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Gabba let me introduce sleep they're asleep hygiene things we're going to talk about how do you get to sleep faster how do you make the environment around you help you sleep better and then what things you could do inside your body that make you sleep better and there are supplements I use my client base when I do executive coaching which is only a few hours a week like I have a super busy life but I really like spending time with people who are just out to get that extra performance edge these guys have run hedge funds and ceos people like that they're usually exercising good amount they're super stressed all day uh and then they can't go to sleep and over exercise makes it hard to sleep but the first call is always what are your goals? You want to be smarter you wanna lose weight you know food cravings and it's always either I can't go to sleep fast enough or I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't go back to sleep and it really a fax quality of life so gabba is my top suppl...

ement for this gabby's a protein it's a protein excites an amino acid found in protein and it's an amino acid found in most protein sources so it's not a drug or anything like that but when you take it all by itself gets absorbed three receptors and gabba in addition to being an amino acid is what's called a inhibitory neurotransmitters so your brain uses gabba to chemically talk to the cells in the brain you khun take gabble which is relatively cheap and it comes you down it helps you go to sleep quickly I take about a gram of gabba a lot of people benefit from even five hundred milligrams before sleep and it helps me get a deeper sleep. One of my other clients who uh also is a hedge fund trader was really having a hard time sleeping on flights, so he was taking some sleep drugs and it was affecting his life. And I saw mick armors and I gave him my personal stash of gabba and he flies some red eye somewhere and he calls me the other end it goes, is it addictive? Like what you mean? Is it addictive? He said, well, I took some in the morning to and I went into work and had this like zen like calm, I did my trades like everything was so much better, but like, well, I get hooked on this stuff like no more so than you're going to get hooked on beef or eggs, so this is a very natural way to calm your nervous system I've even given it to to some of my bosses in my career I had one boss who would just freak out and you know the stress levels were so high like try a gabba and it's like oh better than green tea like like I'm relaxed I'm focused I'm not drugged it's not like an opiate or something but it's a powerful sleeping hand sir I totally recommend you try that you still can't go to sleep passion flowers and herb that helps people sleep I don't take passionflower regularly but if you need it to go to sleep or stay asleep it is worth an experimental try valerian root even stronger flaring roots smells like crap it is a terrible smelling route they'll stink up your whole kitchen but if you need it it'll help put you down I feel very groggy the next morning I don't use valerian but some of my clients need it magnesium effect if I put this list in order properly it would be magnesium first vin gabba because magnesium before bed helps her muscles and your mind relax almost everyone is deficient in magnesium today it is ah it's an ongoing problem so you might as well take it before bed because it helps your sleep quality would you mind easing do the same thing magnesium oil is an interesting thing it's not actually oil so if you're listening to this people sell magnesium spray and it's magnesium chloride super saturated in water but it feels like oil because it's slippery on your skin and our skin absorbs magnesium like crazy so a lot of times, aural magnesium doesn't even work very well. It works well enough to get you to sleep, but the form of bang museum you take at night really matters. I recommend people trying malaise or citrate or any kind of magnesium form that ends and eighty but magnesium oxide, which is what you find in most multi vitamins and a lot of supplements, is really not very well absorbed in the body. So magnesium oxide isn't your bus way to go. Topical magnesium is annoying when you put on your skin is kind of it doesn't feel that great, but it works really well. Spraying on the bottoms of your feet before you put on your socks is not a bad idea or before bed. If you really have a sleep problem, taken epsom salt bath and you'll absorb a lot of magnesium sulfate through the skin and it really helps getting enough mag into your body should be in terms of all vitamins for all causes. Vitamin d should come first, magnesium should come second the two most important vitamins zinc not everyone needs ink for some people's ink feeds the wrong stuff in the gut but for most people who are zinc deficient. It's a great idea to add a little bit of zinc it helps you make some of your hormones as well, so give that a try if you think makes you feel better in the morning or doesn't make you feel better or better yet you can monitor your sleep and tell if it improves your sleep quality subject cabinet two seven six is asking what brands are good for gabba is it ghb on dollar is saying, can you use high quality dark chocolate for magnesium? I hope the answer is yes um first one um good brands of magnesium sort of gaba any brand that is in a capsule, not a tablet is a really is going to be the sort of thing you want to do unless you're getting some really cheap kind of bulk generic stuff generally gabbas well understood and it's ah, but it's an okay thing to take. I haven't found like really any evidence that there's a super contaminated gabba out there or anything like that, but when you take it in a capsule it's not as if we're in a capsule it's more absorbable than when it's a tablet I would avoid tablets from most vitamins most of the time and the other question wass chocolate yes does job chelsea has magnesium, but it also has things that deplete magnesium in it, so no chocolate is not inappropriate source of magnesium because it has magnesium that balances out the other stuff in the chocolate so we will keep you level I don't think it's going to deplete you but that said you should definitely eat dark chocolate it has a whole host of research about what way it's good for you it also tastes really good. Unfortunately, chocolate is mohr has more of a problem with fungal contamination that even coffee which is one of the crops were twenty percent of all coffee worldwide has lost a fungus on a good year, so the stuff that was almost lost is still sold and chocolate has a much more difficult process to optimize to get healthy chocolate and this is totally not an infomercial, but since they asked I manufacture chocolate that's made with a different process for the chocolate but there is still fermentation that happens just we control variables in the fermentation that aren't normally controlled and then I laboratory test the chocolate to see if there's histamine that forms and to see if the various mold toxins have formed if they do, I reject it with the supply process and the chocolate process that I use today we've never had to reject the shipment using the right process, but we still validate that what we're doing works so good quality chocolate is great, but there are enormous reasons to not eat cheap chocolate it is definitely not good for you, it's that old picture it's a scale where do you want to be on your chocolate? Most chocolate has the bad stuff very high and the good stuff relatively low. Good chocolate is like very full of antioxidants and things like that. One of the problems with chocolate is that we have hybridized chocolate trees. The stuff the trees I use are fifty plus years old and it's a heritage breed. The new trees grow fully in five years, and they make very low quality chocolate with less antioch since, and they're more susceptible to problems in agriculture that lead to talks information that leads to worst flavor and also worst performance. And people eat the chocolate, so you want to feel really good? Eat the high quality, low sugar, very good, dark chocolate, preferably with a european standard. Because european standards are better than american standards, do I sound picky? Seems to be a big, big topic it it's a religion? Chocolate is awesome stuff, but don't mess around with the cheap stuff like you just you need to be good. I wish the chocolate industry would stand up and just say that is brown, but it is not chocolate because they're selling a lot of ground stuff that looker tastes like chocolate the way I do it. So, dave, I have several people asking about gabba and not something I know about, so I'm just gonna ask you a f and no self about can you address world gabin are crossing the blood brain barrier. A lot of people are asking about this and also, if you notice effects, is the gabba mom molecule too large to cross the blood brain barrier? I haven't seen a study doesn't mean that there isn't one that says that it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, but I do know very well that gabba makes people sleep better. It relaxes them that it wasn't a placebo effect from the guy who felt a change during the day, not just at night, and I definitely sleep better on it. So it's having an effect and different forms of gabba like the aural firm vs it's just it's just a normal form. I've never heard of injecting gabba you might be able to, but you could do lines of it maybe I never done that either freebasing free, but I think you just eat it. Thank you, sure, it's a good question, and if someone has something like either post on facebook, on bulletproof exact or twitter it to me, I will check it out I would love to see some research there. One of the things I do like with the uh the glue to find forces is I'm working with new technologies that could bring large molecules into the blood where traditionally you couldn't do this in the gut so we're taking some pretty amazing technologies out of biochemistry and applying them to nutrition instead of just like toxic drugs the other one vitamin d surprisingly for sleep I actually I have seen studies and I've written about them where you take vitamin d in the morning and helps you sleep at night I've also seen studies and I validated them with my own guinea pig experiments taking vitamin d at night seems to keep me up but a guy who's a friend is someone I really respect doctor dr jack parsley navy seal sleep doctor uses a little bit of vitamin d at night with great results along with a bunch of other stuff some of which is on this list so your mileage may vary on vitamin d but the bulkier vitamin d should be in the morning will help you sleep at night so the bulk of the vitamin d am preferably yeah virginity is kind of the sunshine vitamin it is particular quality I am a fan of pretty much any vitamin d out there for most people but I did find I was taking like one of the like I want to name them but there's a couple of companies that have very broad range and they have a whole bunch of in house supplement brands that they make that a really, really cheap I was taking the vitamin d from one of those cos it took sixteen thousand I use a date to raise my blood level when I took vitamin d from a higher quality company I actually found that I needed about half a cz much so there are definitely some quality issues the really best ones are like the oil encapsulated vitamin d's uh carlson makes a good one and the vitamin d research institute of sorry vitamin d research council the doctor candle runs doctor candles spoken at the silicon valley health institute and has an amazing website with all kinds of research about this he recommends a specific brand of vitamin d and if you buy it for him I think it supports their research. Uh I follow his dozing recommendations for d I think he's ah pretty remarkable researcher although I also take a little bit more a than he recommends next up raw honey here's some raw honey this looks like it's from real honey which is a good brand what didn't I just tell you eat less sugar less fructose isn't honey full of fructose it was a really intriguing study where they looked at the effect of raw honey not raw honey put in hot tea which becomes cooked honey but actual raw honey on liver glycogen glycogen is how your body stores carbohydrate for later use as glucose to fuel the brain or the muscles when you eat a piece of fruit it goes to liver glycogen and it goes to muscle glycogen. Your brain, though, gets all the liver glycogen first, so if you have a hard time staying asleep at night up to a tablespoon of raw honey before bed preferentially twenty two percent preferentially feeds the liver so that your liver glycogen is high but your muscle glycogen is low, which is what you want so you don't get basically too much sugar circulating in the system. When that happens all night long, your brain gets enough glucose if it the same time you take this raw honey, you put some of the other created m c t and with it that provides another non sugar fuel source for your brain. This is something that works for any time you need brain energy to go for a long period of time at night. One of the several causes of morning sickness also is a drop in blood glucose because you can't hold enough energy for your brain at night, especially when you're pregnant. So surprisingly, this little trick can do wonders for people, whether you're pregnant or man or woman, it doesn't matter for sleep don't do it if you don't need it, but if you need it it will keep your brain fuelled all night long talking about sleep hygiene it's kind of like you have to floss your sleep dopamine it's one of those things that's ah exciting and stimulating in the brain so if you have excess dopamine you're gonna have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep playing shoot him up video games right before sleep not a good idea any like super stimulating things you do listening teo to death metal uh right before right before bed may not be a great idea ah, and I apologize in advance teo mark hunter, the frontman for kym era it's a billboard fifty death metal bands who just wrote three days ago in revolver magazine he called me the heisenberg of coffee, which is perhaps the greatest compliment I've ever received so uh yeah love your music, man, but in the morning next up cortisol cortisol, the stress hormone you need lots of quarters on the morning and there's a normal daily circadian rhythm to your cortisol. So if you have a problem that your circadian rhythm is slipped because you was flipped because you're a night owl, you can have difficulty going to sleep or more likely you had a stressful day you don't have a meditation or relaxation practice or you're over exercising or you're eating foods that you're sensitive too because you didn't use your food sense application when you do any of those things, your razor quarters all night, which makes it hard to go to sleep and makes it hard to get quality sleep, so quarters, all lowering activities like exercise in the afternoon instead of right before bad, also will help you there. Melatonin. Most melatonin capsules, airway overdosed. You take like point three milligrams. You make point, three milligrams in your body, but most of the time, those cell nine milligram capsules. I would not take melatonin every night because it's going to reduce your natural production of it. What you can do with melatonin, though, is when you need it for a particularly strange schedule, when you're going to be traveling, things like that. It's, a temporary sleep aid, but not a regular sleep, babe.

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