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Supplements for success saltwater this sounds so controversial I'm actually suggesting you put salt in water when you first wake up if you're really sick or you're just not feeling so good what you might want to do is actually have saltwater next your bed so before you wake up all right now before we go but right as you're waking up before you get up you actually take this what happens is your cortisol starts to rise in the morning and that's what wakes you up so right is you start waking up your cortisol is going up in court asshole should go up then because from an evolutionary standpoint you're nervous system this operating system for your meat it's thinking to its small feeble brain there might be a tiger so now that I'm awake I need to assess the situation and I need to stand up when I stand up I'm going to need a lot of blood pressure so that the heart khun squeeze everything and I kenbrell in blood into the brain because if I stand up without enough blood pressure I'll pass out ...

hid my head in iraq and something will eat me therefore I won't reproduce so we have this little biological emergency called waking up you don't think about any of this stuff it's all automatic but from the bodies perspective it's a bit of an emergency so cortisol starts with that and then it goes up well it takes a drina ll reserve to make quarters on the morning adrenal reserve is a concept that's really important to understand you have so much adrenaline, so much quarters all you could make before you adrenals run out of energy through losing weight rapidly you're using your adrenaline and your quarters all actually help you metabolized the fat. So when you wake up in the morning, one way of of preserving this adrenal reserved for later in the day is toe have salt because one of things cortisol is doing is playing with the ratio of sodium and potassium in the body by raising sodium with salt water instead of by making it happen with your adrenal hormones you actually save energy for later in the day I first talked about this in broad company on the juror rogan show a while back and I got so many responses from mixed martial arts athletes people were doing crossfit training. And don't you ever see this at south bay crossfit down in hermosa beach any any kind of people we have added salt into the regiment to perform better. We had prescribed that to me so relay in sea salt in the morning and, uh but like emergency, yeah, and mix it up take it first thing in the morning so now I talk about it and there's probably three dozen people doing it yeah it's one of those things even if it's not just an athletic kind of thing, I'm impressed your nutritionist must be good because when you add salt like that, I've seen this help grandmother's that lots of people and he said, but salt raises blood pressure and there's a hole talk I've got it on youtube if you're interested in finding it about salt and what salt does and the effect of how a low salt diet can actually increase heart attack risk and how the blood pressure changes for most people nominally from herr sultan take and how you need to manage the ratio of your minerals, all of that stuff matters. So if you're listening to this online right now and you're thinking salt is bad, assault is neither good nor bad it's just a mineral and if it's in balance with magnesium and potassium mohr salt in the morning gives you more energy all day long. And the feedback on twitter and facebook and all from for what I said on the gyro gunshot was extremely positive to the point that on it now carries a nice emily insult because of that take it when you wake up himalayan sea salt and I like a total hippie it has to be him lan because it's like buddhist no, I say himalayan sea salt because now the oceans are full of some things we don't want in the ocean a million years ago when an ocean dried up and got buried by mountain in the himalayas there were not a lot of persistent organic pollutants and there wasn't as much mercury in the ocean so you're is getting clean salt and there isn't you want clean salt is the pollution and then most himalayan salt does not mix with flowing agents when you get typical like morton's salt they put aluminum silicate so it flows out of the salt shaker nicely and it's chemically purified sodium hundred percent whereas you get trace minerals with the himalayan salt as ah flavorful oriented gourmet kind of cook I have lost track of the nerve times I've brought as a housewarming gift or you know instead of a bottle of wine I'll bring a juror assault to someone and they go salt like that's a commodity and no it is actually how we paid our roman soldiers this was the first spice trade routes were for assault like this is a very traditional gift now take your existing salt and take a pinch and then take this and take a pinch good salt tastes very sweet on the tongue it doesn't taste bitter and metallic and a lot of people have learned to expect a bitter metallic taste which is just very low quality salt from very chemically processed things so whether you're doing for the flavor or for the effect on your cognitive performance even on your immune performance don't don't skimp on the salt suggested I add vitamin c because of the quality of sort can vary with the hill a himalayan stuff because they said it would donate electrolytes for something I didn't quite understand the story do you know anything about that? You khun definitely take vitamin c emergency and that I think vitamin c when you wake up is a good idea. Anyway. Vitamin c only lasts eight hours and a body so three times a day for vitamin c is a normal dose unless you have time release vitamin c, you might as well do them together. Well, number one for people who don't know your heart's a sodium potassium pump we need saul and two I was I can't stand it put it in a glass of water I throw of either half teaspoon teaspoons sometimes too much but I have to throw it right in my tongue and just shoot shoot a bunch of water down thank you that's okay, I do that too, because I'm lazy like mixing the salt from the water was an extra staff just throw it on my tongue shoots him water there's a very simple way to know if you got too much salt in the morning, you'll be running to the bathroom, so if that happened back off a lot of people it's half a teaspoon but if a teaspoon feels good, I know countless people whose day has been transformed by this practice so salt, then bulletproof coffee and, you know, like the day is different adrenal, glandular sze are something that if you're a high performance personal lives, a stressful life, you probably should be on these prophylactically I haven't seen a study about prophylactic use of these prophylactic means, not birth control. For those of you who aren't familiar with that term, it means just in case you need it as a preventative measure, so what we're talking about here is literally the desiccated or dried up adrenal glands, usually from cows or sometimes sheep. The reason you take these is that they don't contain adrenaline or quarters all, but they contain building blocks that your body can use to support your own adrenals. Is this how you recover from adrenal exhaustion? But if you're doing something that would lead to adrenal exhaustion and you add capacity from these, I think it's a good idea, especially during full prevent imminent fasting, any kind of fasting practice or to recover from intense exercise. So if you're going to go out and hit the crossfit generally hard, then you want to do this in the morning and you want to do it the next morning after and your recovery time and speed will be better I've also taken on empty stomach but technically of food is good they don't upset your stomach except the adrenal stress and formula has ah particular forget it it's not licorice there's ah flavoring in there to make it so it has ah better feeling in the stomach that some people don't like on an empty stomach so I've heard a couple incidents of people getting really upset stomachs I've taken on empty stomachs quite a lot I'm not that pic about the brand just make sure that it's an adrenal glandular supplement a lot of people make adrenal formulas that are like vitamin b and then they mark it up quite a lot and you know vitamin b and vitamin c is not an internal formula at least not the way I do adrenal formulas and usually it's two capsules maybe sometimes one in the morning when at lunch sometimes just in the morning depends on how I feel what you're doing there's adapted genic herbs this is things like rodeo login saying licorice root and there are a whole variety of russian and chinese adapted gents there's various formulas you can get out there when you take adapted gens it really effects how you feel throttle response is something that race car drivers understand and if you've ever driven a car where you push the accelerator and instantly the car surges forward and you let off in, it slows down that's a car with fast throttle response and if you've driven like your grandmother's buick, I know the marketing team of you it was probably going home I got sorry anyway when you're driving that old buick, you pushed the accelerator and three seconds later or like a prius now three seconds later it's kind of moves forward and you put the brakes on it slowly slows down your normal adrenal response is more like a prius or an old buick because it doesn't respond very quickly what chinese military people discovered like a thousand years ago with the definite jenna gerbes was that if you take the right herbs, you can have fast adrenal throttle response. What that means is that when you need adrenal hormones because someone's yelling at you in your body felt threatened or because you're going to lift something really heavy it doesn't really matter you can call on them and they will surge forward and you you have all the adrenal hormones you need and then when you're there's no more need for them you'll turn them off quickly so the normal adrenal response curve looks very slow like that. But when you're on a deputy ins you go this way you go straight up it's right down and do it literally this is so important that right before going into like sword fights, people would down t with the senate in old chinese military writings the one here that I would caution you about is licorice root if you take a lot of licorice root for a long period of time that could depress your own cortisol production so you want to cycle off that every six weeks if you're taking liquor shoot it also can cause water attention there's different brands I can't say that there's one brand that's the most amazing because there's many different ones but rodeo is a very, very common won jin sang is a very common one, so this is worth doing some research and I have a block post about those I'm working on and you basically can do more things for more time because you're not wasting as much capacity kind of warming up your adrenals deborah knowles of pharmaceutical substance it's an m a o inhibitors er and an antidepressant it's also a very potent anti aging drug when use it at low doses way way lower than you would typically take for depression uh if you are into uh I alaska ceremonies in peru or anything like that do not mixed epinal with that kind of thing because that's not going to end well this thing make it's a smart drug to it reduces age related decline of dopamine, so if you are trying to increase your performance increasing dopamine levels from most people increases their mood and attention and their energy in the morning definitely will if you took it at night can be a little bit simulating because when you raise dopamine when you're trying to sleep, you don't always sleep out in fact often times usually worse or you have lucid dreams. One of the two l tyrosine is another one of those very common things that athletes would take tires engine amino acid, which means it's a protein building block it's common in all of your food it's a natural substance but when you take it mixed with other amino acids, you don't get the full benefit of it. If you take tyrosine like five hundred milligrams on an empty stomach in the morning, it helps your body make thyroid hormone and you feel quite good from that so as an energizer it's a it's a great idea in the morning especially if you're dragging your feeling tired or you're looking at weight loss p a is an emmy that means it is something that you ought not to take if you have big allergy problems or if you're dealing with histamine problems, which are pretty widespread these days because you're mean detoxification pathway which relies on a substance called d a on the liver can't do it. However, if you don't have big allergy problems, you could try p a to get a huge burst of energy it basically makes you super alert it'll also give you a screaming migraine if you're histamine intolerant let's see you take it before meals pre workout hot pre bed p ay before bed is going to make a very long night, and one of things that's good about this is it's a stress reducing substance definitely worth paying attention to and coenzyme aided b vitamins. We're not going to go into a whole hour long lecture about each of the b vitamins and all the ones that you might want to take. B complexes are good cause they're convenient, but if they have the wrong ratios of vitamin b's for you, they can be inconvenient. What's important here is the word coenzyme mated, though each of the b vitamins has multiple steps to being metabolized, and the typical b complex has the very lowest level b vitamins that require the most steps of processing different people, depending on their genetics and on their exposure to the expose. Um, have a hard time methe awaiting or activating thes b vitamins so you can buy b vitamins where there are already mostly ready for the body to use, and that means that they're coenzyme made it all already the difference and how they affect you can be really positive questions coming in about what I would describe his vitamins I know they're vitamins here in the u s should we take vitamins at different times, then activated? Then activated charcoal I've always been confused about why vitamins would wouldn't stick to activated charcoal on that question comes from some guy if you're taking an herb or you're taking protein or an amino acid, you should take it away from the activated charcoal if you're taking vitamin c with activated charcoal, I haven't seen any evidence and I don't know of any evidence that they're going to stick to each other so it's a question of what the vitamin or what the charcoal has affinity for as a general principle take them separately I will use activated charcoal on an empty stomach or I'll use it with food when I'm eating at a restaurant, those are the two times I'd normally take it if I was going to take my vitamins at a restaurant, I have a little crack baggy vitamins I pop the pills, then I swallow them, I eat my meal and if I think it was not a very clean meal, then I have the charcoal afterwards. By then the vitamins have already entered my digestive tract and the circles on top of the food and we'll get mixed eventually the stomach, but I'll get enough of both and honestly, you're not going to be perfect id any of this stuff anyway, you'll get some of the vitamins and you'll find some of the toxins and overall you'll probably move your net performance up I wouldn't take a handful of adapt. Jenna grabs a handful of charcoal at the same time because the net impact of that will be zero.

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