

usand dollars that's gross that's not before expenses and taxes and insurance and equipment and all that stuff they were profiting net about one hundred fifty bucks a wedding not doing so well their first year in business for the record they let us share this yes they let us share this information they're very gracious so we'll give you an idea of where they were when they came to us you know this is what the blockhead are like like their block header and then it won't go through you know their whole website but this was there about page in you know, it just showed a senior girl which they really specialize in weddings but they did seem yearsas well but then they're about paige has a senior girl and the thing to understand about looking cat as soon as you meet them you fall in love with them, which is what we did they have the best personalities ember and when you went on their site you couldn't see that at all so they came to our house and we do these full one day mentoring sessions or we just kind of dive into people's businesses and that's what we did with looking cat. So we talked about marketing and branding and strategy sales the stuff we're talking about today how to take whatever product or service you may be offering in selling that product or service on high level doing it really, really well, utilizing every avenue they had at them shoot a bridal session she's engaged with sessions she's shoot weddings and do them in a certain way with a certain type of system like we're talking about here certain systematic approach because that's going to yield you good result we know because we've learned it from people that have done it for one hundred years, and we've taught it to hundreds of photographers with story after story after story of how they've been ableto, you know, double there in calmer, triple their sales or do all this different kind of stuff, so we went through all this stuff with them, we help them rebuild their websites, help them. We didn't build a website, what we talked about, strategic ways to market themselves, strategic ways to talk about who they were, their brand on their dogs rebranding themselves, and I couldn't get rid of this and hand it back to you. I'm gonna check, check, check, and then we went into two thousand twelve with them changing the way they sold, changing the way they shot, changing the way they marketed to their clients. We love sharing this because it's going way along with we're talking about today, is there a way to change your business and even just a year's time? Absolutely, and this is what looking cat were able to. We're going to share with them with you the overall numbers of their business, but, you know, obviously focusing on this sales part, which is what today is all about, so they went from booking eight weddings in two thousand eleven to two thousand twelve they killed it, and they now are the book thirty weddings for two thousand twelve their average starting price point was eleven twenty five and then that jumped up in two thousand twelve to thirty, five hundred people this is their average starting price is what they started at this is not what they were booking it so that was the bottom and they were booking higher so they're after wedding sales were zero and then that went tio twenty three hundred dollars just for clausen average for their client just by doing after wedding sales. This is even bridal portrait sales it's just after wedding sales, so then they're projected gross income two thousand eleven is nine thousand bucks and we really streamline and help them you know we've got to focus on that eighty twenty mentality we shouldn't be spending more than twenty percent of our money on making our business run eighty percent of it we should be taking home. They did that as well and they grossed one hundred seventy four thousand dollars in two thousand twelve and only had about eighteen to twenty percent expenses on that so about one hundred fifty thousand dollars net take home pay and who wants to have a hundred fifty thousand income it's not really that difficult to do here's the kicker with luke and cabinet jodi is gonna mention yeah, they live in a fifteen hundred person town an hour outside of houston so it's not like they're kind of booming metropolis like they have killed it to make it work. It created a unique market and they're bringing people out to the farm and shooting a lot of photo sessions and doing their sale sessions in a little ranch house, and they are hanging out. They have two of these I don't know what kind of dog that is well done, both these two really thank ugly bull dogs that they loved, and they're adorable. Yes, they're just like, but they're having a blast and they're really getting a chance to live that dream and that's really what all of this about it's not about just shooting cool sessions and doing all this stuff it's about telling amazing stories giving people a product or service that's going to last them a memory that's going to last for a long time, there's a very valuable thing that we get to d'oh and getting to create sort of his dream that who gets to do this kind of stuff shoot photos for a living. How cool is that? This is an amazing, amazing business to be in, and I see some of you like getting a smile and it is we're getting excited like I want to do this, you know, this is really, really cool. And it's great to be about you know, bless other people with what you do remember like people want to buy they want to invest in that's why they have hired you to begin with because they realized that value off what you offer them and you take a look at looking cat you know, just by their sales sessions alone they made sixty nine grand that year they grow sixty nine grand and think about it after wedding sales you know are a little bit more profitable than just the bridal sales but even you say you're doing you know, twenty bridal sessions a year and you're making you're you're making maybe an extra thousand bucks like that's twenty thousand dollars right there gross that you're pulling it off these bridal sessions and and what's great is you now are able to take care of your family you're able to bless other people what you do and that is ultimately what zach and I like what we get the most excited and most passionate about like online we have this hashtag going called reclaim your life and this month is all about reclaiming your life getting these systems in place so you can do what she loves you khun do bridal portrait sessions so you can do after wedding sales sessions make a great income that can bless you bust her family and bless others which is one of the most important above your family and then just living the light that you've wanted to do instead of being tied down and buried behind your computer and just frustrated with not bringing enough income are spending too much time editing and all of these other things that can really bring you down there's many problems out there, but there's solutions to all of those, and joan and I've been very lucky to figure out a way to solve a lot of those problems, and we've been on this mission to go out. How can we help people solve a lot of problems? How can we very easily make an extra twenty thousand dollars, you know, shooting bridal sessions by adding that to our repertoire and then another twenty thousand from our engagement sessions and then maybe fifty or sixty thousand just from our weddings, if we're just doing ok at it, that's a very, very possible to dio, and we've done it for years and years and years, so as we're getting closer to a close here much, you're very close. Do we have questions? We have tell us what? Tell us where to go? Absolutely well, I think the question that comes up over and over here, a creative live within the photography arena is, you know, the high rez files and clients always wanting them, and in addition, let's, see a d a and a couple other people are wondering, you know, do you sell the j pigs? And also, how do you satisfy your clients? Want and need for files to be shared on facebook right away? Yeah, I think it's critical, teo, you know, always be in the business of selling whatever it is he produced, and people have no, we've never had a client hesitating buying the disk of images, I think since two thousand eight, we've always sold them all the cart since we started, we moved to another card method, and I can only think of one client that actually maybe, too, I think just one that actually didn't purchase the disk of images, and these were just regular, you know, average incomes, style clients, and we sold it for twelve hundred bucks for the disk of images and people always bottom, and when it comes to sharing, don't be afraid of sharing, make sure that you do if you're doing sale sessions, so if you're selling all the cart like we're talking about, do yourself session first, then give them the images to share, because if they get excited and they can share them, then sometimes it it takes away some of the excitement for purchasing the disk, has they have access to it, but share your photos that's the best way to market your business is to share your work, it's, to get out there and shared all the time before we talk a little before we explain about sharing, I kind of want to go back to the question asked is like, you know, there is this big division division in the community of, like, don't sell your images, barbara, and do so your images and our mentality is, is that if they if they want to buy it, we will sell it. And the thing to keep in mind is that one time a baby, right, we will not sell their firstborn job. May the second booth, the thing to remember is, you know, one of the biggest concerns photographers are selling their workers. Well, I'm not going to make that money now in print sales. Well, when is the last time that you've ever had a twelve hundred dollars print sale? I would rather sell the disk of images and get twelve hundred bucks, then get a fifty dollars print sale. And yes, there are those where clients and those photographers that air doing high end weddings, that they make thousands and thousands of thousands of dollars in print sales, but that's not realistic, and so I would rather sell that. What do you think? I said, I haven't met him either on dso another great thing to think about is they're like, well, my clients are going to ruin my images, and the thing is we're gonna cut my logo off. They're goingto do this and do that, whatever. Well, we send them all the final high rez jeep eggs and thing is, if they're your investing a lot of money to hire you and they're investing a lot of money to buy them, you just have to do a good job educating them on where to get their images printed. They have spent so much money to get you and your services, why would they go to a cheap place to get their prints? So when we give our clients their images, we give them a printing release and then in there it says, just remember where you get these printed is going to affect the quality, and we educate them, we give them a couple sites online that they can order from that the price is a really great and some in town places that they can order as well, where they have beautiful, great quality prints and clients are going to make that great investment because they've invested already in that. Lasting two with sharing I thinkit's important make sure easy going to make it simple for people we always give people a reason to talk about getting a tool in the tool is to share right to get your stuff out there and to share your work passes a great uh you know a product that we've talked about we've we've used ourselves that allows you to easily share your photos of clients but control how their shared so when the every time a photo go out goes out that I was links back to you there's a link back to your website brilliant genius way to share your photos so passes an online gallery of sorts where you upload the images and then if you want you can release it to them so they can actually download them and share them and then when they share them it ties right into facebook and at length right back to your website so it's always tracking back to so it's a huge, powerful tool and of course we want the machine. But even before that even before that you know technology was out there we would just send clients photos to share all the time and a lot of times it would cut the logo off the bottom because they didn't want it on their whatever I'm not interested in what I don't even put watermarks on photos anymore if you ever seen any upon an instagram the blonde on facebook there's no water marks on anything anymore, because there's no point to it. If a client loves you and they believe in you and you've created so much of value with that client through the way that you treated them, they're going to talk about you doesn't matter if you're your logo is not going to sell anybody on come book, you it's the client going if you don't book soon, so you're crazy because they're so awesome, that's the kind of clients we want to create and then it doesn't really matter, just share your stuff, make sure you do your sale session, but then, you know, share everything with really reason I would just signed out before we and a big yeller is the only reason I would keep putting the logo on there because it creates that brand consistency. So people start seeing your logo popping up on all of their friends, different images, and the wedding vendors are seeing that in that creative, it helps create that brand trust any other questions? I think we're running right out of time here, up right up against the wire here, people don't give it way want to mention again, you know, we mentioned getting we have all those freebies up there, you can go to creative live dot sack and jodi dot com that's the web site we built for everybody tuning in live. You guys can go there as well in our studio audience, and we have a free hour, almost hour long mp three on how to do after wedding sales, and we also have a bunch of discounts from all the sponsors that have come and been a part of this program today, so go there, check it out. Also, if you want to find us online, where zach and judy on twitter and on facebook is just zach and jodi photography, so go there and check it out. We have tons of information coming out on facebook and we put out a lot of great links and step on our twitter as well. So follow us there damn just zach, you knows that gray and jodi grains so you can follow us there as well. And then for people that want updates on this little guy way created a new blawg and a new instagram called it's the gray family. So it's it's, the great family dot com is the website and then it's the gray family on instagram if you want to follow along. Because we realize that some people don't want to see a baby picture every twenty seconds and don't want to see all the baby bones or whatever. So they separated that out. So if you want to tune in and check that out, you're more than welcome to do so. And we also understand that there are people who have gone through their pregnancy and fertility struggles. So he just wanted be sensitive to that as well. Because we've kind of been through that journey a little bit with some ups and downs. And we show that story on it's it's, a great family dot com on our block. So, yeah.

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Ready to add a key skill to your wedding photography playbook? Join husband-and-wife photography team Zach and Jody Gray for a one-day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about bridal portraiture.

Wedding photographers are tasked with the intimate, stressful task of capturing the bride on her wedding day — a day packed with emotion and a million logistical details. Zach and Jody will show you how to take control of your wedding portraits by moving the bridal session to a different day. You’ll learn how to create the right environment for your unique style, and how to work with brides to exceed their expectations.

Zach and Jody will also cover natural lighting techniques, off-camera lighting, and how to successfully market portrait settings to your clients. By the end of this course, you’ll be newly equipped to give your brides one-of-a-kind, artistic portraits that they’ll love.