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Hacking the Brain

Can you ask about free range eggs versus cage cage free versus pasteurized pasteurized eggs are very expensive in his area. Do you have a preference for recommendation? I think pastured eggs now let's actually talk about pasteurized eggs oh quick buying liquid egg whites that air pasteurized in a box is completely lame, like if you cannot figure out how to separate the yolk from the white, you're paying extra for a processed food product with weird additives to it so it not particularly healthy or even convenient compared to just eating real eggs. So I would say, don't do the pasteurized one's pastured eggs are supposedly eggs that were out in in a field somewhere, but go to your farmer's market, buy eggs they keep for a long time or go to like the hippie store where everyone has tattoos and tied eyes and buyer eggs there and ask them who made these eggs were they from and people who are into health understand the quality of their eggs? You can also tell whether it's a proper egg if yo...

u try and break the egg and it falls apart on the edge of the bowl versus the kind of eggs like it, I can snap them and they won't like cafta kind of hammer on the break in because the bird had enough calcium and magnesium to make a proper shell and you look at the yolk and a new omega three egg is the least healthy pale yellow it actually looks like a sick chicken to a chicken farmer the eggs that I eat are this color or darker on the inside and it's because they come from someone who lives down the road for me and her chickens are outside eating green vegetables and bugs chickens are not vegetarians it is cruel punishment to make a chicken a vegetarian I had a chicken move into my backyard actually rooster he liked bacon he liked cheesecake and he chased away the cats and ate a chicken breast once it was disgusting and wrong they are carnivorous when you let them be and there's certainly omnivorous they eat frogs and bugs and chickens that eat a natural paleo chick and I are better that they make that her eggs I don't think eating chicken meat is particularly wonderful for you but eating chicken eggs is one of the coolest things you could do because a gives drive your hdl your protective cholesterol up but only if the chicken itself was healthy to make healthy eggs so when people say that that eggs are expensive if there's six or eight dollars a dozen you're still spending fifty cents or thereabouts maybe a little bit more than that even a dollar an egg for a large high quality egg which contains amazing fats in the yolk is still a goodbye compared to going all the way down to um say a commercial low quality antibiotic fed egg that said I would eat eggs from commercial industrial mistreated chickens all day long before I would eat meat from an american commercial chicken because the amount of e coli and the amount of antibiotic residue in this chicken is not acceptable even like russia for a long time was rejecting us chicken is not meeting russian food standards, so if you think chickens a health food like I'm sorry with large and chicken I guess you'd call them farmers although that's probably miss using the f word, but I really I really do think that if you were stuck in your hotel and you're gonna have breakfast, soft boiled normal eggs from an industrial egg farm are going to be one of your health your choices but if they have avocados, I need those instead so it's a spectrum, but if you're gonna do that there's a choice been adding uh egg yolks to my bulletproof coffee with a hand blender taste pretty good, doesn't it does? But am I destroying it with the hate from the coffee and that blender? I don't have sound science on that yet, although I've talked to a couple people and there's some opinions on it, but I don't have enough to write a block post there, so what what I'd like to say is no because it tastes really good there's a chance those were adding air when you make that froth and there is some heat, we're going to heat an heir. But not that much light. I don't know so far I haven't felt like I've been eating oxidized cholesterol and I feel a little bit of inflammation like I'm a delicate flower that way. Like I also self aware. So I think it's okay? I don't have a solid answer. Them, uh, question on the butter in the g I believe you said that butter for cooking and relatively sure, really cooked too much with the blur released, not high temperatures, it breaks down some of the some of the good things in the butter you're better off to cook with g this that's best cooking oil possible, then coconut oil and then butter and coconut oil. The fifteen percent fifteen percent of coconut oil that is m c t oil starts breaking down above three hundred and twenty degrees so you can cook in em city as long as it's under three. Twenty so that said, how do you know how hot the bottom of your pan is? It's? Very hard to tell. So I tend to not cook with m c t I tend to go for the g. And if I don't g m happy a little bit of butter but just a little bit cook so someone like me that does really well with the butter in my coffee yeah, I might want to make a batch of g just to cook with you could or I mean there's a certain amount of time so just cooked with a little tiny bit of butter so there isn't much protein oxidize just enough to not stick and when you're done cooking the vegetables I had the rest of the butter in so it didn't get damaged by the heat and then you're fine so minimal oil for cooking maximum oil when you're done cooking, it'll still soak in this was the hardest, most controversial thing to make and it's really difficult because a lot of people have something called a memory b cell that is it's part of your immune system and it's there and it will identify any dairy product that has protein in it as a potential attacker and will cause inflammation. So there are a lot of people where you ought to just not eat milk but most of them tolerate butter and almost all of them tolerate g so here buttering g is really good even non organic butter or g as long as it's grass fed is pretty darn good there's some grass fed farms are not certified organic I don't even think it really matters much when you get the full fat raw organic milk and cream and yogurt this is reasonably good if you tolerate milk but so many people don't tolerate milk that you would want teo you would want to be able to pay attention about that and understand it it's like here's organic pastured milk and here's grass fed organic milk what's the difference it's really hard to know unless you know who's there right you've got to ask the farmer or the store so if it's grass fed organic milk was it one hundred percent grass fed carry gold my favorite butter is about ninety percent grass fed but they supplement and a lot of dairy supplement ten percent and it's not that big of a deal but three percent of the total feed of carry gold cow maybe genetically modified that's not cool I don't want gmo stuff in my butter and neither do any americans that I talked to anyway so we actually did a petition recently and is linked to from the bulletproof executive side I think about ten thousand people have signed it now asking carry gold like why are you putting three percent gmo feed in your cows? Bulletproof coffee drinkers this year sold out carry gold butter across the u s because of demand for grass fed butter you couldn't find anywhere there was a whole facebook thing about you know protest there were violent but er riots it was tragic but seriously pay attention that the answer between the pastor's milking the organic milk they were pastor there on a pastor did they grain to the corn, they soy was a gmo. No, it was organic. It wasn't demo but dairies, complex stuff. And unfortunately, you may respond very differently to this bottle versus this bottle and that's not even counting this one that looks the same. That is non organic milk. So this is just factory farm milk with hormones in it and then there's this chemical product called skim milk, where you take powdered milk, which definitely has oxidized cholesterol in it and damage case in and you add it back into milk. If you've taken the nice cream off the top and sold it for a profit, you take the scum that's left over that traditionally would be fed to a pig so you could turn it into bacon and instead you feed it to people so they'll look like pigs. Question one on new anchor anchor butter. Is that a good substitute to carry gold anchor butter? If you're in hemisphere, you khun get anchor butter. Uh, last I checked, it was grass fed. I think they're on my list of grass that butters, but if they've changed, I wouldn't know it. I looked and it was gross fit an organic so I could get him mixed. I can get it anywhere in the world of it, on a bunch of places and it's much easier to get carrie so depending on where you are, I've eaten a lot of anchor butter, but usually out of the u s what about his regular? I believe if you have any form of good smokers better for the human, then regular mail what's your take on that depends on the human depends on the goat. So what's the human sense of those two. And this is why things like food sense that you can tell it's um go mail what did it do? Your heart rate? Right? So so you can get good data there and there's a couple things I want to make sure we talk about here. So for in terms of dairy here's a nice source of dairy brooke ferguson, you khun see them old in this. You know what for you if you don't have sensitivities, that sort of thing, this may taste really delicious like it when it's crumbled over over like a nice hot grass fed rib eye man there's something to be said for the flavor here. And who knows if you normally eat a clean diet, you decide you want to eat some blue cheese, you might even feel the effects the next day. It might even make your liver stronger. So it's not like you must permit. We avoid it. For me. This stuff is kryptonite. If I eat this, I will be inflamed for a week and I know it because I've mapped out what what does what to my body? Would I liketo have zero inflammation when I eat blue cheese so I could swim in this stuff? Absolutely. I'll tell you, when I figure out how and then you'll know how to a charity's, which is less striated with mold is likely to be less inflammatory. But still the problems with cheese exist that we talked about before something you should never have is powdered milk. It's? Not a way to save money. It's a way to subsidize thie american dairy industry by making a strategic reserve that you khun store for long periods of time tends to cause inflammation and it's that there's no legitimate reason I can think of to eat this unless you're starving, I would prefer that we fed this to animals and eat the animals. All right, uh, in terms of other stuff to avoid here, I think, oh, ice cream, make your own ice cream. This is melted ice cream. It wasn't noted a minute ago. Hot studio lights, one last thing and it was on the podcast a month or two ago. You talked about the amazon, thomas. I am aside the and you never really seemed like you never really gave a full on like endorsement. Or you're still kind of questionable about it. Now, if you go to my blogger, I have a block post about ah, grass fed dairy and the u s called beyond organic and here's the deal the masai is made from genetically tested cows that make a different form of cason than the typical case in you find here casing is the name of the main dairy protein, so all milk as cason. And there is a theory that is controversial, but one that seems like it's got some legs to it about the fact that these two different genetic strains of cows one that's optimized for grass fed one, the salt mines for grand fed they make different case in, and the different cases have different inflammatory effects. So I've found from talking with people who don't tolerate almost any dairy, including me, who can handle this on the side stuff really well, so I would encourage you to check out on the bulletproof exact blogger even put some links into the show notes I'm not sure if we have him there yet, but I'll make sure my team gets them to you right away and we'll give you the links to that stuff, and it is an unusual thing where they control the bacterial cultures and they control what the cows eat and even the genetic strain of the cows and the end result is something that's not inflammatory. It's pretty amazing the reason I'm being a little bit vague about it is this company that makes it uses multi level marketing, which I don't particularly like, so I'll send people linked to any product that I like, but I will also warn them that there's a million and they should not expect to get rich quick from eating grass fed dairy. They should just expect to feel really good. So if you approach from that perspective, I fully endorse it. If you want me to endorse a businessman like that, I don't do that, but I will say that deri rocked, and in that case they pulled it off secret butter powers why don't I was talking about but, er we need to know about this, I want to carve a little butter statue with a cape that'd be awesome beauty rate is a short chain, fatty acid it's the reason that butter has that kind of tangy cheesy taste it's also the reason that your socks smell bad after going to the gym, by the way in humans, this is a beauty rate does in studies has anti inflammatory properties, particularly in the brain. Could there be a reason that I included grass fed butter, which is the highest source of beauty rate that you're going to find in your diet in bulletproof coffee to reduce inflammation in the brain so you would think faster? That is why it's there, and that is also why I believe that tibetans arrived at the same thing in there, jack butter tea because you can feel it by now. The two point five million people who've written things that sable approve coffee that you can google have noticed in effect to it seems riel specifically, it inhibits nf kappa beta, which is one of the inflammatory side of kinds and beauty rate heals the gut you can make, but you oftentimes don't make beauty rate when you eat vegetables or certain fibers, and you have the right bacteria in the right place in your gut, if you have all that, the bacteria will make short chain fatty acid for you, but it doesn't happen in a lot of people. So when they get short chain fatty acid from their bulletproof coffee, their gut health improves and they stop having digestive problems and that's way cool and like I just mentioned comes from terry got bacteria and in animals we haven't tested this on humans it actually protects against mental illness because no one wants psychopathic rats. I don't actually know how they measure mental illness in animals, but they do and in this case they showed that it had an effect cognitively I wouldn't claim butter does that in people, but the odds are it probably improves brain function because of the inflammation stuff and it increases energy expenditures and improves body composition and animals increasing energy expenditure means they have more energy and they are leaner. I wonder if it might do the same thing in people even though we've been told it doesn't it does I'm pretty happy with it and butter reduces the negative effects of type one diabetes. Ok, most people out there who get diabetes get type two diabetes thes days, which is different but still it's interesting that type one diabetes, which is a bad thing that butter helps ameliorate that in animals so there's reasons to think but it might be kind of something I could eat occasionally and not fall over from oh, and butter decreases intestinal permeability, permeable intestines allow toxins from your gut to enter your bloodstream it's, good stuff, which is why my daughter, anna, for christmas, the first time she ever sat on santa's lap, said santa, I want my own stick of salted butter. That was the first thing she ever how santa claus for. And, yes, this is her eating her own stick of salted butter. Of all the things she got her bike, or a little a place that's, tio ignored them all, picked up the butter, ran around like shedding olympic torch, opened it and ate it just like that, which is hilarious.

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