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The Appearance of Limitless Everything

As we come closer to the end of it, this class and presentation, I want to touch loosely on this idea of like, when I started, I called it the appearance of limitless everything. This is what I felt other photographers had, and I didn't, and they consistently came from a place of they have everything, and I have nothing, and I feel like it's an overwhelming sentiment that you always feel like you're playing, um, defense, you're constantly paying that catch up. The idea will always be that everybody always has more, but what you have is the most valuable asset and that's you again and again to clarify if you think you need to go home and dress your dog like a reindeer, you're missing the point. If you think you need to straighten your hair and wear flare white jeans, you're missing the point. If you think you need to do it like me, you've completely missed the point. I'm telling you how I did it, but I'm telling you how I did me I'm hoping that this opens your eyes to how you can you do...

you because well, you know you, that was really a situation don't you get it right nationally, no, but so even if you don't have a simple over and even if you are meeting at starbucks and you have that vita honda accord that you're driving because I drove that feat of honda accord as you go if you are happy and you are trying and you're hustling everybody can have everything but they don't have the most important thing in it's you that's what you provide that is your eyes that is your skill set that is your hunger that is your desire that is their ability to see in you something that nobody else has can you give it to them? Can you put it out there that's what I want to end this entire day on what's wrong aaron e can give you cry because when I look at it and I cry but really that's what comes down to it if I rubbed you the wrong way and it makes you better good if I rubbed you the wrong way and it makes you feel that I'm sorry whatever I do I do in love because I want you guys to succeed I hand picked you guys because I believe that you guys could be featured changes of the industry if you allow yourself to if you push yourself too you guys were selected because something in you sparkle you guys had the jazz hands on the web, so do it softball was pitched to you can you please hit a home run for chase he came in during lunch that guy moves me dang it him and his wife on their so busy that guy works eight days a week he comes in after staying up so late last night shooting in the seattle mountains comes here to have lunch and his gold to have lunch was not to be on camera when he came I was like you want to be on camera okay? Yes, yes or yes, I wanted one million awesome. I asked him to just talk a little bit and he does during lunch. What does he talk to you guys about? Not about himself he's saying, can you guys criticize us and teach us how you guys can make us better? That's the bar you guys go back to home, go back home and I wanted to talk to people and I want you to share and when you say, how can we make each other better that's the goal for today I can't tell you thank you enough tin yun ting it sing it's why I act like this big it thank you two for this opportunity thank you degree. What is wrong with be saying it? I am so not I am so I've been holding it in a day it I am so unworthy to be here I know it's aaron, I'm gonna need that stinkin tissue, I'm totally unworthy to be here. The support on twitter has been amazing. Last time it was so hard for me I didn't want to come back and do it. I knew I had because I had to prove it to myself. I had to say last time you thought you made a mistake and good came out from it. Now it's time to go back and say you don't care because you did care I cared now I don't care because I'm supported. I'm supported by the people I have mohr because I'm supported by people who not believe in me but they believe in the idea that they could do it themselves. That means more to me than anything ever could. So thank you for that. I am a better person because of the support that I feel from the internet from the people who are at home hiring a baby sitter to sit at home and watch this class taking it thank you. Thank you for your time thank you for popping a frozen pizza in the oven for your husband. Thank you for watching on your ipad at work and thank you for believing in yourself it's hard it's very, very, very hard I know it, I was there and to stand in front of my peers and say, you know, it sucks for a minute but if you want it it's there there is a big pie and there's a slice for all of us if we want to approach it that way um I can't tell you thank you enough here's a link to all the promo codes these companies stand behind the idea of what we're doing if you like creative life I'm gonna ask you to take the opportunity to email craig or john or chase or by the download one of those four will say that this is working there's a demand for what we're doing not me because it's jeremy and it's zach and all these other instructors who come here on their own diamond time to say we want to make a difference and you want to make a change we want to do it different and then we have companies come in and say, well, we see what's going on there's a change in the industry wanted porting so for show it get show it dot com here are the are the codes there's no sense in me having to repeat that if you want him you could write him down I'm so sorry for crying I totally had a moment susan lucci moment I hate crying I hate exposing that side of myself please forgive me well, the internets crying I know everyone, everyone here I'm sitting here reading these things from people around the world and it's just going the flow is going on I'm crying I'm blubbering polo forever forever so there is no crying and wetting what are you saying that there's a ton of crying and waiting for you so that really is what they want in vegas so they love you okay I just want to put that out there one time e I knew that it was coming I had been fighting it I had been fighting it fighting every day every day and then all of a sudden I just got to the end and I was like it's okay to cry no and that guy who tweeted me was right maybe I am a cry baby okay so what's happening now is questions so it is for twenty five we were going to end this class at four forty five well that gives us about twenty minutes to tie up loose ends I don't want to get into new bigger questions ideally I would love to tie up loose ends so that people can connect the dots that nobody's going on back on forms being like oh she said this or this happened let's tie up loose ends and kind of move from there if possible I don't even know if that's even like a jimmy and so much wearing begin okay way contribute to the class oh yeah good idea good idea if you aren't shooting a first look um, are you still scheduling enough time that you're shooting both the bright full size of the bridal party? And is there any time when jd has to shoot the guy's, the guy's bridal party? Sometimes sometimes because, you know, because I shoot them so fast even if I shot the girls before the ceremony and jd shot the guys before the ceremony, the maximum time were really saving is maybe ten or fifteen minutes, which is okay, but it's not enough for me to be like you have to you have to sometimes in a pinch, I text him and be like, listen, there's, no white, this is not gonna happen do whatever you can to make it happen and did he did a good job, david, is that, you know, like when we go back and I'm like, okay, you got extra credit? Yes. So in pinches do I need a second shooter to shoot the groomsmen occasionally? But rule of thumb is I'd like to do it all because again, I don't know where he's gonna position them and I always think of the album spread, so if you did it in like a portico area and then I did the girls in the garden area, I don't know how they're gonna look beside things like that. Or even like family photos too if he has to shoot like the guy aside, family photos like o j doesn't have okay usually so you like control that I usually try teo yeah, I think maybe one wedding ever he had to do that. So but anthony, can you, uh give j d maybe a new parade since the last time? I don't like jenna it's not like quarterly great it's a per wedding but he kind of knows his grade before he knows I'm a hard greater I'm a hard nose like if you want to come second to with me I'll give you a grade and you might not you might think less of me jay thinks we could totally take it cause he just ignores me like whatever I like the minuses. Yes, I know that's gonna be his tweet b minuses anyway cool their questions from you guys before we go to the internet right? A question that I thought was cute was from katherine daniel stevens who wanted to know who is your photographer jasmine for the personal images we see on your site log and facebook oh, they're different. They come from different people jd usually does most of, um like the like my profile pictures for the most part that's what you get for being married to a photographer for quite a few questions about the first look yeah, great on the schedule. I mean, how do you convince brides to do the first look? And that whole process can you? Just kind of again, it goes back first and foremost ever from usually when they're contacted me. If they might have come across a wedding. Most my clients are seeing each other before the ceremony, and I'll always highlight the first look photo because I'm trying to educates the future bride. You have to show people what they don't know they want. So I talk about how special it was and that picture of joel great, not because it's a great picture, but because it's jules first reaction, seeing his bride honestly at free bride wants that reaction. The girls always ask to cry. Did he cry? You know, it's like that's, like help, how in love it's? Because if he cried, so they're not saying that they kind of are so that capture of jule inadvertently tells other brides that guys are okay to cry if they get the same emotion the first time they see the bright if it's walking down the aisle or if it's just walking to him in general, that emotion and that level of connectivity is still there. And the conversation that we just out of the class how you get to having a better experience how I was at first trepidatious but then I decided and it was so good because I was in the moment with my mom and then I got to have time and enjoy I'm sunset along the beach with my family at cocktail hour those conversations are just riel and it's very commonsensical besides this wides tale of you can't see the groom there's no other reason why you shouldn't it's just just like it's bad luck really you know walk under letters what do you take a bath of dual cat what black cat what loss in front of you like what point are you gonna say I'm gonna do I'm gonna make my own decisions a wives tale isn't gonna dictate how I'm gonna have my wedding that I read somewhere that that originated with plan marriages that it was like better for the group not to see the bride until right at that very moment so the wait here is enough to tell a person things this is not a marine married so you could see right right and I mean it is it's not my job to persuade it's just my job to educate as long as girls and guys know their options then I then we've done our job that's okay you just wanna be sure that it's out there it's okay for them I know, I know I was like e really right I forced you teo first or you guys are we okay? We're ready we have more okay, see, um did you talk about kathleen clipper was asking and your timeline if you talked about when you and j d set aside a few minutes to eat during the wedding oh, during the wedding day covered well during the wedding date coverage that usually happens in the wedding day coverage at the seven thirty mark during second course when they're serving entrees will usually get the meal but I am its listen I want the meal but it the always served the vendors last and by the time you get the meal they're like oh, and now the mother son dance and like so sometimes I'm just like I'm so focused on this like joe and we always take protein bars or fruit snacks or something just to keep you going. And if we eat dinner after the wedding we always eat a big meal before we go like a pretty big pasta meal was like marathon like way very well and and if we eat that's a bonus and that's ok and you just inhale whatever you can in five to seven minutes and then you're back out there so I don't you know you're there to work it's part of the game I plan for the worst and the worst is not getting my meal in a timely fashion so I take sacks with me on that day yes is at the same time you're doing um I just lied show yes, I'm eating like like doing two things. I'm multi. How long do you leave the slide show out for until ten o'clock ninety five. Okay, did you have a question? Good. Yeah. That's kind of a bigger question. Yes. Okay. Jessica clark wanted to know if there was one thing about the industry you wish you could change. What would it be? Oh, my god. I think I wish that people were more supportive of each other. That's the wish I speak both as a person hasn't been enough supportive to others and I speak as a person truly who sometimes feel who sometimes feels not a supporting in certain rooms like on days like creative, live it's like love, best right? Like, you know, get it. Um but every so often you kind of feel like it's just natural it's just natural. I do wish that generally speaking, we supported each other that we were genuinely happy when somebody else took the wedding or got published or things like that to change in mentality is like we all are succeeding when one of us succeeds and I think that we're making strides to that so that's the highlight of it the good news is that we're changing towards that I wish I would have a faster but that's ok, we're moving on to more people and here's the thing that's beautiful about creative life is that it targets a very distinct have a photographer and most of the time that those photographers range in different time frames but they're now changing the philosophy and encouraging the people who are incoming into the industry that this is how we roll like those people who are doing it they're they're slowly die agreed that this is the new way of doing it and in five years we it's going to be entirely different different industry and that makes me excited I mean that's the whole point of creative alive all these all these photographers with all this knowledge come in and give it away to the world for free, right? You know, so it's not about hoarding your information and trying to keep it to yourself so that you could be more successful it's I mean that's chase's whole philosophy you give it back, then we'll all be more successful so thanks for coming and doing that you guys were having shoot all right? We can keep going with questions if you'd like, I'm feeling alot bit tired wait uh we however do ten minutes are we okay ten minutes this is a question that kind of relates to what you just said because you're so you were feeling tired jabe ass photo had asked what do you do on days that you just aren't on and you have to deliver so not that you weren't on tio when you're not feeling it what do you do tips for people I recently read I talked about the the war of art yes, the war of art and in that steven prescott has a chapter in this philosophy that when we become artists and we become self employed and we can do this that we lose this notion of working that when we have a normal job with show up monday through friday nine to five and we do what we do we choose our six days carefully because we don't have very often we plan our vacation days very often even though we don't want to be at work what are we doing? We're at work and even though that commute sucks, we still do the commute because it's what we do and yet when we become self employed all of a sudden we feel like we shouldn't be working nine to five we shouldn't beat our sick days or whenever we feel like oh I'm not feeling so great I think I'm just gonna take a nap would you do that at work when I'm having an off day I don't give myself the option you just sit down and you do your work you should've been work it's it's it's I think it's my mechanical break up this is how I was born and this is the only way I see it it drives my husband bananas bananas he's like would you just please turn off for a little bit like what you talking about? Huh? What? What let's go to war do when you have an off day the best way to get back on his to do work it's not to take more time off my belief sorry, I'm going everyone's like boom I know I'm going to get food here again well, I mean, just to add on that, you know, in that book he talks so much about resistance you know, that kind of like feeling fear failure or I mean it's kind of like us it's kind of all of our worst enemy you telling all these people to come and you handpicked them and now you can either knock it out of the park or, you know, it's up to you guys to do that, but it just really comes down to your own personal resistance, right? Absolutely I mean hubby and how do you stay so on track and say so disciplined do you get up and spend that like, like august? You said you do, you get up every morning and you have you check your e mails and you write people back and I mean that's what it takes, I have a job, I have a passionate, I'm lucky to call my job, but I treat it as such if I want to create a proper business treated as what it is, I am afforded the luxury to try to pursue art simultaneously and to create that is a luxury. I know this. I am one of the most fortunate people on the face of this planet that I was born into a gene pool that was born into this country that then was awarded the luxury to go to college for free that was then afforded to go to law school that was then given the option to not go back to law school, to take a risk that was then afforded to wake up every morning and pursue what she want me not getting up is me saying to myself, maybe I'll go back to law school that's what I think I'm saying to myself, maybe I'll go back to corporate america when I just feel like watching oprah today, another that's what I think it is not a one ever go back to that. It was so extraordinarily thankful for what I do and in order to keep it up I will continue to do what I do and until it becomes broken I'm gonna keep on doing it I think you're thankful that that's what you do okay really good and since we're all thankful haven't we here I think that e all right another table for you guys it's a win win win all been amazing it's been an amazing couple days I mean we've all learned a ton wait do you think that we can have the camera crew go back? No maybe you can't know real quick and get shot starting with kenneth for your twitter twitter handle is because I want people to connect with you where you guys are so I don't want anything else I just want your twitter handle and where you're from so people can can start connecting with you in your area and also keep up with you if that's what they wanted they connected to you through this class so kenna awesome I'm kenan ke photo and I live here in seattle and I d'oh photograph babies and valleys thank you what's up tim king and my twitter handle is tim king photo I do special events and weddings in san diego but I'm looking to do destinations so there's no place to plant a mundane trying tio fly so hope to hear from you guys this time candace benjamin and I shoot weddings in orange county and ella and basically anywhere in southern california but on my twitter is candace be photo so you could find me there I'm actually good one I'm in charlotte north carolina but I'm moving to hawaii so teo uh it's just ashley goodwin is my twitter and this has been the best birthday ever full care thank you everybody john payne it's jay payne twenty five p a y n e in denver, colorado and looking for a second shooter gigs and obvious brand o over here e focus I'm aaron obvious france I'm in buffalo new york and it's just that at aaron obvious brandt which is e r I m ovi e I s b r a n t and thank you so much for having me this was amazing love these people here love love love we love you um christy cropper it's cropped photo c r o p f o tio in vegas but I'm also in utah so anyone hit me up yeah I'm anthony casada anthony q thirty five what uh come on I'm in san francisco and I would love to meet anyone that's interested just going out for line shooting whatever looking for some friends in the photo world so yeah I was saying about this really I totally forgot the camera pressure was gonna tell anyone in vegas if you hit me up I'll buy you macaroons wait for us. You want to end it, baby? Yeah, hello, I'm j d and my twitter handle is at jd underscore star uh, yeah, I ended up taking on jasmine's middle name people just wouldn't know I was having a little names davey underscore star thank you. Thank you for your support online. And people were asking on twitter I tapped in during the break. If j t takes other second shooting gigs in the answers no, I thank you guys so much. And jasmine, I just wanted to give susan another transfer. Mike was off, so oh, review. Okay, my name is susan roderick and that's my twitter handle and I live in seattle and I'm looking for second shooter game. And then we also just want to remind everyone that this course right now is seventy nine dollars that's going to go to ninety nine dollars but really, I mean, really, where else can you learn this much content in two days from jasmine star for that price? So it's been amazing once again? This all happens because of you guys. So let's, give a jasmine on ourselves. Everyone out there on the internet, everyone around us. Yeah, I love you.

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