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Braised Indian Salmon Demo

Braised indian salmon what we do here is we take a saucepan this's a sauce pan, right? Well it is because you can see through the sides of it so we're pretending here and you add some celery stalks that air thinly sliced you have a week a leak is a member of the onion family it has a little bit of the stuff that that inhibits alpha but not very much compared to full on garlic cloves so we wanted the flavour so we chose amore optimal choice and got nice flavor so finally die sleek and of course carrots finally diced and chopped baby asparagus what we're going to do with these is we're going to cook them for ten minutes on like a low sautee and this is called a miracle and these will kind of breakdown and the flavors mix really nicely the leaks and the asparagus bring out some really nice notes in this you can add to the saute pan after you cook this down for ten minutes then you start adding the other stuff you add some sockeye salmon fillets why sockeye salmon you might ask because it ...

is the lowest mercury highest omega three fatty acids salmon so let's pretend that we cooked this down nicely so we had our salmon and there's something else about sakai you should know do we have anyone from norway listening this morning yes, I don't know this still online but we did have some norwegians anderson danes if you're from norway you should be ashamed of yourself they just they just logged off my wife is swedish so they invaded our way a while back there's still bad blood there but the reason actually that you should be ashamed is norwegian salmon farms are destroying nature of salmon species around the globe including about five miles from my house which has me pretty angry about this there's been a ninety percent reduction and local salmon population the kind of healthy seven you see right here because of basically poor salmon farming practices by norwegian companies and I know enough norwegians to know that they're actually still in charge of their government over there and their government just put out a warning to norwegian citizens that they should not eat norwegian farm salmon more than once a week because of all the pollutants in it but they're willing to kill my native species that don't have it so they can sell more of their farm salmon so watch out for farm salmon particularly norwegian farm salmon it is not sustainable and was someone says sustainably farmed salmon they are lying to you here that whole foods now on top of this you add some more vegetables and coconut oil okay? I didn't plan on that it was liquid earlier coconut oil is the cooking over using the two best cooking oils are coconut, which as a coconut flavour which is fine for this dish expel oppressed coconut has less flavor, but the very best cooking oil is grass fed g, which is just clarified butter and the reason you do those toils is there the most heat stable oils? If you're going to be cooking with oil, you want oils that don't break down olive oil's a terrible cooking oil why do restaurants have all of oil sauteed spinach? It doesn't even taste good because the oil takes on a bitter taste you want butter or g sauteed spinach with just a nice drizzle of olive oil on top it's going to be much healthier for you? We also add a half teaspoon of cumin seeds I looked at these seeds if some of the seeds have big black spots on them, they're not very fresh in this matter of fact it's a good source of toxins and my kidding am I really that picky? No, I don't like being that picky, but I'm telling you if you bad human, you're not going to sleep well it's gonna mess with you and I don't like it when things messed with me, so you had your nice looking human black mustard seeds, mustard seeds have an awesome flavour too much mustard seed oil not so great mustard seeds pretty much harmless fennel fennel as amazing flavor to things same thing you want uniformly colored nicely shaped ones one teaspoon of sea salt if I was cooking it would probably two or three I tend to put a little more salt but it depends on your taste fenugreek seeds same thing look at the seeds do they look good yes they do and finally nigella seeds which you can skip if you don't have these air pretty unusual spice and what you do now is you know I forgot to add the coconut milk now you might have noticed we put two fatty pieces of salmon a good quantity of coconut oil and a whole can of coconut milk in here think we had our seventy percent fat goal for this dish yeah we did so what we do is we'd cover the sub and we cook it until the salmon was done the flavors were all nicely mix and what it looks like when you're done is it looks like this and I said this year for the cameras of course we plated this nicely compared to my saucepan here but what you'll find in a dish like this is it wasn't that hard to do how many dishes did we get dirty other than laying the ingredients out here? It was one dish right? You had something to measure maybe the coconut oil and a cutting board you cooked it all in a single pan even though you had two steps, one was to get them earp wa down, and then the other one is to add the other stuff and cook it so more but the plate you ate off of the main cooking dish and one cooking utensil like this. Now, I don't know about you guys. I hate doing dishes, it's just not a good use of my time. So when you cook, if you cook efficiently, that's part of what I write about part of what I recommend on the block, cook super healthy foods the way we cooked it here, there's steam that drives out the oxygen's. We're not oxidizing things with our food, and we're ending up with a really nice dish that tastes good. It looks good on a plate, but it doesn't take a lot of time, but the ones that require four pans and five dishes and oven that's some serious, heavy duty french style cooking. But you can get similar results in a lot less work, and if you're doing really good flavors, you can you can make it work that way. All right, dave, question about this meal we went from talking about sleep until this, and so people in the charms were just wondering if this is helping asleep, or is this another bulletproof diet? Meal. We're just interspersing I should've my transition. It was very clear that that was less than so what we're doing is it's boring to watch anyone I know. Maybe you like the food network, but like food network for eight hours a day would be boring, and we have a day of cooking demos, especially without a stove top here. So what we decided to do to mix things up a little bit is to talk about something, do a demo of something and then do a cooking demo that's why there isn't one day on the bulletproof diet because honestly, after five screens of this food is different than this one for this reason it's boring, so great me being a former instructor, this is hopefully the right way to do it. So expect to have random recipes for foods have nothing to do with what I talked about before perfect coming up for you and just a reminder for folks, you said this would be seventy percent fat. Why is it again that we're going for that in this meal? So when we talk about macro nutrient ratios in the bulletproof diet haven't got into the explanations for why the diet works, which is something that we're going to be coming up on tomorrow, there are about twenty different reasons, but one of the things is that fat is what your body is made out of, like your cell membranes, your brain, your hormones, and mohr everybody than you would think is fat, sad and protein minerals. And of course, water is the number one ingredient in it, and our entire evolution of our brains has been about the fight for fat is the most sought after nutrient, even more so after than starch in nature. So sources of fat is the most precious ones, and throughout history you kill the buffalo, you eat the fatty hump on the back, and then you, we deliver. First you get the fat, then you get the nutrient dense parts of the animal without fat. Our brains don't form. In fact, I'm going to share a recipe with you during one of the other days where we talk about the effect of eating fat on your sex hormones specifically so it sounds a little counterintuitive, but eating fat doesn't make you find eating some fat makes you fat. Eating other fat makes you thin, so what we did here is we optimize for fast that were high in medium chain triglycerides, low and inflammatory toxins and virtually devoid of omega six oils other than a little bit in the salmon, which is fine. When we change our fat ratio's like that, we end up having very little hunger and we end up needing almost no exercise to look like this. You can cut your sleep, you can cut your exercise and also the most important thing of all when you get enough healthy fat and you cut out the other process food, toxins, your food cravings go away. So I noticed that lunch someone must have made a grievous error here because we have this nice bulletproof food and then there was like bread. Now there was a time in my life I would have been bred how I love you. I would like to eat you right now, but I'm going to use my will part I'm not gonna do it with the amount of fat in my diet now I just don't need to eat at any one time. I can go twenty four hours that eating if I need to and still perform the entire time and food has lost its control over me because I'm fat adequate when you first go in the bulletproof diet, you actually want maur fat? I started out drinking a ton of butter and m c t oil in my bulletproof coffee it was a really like kind of amazing to me how much that I wanted, but it was my body liked overtime as my cell membranes changed, I started getting rid of old cells and replacing them with new cells that had more stable oils in them. I actually found that I need less fat to maintain health than I did to gain health, so the reason you have these fats is that this is the most satiating, the most fueling they make you feel better, they actually make you sleep better and make you perform better. So this is what people eat when they can get quality fat when they can't get quality fat and they're going to die the lead, almost anything, including bugs and even like these little seeds that grow on the top of grains of grass called wheat so rapid fire memory foam, good or bad natural memory foam that doesn't stink a lot is good it's actually nice for sleep, but it depends on your sleep style. It's particularly good if you do things besides sleep in bed. Okay. And secondly, uh g is there. What? What was the question about how to make it? I make my own g I loved doing it by grass fed butter, put it in the giant pot on like, put a lot of it in the pot because it takes a little while, turned the heat up about a third to half of the way and stir it occasionally and what'll happen is over the course of about a half hour is you'll see foam form on the top, and when the g is done, you'll see the particulate matter will precipitate all the sudden all these these like white sort of cottage cheese looking things that dropped to the bottom of the pan. You skim the foam off the top, and then you pour just the perfect yellow transparent butter off. After you remove that top level foam and you leave the chunks in the pan. If you cook it just a little bit, the chunks turned light brown, you get more of a caramel flavor if you cook it too much, you've got burned butter and it's not as good for you, so that final stages a little bit tricky, but when you do this it's, kind of a fun project there's something relaxing about like scraping the foam off iggy and just watching this butter sort of turn and it tastes amazing. It keeps forever as long as your drawers. We're dry and not wet when you put it in there, including, like hundreds of years keeps forever so it's a good emergency food for earthquake people in california, too.

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