Building a HS Senior Model Program


Building a HS Senior Model Program


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Bonus Video: Street Team Interview

We're here to do an extended interview with the girls to talk more about questions as far a senior photography goes and senior model programs and any other questions that you know you guys may have as faras the girls and the experience with us perfect so prior to coming on I talked to a couple of photographers and I got some questions so we're just going to dive right in before we start let me introduce the girls again this is taani that this target and this is a leader okay awesome so so one of the first questions that I have is what would want to make you be what would want to make you be arrest and what would motivate you to do the job without being paid that was the first question ok I think that's what motivates us is the system that you guys have set up how as we go along kind of however many referrals we get that's how much of our package we get that's definitely a motivator because without getting at least one word for all that we don't get our shoot and so it's not like you're...

talking about earlier we don't just to get get our pictures and kind of dip out you know we have to get to help you guys go on we get toe go our full package and get you referrals and I think that's definitely something that keeps us kind of um you have to like we are relied on and we have to make sure that we are able to do that so that we can expand you know our own thing and not just it doesn't benefit us also benefits you guys so yeah something about me is that I'm actually very self motivated so if I know I have a job I'm gonna work hard to get it done the thing that I like you guys to have is you guys do have a system that you set up so it's like perfect for you should really you have you get like something a reward so it's kind of like oh that's really cool of senior chute yes I won't want to free I'm going to go ahead and get that referral and I'm gonna work hard to get there so I mean that's a great motivation from you guys and then from the other girls when they motivate us it helps us a swell yeah yeah I definitely agree with these shoes that the step by step process really helps so that way we keep knowing what the next defense and keeps pushing us to keep saying one more one more one more and also I like that you tag us in the photos of the people refer some now not only do we know that we have a referral but we know who it is and you see those phones you know that's my best friend there she is with my company and it kind of gets you excited to see even more of your friends using that I thought was a cool tar that they take after your friend shot that you shared her picture really okay so I have another question what kind of products do you guys like or would you guys like something from me I told you this six million times in the middle print of michaela when she first got it and I was like it's michaela but I still want hanging on like having she's gorgeous and she's top notch so I like to have them all over on my wall and then I really like those albums and the land here is because I had keys and I need a lander because my broke so like I agree I really really like a little prince to I think it's something unique and different than not a lot of other people with senior photo get like they get to come home and their parents want to hang this picture on the wall and stuff said something different and I like it yeah I agree that those large prints are absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't have thought to gotham other than before I came to you because usually I'm used to like eight by eleven so those are probably had the simple like pictures nobody knows about like all the other products you guys have it's really cool so another question that I got with does the website is the photographer's lives, I actually play a role, and whether or not you would book a session or want to be a part of that person street team, do you guys even pay attention to that? Is, are you just looking on facebook? Like, where do you go to, like cia photographers working to make a decision about shooting with them? I've been on your guy's web site before and definitely that's a huge thing, I think is you see your work, your past work, it's, like you're not hiding anything like you talked about one time that you're not, you know, hide anything, you have your old work on there, but then you can show like, this is how much I've grown and stuff, and so I think that's definitely huge, like you just like here, is that how much I've improved? And this is where we're going, and it just shows all of you guys is a compliment accomplishment, and we get to look on that, okay? And I'd be really cool that could, you know, be on here, you have my pictures done like that and different things like that, something that's, definitely huge, be able to see that. Yeah, well I mean all of us promote in different ways I never really use the website I use a lot social media which is facebook is like the number one thing I using other than instagram but I never really used your website for promoting and or anything else but I would go on your facebook and like show the work that you guys done and that that you gave us a cz well also helped a lot of benefit us a lot too because there was a lot of pictures from seniors that I used on there. So what are you talking about? We have sticky album so they all have their own iphone app that they can use and pulled out and show their friends and show what we did because they don't have their sessions as we just showed a a portfolio of images on their iphone because most people have iphone android and so they're able to stop us that out and show that to their friends when their witness but alina, I think the website is useful for people to see what kind of style you have and that's something that they want to pursue or not. But for the most part I use facebook a lot and I have a lot of friends that have actually saved my picture to their phone and showing their family members on that's how they've spread the word and have actually look facebook's a really big one not ask another question that susan, we'll take a question from you. Okay, so I got this question and they were like, do the girls really want everyone shooting with this thing for target? For that they're using because the idea is that usually, like, if you have something, you don't want someone else to have it, so they're like, do you really want to refer? Do you really want people to pressure you really like, okay, yeah, I want them. So what are your thoughts about that? Do you feel that that's true? Yeah, I guess, like it's something special and great. You're kind of like, well, I mean, I guess pictures, but I think that yeah, I mean, the way you guys lay it out and everything makes us want to get more business for you guys. And obviously we're not trying to jeopardize you guys business, anything we look so much alike. I rather have you guys have a ton of business, then have my own special pictures. Honestly. So that's how I feel about it? Yeah, not disrespect any other photography companies. I mean, everybody has their own unique ways, and shooting has their own ways of promoting, you know, their programs into print. Ways and look and have different types of styles that they look for but one thing like I said that I can talk really carry that not a lot of other photography programs that I've even shot with before in the past years is that they really seek for someone in their pictures on who they are and what their personal personality is and they really make that shine and shot in one picture just like lena said so that's something that I really do find very important well I know that for me personally if I hadn't found out about the street team I would kind of be at a loss of what company to choose so I definitely want to promote you guys so people know what kind of style you have and that this is an option of course there are other options this is the one that I stand behind and that having those pictures from the street team she would have really been helpful for people to see somebody they know in that context all right? Susan so my question the ladies is about competition I'm wondering how you would feel if they made it like a really competitive thing where the person that had the top sales got something huge would that you think that would deter from the experience or do you think that would make it more intense and a better experience if if they made it really competitive we had a little competition going on for a little while, you got way never gotten like caddy a room with each other, we're just like, ok, you know, this is what we're gonna set out to do it. Yeah, it was like, whoever can get the most likes on there, a facebook pictures or whatever, then you're going to get certain things and does everything like that that make it fun and have a goal for a street because if there's nothing to reach them or kind of slugger cool as my pictures, but we're like, oh, I got it, you know, get here because the other goals you see that they got there you like? Well, I want that, too, and it kind of motivates busted, but we've never gotten in like, I mean, you know, just anything, but if anything we've, like pushed each other forward, I've been like, come on, we all can do it, we'll get there that, yeah, I would like to add his funny you mention that I want to be careful because maybe not in their situation, but there may be situations where two girls go to the same school and you know, the same person and it's like, so you use these your for right, the way you write you use with did you do that? Like, hey, you never know what it may mean to them to use their afer like, come on, how could you do this strong? So yeah, just, you know, you guys don't so you guys don't really encourage that? You don't really play that game like whoever refers the most people gets this way, do we actually what we have is the way that we keep them engaged towards two to the end is we offer a scholarship towards post secondary education, and so what it is is that whoever can get the most referrals or whoever had this many referrals past this play are entered into something it's, not that there's one that's better it's that you're entered into something and then we're going to pick the winner from that thing. And so that's, how I like to do it, I like to, like set goals that allow them to and then it's chosen at random because I don't want to be the one that has to tell someone that they, you know, I mean, so that way, it's kind of like fair game everybody's working towards the goal, but we know that it's going to be random at the end, but you're just trying to enter in to be a part of that whole prize or are getting that reward at the end. Way try to keep the relationship in the bond type with our girls so that way if that situation may happen with somebody is like they can come to us and say, hey, you know that actually marrufo what can we do? So we've got troubleshoot that administration versus like this being some animosity between girls for a situation like that but even then you guys strongly to promote and like when you even message us on facebook like you always say that we're having a friendly competition like you always kept clarify that it's always a friendly competition and it's not like a very serious competition where we have to be serious about it we always have to make sure we motivate each other and it involves all of us and not just singling personally so way always want the other person to succeed yeah at the end of the day we are street team yeah and they're all competing because we want to do well but we want everybody else to do well, we only the goal is to help you guys out yeah and that it's all of us work as a team to make sure you guys well, I'm just wondering, you know, you guys all three of you go to three separate high schools and they are not close and I'm just wondering if you know this this kind of dream team this street team if you have created friendships that you would never have made otherwise and you know how much you appreciate meeting girls that you would have never met without this team definitely is a huge blessing I say like I never would be able to meet these girls because we totally live in a different way you know without you guys and so this is a huge but I think we've been able to come and just make relations it's not only with you guys but also with all the other girls and what's really cool about like all of us has all of us have different like characters and different personalities and getting to know each and every one every girl on the street team was just really great and in such a blessing overall because you get to know how to work with different personalities I can benefit us for the future whether it is going for interviews or for jobs but so now we know how to talk to different kinds of people and get to know others in different ways even support each other like an outside of school things like tara she was in a pageant and got like this washington all the difference up in you know, some of us we're unable to make it but even some of us waiting like supporter at the pageant just encouraged her and if you weren't able to be there just texting me like very uplifting for me and that really helped me stay strong throughout the whole system is that these girls really you know motivated me and want to go out there work partners so that way I'm not only representing myself but I'm representing them as well. So so one final question or thought before we wrap up here is I'm wondering if not put you ladies on the spot but you guys are so articulate it just well that's that application friday I'm just wondering what if you could give me the your spiel if I was a high school student if I was a friend what would you come up say to me in order to get me excited about this program? Well something that they really strongly look for is for young girls and even boys who do choose to applies to always be yourself and not to pretend something you're not because whenever you're yourself and you're always trying to be yourself that makes you shine more than anything in this world I mean that's what they look for, they look for someone who's you and if you just go out there and say, look, look you don't have to be the prettiest person ever you don't have to be you know it doesn't matter who you are no matter what you can have this opportunity to be here and to get to know and all these different ladies and so I strongly recommend for everyone, even all juniors that are trying to apply for next year apply I mean, it's worth it. I mean, all of us are different, all of us at the same we all look for different things, but it's worth it in the end city realistically, when you're going out and you are, I'm talking about I've seen your pictures like, how do you also? So if it could be two part, how do you how to get young people to look with us? Like, what do you say? Is that what you're thinking? Susan? Yeah, I'm just wondering, like, what would you go up to each other? As if you didn't know each other and if you did know each other. And what would you how would you be excited about what would you say? Well, what would your tone be? One thing if changes are really leave yeah, yeah, yeah. Here's the information I'm gonna text that, you know, what I do is just texting is the easiest I seem like, well, here's, all the information here, you can also get website just think if you have any more questions and stuff, but like you're the options here that right? Here's some your text, tosh or anything like that this makes it really easy for them, but then they'll be like, oh, yeah, they're really great here's the web site just like he's, you know, teenagers don't keep up with myself, you don't wantto look into that, and now I'm just meeting it really easy and quick, phil, I'm just like, ok, ok, simple, yeah, awesome. Just making it easy and something. I'm pretty sure that all of us done, like, together is that to get out of our comfort zone and talk to people that you normally would never talk to like you. Honestly, the people who don't know I don't have those connections on who to go to chris in your picture is go to them and just talk to them. I mean, it doesn't hurt you just ask him like, hey, have you guys been interested in taking any and your pictures likely? Like I have a really great photographer? She's awesome. He is awesome. They mean, they do great work and they're just amazing people overall. Are you interested in, you know, they say, yeah, I am. I love more information, you know, here it is. This is all you have to do, it's really simple, so all right, ladies, well, thank you so much. And I just want to say, you know, one of the cool things I just realise is you'll be looking back at your senior photos thirty years from now, and you won't just remember, like my photo taken. You remember this entire experience, absolutely friendships, and I think that's, just awesome.

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Capturing the youth voice and vision can be a challenging endeavor — from staying up on ever-changing posing and wardrobe trends to keeping up with how to tap into the senior photography market.

Latasha and Ike Hayes will show you how to build a senior model program that sticks and garners the excitement you need to keep your business growing and going. They will are going to introduce you to our street team concept and how to build a loyal group of young people who not only represent your business, but also help grow and expand it.