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Some questions coming in, which are generally general questions today about about the whole course on bit suspicious of this one, but I'll ask it anyway because he is called bulletproof photographer, but I assume he's not part of your organization not that I'm aware of what he said to ask dave what we can do to help spread the message about living bullet proved to others are there any specific ways he and his team could use help? I could use help teaching other people to be bullet proof reading the message absolutely sharing it with your friends sharing with your family don't be that guy at dinner okay? You can politely say this is what I eat I do it for my own reasons because I have a diet customized for my performance that's a very different message and people are going to say if you say, don't eat that it's bad for you and if you eat it it's because well, I like you already lost so gluten is probably not good for most people. I would say, um like dr dean was saying there are a few p...

eople out there who khun basically swim in mercury e clued in all the time and you just stick a margin every day and they just keep going and going uh, I would like to be one of those people will tell you when I get there so for the rest of us though when you see someone who's you know overweight who clearly has problems paying attention and other things that are directly caused in some cases by what's on their plate it takes a certain amount of willpower and self control to just shut up and sometimes that's what you do you lead by example and you lose fifty pounds and you put butter and m c t oil in your coffee and when people asked questions you tell them about why you do it for you don't tell them about why they should or shouldn't do it for them because they asked you about you and if you start talking about them you just make him defensive so I chose to do what I do in the bullpen executive and I talk a lot about the practice is that I do the rationale for the practices and I talked about the benefits of the practices that are available to those people who want to choose them my answer questions but believe it or not I don't set out to actively evangelize and change people unless the change comes because they saw something and said holy crap you could do that I want it once someone says I want it the conversation's gonna happen and your job if you want to help someone improve their health of their performance or their well being or their mental state or whatever else it is your job is to get them to the point without pushing them to say I want that and the best way to do that is to be his bulletproof as you know how to be and to live the life and when people see that you're happy and you're resilient and you don't get sick anymore and you lost this weight and you look really good and you're the fittest person in the office they're going to ask how did you do that? Because last year you look like a doughboy and this year you're all ripped what did you do go run a marathon and start eating only pasta and you could just laugh and say no, I'd actually started eating more food and I'm eating all these eggs and that you know, I put butter in my coffee and it will be such just a complete like that doesn't make any sense it can't be that you have a conversation and will be a good conversation versus ah you're that guy conversation momir is asking a piece to speak more little about finding the good out of things that might appear bad. The most easy way is to sit down and look at something as terrible as you can imagine and find the smallest possible good thing there was a forest fire well I guess that soil is going to be pretty fertile next year there'll probably be a lot of butterflies does that sound completely hippie? Absolutely it is, but I'll tell you, when you study what happens around gratitude and around forgiveness, you've got to find something good my house burned down like that's, a pretty traumatic thing. What if that happens? In fact, in my case, my house actually was destroyed by a flood, uh had four hours to move my parents and all my stuff out, and we lost a lot of stuff and lost the house pretty traumatic times, right when something like that happens, but the good that comes out of it, there actually is good because they got a new house eventually, because it changed a whole bunch of things for the better, but at the time it really sucked so you can choose to say it was happening right now really sucks, or you can choose to say what's happening really? Right now? Yeah, it sucks, but some good things have happened and will happen from it. I could look back on my experiences as an obese, inflamed, unhappy, a dd young man, and I could say it sucked or I could look back on it, and I could say, you know, I'm grateful that I went through that because it taught me a whole bunch of stuff I never would have known, and now I perform in a level better than I would have performed had I not learned the lessons I learned there, and I probably wouldn't be as well equipped to help other people solve problems that air like achingly obvious to solve, but they just don't have the tools to do it, so that is just a shift in mind set, so there is nothing including, like the most horrible things like rape and murder and things like that where you cannot if you dig and you look, find at least one small good thing that came out of it, it doesn't matter how small it is, you just have to find the little thing to be grateful for tow. Unlock your ability to move to the next steps of forgiveness. If you skip gratitude, you simply will not authentically forgive. You'll believe you forgive, and you will deceive yourself. Yeah, I want to ask about corn, I can't, I don't think they covered the exact topic I want to talk about is any type of corn you know, organic, non gmo is it is a safe carb sores on your refi day you know, someone lines that corn is really problematic. The vast, vast majority of corn, especially growing in the u s has a fungus that grows on it I'll do sorry um it grows on the corn well it's on the stock and the corn goes bad very quickly in storage when it goes bad I mean it has things like food carson and that's, one of the main toxins as well as okra talks and one of the ones that really is causing problems for cognitive performance as well as general health problems one of the ones regulated in some parts of the world. Given that that's in corn and so much corn is gmo and so much corn is sprayed with roundup when you spray roundup or glade faucet on corn, it binds minerals in the soil so you don't get to absorb the minerals in the corn and the corn becomes less nutritionally tense. So that's a long way of saying your odds of getting good corn that's healthy are pretty low, but if you go to the farmer's market and you buy organic not gmo corn when it's in season and it was picked that morning or the night before and better yet packed in ice so the fungal problems don't happen nice to do that in, uh, in mountain view, california there's a guy there with truckloads of corn packed in crushed ice and picked the night before and you can eat all that corn you want without any effects from it other than from the carbohydrates and maybe if you're allergic to corn or the protein that's kind of like gluten in cordon called zine short answer is unless it's really good quality fresh corn or it's organic frozen corn on the cob it's going to be a little bit sketchy but that's the cool thing about bio hacking if you're eating clean diet, eat five pieces of corn on the cob and see what happens and if you feel great good for you and if you don't feel great that's a bummer just wait till the corn's really good eating anyway and deal with the consequences that's okay too a couple more questions this one is kind of small then we have some bigger picture ones but several people are asking about what the good carbs are for those re feed days that we've talked about so I have got them all organized on the bulletproof died infographic that you get when you sign up for the course and I think it was in one of the slides but sweet potatoes and if you want to be really pick about it, peel your sweet potatoes two times if you tolerate them and you've tested it hopefully within avoidance test and then eating a whole bunch of them the inside part of uh like a baked potato would be fine the skin of a big potato I don't recommend carrots rock areas particularly, but even cooked carrots are okay and white rice unless you're allergic to it most people can tolerate white rice very, very well those would be the great sources, and, as like a bulletproof chef, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to make foods tastes good when you're eating a high fat diet was safe starches, and there is a magic rice refute a ton of rice every day you're not gonna be in contos iss, but maybe that's. Okay, maybe you're eating a non ketosis diet for a week or two, or you're just eating your carbs at night. If you get mochi, which is a sweet white rice, you khun bythe rice and make much of yourself, which is a lot of work, or you can buy pre made mo james, which is just steamed rice, a certain kind of grain of rice, that's, extra sticky and it's pressed into these little things. You can put him in a waffle iron, you can put him in the oven, they puff up like a pop over. You can open them up and fill them with smoked salmon and butter or pieces of meat, or whatever it is you like to put in those things, and they're crunchy. On the outside, they're chewy and moist on the inside, they taste very, very good, even though the only ingredient in them is white rice so you can make amazing dessert dishes with things like this imagine if you did something like that and you put some of that like chocolate custard that we made their inside one of them you can be creative, so just because it says white rice and sweet potatoes doesn't mean it can't be baked sweet potato fries, it can't be white rice that certain into a type of bread like you could make pancakes out of white rice flour, so creativity and the kitchen goes a long way for this stuff. What does any processing issues sometime devolved years? They're not gonna like my answer. Many grain mills are not that well run in terms of just the regular maintenance and more than a few times I've eaten white rice flour that is highly inflammatory, and I don't know the exact cause I suspect it's, fungal, but it could be something else, but I've never had a problem when I just put it in my blend tech, and I blend it anyway, so I typically make my own. Also, white rice flour has such a big surface area, it doesn't keep very well, but whole grain rice can keep for quite a long time, so I tend to just put it in the blender and leave it on for a minute and then I have white rice flour anyway it's not any more or less convenient that way, but if you're going to eat it, I've eaten lots and lots of pre made white rice flour and most of it's ok, but if you eat and you feel like a zombie, you got a bad batch that's all I'm saying, well, dave, people it's still so engaged it's still cindy's questions? I know we haven't got time for more questions, more audience, but unless you have any more content for us, I do have one last question and that you'd like to share before we got the final question, um, I do have one final thing I want to share should do that now. All right, there's a quote here from henry miller and the quote is in the goal of right life is not to possess power but to radiate it, so I've just downloaded like fifteen years and three hundred thousand dollars worth of bio attacking experience to you in the most pure essence I know and it's in the resource guide's to even more than we had time to talk about today. We didn't cover every single thing that I wanted to cover, but we sure fit a lot in here, so you have unusual set of knowledge now if you're willing to accept it or parts of it, the ones that you like the most seducing me good with it. Don't go out there and be a jerk. Uh, don't go out there and pre genetically modified things in your backyard. Go out there and help other people and make the world a better place. And that's. Totally what there's all about. So thank you all for listening for spending the time at home, staring at a screen for so long. And for all of your time sitting here in the audience, I really appreciate it. Thank you. Well, I certainly want to echo that. Thank you. To everybody has joined us for these last few days. Everybody's joined us online, it's you that make these shows so wonderful. Thank you for all your interaction or your questions. Thank you very much to our studio audience. You've been wonderful. Some of you have come an awful long way not quite from south africa, but certainly up from los angeles, and we certainly appreciate that. Thank you very much, but also, like to thank dr emmy deans and jeff hunter we had on this morning on, of course, a very big thank you to dave himself. Thank you.

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