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Brain Supplements & Nootropic Drugs

Acetyl l carnitine and let's see do I have that down here? Sewell carnitine pretty pretty standard anti aging compound cedillo carnitine will um it'll increase your mitochondrial activity and I keep saying mitochondrial activity remember that's the power plant in yourselves that's how you make energy the way mitochondria works is it burned sugar or fat and it when it's done within a tp it spits out basically the exhaust and then it re phosphor relates the exhaust it recycles a teepee back into this little engine so in order to make that process more efficient there's all kinds of things you could do like exercise like eat the right foods but taking see little carnitine does that specifically it also helps with neuro transmitter formation this is something most people five hundred milligrams in the morning is a really good idea if you get jaw attention from it you don't need any more don't take it we really talked about croyle versus official so I'm gonna go fast. Brain octane this is t...

he eighteen x stronger than coconut oil oil I use this in my bulletproof coffee instead of my upgraded mtt because I get a cleaner focus from it I've had countless people especially the super high performance like ranked athletes and people like that swear by the difference between the two they both work but you just get more of the cognitive boost from that stuff upgrading upgraded, aging formula is something that I don't think I have a bottle of it up here, right now upgraded aging formula is a very unusual antioxidant that I make, and I use that because of what it does for glutamate toxicity in the brain. When our brain is overstressed, we get too much glutamate, which causes the synapses to fire until they're exhausted. Oh, msg does that, too, and there are some animal studies showing really interesting results from glutamate protection, as well as optimization of the krebs cycle krebs cycle is how a teepee gets recycled, so I use this on a daily basis, and I plan to take one of these every day until I'm dead because of the effects on my ability to focus and that's what this is really all about. Some mind supplements are there for anti asian purposes, and I'll tell you anti aging, anti aging, anti aging, anti aging, so when I look at it from the I'm gonna live a long time hat all these things that increase melted performance are also likely to improve your aging profile, then there's the coleene debate. This is a big thing, colin is, ah, form of fat and let's see, do I have any calling here? I don't, I don't so it's a form of fat that your body uses to make a neurotransmitter specifically a siegel calling it's also involved in the creation of that mile and chief that insulates the nerves. Maybe a third of us are coleene dominant, which means we already have enough for maybe even too much. The other two thirds are short and when you take cooling in the form of a jokes or less a thin from sunflower, or even from alfa gp or a supplement like alfa grain from on it, which is something that I also carrying the upgraded self store, that stuff will increase your cooling levels and it'll do it through a variety of pathways. If you do that and it gives you jaw attention, then you need to find a more efficient way to use the cooling in your body, and we'll talk about the role of smart drugs to do that. So calling supplements are awesome for most people. If they give you draw attention and headaches, you need to back off or you need to become better at using calling, and I'm gonna show you how to do it here's the hospital calling capsules I was looking for so you, khun by various capsules like that and there's creating if you're over thirty there's, a study that shows creating raises like you by a couple points believe it or not creating also will increase the efficiency of your mitochondria it's all about upgrading the engine in yourselves when you do that through all these various pathways, it's kind of like if you take a car into a performance shop, they'll say you want a new muffler to wanting to fuel injection system. Do you want new tires, new suspension, new breaks? You can do all that stuff and I mentioned off brand already. So coming up next year, we're going to talk about some new tropic drugs. We're gonna go to a restaurant, you say bring me some extra butter, please, or just say, is that butter grass fat when they say no? Just bring out your own butter and plunkett on the table. Embarrass the chef at the nice restaurant indict serving grass fed butter. I've done it, there's lots of them who now have crossbred butter because, like, dude it's three bucks for half a pound, and if you buy the wholesale it's like a dollar fifty, so why are you treating me to this other butter? That doesn't taste as good? Because it's your job to make food that tastes good, and it should be your job to make food that makes me feel awesome and tastes good, and you're not doing your job, so let me help you. So maybe you're not quite in the shelf space like that by the way I love chefs and most of them when you treat them with respect and you say those things and you smile they actually laugh and talk to you about the cost of running the restaurant of smoke points of oil so chefs are awesome but I do bring butter with me I also bring him ct oil in one of those little bottles I think I showed one yesterday um these little bottles okay if you need to say typical restaurant meal I'll have some vegetables couldjust team those forming please lots of them no I don't want to little pieces of broccoli I actually want a plate of vegetables no really all eat more than three spears of broccoli so you communicate to them that you're going to actually eat instead of eating garnish and when you do that you get a plate of vegetables and then you can put their butter on it or your butter on it you can force one of your own mtt oil on it and you may choose to eat some meat at a restaurant so what would you eat as meat usually salmon is your best bet hopefully it's not norwegian death salmon and they have some wild caught salmon oftentimes they'll order smokes hammond which is pretty good you might also order the chicken breast of the oven organic chicken breast if you like chicken but don't get the chicken legs that have the chicken oils and that aren't so good you might also go for steak they don't have grass fed steak by the way, the epic roast house here in san francisco I've been harassing them about corn fitch corn finishing their nice grass fed steak they have to fully grass fed steaks on the menu now I just ate there last night it was awesome so restaurants will change if you ask for it in the meantime, order the leanest cut of beef you khun get if you're gonna have beef and the reason for that is you don't want to eat industrial animal fat that's where the toxins accumulate the most so industrial meat eat lean fatty grass fed meat eat the fattier cuts like a rib eye or even when I get my meat butchered I tell the butcher don't waste any fat put all the fat in my hamburger so this nice, moist, delicious hamburger that's so good and the butcher's sort of lasting is why that's like ground meat from twenty five years ago exactly and that's how it should be in restaurants too and maybe if we keep asking for things instead of like hiding around it, the restaurants will change the ones I talked to do change and they do it without knowing that I kind of run a large block and I might you know, say something nice or not nice about them, they're not doing it for publicity, they're doing it cause a customer asked them to let's talk about smart drugs parasitic m about fifty years old it's, a derivative of gabba that think it helps to go to sleep. Paracetamol helps you focus and it's been around with an amazing safety profile for a very long period of time. If you go to your doctor and you ask your doctor for peraza tam, you know what they're going to say they're going to say, I don't know what that is, and you'll say look it up in the physician's desk reference and last time I looked, which was a couple years ago admittedly, it wasn't even in there so it's like it's invisible in the us, but yet it's made by sandoz or other pharmaceutical companies in europe. I don't know why that is, but I can tell you you can get parasitic em in the u s off of amazon or ebay, and this is something that increases the amount of oxygen in the brain without changing blood flow in the brain. We don't know all this mechanisms of action that way, the one big side effect you'll find from it is that it amplifies the effects of caffeine tragic, however press them is the weak one of the family I think I talked about the more strong ones in a minute, so I'll get to their hooper zine is an extract of a plant that's used in formulas like alfa brain and what hoop ursine does is it inhibits the breakdown of a siegel calling in your brain this is good if you don't have enough aceto colleen if you have too much aceto calling it's not good if you have too much aceto calling what makes you use this eagle calling even faster pour acid tam so if you want to boost your signal calling levels and it gives you a headache, then you take even mohr peraza tam sometimes multiple grams per day or you switch to one of the other rats attempts that worked better there's also modafinil and I'll show you what that stuff does to my brain. This is the drug from limitless the movie I took this every day for eight years before I hacked my brain in other ways after a bunch of people gave me grief on the first time I went on joe rogan a bunch of said, how dare you hide the fact you took my da final from me and I'm like guys it was on cnn and nightline talking about modafinil and you think I'm hiding it from you? I don't know what to say about that, but I can tell you that like, hey, maybe it's a placebo like I'm willing to question myself, so I went off the dauphin ill for a few months, and I measured myself and it used to be such a huge boost in performance, but with the other stuff I've done with these other supplements, and particularly with bulletproof coffee, the amount of performance boost I get from a definite has shrunk. I don't really get the same benefits used to, and I'm not on it right now. New pepped is fifty or a hundred times stronger than a typical parasite, tam it's kind of a new kid on the block. You can take too much of it. I've tried it many times, I don't think it's any better than press him, but it has less of a safety profile, so I don't usually take it here's what modafinil or provigil the drug did these air actually, data from my brain I used brain dash trainer dot com it's, a free site that lets you quantify your neurological performance and what's going on here is that I could think difficult things faster, and I got the right answer more often in a predictable amount of time. But when I didn't take my daf in l a, I was a little slower, I made more mistakes and the amount of time it took me. To get an answer was highly variable, so there is a difference from modafinil and there's lots of studies now that have come out about it there's still people saying we don't know what it does long term like yes that's true of every drug, including aspirin when it was first invented, I actually think I this is another way of looking at similar data, so I responded faster with less randomness, different tests here and my contact switching, which is one of the measures of cognitive function was fourteen percent faster with six percent less mistakes. This is not a small difference fifteen percent better at something can raise you a standard deviation or two above your peers in performance if you're already high performing so wow, I think I this certainly convinces me that there are times when madoff it'll might be it might be in my best interest to take it. For instance, when I'm in las vegas, if I want to count cards, I take a hundred milligrams of modafinil and I kick ass at counting cards and you can too are asking um are all these drugs available only on prescription or can you actually buy them over the counter? How's the best way for our audience to get these there we go pour acid tem you ordered online without a prescription and better yet take anna rasa tam and I'm I should have had that on here. I didn't a n I and then rasa tam and arrested him is better than parasitic. Dammit, in my experience, because it's fat soluble it's faster acting, it reduces anxiety and it's the on ly one that increases memory I oh, so memory io is the amount of information that you can get into or out of your memory. People often times asked me, dave, how is it that you can stand here and talk all day long with almost never saying the word, um, or stopping and grasping for words and things like that? I'll be doing this for eight hours a day for three days. In fact, I should have bet people like the number of times I say, like, I'll give you a dollar every time I do it, when we do that tomorrow I'll bring dollars goes up for that, all right? One of the reasons I can do that and certainly not the only one is because I am taking an arrested him right now I'm also taking final pass attempt that stack for me completely rocks stay about what what you're daily regimen is, I don't know if you're gonna talk about this at some point, but not just thes, but just in general all the supplement all means they're tired, they take these yes, the right time of day to take them was another good question you take him in the morning and at lunch and if you wanna have some funky dreams you might try them before bed sometimes they'll interfere asleep depends on your own brain here's the thing about my daily regimen there isn't one if you do the same thing every day your body adapts to it the only thing that I do every day pretty much is I always have bulletproof coffee because the fat keeps me going so I could do whatever else I want to do so you will not find any day when I don't have either some of this or some of this and some butter those air corps things for me as like basic fuel for the brain in the body other than that some days I protein fast somedays I put collagen protein in my coffee some days I have lunch some days I don't have lunch some days I take smart drugs some days I don't take smart drugs and it depends what are we going to do that day? All right, um I gotta like, be on the whole body vibe holding kettlebells or am I going to go for a walk with my kids in the forest like they're just different days and I want a different performance profile for that day, so I dial it are any of these other addictive or do they down regulate your body's ability to perform whatever produced whatever they're doing? It says addictive on the provigil label I reduced my dose over the years I took it I've never known anyone addicted to it and my wife who spent years in stockholm running drug and alcohol addiction emergency medicine years and she's a physician um laughed when she heard it was it was addictive and said that's interesting none of my patients ever tried to score this stuff unless they were like really seriously on quaaludes or something and like they may might be trying to come out of it with anything they could find but that she did not consider it in her experience to be something that caused addiction I know enough people who've taken the stuff I've never had someone say I was addicted to it I thought some people say he gave me a headache and didn't do anything I didn't like it and a couple of people said it gave me a rash which can be a side effect but in the overall scheme of things the things in your liver there side effects of madonna for sure but the things that doesn't your liver are similar to what tylenol doesn't deliver new kept you can buy it on amazon hooper xena is a natural substance and until the pharmaceutical companies succeed in their attempts to repeal your rights to take natural substances. You can still take this and pressed ham is a drug. But it's sold over the counter off of amazon, but not at walgreens.

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