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Day 1 Pre-Show

Hello internet good morning and welcome to increase your income with bridal sessions with zach and jodi gray right here on creative lives my name is laurie lobdell I will be your host today along with mallory mcdonald how are you so good I'm really excited about having zack and jodi in here they're already a good time so it's going to be a good day there's like some of my favorite people in the world that have that creative live one of my very first the times I worked with creative ivan the I hosted for zack and jodi on location a wedding portrait and to work with them every time there's always like a wonderful energy they have so much amazing knowledge and so just having them back in seattle I'm really excited and this time that zack and j b plus one you'll find out more about that in a few seconds way have about six more millions of pre show and during the pre show what we're going to be doing is we're testing our audio and video so those of you who are already in the chat rooms if y...

ou could just give us a shout out while you're in the chat rooms let us know if you can cs and here is while we're testing that we really appreciate that and while we're while you're in the chat rooms also let us know where you're joining us from around the world because mallory here is going to be you know, giving some shadows to some of you around the world here in just a couple minutes yes we cannot wait to hear where you're joining us from it's so much fun to have our international audience out there and in addition to all of you out there we also have our in studio audience and I would love for each of them to show their name their twitter handle where we can find them online you guys online and what you're most excited about learning today and zach and judy's course and let's start with you today hi my name is today and I'm really excited to be here so I can learn more business practices that I can apply I am a hobbyist so just starting out and I'm really excited I watched jacking jodi's last class so I had to be here and luckily I am glad you're here joining us today my name is air chick really and I am here with my way from riesa and for us this is going to be great because we followed their last class that was pretty much business changing for us so having this opportunity is wonderful and uh we are chick really photography so hi I'm ray um I'm super excited to be here also way have been falling back and jodi for a while so just to be here in the studio live awesome we love, creative, live and just being here to learn from them and with the studio audience is always an awesome experience, and she really photography dot coms are plug glad you guys are both here together. I am erica saretta, and you can find me at zarella photos dot com and facebook dot com slash several photos and I have been interested in having more time to photograph the bridegroom after the wedding's. I'm really excited to see how zack and jodi do that. Thank you. I am super stoked to be here today. I was on second joni's website looking at all the amazing stuff that they've done, and I'm thrilled to learn more about business and more about lighting because those are some of my weak points great! We'll find me it. Zoe latiker dot com we're so glad that you are all here in all of you are from the seattle area. Is that correct? Wonderful, wonderful! So those of you who are out there, if you live in seattle or even if you're in san francisco near our seattle are our san francisco offices there's always so many wonderful opportunities to be a part of the creative life experience by submitting a video and being apart here with us, and so that I'm going to ask mallory who's joining us from around the world. Yes, we have such an amazing audience. Thank you all for joining us on dh my chat let's see here we just got I just got disconnected, so I'm just gonna log back in here really quick, but I am curious while I'm logging back and everyone definitely keep letting us know your name and where you're joining us from what you're excited to learn. And I'm also curious if all of you have ever done or offered bridal porch it's before or this is something new to you and your business. And, well, you guys out there answering that I would love to hear from the incident audiences if this is something that you're you buffer before or it's a new ad on, have any of you done bridal portrait sessions? We've done one bridal session before, but we would love to do more. We absolutely loved it. I thought it was like one of the best experiences we were just with her, her mom came along, it was actually after the wedding, so that was kind of different than I think. Usually some people do it before, but for us, it was a really cool experience and just relaxed and, you know, wedding day could be super hectic, more time to be created, absolutely there what you actually really needed, yeah. Absolutely great also. So this is perfect for the class for you, right? Yeah, yeah, and either one of you, so I haven't yet. I've done some trash, the dress or those kind of sessions, but I really interested in, including right sessions are bridal portrait sessions after the wedding. So looking forward, tio learning more about how second jodi do that, also also, and zoe, I've never offered bridal sessions. We're not yet anyway, looking for it to be different after today, I hope so. All right, everyone. Well, wherever you are joining us from around the world, I just want to say thank you so much for being here and being a part of the creative, live experience.

Class Description

Ready to add a key skill to your wedding photography playbook? Join husband-and-wife photography team Zach and Jody Gray for a one-day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about bridal portraiture.

Wedding photographers are tasked with the intimate, stressful task of capturing the bride on her wedding day — a day packed with emotion and a million logistical details. Zach and Jody will show you how to take control of your wedding portraits by moving the bridal session to a different day. You’ll learn how to create the right environment for your unique style, and how to work with brides to exceed their expectations.

Zach and Jody will also cover natural lighting techniques, off-camera lighting, and how to successfully market portrait settings to your clients. By the end of this course, you’ll be newly equipped to give your brides one-of-a-kind, artistic portraits that they’ll love.