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I suppose we should have started. Uh, we should've started talking about bulletproof coffee, but I made bulletproof coffee that the beans that the upgraded coffee beans, in fact, I should grab some of those were there we go. I made this stuff because I couldn't buy it. And I gave up coffee for five years. If you remember the very first day when I was the first e commerce person ever, my t shirt's had caffeine, my drug of choice, the one that sold in twelve countries out of my dorm room. I like coffee. The only time I ever got an a in calculus was the semester I discovered espresso. Er, no joke. So when I look at those kinds of things like all right, what what's important? I gave up coffee for five years because it was causing inflammation and is giving a performance problems, and I reverse engineered it because I wanted to drink good coffee every morning and I didn't want to come across in sharing all of this knowledge of things that have literally changed my life a lot. A cz I'm here ...

to sell coffee because I'm not here to sell coffee. I'm here you can show you everything I know that will make you perform better, and that is pretty cool. We're going to bruce and bulletproof coffee, and I'm gonna walk you through the steps, and I'm hoping that this water is it the right temperature, one hundred ninety six degrees if you didn't hear that, she said. Point one so the right vory temperature for your water is about one hundred ninety, five hundred ninety six degrees. Your typical drip coffee maker does not get the water hot enough to make good coffee, which is why the old fashioned method of french press works. Well, you can also get a good quality coffee maker that will provide hot enough water. Even some of the new keurig coffeemakers have controllable temperature. I just buy one for hundred fifty bucks a costco you can dial in what temperature of water you want for my beans? I like one ninety five one ninety six and you want to grind the coffee. We're not gonna be grinding on stage today, but the best grinders are not like a spinning blade chopper, but they have actually like grinding discs. So when you get a coffee mill, they generally run about forty dollars in up. Cuisinart makes a good low end one, and brazil makes a good high end one with computer control and all that sort of thing. For every cup of coffee you want about two tablespoons of coffee I usually use a digital scale to weigh it out except you can eyeball it when you do it every morning so I'm going to eyeball this and it's very common because we had a coffee shortage about fifty years ago because of, uh, blight in actually in brazil or in colombia, the coffee companies told everyone in the u s o use less coffee they were doing this in response of the high price of coffee so they taught americans to drink water down coffee for economic reasons. But if you want good performance you do not want to water your coffee down if you're drinking bulletproof coffee made with the right means that don't have the toxins in them you will drink less coffee this is a common thing that people talk about I drank this coffee I wanted one or two cups of coffee a day I didn't want ten or twelve because normal coffee beans the good stuff and coffee makes you go up the bad stuff in coffee makes you drop and you go boing boing boing boing boing! All day long you're going to drink this you're gonna go up and you're gonna land and feel like yourself again and you might want one more at lunch and that's it so you drink less of the coffee so when you make it don't skimp on the amount of coffee you use in your coffee we have full instructions on the site and how to make it since I'm eyeballing this, I am truly eyeballing I also don't know what kind of a grinder that you guys used was this ground here or somewhere else? Okay, cool and do we use a proper grinder or a chopper? Some property you guys rock see, I've been to england enough times because I used to work for a company there that I can say papa hot water I'm completely eyeballing us, but it'll still be good now in a pinch it's entirely possible to use a froth er to make your coffee but it's, not the same stirring with the spoon doesn't work this kind of sort of works shaking in one of these brand new awesome mugs we just launched last week. I love the little orange logo it just looks cool, but you can actually when I'm traveling is what I do. I put my coffee and my butter, ma'am see tina here and I shake the heck out of it and it fully mixes, but really the magic happens when you froth it up in a blender like this, you get the most amazing flavor of beans to water for every five hundred mils of water basically half a liter of water you want thirty five grams of coffee thank you this is perfect here's another trick if you're going to be using a good blender which makes the such a difference take some hot water well the coffee's steve ing coffee should steep for approximately four minutes put the hot water in the blender do we have like a little kitchen towel in case I drop some water or coffee? Thank you all I did there was heat up the blender because he wants cold coffee by the way, if you want to impress someone and have your food tastes better when you're cooking at home, heat up your plate under hot water for thirty seconds before you serve it your food stays hot everyone thinks you're a good cook you could still be a bad cook but at least your food was hot now there's a lot of religion and beliefs about the right way to french press her coffee so I know I will offend half the coffee's not was watching now no matter which path I take so explain the reasons I do each of these things I'm going to do in the meantime this is carry gold unsalted butter and I'm totally eyeballing because I know how much better I would eat but since I'll be sharing this with you guys, I'm going to put some butter in if you get the butter wrong and it'll happen, it won't be creamy enough and you can add more there is no way to make bulletproof coffee wrong as long as you're putting this stuff in there at least from butter perspective, the two things you can do that are most likely to cause a problem are don't use enough coffee beans so you get watery coffee without a strong flavor or you under extract the coffee because the water is cold you don't put enough ends you don't get the flavor or you leave them in for a very long time and use fresh, straight boiling water in which case you'll get a little bit of bitterness now this is not quite done yet there's a few additives that you can consider when you're doing coffee depending on what you're going to dio if you're not going to be doing bulletproof intermittent fasting or if you've worked out recently and you're trying to your protein up for the day, this is one of the least inflammatory proteins because it's high end glazing the amino acid and low and athenian insisting the amino acids you need to know that college and less inflammatory good protein is all you need to know you can put this in your coffee it frost nicely and it adds almost no flavor it's very, very neutral and it's painless of proteins on the menu for the morning this is what you would have if you want a mocha you had chocolate powder this is also tested for mycotoxins it's a different process from heritage species of cocoa tree are cacau tree and when you have a heritage species that's processed that high alter the way we do it it creates no detectable toxins and that standard that I use vanilla is amazing in coffee the two ways to use vanilla and coffee are you put this which is an enormous amount of like scrapings from the middle of the vanilla bean also tested for toxins also processed in a different way than most vanilla this is the best vanilla on the planet I could find and I looked very, very hard it's a matter of fact right now in some of the vanilla producing countries there are like people getting murdered over vanilla prices are so high so I don't think anyone's been murdered over my vanilla because I would feel very bad about that but seriously vanilla in manila producing countries right now is almost like becoming an emergency situation, so I pay attention to that stuff and this is clean as far as I can tell you khun brew vanilla in the coffee and it gives it just a subtle coffee flavor I know coffee people going oh you can flavor your coffee you know really vanilla in real coffee is a different experience you can also put vanilla in the blender when you put veil in the blender you're going to get a really strong vanilla flavour that could be better. You might also want to sweeten it a little bit. If you do that now we're gonna take the coffee out of the french press. Now, the simple thing to do that most of us are going to do is put the plunger and push it down and pour the coffee off it's pretty simple, right? But oh, no one school says you should break the crust and stir it once or twice to allow the criminal the foam on the top of the coffee to come out with all the precious coffee oils in it. Now, when you do that, you can see from the front there's that little white layer on top that's one method the other methods says that you should scrape all the grounds off and toss them and then press it because that way you're going to get a little bit less bitterness. I'm happy with this method. Besides, my coffee isn't very bitter. It's a very low acid coffee because of the way it's grown in processed I didn't use a stopwatch soon. I'll have a nap for your iphone and your android both platforms that will actually teach you how to do this step by step, and now, it's pretty easy we're gonna pour coffee into the blender. When you're pouring from a french press if you've never used one before don't pour the very last bit that comes out because you get some drugs in there so you just leave a little bit and pretty importantly I'm going to use brain octane here you can use the upgraded m c t this stuff for sure this stuff is a balance of mental performance in weight loss this stuff is brain octane for a reason I recommend when you first start using these that you use a spoon and you measure the amount of oil that you pour in this oil is clear it has no flavor at all and it has no smell it is very, very neutral it changes the way the coffee fields on the tongue though so it's creamy but it also has this really good sort ofjust satisfying feel that isn't there for this fine of coffee I'm assuming I'm going to share it with some people probably put four of these in and at home I free pour hear my words carefully do not free pour m c t oil the first time you do it my friend kelly over at san francisco crossfit did he coin to this term on the podcast disaster pants too much of any oil in particular these highly energizing oils can cause digestive discomfort as they like to say in the commercials chat room david had already been talking about disaster pants exactly so did you hear me? Don't freeport measure until you know your tolerance, I can take a swig of this, and I will not have a problem. My body loves burning fat because it's taught to do that until that your body is taught to burn fat, be kind to yourself now we've got butter, brain octane, coffee and a nice high quality blend. Tak blender tops on these wonders is really cool because it catches anything that splashes up. That said, if you're going to blend hot coffee, put your hand on top, especially if you have an inferior blender that has a problem with the lid popping off because you're going to get steam pressure and hydraulic pressure, and the last thing you want is a bulletproof coffee fountain, because it's hot coffee and it messes up your hair blended for at least fifteen seconds on a high speed heavy duty blender. Can you see the phone that's forming in there? It's still all coming up to the top that I'm going to pour it quickly into this glass you can see for gas nice, you can see how it looks kind of like a lot would look, and if you're able to zoom in on it, you can see that there's a lot of action happening in there over the next minute or so you're going to see more foam coming to the top it's still happening right now this is probably made why do I care so much about blending am I just the world's biggest food geek not at all the reason you blend is to make something called him my cell my cell is a droplet of water sorry droplet of oil suspended in water the first step of digesting fat comes from your bio your bio takes oil and mice allies isn't it because we've just mice allies this oil for you your body is able to make better use of it than it otherwise would have so um isil ized in your blender mix of upgraded mtt oil the coffee including the coffee oils because we didn't use the paper filter here and the butter with the secret butter powers equals something that honestly is pretty amazing uh this has been my breakfast for like more than five years and one of the primary sources of fat in my diet that's how you do it so many questions about bulletproof coffee one of your house about today I'm not gonna waste this were coming after the questions will I give some to the audience really I'm sure you're dying to try some but somebody was actually asking which one maggie earlier can you substitute the battle for g or is that not a good idea? It is delicious to make it with g I mean like it's it's quite good. You get a little bit of caramelized flavor from the g. It doesn't foam quite as much. You get a little benefit from the way the the, uh the butter foams, but it's pretty good. Can I offer anyone a cup of coffee here? Absolutely. I know somebody's already tried this, but I don't recommend it. I'm clear, ari is saying is your alternative? You don't if you don't like coffee because it actually north yates herb and somebody said they were actually this morning making bulletproof t yeah, definitely bulletproof. Teak came. Um lt is surprisingly good with butter. I didn't think it would be. And I have an idea here. I don't normally do this when I'm making this for people, but I could throw a little bit of cocoa butter in this one and then serve this to a couple people want like, a chocolate overturn. All right? Why don't I do that? What we're talking another question from sam seventeen what is the easiest way? And best way to put your coffee when you travel? Uh, this is awesome. I love that question. First, I want to say the easiest way. If you're really lazy, we make keurig compatible cartridges, so if you have a cartridge coffee machine like that we'll ship him to you and ours are fully recyclable and the ones you get from the big brands are made out of things that can't be recycled so I paid a lot of attention there on do the coffee oils go through the filter material in the carters I use yes they do is there b p a no is it recyclable? Yes the amount of sourcing work it took to do that was obsessive and crazy but it was worth it because that's how I roll no about thie gold filter yeah you see gold filter works great I have gold filters I have stainless steel filters all kinds of stuff like that that I that I use on a regular basis in the kitchen paper filters out of flavor to coffee and they just honestly don't do what what you want you want those coffee oils because the coffee oils they do raise your ldl cholesterol a little bit but they don't raise oxidized ldl which is the danger and coffee oils do neat things to the brain they help you think better and there's really cool research about that online so I'm going to do here is take a little bit of cocoa butter you khun see if you zoom in on this this is straight fat from chocolate without the chocolate powder itself in it it melts at almost exactly body temperature and it has a really amazing smell, too. In fact, I'm going to take a piece of this and just you guys can pass it around if you want to check it out, just smell it, hold it, rub it on your hand and passed to someone else. Hold it for filling. It will melt and milt set the temperature of your fingers. It's a pretty intense flavor. So you saw? I dropped a couple pieces of it in here. You can cold press bulletproof coffee. But why would you? You want to get the oils out? The reason you called press coffee because the coffee wasn't very good and you wanted to leave the bitterness. And there isn't bitterness in this coffee like that anyway. So I'm not a fan of cold press. Also a lot of the raw vegan community you're wonderful. The ravi and community will cold press coffee, two coffees, a cooked food. If you're raw, you can't have coffee. Sorry, we roasted the beans. So, uh, that doesn't work. You can do green coffee extract that's a different animal entirely, though in there with the butter with one it's already frost with that. If it's already frost ice sculpture of coffee is amazing is really good. If it's not froth butter and ice do not blend if you're gonna make a smoothie you can actually put butter in this movie you just don't have anything cold you have butter and a little bit of warm water melted down then that everything else and whip it up but ice bulletproof coffee is like a milkshake I'm gonna blend us before answer another question I've just added basically probably two teaspoons maybe three of the cocoa butter all right question sometimes I'll add some vanilla or chocolate and I'll usually had a sweetener either dextrose for his eilat tall or tapioca syrup or any of those matter good I used a little zelda told little bit controversial paleo circles right now because there's a kind of I characterized as a hit piece on the western a prize foundation website xylitol is hydrogenated wood for lack of a better word it's silas, which is the fiber from wood it's in birch tree syrup it's been used for fifty plus years and some of the suffering about it is alarmist there's a couple studies that have me raising an eyebrow there's also questions about sourcing chinese corn gmo is a little I wouldn't do american hundred gmo our american hardwood gmo free that seems like a pretty good thing to do to me uh and I've used it for more than a decade reliably so what we've done in this bullet coffee is we've added a little bit of that oil we blended it again there's a little bit less foam this time has been sitting for a little while but what we have here is it tastes like coffee at first and it finishes with a pretty strong chocolate note that's incredible so I'll pour what I've got here sort of sample cups and can I ask you for some help maybe in uh passing these around thanks do you want to know tate again? Just the power of the blending a cz I think some of you know online I have been drinking the bulletproof coffee for two weeks now in preparation for hosting this course just so I could speak to it and I first started not with the spoon but but even with a little pretty weak hand froth er and it's not so different it is not the same at all and so I highly recommend I have just a little hand blender and it just it really does make a difference so appreciate your showing us how you make it because with many things it is in the methodology as well e I keep putting this online and every now and then someone who fails to read any of the things I've learned about bulletproof coffee so I tried it I took duncan whatever coffee from the vending machine down the road or like in the hallway and I put you know, non organic, non grass fed butter in it and I mix it with a spoon and I declared disgusting and davis is a fraud I'm like okay, I don't know what to say to that I guess I'm a fraud but when you blend it this way oh my god it's good and I don't think we can argue with the goodness you might say it's not good for you but it's good so a couple of rapid fire questions but first I have to answer the other questions how do you make coffee on the road? I'm gonna do though what we talk it is a huge question it is so thank you coffee the cup from your hotel room pour the coffee and you might get some on your fingers it the easiest way to do this and a way that I often do it is I just take one of the upgraded coffee cake up cartridges that already it's pre ground is pre measured and you get I believe from memory twelve grams of coffee which is enough for a good cup of coffee and you put it into a cup you can also just grind your own beings ahead of time you can also if you're really obsessive have a hand powered grinder I'm not that obsessive then this water may we not be hot enough you pour boiling water on top of the coffee just like we did with the french press and if this coffee is hot enough with water hot enough, questionable we'll see if it works what's going to happen here and this is also is this coffee isn't ground right for this method you want to find grande? What you do is he stirred a bit and assuming that the coffee is fine ground after about four minutes, all of the coffee on the top drops to the bottom almost like magic and almost exactly four minutes and at that point you have a layer of perfectly good french press style coffee on the top and a layer of grounds on the bottom, you slowly pour the coffee from this into one of these awesome bulletproof sealed mugs that you've preheated with hot tap water so you don't get cold coffee now you've got hot coffee in here you've got grounds in here, add your butter at mcc, put on the lid and shake that's what I do that's what I did this morning in my hotel room that's what I did throughout china and korea on my last trip and in new york on the trip before that it doesn't even make a lot of mess you've got one dirty cup when you're done and if you spilled coffee, pouring it in there you've got a little bit more but it's not a big deal and hotels usually have made certain segment unfortunate, but I think we should ask. Our audience will be enjoying this wonderful bp coffee. What? They're thinking of it. Did you notice the chocolate? The little subtle aftertaste. It is really good changes that I like chocolate flow from me. It works. Ok. Any other thoughts? Rapid fire questions. Okay. Uh, roy says I regularly microwave after coffee after my first cup. Since I do prefer really hot. Does that cause I'm negative effect? If so, what? And to add onto that is how quickly do you usually drink that cup of bulletproof coffee before stuff starts to separate out? Separate out? Um, I usually drink it in the first half hour, so the foam on top will go down like it does on a lot. You know, if you go to starbucks and get a lot it's, all creamy and for me and good, and then the phone goes down after a while and you have, like, milky coffee. You get the same effect here. If you blended it properly, you will not have a layer of oil slick on top. If you have a layer of oils like I can tell, you used one of these. It's still better than no blending and I'll drink it but it's better to not have a slick on top uh in terms of microwaving every coffee person I've ever known including me says reheated coffee is gross just drink it cold throw some ice cubes in there well, we've really come to the end of this this section of this time we've had so many great questions about the coffee I think that's really electrified the chat rooms everybody here is really enjoyed it as well, but we do need to move on we take another fifteen minute break. Dave, what are we going to be talking about in our final section today? We are going to be talking more about the mind this is going to be pretty amazing you're also going to hear from terry walls a terry's awesome like like she was really cool to meet in person and we could see her on tv. I'm going to show you what the main duel in back interface looks like and I'm going to show you what the upgraded brain trainer and like neurofeedback actually look like. So we will look at someone's blood in their brain will teach someone to move their blood around and we're going to teach someone too no when their brain is moving from one state to another so they can become more able to manage their brain cool, huh?

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