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Guest: Dr. William Pawluk

Do you need uh you need one of these with you? Are you doing very good thanks for making it out welcome you wantto do the honors with this one or I can put it on someone whatever works best for you you want me to tell people what it is first and then you can tell us what you did with it. I'm sure that sounds like a plan. Why don't you, uh tell people about it and don't get too close to my computer? Well yourself tell us your back I'm a family physician basically practice holistic medicine in baltimore. Um long time ago when I was doing regular found him addison I discovered that what we're doing a medicine doesn't work in fact actually it harms more than helps most the time so I had to find new ways of helping people and had to step outside the box. I decided to get trained in acupuncture and hypnosis and homely apathy and nutrition and energy of medicine. So I do a lot of these other other techniques first before are usually ever prescribed a drug. I certainly will do hormone replacem...

ent because that's often necessary that's part of maintaining the body and optimize health how long? The way I realized they were still missing things there are still things that we were missing to try to help people to heal and I started looking into magnets um that was the beginning so static magnets some of you may have heard of these companies that sell mattresses, mattresses and shoe inserts and so on and they do work but they were very limited in what they could do paul's electromagnetic fields I discovered as I started reading the eastern european science because they've been doing this for fifty years why didn't we know about it? Because it was published in russian or czech or one of the other languages and so we just didn't know about it. So I met a doctor with published the book we actually transcribed a lot of those documents and published the book that describes the science fifty years of science about this technology these magnetic fields produced by the devices like this and there are many kinds there are devices that most the devices that you plug in the beauty of this one as great for hackers is you don't have to be limited to plugging it into a wall, but magnetic fields go through the body as if it was a rh imagine a magnetic fields like thie air blowing through the trees you can't see it it's rustling the leaves it doesn't stay there move right on through the leaves this tree does not absorb that the air magnetic fields do the same thing to the body go completely through the body as they're passing through they jiggle the cells of the body so what they're doing essentially is bringing power to the house it can't build a house without bricks and mortar, you need to construction crew and you need the the plans if you will dna in case of humans, but you also need the power, so you either use manual tools or use power tools, so if you use manual tools, life catches up with you because it ain't enough for most of us. It's not enough unless you're a professional hacker, you make a business out of muslims are not so what we need is we need extra help, so what we're doing with this is we're bringing power to the house. We have one hundred trillion cells in our body, they're about a thousand metabolic processes, at least a thousand metabolic processes, purcell per second that's unimaginable activity and it's all on automatic largely so what we're what we do is we wait, we wait three, four, five years and we say, oh, that didn't work well, I discovered as a doctor, working with this technology is you need to be ahead of the curve. You can't wait till you have a problem. Ideally, you're doing it on a regular basis you take a little itch or a little discomfort in your elbow, you don't wait till becomes tennis album where you can't lift anything or you need surgery right if you take all these little things that happened to all of us you can't avoid that that's life and that's the body so if you're using that magnetic therapies on a regular basis if you have this kind of tool in your tool chest in your medicine cabinet on a regular basis your body will be healthier, it'll be healthier longer instead of an aging curve like this you'll produce an agent curve this flatter so what what was the original research in russia and in czechoslovakia now the czech republic what were they trying to accomplish with these fields? Well, they didn't have drugs there lots of engineers it's like the chinese why do they have acupuncture? Why didn't it wasn't just herbs it was acupuncture at herbs, right? So the russians use the pulsed magnetic field technologies along with herbs and natural approaches. But the beginning and now pharmaceutical companies of course are having a bit more of their way with the russians, but most people in europe know about these devices this one actually we get the fact nasa for so this is a massive derived technology nasa wants to send astronauts into space with devices that were battery operated that they could heal themselves without having to be plugged into a wall all right, so nasa got an engineer from university north carolina to design a magnetic system they didn't want me but therapeutic magnetic systems and they wanted to do one specific frequency ten hertz now we all probably heard about the schumann resonance, but what was it you think? Not this group and not all of the thousand people listening? So I think you wanted to find that very quickly. So the schumann resonance with the basic average residents of the planet it's caused by ion by the ionosphere lightning strikes around the planet electrical activity in the ionosphere on the planet and it runs generally between but one cycle per second up to about fifty or sixty cycles per second, but the sort averaged schumann residents about seven point eight, which is a fate of st it's, a real accession state, but we've also discovered nasa contractor with a company with a research group in germany to study the effects on humans of the absence of the earth's magnetic field when you leave the planet there's no magnetic field there's no gravity but there's also no magnetic field either. The earth's magnetic field is actually extraordinary, complex talk about er things it's very complex phenomenon, so they wanted they you want to shield people see what happens when you don't have the earth's magnetic field and they discovered circadian rhythms become dis regulated what what that means is you don't know when to go to sleep your hormones that should fluctuate on a daily and monthly basis stopped working and those hormones maintain our physiologic functions can most of bodies on automatic and that's what circadian rhythms do they control these processes body temperature changes bowel function changes, kidney function changes all sorts of things change including mental functions so when they blacked it out they saw that they this regulation happened and that tested various frequencies by introducing them back into the bunker into these isolated people and lo and behold, ten cycles per second came up to be the magic frequency so in the experiments the nasa experiments for stem cell stimulation they wanted to estimate stem cells to be able to get have them available to the astronauts people of space ten cycles per second was the selected frequency now since then this engineer who did this for nasa got the licence from nasa to take this technology and do it's called technology transfer bring it out to the world so we paid for it now we get to use it and we use this in space on astronauts I can't tell you that because a lot of large part of that program was actually it was a fuss but dismantled and this all yes plus all right, so we again we were not classified as a helicopter going to come and get me now that said we used in space now I don't think so I don't think so because I think you but but you're bulletproof all right a little bit. So this is a battery operated completed portable has two coils and major research most people most magnetics therapy systems used coils called home holds coils so you could place them in the body across an extremity like spaced apart like this you could place him on top of each other or you can actually stack them together over a spot. This is the way I use it primarily because it's much higher intensity by doing it this way but you could put it across the joint. I have a tennis elbow problem right now in fact and I put one coil on top here one coil on the bottom there stick it my pant pocket well, I'm walking so I walk on our every morning with my wife I call it marital therapy and uh I get I get my elbow treated and she gets a chance to spend an hour with me. So battery operated battery operates knievel battery operates twenty four thirty six hours depending on the condition of the battery depending on how long you use it for there's. Three settings on this little device at those settings allow you to select the intensity basically, um votes it's very simple to operate but the engineer also introduced one hundred cycles per second. He also discovered that ten cycles per second is what's called slow twitch muscles harder cycles per second is fast twitch muscle so you're able to stimulate upper body muscles as well as lower body muscles using these frequencies, but at the same time, I actually have it under my pillow a good part of the night and what it what? It was your rational for doing that? Well, I take that back, I don't have it under my pillow. I have it on my belly, ok? Because I have had diverticulitis myself. So that's, what happens when you get to my age get things like this and they come out of the blue it whether you're hacking or not, you including, don't you? I don't. I used to go there we go. See, I think I used to your absolute right. I used to I discovered about four months ago that I have had all three burying eggs that explains diverticulitis doesn't anyway started to change that. So what did this affect your different? Keep it under control so it doesn't flare up again. I have used as that I've played with puls electromagnetic fields, even some incredibly strong twenty five thousand dollars once there's a youtube video, you see my muscles jumping from just a magnet affecting the muscles, and I've used this system. Uh the summa poles actually also on a tennis elbow thing I don't actually play tennis but I have a fifty pound child who likes to be thrown way up high in the air and throwing fifty pounds over and over apparently gives you tennis elbow s o it definitely controls inflammation in the body in a unique way even different than the laser that we were using earlier. So this is one of those drug free ways if you beat your body up on a weekend or you fall or you just have stuff that hurts and is inflamed, I've noticed a substantial difference from using this and I get deeper sleep from it as well, which is why we haven't here should we hook it up to someone and would have like some unusual acre pain let's do that one what waiting for volunteer a friend of mine sixty years old and he's done races bike races in europe and he did the race across north america from coast to coast that's a pretty heavy duty races but they ride like twenty two hours a day and crazy stuff and he's kind of crazy guy and he was running a race in virginia I convinced him to try this and he put one coil on each thigh I hung it around us like neck and pot well he was writing while he was rise cool he beat his best time ever first time the next race that he did, he beat about fifteen or twenty young guys just doing this now what? We found the russian research as she shows muscles work longer, they work harder and the recover faster just like all the cells do they work longer, they were the work harder and they recover faster. Wendy using pulsed magnetic therapy wounds heal it half the time, typically there's a mitochondrial reason for that as well. Well, part of the part of it is is what it does in the mighty country. So let's talk about mitochondria from minute for people listening mitochondria are the power plants in yourselves. You may have heard of a teepee in the cell, so the way our cells make energy is in mitochondria. They're the power plants. When your mitochondria get damaged by toxins or even by stress, you end up having ongoing energy issues. I dealt with a lot of my new condo damage from stress and living in a house with stock with jackie batra is one of the nastiest toxic molds and damage my metabolism. So I've gotten to know any of the technologies I confined that increased the power plant capacity in the cells think about a car you want a bigger engine that burns cleaner and burns faster the reasons that many of these things work, especially on the food side of things is that you're trying to fuel the motor kandra better make them work better and reduce inflammation that slows mitochondria function this is one of the technologies that I use for that it stimulates a teepee production and mitochondria are responsible for producing a teepee in the body and it can stimulate toupee production by a factor of three hundred percent pretty cool when you think about the laser we had earlier the laser increases the re synthesis of eighty by seventy five percent like these air not like five percent numbers seventy five percent from a laser three hundred percent from puls electromagnetic fields this's ah they're both locations specific on the body but for instance earlier when you use the laser did you notice the difference afterwards yeah the I felt more relaxed and the spark headache didn't come because it was like but this work you're feeling in your eyes when we went away yeah it was here and it stopped after us so we killed a headache and three minutes of flushing on infrared and red laser earlier on his head it doesn't want to try this out anyone I try I want to control issues very simple okay we can pass around to several people I have one of these to weaken pass around later in the day as well so you wantto maybe come up onto the stage we can film you just are you trying to treat a particular problem you have a spot I've had a gut ache today I don't know if they can help with that. Um well I could ideally what you do is you place it under your shirt so take one coil I put it here under her shirt on you could just you could do it right right about here it's not going to stay very well and then that's but if you don't mind I'll put one in the back sure under here hopefully away from your mike if this is the kind of technology that's interesting to you if you're a triathlete or whatever else ok I asked put this in your pocket soma pulse for ah very big discount for people on the show you can get a forty percent discount on one of these things by going to selma pulse and using the code just for this show it's it's only for the three days when the show is live we may extend it after the show I'm not sure, but right now the code is b p c l as in bulletproof creative live easy to remember four letters eso check it out it's one of the bonus is you get for attending the show um I use it I've used on my kid's particular like if you have a sore knee I have a screw in this knee and no a c l and ah the special I'm wearing uncomfortable shoes that you just get aches and pains I don't like aches and pains they slow me down and this is the kind of thing that I used in fact exactly this model at home I'll get um some of the uh one of these little whatever ace bandages you stick the things on you can even posted on your near where you're sleeping you wake up and what was going to take a week it doesn't hurt anymore it's kind of kind of an amazing technology it's those things that no one talked about in school unless you were speaking russian all right so you have it I do lie injury and I used to heal faster yeah connected how you put it on your on your belly for your gi issues like I have lower back palms I could like kind of spot placed on my lower back where the pain is associated and probably just sleep there again that's why we provide the ace bandages is that you couldn't wrap it around your body if you have back pain is just a matter of slipping it under your belt I have I happen to have santa I have some discs and some arthritis by traveling the car friend ex that appeared in time I will get my static symptoms like place the coils right under my belt in the car while I'm driving for three hours no problem the other thing that I'll do is I'll put them underneath my top sheet on my bed, so it started at the bottom sheet, so they're just laying there. So when I move at night, it doesn't really change anything, but I'll put him along the spine, so why don't you come on over here? We can in the magnetic field from each of the coils is about the size of a beach ball obviously is the strongest right next to the coil. But so were the last two penetrates where the entire body. I don't have my device here but my patients, when I see patients, I show them that this you're like a tree and put the magnetic field in behind their back. And then I take the magnetic detector out here. You can see it about sixty talked eighteen inches away from the body. Okay, I think we have a magnetic detector in there. Safe. I know we had one, but this one will not be for you. But this one doesn't no darn. What that will do is light up when you place it right on the coil. So this might be an interesting thing. A soon as we get the coil back will show people that no, there is something that is measurable that's coming off these things this is one of the problems with energy medicine and magnetic killing devices there's a lot of wu stuff out there and you know you can get into, you know, crystal stuff like it it gets it gets a little bit hard to really swallow but this stuff has interesting pedigree my wife actually speaks check uh she grew up in the czech republic before she moved to sweden and I've dug in on this some of this research it's very interesting the former head of the caroline ska medical school which is one of the top ten med schools on earth where they do the nobel medicine prize very, very procedures place and it's where my wife studied she actually took classes from the head of the school who wrote a seminal book on electrical medicine that was published in nineteen eighty four uh the book is eight hundred dollars. Now if you want to buy a copy of it and I can read most medical textbooks I do not understand a word of this and it's in english it is so incredibly dense so you know the book I'm talking about I do have one yeah and it's infected found the pdf online eventually but it's uh it's is an entire branch of medicine that is virtually unknown in the west and after he did that mysteriously, he was just less popular, I guess, with the pharmaceutical companies or something so there's an enormous amount of bio hacking that's available for these things and the reason that I want to bring these into the public sphere said the cost of devices like this has come down you, khun build your own devices right now, and we've got people now who for a couple hundred dollars khun get soldering irons and actually start looking at what magnetic fields due to their own body because you couldn't be your own guinea pig very easily ten or twenty years ago, because we just couldn't measure what happened. But now you can do whatever you want with your magnetic field and look at what your sleep was like that night and tweak the field in the next day. So the speed of innovation happening now around hacking the human body is the same thing that happened on hacking cellphones five years ago in computers five years before that, and upgrading your car to be a hot rod ten years before that. So the things were hacking change, and the ultimate thing to hack is the human body, and this is one of those cool technology is to do it well, the engineer who developed this for nasa started with a shoebox sized magnetic device. That only allowed the battery to operate for about three four hours so it's now batteries now operating up to thirty six hours I've had that happen and at the higher intensity so it's before times higher intensity than what he worked with with nasa for stem cell stimulation versus this device. So the technology, the engineering and it has improved dramatically to allow this level of portability and intensity. So so if you're listening to this now, you may be thinking, well, I want to make use of that and it's my hope that a few people listening are saying to heck with making use of that I want a hack that s so this is a call to say there is a biological effect from magnetic fields you can use that to improve the environment around you and probably to do things that we haven't even figured out the body can do and you probably didn't know that until you heard about this you can google this stuff, you'll find old references, you'll find new references there's pub med studies about magnetic fields we just tend to think the human body is purely a chemical thing and it turns out we're both chemical and the electromagnetic at the same time and when you understand that it makes sense that some of these things have a noticeable provable biological fact for instance, you mentioned a speed of healing effect from this you could find out a lot more information on the website, so my pulse dot com you mention that it's being used to stimulate twitch? Uh, how is that? How how is it being used? Well, the engineering on this again doctor the a bio engineer who designed it, his life's work has been in regenerative medicine, so he's designed models what are called models tissue models to regenerate tissue and with electrical stimulation, particularly, but what he's found is that one hundred hertz is what stimulates fast twitch muscle the best. So when you're introducing that frequency into the body, fast twitch muscle will tend to react more vigorously to it. It's like reading about we talked about residents, so if you're reading the balance slightly off it's not going to ring quite as well, but if you hit it, spot on and get that perfect pitch that's, how you blow of goblet, right? Getting the perfect pitch well, that's, what you're doing with muscle, you try to get the maximum and that goes that goes too fast twitch muscle, but that's both. So you know he's, not just one, you don't pick icecap it doing it, doing it, I got you choose the intensity like these, they're the size of the bed and that's actually the time based on how much time you have so so this is lighting up the magnetic fields going through my fingers and lighting up the led that detects the magnetic field? I don't know if the camera can get that it might be too brightly lit it's kind of a dim green led but you want to try that so what that showing is the magnetic field is penetrating my hand far enough to actually like the thing up, which isn't that hard to imagine if you played with strong magnets, you can put him on either side your hands so we know magnetic fields go through the body, but you can actually see that this is pulsing at exactly the same rate that light on the front does, so I've put it, you know, and I put it on my head and what you think about putting in your head put it over your heart any things like that that people should be aware of um in fact, I just did a review paper not that we should talk about medical conditions, but some hard conditions respond better to certain frequencies and just turns out with ten hertz isn't one of those frequencies to decrease arrhythmias funny for neurofeedback ten aren't special characteristics as well that's right now so if you don't know what hurts is when you're listening to this that's a g e r t z not hurts, but what we're talking about just number of times per second, something changes in the body. So you've heard you know, your old pentium processor, renate two hundred sixty six megahertz, when your body has its own set of hurts and it's also hackable, and we've found that some frequencies change what the body does, which is profound and amazing, and as human beings, we owe it to ourselves to do more research on this front. Medicine is way behind. American medicine is way behind, and other countries, of course, is. They're doing a lot more with this so I can tell you, if I broke my arm, I'd go to the doctor, no doubt that they put a cast on me and maybe take some nice morphine based painkillers. But then I'd put something like this or some other one of the kind of technologies you found here, technologies that you can own end control in your own home. And the first thing that happens in my house when the kids feel nausea is we take a laser. And we put the laser over their gut and lays the laters like that calm the nervous system the nerves themselves get less inflamed so I have in my own self turned off a nausea response so many times I've lost count of it just by putting this thing here for three minutes so literally the magic fairy light is what makes you feel better first and if that doesn't work then we go to the more aggressive remedies even in kids so that there's no placebo effect going on there at least sure doesn't look like it to me and the studies that I've read don't look it looked like it either my wife broke a little toe on the lawn furniture how many of you had broken toes it happens right mow her toe was like this and I knew was broken I knew right away we didn't bother x ray so he took buddy tape the toe put her in a flat shoe and started the magnetic therapy she work twenty four seven twenty four hours later the all the bruising was gone I was black and blue all the bruising was gone forty eight hours later she was walking a mile seventy two hours later she was walking at regular shoes running shoes three miles no pain you'll ever see like one of those nfl quarterbacks when they uh have any surgery and they're playing two weeks later it seems like it should be impossible I don't know if they're using pulsed electromagnetic things. They use lasers, they use everything known every tool possible, same thing when you deal with special forces or navy seals, there are technologies like this that are known and racehorses or another place we find huge innovation. That laser was improved for years for veterinary use before the fda approved a laser for for a medical thing on humans, a non cutting laser, just a healing laser. So it it's pretty darn amazing that we have all these technology out there, but most people listening to this, I don't have any idea that they exist, and this is sort of the same knowledge that they exist, but their consumer level devices and the prices are coming down year after year because electronics are getting cheaper. In fact, later on, I'm going to show you a device that I bought two weeks ago in beijing for six dollars that would have cost a couple hundred bucks in the us very recently. So it's happening and it's happening all over the world, in fact, for sure in bringing this out, telling people about it, you got it. I want to make sure that people can ask questions, do we have questions from the audience, and I think somebody some audience, oh, yeah, in the back. This is you said it reduces inflammation so can use it on the heartburn or bunions are yes in fact actually we just completed a study with the sol pulse device for acute inflammation and in that particular research on model which is fda accepted we discovered that steroids which is why we used the roids injections for pain reduces inflammation they're the most post isn't put anti inflammatories we have audio we only do it once or twice and it can actually thin out the tissues so really you don't want to do it all if you can avoid it well, this was about half assed effective as steroid in acute inflammation who doesn't have acute inflammation I have ugly information ugly sorry bad jokes I can't help myself sometimes well, we make a distinction between a cute one word acute not two words eight cute yes verses chronic I mean everyone gets acute inflammation when you walk into a wall that's what happens right? You breeze into you breathe you have acute inflammation just taking a breath read it produces free radicals those they produce inflammation but your body has to repair if you cut yourself if you shut off inflammation entirely or you break a bone you can't hear yourself you can't shut off acute information entirely, but you want to keep the level down because acute information chronically turns out the chronic inflammation and that's the damaging inflammation so yes, we could use it for virtually any type of inflammatory problem sometimes though you have be careful people who have really hot inflammation in your arms like red hot from inflammation when you put it on it could temporarily increase the inflammation because one of the things magnetic fields do is they increase circulation so the increasing circulation into a tissue is goingto bring blood supply to it which increases the amount of free radicals temporarily so just then that's the only circumstance you have to really be kind of careful so you could say that this increase is healthy circulation without stepping on any regulatory landmine totally alright totally it also does neo genesis basket and the genesis and what's that helps you grow new blue blood vessels. That's pretty cool I did not know that about this yes coming online, dr paula but I think we have a question here in the front from our audience. Well, I mean, I was wondering like if all this stuff is like really so effective do they cancel each other out so like, why wouldn't you sleep in a chamber I was made of like that laser shooting on you wearing a magnetic suit made out of like a like a static got made of earth and matt that's it clearly black I'm working on it the lasers lasers would mess with your with your sleep though because of the light and also while you're at it might as well be in a hyperbaric oxygen tube so you could drive more auction of the cells I'm not kidding, I mean like why I won't do it yeah, I mean, if it's going to make you it sounds like you're sleeping already with like it's hana stuff in your bed I do sometimes not always sometimes I just sleep with you know, my wife in my bed, but other times I have like a little sleep lab at my little home bio hacking facility so yeah, I sleep in a darkened place and I have the modern equipment I have all the gadgets I can think of that are going to do it and you know what? I sleep better there than I do in a normal bed I don't have a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but I'm thinking about ordering one from china you do have to be careful because you can't overload your body even a healthy body can be overloaded. I had a one guy who actually silly guy was a doctor well, who should have known better? He placed five of these units on his body same time and he did get nauseous he did not feel well so you can't overload the body you can combine this system though with other things like laser and ultrasound and other technologies as well together they actually worked better. You wouldn't necessarily use them at exactly the same time because they're different frequencies and laser than there is in this particular system and laser does not go all the way through the body. These air extremely low frequencies, lasers very high frequency and high frequency that that's. Why laser's heat up that's? Why use lasers to cook things? And we use them in medicine t create wounds. What are they doing? When they're cutting the cutting through the skin? There was cauterizing at the same time so the skin the tissue doesn't bleed. But these were not designed to heat in that sense where you could actually harm the tissue laser could potentially that's why I keep it away from your eyes how about using things together from ross f hey says the earth pulses a device that you manufactured he wants no basically can be run on the battery only because hey likes to have turned off the electrical breakers infuse while he sleeps at night to reduce those kind of magnetic magical first class doesn't run on a battery uh, and you don't make the pulse right? No friend of mine makes the earth pulse and it's used often for sleep purposes. I use one myself for sleep, but you're tied to it it's garbage plug damn essentially okay yeah, I used the earth pulses that sometimes, but I actually get nauseous from that one. Pretty often it can be the field intensity is a fairly high, there is preset programs in it, and the more important thing about it is, well, some people consider the soul pulse we somewhat bulky. This is like, what that thick and it's really like to hockey pucks take together that are made of lead. I've been stopped by the essay every time I've ever tried to travel with it, but not the sum of also some impulse. They don't care about what the other one is like a big hunk of metal that doesn't fit under your sheet very well, either so way I've played around quite a bit with we'll talk about that in the future that's where you were redesigning a device to little emulate, they're supposed to be much better, very interesting. So there's innovation happening here and that your take away from all of this should be wow! You mean I can do something to speed healing aside from, like taking an advil, which doesn't actually speed healing just makes it hurt less. Most of time. When I grew up my knees and my feet hurt all the time, I was chronically inflamed as a beast. And I didn't understand that I could control the environment around me, even the frequencies of the magnetic field around me or the light around me, or what I put into my body to change the speed at which I healed. So now that I understand some of those pathways, I realize I have way more control than I thought I did, and you have more control to the question is what you're going to do with it? And how hard is it to learn and all of this? And what I'd like to see is I'd like to see doctors and physical therapists and massage therapists and other people like that work with things like this there's no reason you shouldn't be using one of these way you're getting a massage, you might as well kill two birds with one stone, reduce inflammation, increase lymphatic circulation that happens from a massage so you can build these things in what you're doing. Other things. I sit on my computer sometimes with one of these under either one of my glutes, which affects your psychotic nerves, and basically you're low back and approves the circulation in your back, so that whole sitting kills you. Maybe it doesn't kill you if you have magnetic fields helping you said haven't measured it yet, but we will. Uh jeff p is asking for is a ll these devices that we've been talking about he's just curious what would you recommend it say the best bang for your buck well the forty percent off some impulse is a pretty good bang for the buck that was kind of a condition of asking you guys to come in on dh talkabout this uh I asked bill because you've used this for a very long time well and as a clinician as opposed to a personal hacker or eddie anybody else right who's trying to be healthy or whatever uh I've used all these other kinds of devices as well and people ask me about them all the time and I said if you're really going to make that kind of investment and you're going to spend four hundred dollars on a laser you might as well spend another five hundred dollars on a false magnetic field system that you use forever that laser was fourth a thousand dollars well I'm the one that should read it I'm talking about cheap lady exactly they don't work by the way I'm sure they don't the point is that we think about on the pennies pennies per day basis it's nothing it really is nothing so it za better value it has a wider range of utilities and you don't have to be worried that is going to harm you in any way you can you can overdo it by doing five systems or four systems at the same time but I have people who were in the twenty four seven actually dr dennis who developed the device is a zoo a bio engineer he was a volunteer firefighter and he was going to a firing back in the back of the engine and he was loaded with gear on the truck hit a pothole or something hit something and you slam this back was an immediate pain he wasn't paying twenty four seven started using the device on his back himself eighteen hours a day if he didn't use it for eighteen hours a day the pain will come back with a vengeance then he backed it off as he kept using it for the next year he was able to back off to about six hours a day and that's his maintenance level so you really even eighteen twenty four hours a day you can't hurt yourself and you could put it in different places like if you have like I do unlike you I have paying a lot more places I think than you do but I don't have hardware yeah so even that safe to use just because it sounds like you have to use this for maintenance to kind of keep the inflammation down so does the amount of healing that khun take place but that little kind of limit to it and you have to contain an injury that's a question I get asked all the time to uh it's sort of like are we there yet? Are we there yet no promises that you could reduce your symptoms and you don't feel like it needed anymore but if you peer down into the body at a microscopic level have you stopped all the inflammation and the answer is no I had a hockey player who injured himself he was a goalie in college he lost a scholarship because he entered is growing he tried all the other usual medical therapies physical therapy car practice your name he's tried a lot of things nothing works so we gotta some impulse on may work twenty four seven for about seventy two hours then backed off to about sixteen hours a day and now he was ready to jump off jump off tall buildings okay, I'm going right back to college and play hockey again I said, whoa, wait a minute you know you haven't finished the job it's going to take another three months or so to finish the job, maybe even longer. So does he need to continue to treat the same spot once you've called permanently healed it the way you find out whether you feel it or not is use it again and if it hurts again while you haven't healed it okay, so it takes quite a long time mate depending on the tissue injury if it takes a long time for your body to heal without assistance, ok, even if you got the time in half to hell something it's if it was going to be a one year hell, it could be half of that guy injured my rotator cuff awhile back. It was a year before I could sleep on my right side because it just took forever. This was before I knew about this stuff. It probably would have taken his long if I'd known, and since then I've had lots of injuries and between using pmf like some impulse and lasers and electrical stimulation and ozone and all the other tricks, I've found that I'm way more resilient than I was before I still get injured, I still get sick things like that happen, but I get injured and sick like probably five percent of what I did wrong twenty and I'm forty and that is pretty profound given that I still have stretch marks from when I weighed three hundred pounds and that, like I did not start out biologically with the strongest set of cards. So the fact that I'm performing at the level I am and doing the things I could do cognitively and physically, honestly when I was twenty, I did not have in my mind that I would ever be able to climb in the andes in the himalayas and I'd be able to, you know, walk around mount kailash and things like that because I literally couldn't walk that much without enormous pain, so to be able to go backwards like that as a result of bio hacking technologies, both the nutritional, environmental, the stress and changing the actual magnetic field, changing the light that comes on right by the change of the electron flow with er thing stimulating the nervous system, these things can give you kind of superhuman healing powers, things that normal normally just don't do, and most of us don't even know are possible. So I wanted to bring all of you who are watching this course the ability to understand what this stuff is like and to see that it's out there and if you have something that isn't working with whatever you're doing now, like we talked about this morning, try what's supposed to work if it doesn't work, stop doing it and do something else, and this might be of something else to look at, I would change that. Change it. This is your first aid kit do this first, because if you do this first thatyou don't delay the healing process, and acute injuries and small problems disappear like this, we take him for granted. When you say, do this first, you mean after injury or do you just do this prophylactically before? And you know what? I'm sorry we're talking about injury process I would before you try something else. Oh, yeah, I would do this first. Most people watching this and there's thousands of people watch me now they have never heard of this before, so this is probably a new thing, and certainly if I hurt myself, I'm not going to go to the doctor first unless I'm bleeding and there's bones sticking out or something. I'm going to use the suite of things that accelerated my healing handle inflammation and if there's still a problem, then I asked my wife was a doctor, and if she tells me to go the hospital, then I go, but that doesn't happen very often, but you should really ideally have a diagnosis. She should know what you're dealing with, and you know what you're likely to expect, and you know what your alternative therapies are? And then what you know, once you informed then you couldn't make a decision, which way's the best way for you to go.

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