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Hacking Your Sleep

There are a lot of wires we're gonna be dealing with you don't need all this geeky stuff to go to sleep, but if you want to sleep faster and better or you want to correct a sleep problem, there are some things you can do. The first thing that I talked about was the sleep cycle app so what this is make this little bigger if I can yeah that's better this is the op that's vanishingly inexpensive and it's very simple you say? What time do I want to wake up and say you want to wake up at seven thirty? See how though when you say you want to wake up at seven thirty, you're giving it a window here the default is a half hour if you say the latest I'm willing to wake up at seven thirty, it'll wake you between seven and seven thirty and you might say, why would I want to wake up early because you'd wake up better and you'd have more energy not to mention get an extra fifteen minutes to make like an extra couple of coffee in the morning. It's a pretty cool deal and what happens here is you start ...

the thing it tells you keep the charger connected, which is unnecessary I don't keep my charger connected at night this works on an ipad or an iphone but it's meant for an iphone and then tells you what time it is when you're going to sleep and it tells you screen down don't put a pillow on top of it and better yet you peel back the top sheet and you put it under the edge of the top sheet so it won't fall off the bed and it gets the best sound and when you wake up in the morning it starts with a very quiet sounded just the right time that's it it's a very simple thing to do but when you do it you previously quality that cost is almost zero and you got to unplug your alarm clock because one of the other things I didn't mention before is that your alarm clock if it's right next to your bed and his plugged in has its own electromagnetic field that you probably don't want to be sleeping in having a clean the electromagnetic environment is pretty darn important and impactful and you'll hear more from dr pollack about that when he comes on all right let's cut back to the power point uh not that power point that one there we go next up let's talk about cerebral electrical stimulation this is one of the geekiest thinks you can possibly get it's even lavender this is something you cannot buy it any price right now the original cs or cerebral electrical stimulation technology came out of the russian space program. There was a uniquely russian and uniquely logical thinking they're thought number one is really hard and expensive to get enough rocket fuel to fly someone up into space. People sleep a third of the time. What if we could send ah, third less astronauts into space by just making it so astronauts didn't have to sleep. Let's put money into sleep research instead of rocket fuel. I love it. That was really where cs got its its foundational, um, foundational things. The way these units work is you stick in this case, electrodes or, most often it's little little clips that go in your ears that are conductive. I put these on my temples. I'm not going to necessarily do it right now because let's see if they stick on top of all the studio stuff going on here and all you do is you turn this thing on. And of course they fall off because I'm wearing makeup. By the way, I'm a winter. I found out just kidding. I have no idea what color I am. Anyhow, what this does is it runs bus shaped small current about the size of static electricity back and forth between the heirs. The reason this unit is so sought after it's called the neuro track a digital pro. They only made two thousand of these and it's the on ly one of these units that lets you program the frequency that goes between your ears so using this aiken dial up a one point five hurts very deep sleep recovery, which means I've had nights were only slept two hours and I was running all night and they woke up feeling so good because I got really deeper sort of sleep for the entire time this takes over your brain it forces the brain into that state so it's relatively heavy handed technology likewise, when I'm doing some writing and I really want to like come up with some amazing ideas off kick this thing all the way to the other side and put it at about fifty hurts into the gamma range and I am a really fast, creative, amazing writer when I'm in a gamma state. So yes, I cheat when I write the quarter million words on the blogged teat every way I possibly can and this is actually one of them the guy who makes these, um stop making them a few years ago and keeps talking about coming out with a new improved one and it has yet to happen, so if it ever just happened, that would be great in the meantime, for the bio hackers quantified self people out there you want to do something cool, make a frequency programmable cs machine of course there might be some fda regulations around that most cerebral electrical stimulation devices are prescription and those ones you go to the doctor and you say I have mild depression and problems sleeping and you can get a prescription for one they range between three hundred twelve hundred dollars stands for cerebral electrical stimulation thank you, it's kind of a bit of ah uh technology has been around since the sixties not that many people know about it and I've found it has profound effects on how my brain works. I really, really like this stuff, so as I understand it, we're supposed to have five, five and a half five cycles per night off, you know that the wave going through deep r e m and so on if you put this on what he just put you in deep for the whole whole night depends there's a timer so you might have it thrown into deep sleep early on. Or what if you're not going to sleep eight hours enough to get five segments asleep what's really going to get two or three? You could make a pretty logical decision that physical recovery should happen before memory consolidation, so in that case you would actually use the device to move your sleep into more of a deeper sleep so you could recover or maybe you have a broken leg or you're just recovering from a cold, so you want to do something about it. This lets you take control of your brain in a relatively heavy handed way, but it sure does work from ross f who's been using rcs, he says he's run the oasis probe on delta for various times before, in furiously, but he said it's, giving him shorter quality, not so much deep sleep, and he wakes up with a headache. Concern is behind the eyes and a muzzy feeling. Can you recommend a way of configuring configuring his cs device to avoid this? I have used in oasis, but I haven't used in oasis extensively enough to tell him howto hack it it's l a he's got too much current if you have pain behind your eyes, it's, because the very small amount of electricity is tweaking her optic nerve. So your eyes are getting tired. That's bad. There are some studies that show cs improves vision, believe it or not. So in that case, it sounds like he just may be overpowering it, or he needs to move the things I know, but they're on his ears or his temples or anything, but I did play with electro placement play with swapping electrodes and reducing power output if he always says, pro supports that the one I have. The reason I like it so much is that it has a volume control. Aiken, dial it down to where I don't feel it you're supposed to barely feel it or not feel it. So if you put it on, you see bright flashes behind your eyes. It's too strong that's usually the problem. When people do this, be subtle, be kind to your brain so I have a few questions on by neural beats and, uh, from dio. What do you think of them from justin? Dude is the cs machine that pat that passes a frequency through the brain and all similar two listening toe by narrow beats. Um, I saying that right by neural beats were saying it just like a sleep research pro two tones. Awesome. A two tone, slightly upset that is reported to induce different brain states. Based on the differences in tones free quinn, we will get to buy no beats in the re lax ation and stress segment. You can use sounds and there's, even some nice iphone apse that will let you make your own sounds for sleep. And the short answer is that sounds do one thing. You can set up a wave between the years if you want to be in a ten heard sprain state you play five hundred hertz in this year five hundred ten hertz and this year and pretty soon the brains like which one do I listen to and after a while it listens to this than this and pretty soon your brains in a tin heard st by narrow beats work but they're relatively weak this is a very strong and there's other forms of tones that air better for you or at least better for inducing brain states uh then just by neural but yeah, even though it's kind of a seventies woo kind of thinking you really can affect your state of consciousness pretty profoundly with the right sounds and if that sounds, you know out like an outrageous claim you know those carefully tunes meditation tibetan singing bowl kind of things let's see the ring one tuning fork and this year one tuning fork and this year it does the same thing it before that we have demonic drumming you drum a lot there's many, many ways you can tell your brain your whole brain enter into this state in fact, you ever go to a rave flashing lights pulsing sounds it's all generally the same thing our brains respond to those inputs uh one of my favorite free aps I've uses for almost ten years everyone should have this it should be standard on every operating system computer yeah it's called flux but they put a period in there to make it hard to search way should have that up in a minute all right? So it's a little app that you install like I said it's free and what it does is you tell it what you want the lights to look like at night and as soon as night comes and it'll track when night is based on your geographic location it will do something like this if you say at night I wanted to look like this it'll look like that and if you want to look like this during the day it looked like that so you can control literally sunset like imagine sunsets coming sunsets coming now it's dark now starting out start here we've cut out most of the blue light coming off the screen so if you're going to be reading your computer after dark, why not tell your body that at least it's sunset and to take out the blue spectrum that's going to keep you from making melatonin for four hours it's automated you don't think about anything it just works if you need to do things like color perfect pantone color matching kind of stuff what you do then is there's a disabled button that lets you disable it for a little while so it takes almost no space on your computer it's quick and it's easy and if you want to be fancy about it you change the transition to slow and you won't even notice it happening just slowly creeps into the orange I just don't mind when slop the sun goes down turn orange and be done with it but it's free your sleep quality improves how can you go wrong take you about a minute to install just google for flux f dot l u x all right let's, go back! You know I said I just did it beautiful is during the live of it if I will probably put a link to that and when you register you'd get a link for it so that's another value add for free software that we didn't write but hey, we'll put the link therefore you sign up, sam, it is to sell skin too. You need the f lux when wearing your orange glasses you know it's a good question you probably don't need it as much, but you're still shining that light on your skin and how how well do your orange glasses fit? I would do both because flux doesn't take out all the blue. If you get really good boob lockers, you can look at a blue led and its invisible there's no blue light coming into rise and you do sleep, but when you do that all right we've got fucks next up I didn't bring a low blue bulb because frankly I left it in my hotel room in asia but is the little bulbs we have them on upgrade itself there very cheap and they only put out light without blue spectrum so they look kind of like those bug lights when you're a kid the orange lights and you can read under it if you want to in fact some people use them in there reading lamps so your body thinks it's dark but you're still able to read a normal book this is the thing you should have in your bathroom so when you turn on the lights at night even if it's a little desk lamp or in my case I unscrew one baldwin leave the orange one screwed in then your kids and you can get up to use the bathroom and go back to sleep well still going back to sleep again it's sub ten dollars it's a quick and easy change to make and doing it really can improve the quality of your energy throughout the day and that's what this is all about isn't about just hacking your sleep it's about hacking asleep to do something and we're trying to do is upgrade yourself and you can hack this your environment like this to improve yourself we've talked a little bit about the glasses so these ones blocks some blue but not all you can order laser safety glasses that block all blue light for about eight box off of amazon they don't look very sexy like victoria's secret did not make these glasses. They look like something you were in high school lab but yellow I don't know that I want to wear those on an airplane, but if you're sitting your computer working, I have more than a few really successful clients who late at night where these glasses because when they go to sleep, go to sleep faster and better again, it's one of those very, very cheap axe you, khun d'oh! Now er thing, I was one of the first bloggers out there to really start talking about er thing, and this sounds so incredibly like hippie and unscientific that I was really skeptical, I tested it quite a bit before I was going to write about it. Now I think most of the paleo community has has taken on earth thing or grounding as something they're willing to accept. The idea behind it is that when you when you put your your feet on the earth, normally you're barefoot. If you're an animal and you're walking on things that are not insulated from the ground, we're in a building, I'm standing on a wooden floor thes air unnatural environments and you actually build up a static charge over time and it takes a little while for it to dissipate you can measure the static charge using a meter and I'm sad to say that my meter got in a car accident on the way over here today, so I'm not going to do a live demo of the meter literally like slammed the brakes on and it's back to the floor, but what you do is you ground the meter with one wire and you hold the other wire and you can actually get a reading of the static charge on your body and you, khun discharge yourself now there's a company out there that makes relatively expensive er, er thing mats and I'm going to show you a neat trick to save yourself some money way we've verified this with, uh, with the meter, you can spend a hundred bucks or something on a conductive sheet, or you can go for twelve dollars and buy a static disperse it, matt, this is on that you could buy any electronics store, use it for fixing computers and things like that. When you do this, you can still get that grounding effect. The problem, though, is that the cable that comes with ease if you're listening, this has a relatively high resistance in it, which means it doesn't work very well. You could replace this with a cable that has less resistance or just a piece of wire that has no resister in it, and it snaps onto the edge of the mat and plugs into either a grounding little rod this long in the soil or it plugs into the round part of the outlet literally the round hole right here that's the part of the electoral system that runs to a wire in the ground if you do this before sleep for twenty minutes you actually get better deeper sleep with less inflammation you can do it while you sleep. Um I'm friends with lens armstrong's um, team doctor not the guy who had anything to do or knowledge of lance armstrong's performance enhancement techniques but someone who for nine years to care of the entire team and help them recover faster during what is one of the most aggressive in human events ever because you beat yourself up with intense exercise all day long very small amount of sleep and you do it again over and over so it is a grind so to maximize the way this works is they would actually electrically earth lance and the rest of the team and jeff snyder's uh the guy's name and he's uh uh really amazing physician or at least trained healer and an exercise physiologist and everything else there is ample evidence that this works I saw the results of my own sleep studies when I run an e e g on my head when I'm sleeping I get more deep sleep when I've taken the trouble to do this there's a cheaper and easier way though rather than buying a twelve dollar matt with us another kind of cord you can take your shoes off and walk for twenty minutes out in the park during the day if you want to get over jetlag quickly using something like this works really really well I had a time in my life where every six weeks I flew from the bay area to london and back for one when we get a time very disruptive jet lag going that direction is just terrible so I had like a serious of experiments and I had this idea that all right I need to raise my body temperature in the morning so I would take a red eyed land in the morning and try and raise my body temperature with your exercise and the one time it was sunny in england I did yoga in the park to is my body temperature and I had zero jetlag I was so amazed the reason was that I was in contact with the earth I was dropping the huge charge that builds up on you when you fly it sounds a little weird you can measure it with scientific devices and guys like uh uh steven sinatra ah leading cardiologists have come out and said, this is something we didn't understand about inflammation in the human body so if you're not going to walk around barefoot outdoors every now and then, consider putting some like this on your feet or under your hands when you're working and electrically er thing yourself, it will improve your sleep quality, and it can reduce inflammation. In my experience. Some people have a hard time sleeping when they first used a device like this because when they do, they actually get tingling as their body drops excess electrons and his circulation improves. My wife was like that. I didn't tell her what I did. I put one of these on the bed, so don't worry about it. I can't sleep with that darn thing like it makes me tingle after three days of stop tingling, and it improves sleep for both of us. So it's, kind of a neat little trick for twelve dollars device, and maybe another five dollars in wire to run it to the wall. I used to recommend paying for the more expensive cloth ones er and all that, but the cost differential is just not worth it. When you can go to any electronics store and do this when I travel, I'm even a little bit more aggressive about it. I have a five dollars band that looks like this one any trouble with usually is red, you put it on your wrist and you tighten it up its conductive, and you clip it to that so I don't even travel with a mat so for me to deal with my jet lag from an inflammation perspective it's a little cable and a little thing on my wrist and I'm done very lightweight and would I really go to all this trouble if it didn't work no I wouldn't cause I'm really lazy I hate carrying heavy stuff when I travel it's just too much I never check my bags so the fact that I'm willing to take the time to do that means that at least I think it works and the data that I've seen elsewhere says it works in my own studies say it works hey I'll buy it this isn't on the list right here but I mentioned earlier a filter that helps you sleep intellectual filter this is what it looks like it's a little thing you can still have power that comes through it plug it into the wall at the zone upgrade itself I put it in my bedroom and put it in the kid's bedroom try to have one in each room of the house and it's there to basically calm chaotic signals in the electoral system of my house this is about to come out and it's awesome so what it is is a matte covered in spikes hard spike's if we had cabbage right now and rubbed it on here we'd have coleslaw but what you do you lay down and because this bed will collapse into my enormous weight I'm not going to do it but even with your shirt off you just lay on your back on it and the first thing that happens you go oh my god that hurts it's supposed to do that but it doesn't puncture skin and after about thirty seconds of your body going this really hurts all of a sudden your nervous system your sympathetic nervous system the operating system to keep your meat alive it realizes that what he thought was a threat was not a threat and that no harm is coming and when you do that you shift from a sympathetic dominant fight or flight response into a parasympathetic dominant relax ation response you can go to sleep and get deeper sleep very very quickly using the bulletproof sleep induction matt like we'll have those up on the site within a couple of weeks we think I'm just getting the manufactured with the right organic cotton and all that kind of stuff but it is profound how fast you fall asleep even though this hurts but it stops hurting and then it's just like complete relaxation you roll off of it automatically when you I've done about twenty minutes will do it lost throughout the night because I have it from where I wake up and I've looked at h avi and I go into stress about two hours after going sleep so I just want you but this is just I don't find deeper sleep throughout the night when I use this it might be worth a try for that, but there may be something causing that I'm not sure what it is I don't think we're going to take more questions because of time issues I'm just checking yeah, we're not going to take more questions sorry and finally for whoever was online who asked about what do we do for really racing line and agitation? This is the graph that you get for your sleep of course I didn't actually sleep so you don't see my sleep cycles but you would have seen that from the sleeps like a lap and there's a couple ways you can get your heart rate variability training in for sleep the inner balance at from heart math is what I used to train my clients and the h r v sense app which is the one that I make is the one I used to monitor asleep. So if you want to get a heart rate variability all night long, this is like a two dollar app right now on sale um it works with a chest monitor and the inner balance thing I carry on upgrade itself and for this you clip it on the air and you start the up and what it does mean turn it sideways so get a better image for you guys to go it's getting my heart rate at the top and it guides you to breathe out when you get smaller and then breathe in when it gets bigger and as you do this guy's your breathing and there's a light on the top that you're going to see in a minute, so turned green it's not hitting the screen real smoothly the way it does on the ipad, but what it's showing right now is that I'm in a state of high heart rate variability, even though I'm not really doing the breathing the way I should be it's because I've trained my nervous system to be calm most of the time and what you can do with this is you just breathe and you do whatever the switch inside your head is it's actually switches in your chest to make the light turn green because when you make the light turn red accidentally, it means you just got ready to kill a tiger or run away you see if I can make it turn red? I'm not good at making myself be stressed let's see uh, no mother in law didn't work trying to find something it makes me feel stressed. There we go uh, all right, so that's an example there I got myself out of the sympathetic state, and if you do this for five or ten minutes, the breathing does magic, but it's not really the breathing it's that light at the top and what we're doing here. And we'll talk more in the stress segment about this that your heart beat has spacing between each heartbeat, so you could have in one minute. You could have one hundred heartbeats all in the first ten seconds, or a hundred heartbeats spread out evenly. It turns out the spacing of those heartbeats really matters for this app. Let's, go back to the power point. This is a ninety nine dollars sensor quips to your ear. I have never had a client who didn't improve their sleep quality by doing this for five minutes. Every one of my coaching clients without an ongoing program is required to get one of these and to use it for at least six weeks because it trains your nervous system to calm down and it can be calm in a meeting to be common bed. But your performance across everything goes up because you stop wasting time worrying about tigers that aren't even there.

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