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Lamb Cumin Loaf Demo & Q&A

Humans and interesting spice it has a really a cool feel to it almost like in the back of your throat and it's something that if you make guacamole which I do quite often try adding just a dash of cumin it's fresh good quality human of course along with oregano to guacamole and amazing things happen to the flavor they're in this recipe again we make a mirror a paw and you can tell I'm a very native french speaker so I just have no clue how to say that word no matter how many times I hear it it doesn't stick in my brain so I could say with a spanish accent and then you've really laughing me so you're gonna have to let me not be a french speaking chef what we do here is we take a leak and you take the stock and leaves and you chop it pretty small like this and you put it into a saucepan thiss again is our pretend saucepan that you can see into so pretty straightforward wei have the stocks on ly of bok choy also in the saucepan and three carats chop small because we're very small cards yo...

u can tell I'm doing a cooking demo and let's see we have a way to cook them down over the course of ten minutes you can see the beautiful burner right here and when you do that these I'll get really soft and the flavors all intermingle and it is is really delicious. So you've got no oil in here it's gonna take about ten minutes until the vegetables just get all tender and this is about bringing the flavor out so you can do it with the land when this is cool down a bit and this is a problem with the loaf is it takes a little while to cool, but if you have another pan that's either been in the fridge or just a cold plate, there isn't that much here. This is a flavoring you're making the vegetables so this cooks down to a third of its volume. Dump it on a cold plate. It cools very quickly, so once that's cool down you take the meat in this case grass fed ground lamb and you take four egg whites at room temperature and you mix them together with dried oregano cumin seeds. You can also use powdered cumin here, the seeds for burst of flavor and here's the powdered kim in you put both of those in there, so you get a general background of human and you get this nice, occasional burst of flavor from a little seed, a little bit of apple cider vinegar. This adds a bit of a sour note, which is really important to complete taste profile. It also helps to make the egg yolks firm up a little bit when you mix the egg as the binding agent is, what you've got here is you got these really nice flavored vegetables that have been cooked down, and you want to get them into the meat it's the egg that provides the glue that holds it all together, you could almost call this like a meat loaf of sorts. It is a loaf, but you're not using bread crumbs as a binding agent, we're using eggs and cooked vegetables. You put this mixture, and I'm not going to mix all this up. I was actually going toe going to do it with gloves on, because there's something really viscerally satisfying when your cook about making meatloaf, because you get to, like, smash everything together. Um, but since I haven't cooked this down, I'm not going to do it. And one trick that I've found when making this recipe is parchment paper is really, really nice, because it makes cleanup easy. Put that down in the pan before you mix the ingredients and just pat it down into a loaf, you bake it for about thirty or forty minutes, and what comes out has just this pungent, like, beautiful flavour and just a smell that your whole kitchen will smell and it's not overpowering with the cumin, because it has all the vegetable flavor distributed throughout its it's a really nice dish and if you make it at night for dinner, you khun, then the next morning have it for breakfast if you're not doing just bulletproof interment fasting for breakfast, it's even good for lunch the next day. So this is one of those times when you could do a leftover, but I wouldn't save it like some people like to make a week's worth of meals and put him in the bottom of the fridge you are going to get hi, histamine and probably some other problems if you do that on a regular basis occasionally doesn't matter every day is a practice, not a good idea that said that's, how we cook this when you're done o I didn't mention you could take the rest of the block choi and you, khun layer it out like this, but what you get as ah, very delicious, amazing loaf that is useful for all kinds of things, including you can even make sandwich like things if you're going for lunch the next day, you could just take a piece of lettuce, put it inside a piece of lettuce, folded over and eat it with your hands. This is just a really satisfying dish one thing I'd caution you about when you're cooking. Vinegar is the coolest thing ever because if you want to take something out of a blender, any kind of liquid or soup getting the amount of vinegar right is critical and as you develop a taste for for how a recipe is going to come out apple cider vinegar is your friend balsamic vinegar is not balsamic, it has a really sweet like intense flavor I like balsamic it is also the most toxic of the vinegars it has the most heavy metals and the most mold toxins in it, so even the super high end extra aged by uh your monks in a cave in europe somewhere. Still, there are just fundamental problems with the way it's made and I'm sorry to tell you that so in order to substitute for that tow have less inflammation. What you do is you take good quality organic apple cider vinegar and you put in a little bit of sweden sweetening flavoring whatever sweetener you prefer that's not artificial you could even use honey if you're going to get a small amount, we're talking less than twenty five grams of honey if you need a teaspoon of honey and a recipe, you're not going to die it's okay, but if you need a cup of honey and a recipe that's probably not the right choice because you're going to get those advanced vacation in products and oxidized ldl I often times if I wanted to sweeten this up a little bit, I would add a tablespoon of zyla tall, so when you get this the sour sweet balance right even in a loaf like this, the flavor really, really pops, so pay attention to that small, sour, sweet, sour sweet and you can change things and stay away from balsamic twenty percent of people think stevia tastes like bitter nastiness and I'm one of them, so you don't see a lot of stephen and my recipes, but the new, highly purified stevia that's come out doesn't have so much better in it, so a little bit of that stuff mixed with other sweeteners like his eilat tall can be really, really nice. I would have no problem adding a tiny dash of sweetener to this like stevia, but I would add it to the egg yolks so would be evenly distributed instead of like a concentrated somewhere. Yeah, david and what about freezing meals? You said don't keep them in the fridge, but what if he did meals, vacuum, seal them perhaps and that's your that's, your best path? Okay, vacuum, seal it, put it in the freezer and then when you take it out, eat it soon after it comes out, you're fine, that is that is that the way to do it and most people were eating sandwiches on a regular basis. You can't freeze a sandwich it's just not going to end well, but you can freeze a meatloaf, take it out and throw some lettuce in your lunch and maybe some more butter or something and go. I've been suffering through eating organ meats because I hear they're kind of super foods are they really? Or can I bail on that strategy? One of the worst experiences of my culinary life it was the raw lamb livers movie do not try that at home it was disgusting and wrong, so, yeah, I don't like it if you're gonna eat liver, which is incredibly good for you, you wanted to be young animal grass fed liver, soak the liver either an apple cider vinegar or even in milk and just make sure you rinse it off really well, so good for at least like twelve hours this'll get a lot of the blood out of the liver and that liver flavor goes down enough that it's tolerable to most people that said there's two other ways that I get ninety nine percent of my liver, including the liver I had this morning, I'd buy grass fed desiccated liver tablets or capsules there several brands you just google for them and about six little capsules equals and outs of raw grass fed liver with no flavor ray when I'm home especially if I just bought a whole sheep okay, now I have lamb's liver if my wife doesn't eat it all off she's from sweden and apparently like guts are a major part of the swedish diet um what I'll do is I'll cut the raw liver up into a little like maybe half inch cubes and I'll freeze him on a little tray and then you can just pop it in the back your mouth and take it like a pill and you have to taste it because I just don't think I'm ever going to be a liver man but ali kidneys those air pretty good if you slice him up right at sweetbreads for dinner last night at the epic epic roast house they were delicious so sweet breads are all right if we have time are we going to get into any any point of the movie cooking and the flavour wave? I've done a lot of research myself but the flavor way of particular I don't know much about it but I know you talk about a lot I am definitely not going to get into soviet in this class if we have to have a whole cooking class in order to do it and I love sue veed in fact, before we knew that nathan myhrvold, the ceo of microsoft was one of the major guys doing this back in two thousand four or something I was doing su vida and I have ah laboratory temperature controller and a sushi rice cooker from a restaurant. Actually, that was how I did it, but the direction that molecular gastronomy has gone has been towards one of flavor, so like nathan's recipe for french fries you cook them three different times three different oils and they're like the most crispy, delicious, amazing like orgasmic french fries on earth. I've no doubt about it because he's like he's the man from science perspective but the goal of that style of cooking is flavor at any cost carrageenan, no problem, the fact that carriage unions irritating like gluten to the gut and and it's, not something you want to put in your body doesn't matter. It makes the fluffiest best little spice extract, so we'll go with that in that cell of cooking, I used the same cooking techniques, but I apply them towards maximizing human performance and health, and I want my food to taste really good and be satisfying, but the end goal is I'm willing to give up to flavor points if I get twenty performance points, but the high end restaurant thing is you eat it and all the flavour it's amazing and the presentation was beautiful and I admire the heck out of that art form it's just a za daily practice for me to eat that I I don't perform when I do it so that's why I modified using the same techniques different goal s o su vida I highly recommend I have a question about intermittent fasting I've been following the bowl put diet for three months now and I've been doing intermittent fasting every day my doing this right? Is it healthy to do it every day? Or do I need to do anything to reset my intern? Intermittent fasting? What are your suggestions for weekend eating for weekend eating? You can have in fact, I recommend one day a week with intermittent fasting that you have a high carb day because if you don't go out of ketosis occasionally it's not good for you, you want to kind of surf that line or I'm fat burning fat burning carbs, fat, fat, fat most of the time that dies that have a cheat day like I'm a fan of ten pairs I think his work is really awesome, but on his cheat day, he says, you eat chocolate croissants and pizza. Well, unfortunately, the food cravings and food hangover that that's going to cause for most people last for four days, so you'll lose some weight on it, but the clarity that we're seeking isn't always there with something like that, so what I'd recommend is you won't have a really luxurious carb free feed day on a weekend buy some mochi m o ch I it's a japanese pounded white rice dish and get out that rusty waffle maker put the mochi in the waffle maker the waffle maker will cook a fluffy piece of mucci into something that looks like a waffle and his crunchy on the outside in chewy on the inside and incredibly delicious when you slam like half a stick of carry gold on top of it do you go? You got your carbs, stuff like that you can have waffles for breakfast saturday morning with a big cup of bulletproof coffee and you're getting some carbs you can also have them for dessert with jam on them or something or honey raw honey has got on them so it's not like we're really that deprived on this kind of a diet that's a good way to break it also, if you have adrenal exhaustion, you're not getting enough sleep you're working out all the time intermittent fasting every day puts a load on your greenalls any fat loss other than from nicotine is using adrenaline using your adrenal hormones to help burn your fat. So if your adrenals are in poor shape, then you want to watch out for any kind of fasting including bulletproof intermittent fasting if you have adrenal issues, maybe only a few like most people have some adrenal exhaustion going on because of modern life then you can take adrenal adrenal glandular capsules, and you can use other supplements, will talk about, like adapted jen's in order to make your adrenal gland stronger, which lets you do the intermittent fasting with the results you're looking for. But if you're exhausted and tired, asleep isn't very good. Have some protein in your coffee in the morning, that's, ok, just don't put way protein in your coffee, because it's not heat, stable, you'd ruin. The twenty percent of the way that I make is is kal ostrum it's, designed for similar in the immune system. You heat that up in your coffee, you just wasted really good protein. Don't do that, put the college and that's what it's for.

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