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Bulletproof Your Bedroom Demo

We're going to do a demo of some sleep hiding things so let's say you're you're going to go to sleep, you want toe actually make your sleep environment conducive for what you're going to do first thing sixty degrees fahrenheit for all the americans I don't know how to translate that to celsius even though I live in canada, which is embarrassing, so I turned the thermostat down. Better yet, open a window if it's cold outside when you do that it's going to keep you asleep for longer it's a simple thing and don't use so many blankets either if you need a ton of blankets all night long, look at your thyroid, you should be able to stay warm lighting what you need to do when you're going to sleep isn't to black out the room people have a hard time understanding oh yeah, I close the curtains no, no, no I mean black out the room you hold your hand up in front your face you should only be able to imagine you're seeing your hand it's kind of a funny idea. If there really is no light, you'll stil...

l see your hand in pure darkness because your brain will fill in the pixels, but you really want to be able to get up and go I wonder where the door is because I can't see it it's like quality varies versus moldy buries it sounds like a little thing it's not every one of my clients who has the problems when they do this one little thing, they sleep better. So what would I do? I do this in my hotel room. So I travel with electrical tape. Totems were the worst for sleep quality in korea two weeks ago. Every five seconds of bright green led right above the bed would flash. It was horrible until I taped it over. So what you do is you get a little bit of electrical tape, the dark stuff works better like blue or black and you go through your room and if there's a blue led, you have to kill the blue ones first, the blue ones are the ones that turn off melatonin production four hours after you're exposed to bright white or blue light your body doesn't start making melatonin. You wake up at night to pee, turn on the bright light in the bathroom. What happens? You turn off your melatonin production and you tell your body it's nighttime we are light sensitive animals quite light sensitive. So you take your piece of tape and you find the light on your thermostat or wherever it is and you put a little peace over it if this does not match your home to core requirements you can cut a little circle of it this this tape is actually quite useful for that and you can make attractive things dell power supplies your mac book the way that white like you ever see that they made it pulse like that because they looked at the average amount of respiration you have and they tried to match the blinking to breathing rates or heart rates something like that I remember was breathing or hard off the top of my head it's a moving light source at night how would an animal sleep an animal who's designed to see if there's a predator nearby sleep with something moving so tape that up it's also a white light which turns off melatonin amber lights don't do that so if you look on the bulletproof log or on upgraded self dot com we have low blue lights thes air lights that turn that the turnoff all blue spectrum so in our bathroom we have a light bulb that on ly turns on orange lights so the kids can wake up they can turn on the light they can use the bathroom and sometimes even hit the party and then they go back to sleep and they stay asleep and they sleep well if they turn on the bright light they they get discombobulated and they wake me up and that's my sleep quality we're messing with so we need to do something about that no bright lights from here I guess six for a way to which he and dawn they're all asking about masks if they were to wear something to cover their eyes at night with that be the same solution a sleep mask helps no doubt about it and I didn't bring him but there's like three or four different super premium memory foam blessed by monks kind of sleep masks with extra antennas and things that those are all great but there's a really good study looking at the effect of light on skin you have photo receptors in your skin you will not sleep well if your skin is exposed to light in fact there's a company who changed dream states using just red and blue lights on the back of the knee believe it or not so it's not good enough to do that you need to do something to your curtains most people need mini blinds and a blackout curtain in front of it or you need volker on the edges if you live in a big city you will never sleep in darkness until you address her window coverings do not skimp get the ability to turn out the lights when you go to sleep it is vital to reducing your cancer risk and increasing the energy you have all day long sounds crazy it's not it's proven by science and you will feel the difference when you sleep so what else would I do in my bedroom I would who laughed? One thing I do use I used my iphone, but I put it on airplane mode and I used my iphone not to stare at the bright screen, which would wake me up and make my body think it was daylight. I turn the brightness down on it, but I use asleep application that monitors my sleep and we'll get some more tech on that, but I also make sure that it's not true dunk is sleeping with a radio transmitter right by your head is not a good idea same thing goes for wifi. If you're not going to be using your wifi all night long, why don't you just hit the little off switch? In fact, at home I have ah remote switch like a lamp cord and before god about it, turn off the router so I don't need it I'm sleeping when I wake up in the morning, I turn it back on that way when I sleep I'm in a cleaner electromagnetic environment, there's nothing, we were just talking about emf so that's one of the many things you can do while you're sleeping. The other thing is, and I don't know if we brought it in here I have ah emf filter called green wave, which is something that I carry on the website as well the green wave filter is it is an interesting thing. It sounds a little bit kind of weird. The guy who invented these suffers from imf sensitivity. This is a real thing. Some people really are more sensitive than others. You could blindfold them and they can feel stuff happening. And in this guy's case, it was pretty severe, so he figured out a way to filter the chaotic power in his house. When you plug a filter into your power in your house, you can see a difference on the line meter. You get a clean sine wave versus a choppy sine wave, so we're electromagnetic creatures it's a part of how our bodies work and when you do that sleep can improve. One of my friends who lives in san francisco for nineteen years has woken up a tool four in the morning. I didn't exactly tell her what I was doing. I plunged two filters in her bedroom and she stopped waking up to a four for the first time ever. She was shocked. What did you do? And the answer? There was likely a substation was cutting over two a four a m and it was causing a spike in power and she was sensitive to it. Not everyone is like that, but certainly in my kid's rooms I filter the imf so they get a mork clean sine wave around them there's a lot of science that's been done on this there's a lot of bad scientist bent on it at this point, though it is safe to say humans are sensitive to electromagnetic fields there's no question about that you're going to hear more about pulsed electromagnetic fields for healing and high performance later this afternoon, so given that we know there's an effect and we can reduce it, I think this is a risk reduction strategy that's unlikely to cause harm it's also not very expensive in the overall scheme of things um sleep hygiene it's really nice to have a dog crawled up by your feet but your dog is going to interrupt your sleep just like your spouse s so your best bet there is have the dogs sleep in another room you also have less dust and dander and things like that and if you just can't do that it's a decision you're making but if you track your sleep with the sleep application, you'll find that the dogs or the cats that sleep on your head and fight you for your pillow so even though they're coming for the nervous system, they do interfere with your sleep so wake up in snuggle with your dog but don't sleep with him some people need to get their fossa have their head before they go to sleep, and one way to do that is with a sleep asleep journal you, right. Before you go to bed, you write down stuff to get out of your head that can help you go to sleep. Also, if you have a journal next to your bed, some of the world's, most famous inventors have the best ideas come to them right when they're waking up from sleep. So having a journal there in writing them down means that they don't escape. In fact, it was, uh, the guy who invented the invented who discovered the key local nature of dna discovered in a dream and woke up and wrote it down that was what's under creek. I don't remember which one noise this may come as a surprise, but you sleep better when it's quiet. So how do you make it quiet earplugs? Those do work your skin is less from an acoustic sensor than it is a light sensor from that perspective. So what you want to do there is you wanna wear earplugs if necessary, noise canceling headphones if you don't toss and turn in your sleep and white noise works now, I'm going to scare a few people right now. White noise works. If you're an adult, if you're a child like a baby, white noise raises bdnf, which is associated with reducing infant intelligence. Kids don't benefit from white noise they need silence actual silence and it's better that they hear dishes clanking and occasionally wake up and fuss then it is that you constantly exposed them toe white noise not good news it's real science I just said that one children uh the other thing is your own children will wake you up if you have them especially if they're young that's what they do however if you practice sleep hygiene on your kids your kids will sleep through the night and you will sleep through the night as a result my kids sleep in blacked out rooms there is no light in the room there's no l eads and there's no night light night lights are very, very bad for children's sleep quality they shouldn't have a nightlight if they're afraid laid down with them until they stop being afraid they'll be tired enough they'll stop being afraid soon enough it's something that you shouldn't do like oh we're going to deal with his fear by removing sleep quality for the next seven years of life so you stop being afraid of the dark nok the better kids sleep the better you sleep that's awesome and finally your mattress we talked about toxins earlier we have a little bit of ah problem with flame retardants in your mattress that are toxins but even worse than that what if your mattress has just plain uncomfortable spend your hard earned dollars on a comfortable mattress without flame retardants. There are a variety of designs there's, some decent evidence that going with a metal free mattress rather than one with coils is a good choice, so I tend to look for organic latex mattresses. The problem, though, is that you'll see the latex mattress is that air one percent latex with big stickers that say latex mattresses and the rest of it is not natural latex at all it's synthetic foam if you unwrap your mattress, it should not smell like a solvent factory. If so, do not sleep on it until you fix that problem by buying another mattress or in some cases, you khun bake solvents out of a mattress. So if it's been wrapped like a memory foam pillow will smell bad and I'll give you a headache when you sleep on it too. So what you do is you heated up much as you can radiant heater in a clothes closet, bake the heck out of it and then turn the fan on and blow out all that stuff you khun basically make it finish off gassing that way. You'd do the same with the new car, by the way, and finally the clock here's what I recommend doing with the clock, you you like, pick it up you trace the cord uh and then you unplug it and then you're done you don't need to know what time it is you're asleep clock's make you sleep more stressed and then you wake up and you oh my god his two o'clock I'm not going to get back to sleep. There is no benefit to having a clock because you look at it when you don't need to know what time it is if you sleep with your iphone using sleep cycle, which is like no under five dollar application that tracks your sleep enoughto wake you up at the top of a sleep cycle so that when you wake up you feel refreshed that's pretty amazing that also means that your iphone is not something visible if you really knew know what time it is and it's dark you'll grope around, find it, look at it and put it away that is far healthier for you psychologically and emotionally than having a red light shining on you all night so every time you might wake up, you can worry so alarm clocks are bad news. This kind of alarm clock also wakes you up at a set exact time. My two dollars iphone app alarm clock wakes me up in a twenty minute window and it looks at my howmuch I toss and turn using the microphone and the accelerometer in the phone and it says within this window, it looks like he's coming up on a sleep cycle here, so let's, do it instead of it. Seven seven, twenty am let's, wake him up, it's seven ten a m because it looks like he's already almost awake. So then hear this gentle sound and you already almost awake and there's a bit of a dream finishing maybe write something down compared to waiting another five minutes to wake up when you're at the bottom of a sleep cycle and you get jolted awake and you feel like a zombie all day long. It's a huge change in the quality of your energy throughout the day. I always use it out like that, there's no reason to wake up at exactly the same time every day. Wake up with the best time in a defined window it will totally change things got off to a really great questions coming in this one. I can't empathize with dominic he's asking cause I'm a bit of a tosser. Turner when I'm sleeping, dominic's, asking what is the best position to sleep? Depends on who you are kind of mattress you have. If you're going to sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees and this is a problem for me. I'm not exactly a small guy, so you buy these pillows and pillow manufacturers economizing like this big, so I try and lay down on my head does this and you get a neck problem so you might need two pillows or an extra fat memory foam pillow under your head so that, you know, when you lay down the space between here and here is where it should be, and you're at the right angle if you have problems breathing, sleeping on your back may be a bad thing generally, if you're healthy and your jaw doesn't fall back and you don't snore a lot sleeping on your back like this is not a bad idea. If you do that, you put a pillow under your knees to remove pressure from the low back. Now some people sleep face down in like a fetal position kind of like this that's okay? The problem, though, is that if you're sleeping with like one leg up like that, you're going to be throwing your hips out after a while. And if you do that preferentially it's probably not gonna be good for your posture over time so you can train yourself to sleep in different positions one thing that few even sleep doctors talk about now it's happening more in the last couple of years, but there's a nerve that runs right here in your job. And if you go to sleep like this and your jaw falls back, it impinges on that nerve, which is called the trigeminal nerve, which raises stress in the body and contributes a sleep apnea. I have that problem. So when I go to sleep, I have a splint like a thing you would use for grinding teeth, but instead of keeping me from grinding, which isn't a problem anymore. I used to be a terrible grander until I hacked my stress, but my john actually pulls back. This thing keeps my draw from falling back, so when I sleep my jaws in the right position, so my nervous system is calm. Well, I'm calm transformed my sleep, and I never had apnea questions I'd love to get to while we bring in the food because I know we're goingto move along to another cooking demonstration. But this one again, so many good questions about sleep, which I love to see because it is so important. Uh, but what about waking up now? You said you used your app, but with the dark with the dark of room and everything, how do you wake up? If not, isn't waking up naturally ok, or we can naturally is great. You know I would love to be in a world where we all just went to sleep you know the right time and then we just woke up when our body is ready to wake up but we have these things called jobs and kids and so the odds of most of us who live in modern society waking up like that on a daily basis are pretty slow and then scream I my fear is with all of those things that I that I wouldn't wake up I have the progressive awakening alarms like the ones on the phones they sort of very quietly and they get louder and louder and more and more persistent and then if you whack your phone just like a snooze button then they go to sleep for a defined period of time that you consent and then they annoy you seymour and the annoyances get closer and closer together so it's kind of relaxing some people like about a third of people I think uh they're slow acres and it's ok like I like my alarm to go off three times before I really got a bed and I slowly wake up and I have a really good day my wife is like a turbo waker like she was somewhere to wait why did you wake like let me finish waking up it doesn't matter which one you are neither one is better on the other it's just asleep style thing but if you violate that, you will be stressed, so for my wife, she gets stressed if my love goes off for five times and I get stressed out after wake up the first one so that's, one of the things you have to sort out in your own relationship and mike is asking us he office he works in the rare work railroad sees me and he's saying he is it does a lot of shift work, so he's asking just for some general thought because he sleeps random times of day and night and he doesn't have a set schedule. Is that some of your advice relevant to that it's very relevant to that? In fact, it's, maybe more relevant, you can have serious can't serve elms, they're finding this out, and flight attendants and people who work shift work their cancer rates go up because bright lights at night are correlated with cancer. There's a couple of good books out about this and your sleep cycle, your circadian rhythm really affects your health, so one thing you can do in that environment is when you do sleep, make sure it's dark and also when it's nighttime if it's at all possible, depending on your job, the amber wins is designed for blocking blue spectrum light you can see fine in those glasses, but your body knows it's nighttime or on the flip side if you want to switch yourself over to an office is working with them you can use those lights during those classes during the day to make sure you stay up at night with bright light it's so the color and intensity of your light is how you control your circadian rhythm but since he doesn't have a set schedule he's putting himself a pretty high risk of obesity and other degenerative diseases even if you only change every six weeks is better than having no set schedule it all that's really rough on the body like you'll age quickly we have a really smart crew with us and online today because they were way ahead of you there they were asking if they were wearing the glasses that night would help that problem on ross emphasis written and he's saying he has a void he's been avoiding all the heavy metal the dopamine rich foods but he still goes to bed feeling wired and excited and has difficulty sleeping every any suggestions to stop this I think we've covered a lot of this already we've covered some of it we're going to talk about stress and there are some specific techniques I'll show your breathing technique so we have some other sleep technologies there's two things one of them is the new bull pure sleep induction matt that really knocks you out and gives you very deep sleep it's kind of cool stuff so also, you guys, that one and there's a few other ways, including a breathing technique. Please remind me the audience can help you guys can help in people in line. When it's time to talk about meditation, of stress and breathing, remind me to teach the breath that we'll put you to sleep quickly and there's some other technologies that were going to talk about. I don't know anyone who cannot turn off the racing mind when it's time for sleep. Even people with ptsd can do it like there are techniques that work, and we'll show you those.

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