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We're gonna talk about spices and flavorings because a lot of these hack your brain, so we went from using electronics back to using things from mother nature to hack your head and that's gonna cool. Now I mentioned about the problem of old spice is and that's, not old spice old spices, and what happens there is different than what we're talking about here there is some compounds and spices that are incredibly good for the brain. They turn off inflammation in the brain a good example there would be ginger so ginger, whether it's, fresh or it's good quality dried ginger is an anti inflammatory spice, it also tastes really good. A lot of americans haven't learned to cook with gender it's, not a traditional spice that you've likely found in your kitchen as a child if you grew up in a lot of the u s. But if you go toe thai restaurant it's incredibly common to find it and incorporating this and soup or with fish is really easy to do and it's something I recommend on a regular basis because ...

your brain works better when it's less inflamed cilantro tastes really, really good, at least I love it in guacamole, but cilantro also helps to move mercury out of the body. Mercury is something that slows your brain way way down and we have a problem with mercury in the fish and mercury in the environment because of all the coal were burning so doing things that help your body get better at eliminating toxins is a good idea parsley unlimited amounts can help your kidneys you don't want to eat like fifteen heads of parsley necessarily because it actually can clog up your kiddies if you have too much but it adds a nice flavor it's agood garnish and actually eating partial injury came parsley juice is a good idea the other spices that are really powerful ones oregano, rosemary all of these have birbal uses outside of flavoring of your food so if you're going to eat a spice that has anti oxidants in it or even protects your food that's a pretty cool thing to do same thing with time so these air the spices I tend to focus on when I'm when I'm doing a recipe because this is the the ones with the most cognitive benefits apple cider vinegar should be a staple in your kitchen you should have some of it available because all recipes needed balance of sweet and sour and getting that sour flavor in can be hard to do and that's the way to do it you also could use msg to recommend it though because this is one of those things that takes your brain in the opposite direction in the us, if something is seventy five percent msg, it must be labeled, if it's seventy four percent msg, it could be called spice or spice, extractive sze or any one of these things. Yeast extract malt extract is always mostly msg flavoring can be a mystery and often is, and all commercial salad dressings I've been able to find have an msg derivative in them. In fact, whole foods has a ranch dressing the recipe for in stressing, by the way, is garlic, some sort of cheap oil and msg that is ranch dressing there's. Nothing else in there to speak of that gives it the flavor. So the whole foods organic three, sixty five ranch dressing that I looked at last time was essentially that list, but they had organic spice, extractive sze, so organic chemistry is possible. Quick, quick question on the mystery you say seventy five percent like in ingredients is that like, I don't really understand what that means. So if this was one hundred percent msg and I wanted to sell it, I would had twenty five percent or twenty six percent yeast. And then I would have something that I could call yeast right here but if I've got a packet with twenty different ingredients what how would the one of a kind of one of the ingredients will be spices or spice extract? And that ingredient is mostly msg but it wasn't all msg so they didn't have to say it was all msg so most yeast extract east naturally makes a lot of good mates you put some salt in there you process it a lot in fact, if you want to make chemistry it's easy take a bunch of broccoli stems or other vegetable debris that you don't really can't really sell mix it with acid for awhile, cook it down a little bit and then add a bunch of lie sodium hydroxide and it'll precipitate out the msg I actually have to add some salt in there too but it's relatively simple to make from any vegetable so they basically find sources of vegetable amino acids textured vegetable protein, textured soy protein all of those have a very high amount of msg in them but they're not one hundred percent msg and it's naturally occurring msg so you don't have to label it is a mystery so this is a major problem msg increases restaurant revenues because when you have it your body wants sugar so you can increase the amount of energy in yourselves to get it out of your brain what glutamate does in the brain it's in it excites the synapses it causes synaptic firing inside the head so when you have msg, your synapses start firing more and normally you fought you squirts unglued, mate, you fire and then you pull the good made out just called a re uptake process when there's access good made in the system, you can't suck out all the good mate from a synapse, so the synapse keeps firing and firing and firing. This is why there's such a correlation of migraines and other problems with msg and it's also why restaurants want you did to either a little bit of msg because you order dessert because your body wants the sugar and you order more drinks because you're thirsty so they make more money most restaurant owners and chefs they don't know this, they don't even know they're buying a mystery. They know if I use these ingredients, people really like it and they buy more stuff and that's how it's reflected but they're hacking your brain without knowing their hacking their brain and instead of having the biochemical understanding, they're looking at the economics of it and saying, I think that this spice thing obviously works with people eat more when I put it in there, but the reason you're eating more is because your brain's like please don't kill any more of me I would like to I'd like to deal with this it also makes you fat so watching your msg and avoiding it is a big problem it is incredibly common if there's a sauce in a restaurant the chances of there being a machine that sauce our very, very high which is why I tend to say when I go into a restaurant could you put on ly salt on that please even if they're cooking me it's very common for them to salt meat and they take some spiced extract and they tossed it on the meat because it tastes good the fact that it does something to your ability to process sugar and it does something else is a big problem which is why you should pay attention there's another spice this's term eric to america is an amazing spice for the brain it can actually give you energy and it's very, very anti inflammatory it also lowers coagulation of the blood america is not a spice I learned to cook with us a child it was something that you know stained your food bright orange and I probably never had to america till I was twenty something if you go to an indian restaurant though you're eating some to america I use it now on meat especially that I'm going to be cooking on a grill because it's such a strong an accident it can help to protect the meat itself and the recipes you see uh, that I write a bit on the blogged very much focused on using spices for their anti oxidant properties inside of you, as well as on your food is your cooking it? There are other foods like miso miso naturally makes a lot of histamine, and it makes its own naturally occurring msg, which we call mommy as a flavor. I don't recommend using me so because you'll also get the food cravings. Miso soup at the beginning of your meal equals how much more sushi or you're going to eat later in the meal. A significant amount now a chef who's paying attention to what you eat would say, uh, this soup no it's so good it makes people love it. They come in, they feel very satisfied when they leave. But the mechanism of action there is it's tricking you into eating more than you should eat because your body's, like, get this out of here then again, if you're starving need to me, so but we aren't starving right now. Here, the do you recommend fresh spices over the ground and powdered, you've got quite a mix of them there on the table. Does it make any difference which is used, you know? The quality of spices matters if you have good qualities fresh ones, they taste better. They're less convenient, though, if you wanted making oregano crusted piece of grass fed lamb, which is amazing instead of a pepper crust to do an oregano crest crusting with fresh oregano doesn't work very well. So dried is really nice winner reagan's in season, I guess I'm that kind of, uh, chef, I have a big dehydrator, so when it's in season, I'll buy like a huge amount at the farmer's market, I dehydrated and I know that's really good that's the maximum flavor, but if you just buy the organic oregano that's not powdered but is crumbled individual dried leaves. I recommend that for most people most of the time, unless you have a little herb garden, in which case you'll get mohr antioxidant and more health benefit activities from doing it that way, america is one to watch out for a lot of the temerity that you could buy like a bulk. Ben it's been oxidizes, spank supposed toe light and air, and there are mold contamination problems with that delivery system, so I wouldn't go for the big bulk things like that. In fact, I used to american home and actually buy term eric vitamin capsules, and I just break him open and sprinkle it on because then it's always fresh and it's less messy that way believe it or not, when you just pull a capsule apart and sprinkle it, I don't get orange fingers as much just in regards to that a lot of stunt people are starting to use two americans toe advil all the time do you recommend that? Are just cooking with it is better I'd take two americ one of the problems I've found is that when I take a lot of america and I as ah guy formulates vitamins that do unusual things I work on putting to america into different forms where it absorbs even better with that and you can get your absorption so high that it actually will give you a nose bleed like it makes your blood running like aspirin or advil would it definitely works I don't know that I'd use instead of advil but advil overtime getting some very negative effects on the lining of your stomach and not just advil brand any of the nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. So if you'd just been injured and you know you fell out of a car while driving, which is something you do for a living, right? I think they're using him I mean problem where of it? Because everyday things that your training, you're sore and all that so that you're not using it all the time and when you have a major that was the right way to do it. Taking a little bit of america every day is a really good idea. I think that there's great evidence for that it's one of my favorite herbs that has an effect on the body I take turmeric everyday and yeah, if I fell out of a car for a living I would take advil when I was all bruised up and beaten so there was a time in my life when I would take no, you know, advil or any of those other things being opposed to drugs or opposed to natural solutions. It doesn't actually make sense because neither those categories is anything other than than an idea but the individual substance itself risk reward for each item and those drugs are relatively safe for occasional use when taken with food but to america you could take it every day with their without food it's not gonna rip up your stomach I want to know, including amy and mr porter how much america they take you personally? How much do I take, lord, do you recommend I probably take graham, but see, I mix several different forms and minor lipa's homo encapsulated I just launched my bluetooth ion, which, uh, it's right here, this same kind of thing so the way I might take it would be in a format like this where you actually are squirting a little bit of gel into your mouth because it goes right through the stomach lining so I'm getting way more biological activity than you normally would and you can on lee take lou defying that way so when I'm experimenting in my little bio hacking facility at home I'm usually taking forms that either aren't available on the market yet or are very high end so what I would say there is if it's within reason get the term eric that has been supercritical extracted so that you can get a higher amount of the bio active parts but if all you can afford his regular turmeric capsules take those and the work fine you just need to take a lot more because term eric doesn't absorb very well if you just take it as a powdered capsule you need to put fat in with it by the way I wonder so my recipes put two american with fatso you get more out of it they do or better yet if you standardize the amount of turmeric oil in the temerity and you take that which is a proprietary way of getting it you can get your blood levels very, very high so it's kind of a long answer to a simple question, but the quality of your term eric supplement matters greatly so don't scamp if you can avoid skimping if not some to america is probably better than notre merrick so you can get that you know the low end brands for six bucks a bottle if you go to the ten dollar bottle ones, you're probably getting a lot more for your money. This has been a subject that's really and engage the audience clearly and we're going to talk about stress in a second let's just just one more question because there's something apparently you talked about on your website pete from austin, texas is asking about pink himalayan salt pinkola himalayan salt is something that I take on a daily basis and we talked about using that for stress and it was on our spice table. The thing about assault is that salt can have a bitter metallic taste or camera very sweet taste it can be finally ground or khun b in big flakes, so if you're finishing a dish for flavor, you might want to use big crystals like a maldon sea salt or the swedish salt crystals that are shaped like little pyramids because they're crunchy and delicious. But if you're going to be using salt for trace minerals and lack of pollutants, the pink home emily insult is kind of hard to beat your record was trying to get to lerner still talking about I had a bio hacking story that I didn't I didn't know I was doing it about a year and a half ago but I got diagnosed with fungus and my nose was causing like bad nose breath leave leave and I never heard about it bad nose breath it's kind of weird I'll kill your dating life you know? Yeah, my fiance was like, you can't kiss me right now your nose thing so I had to like doctors wanted to put me on like they want to put me on like this barrage of antibiotics that's all they want to do it I'm like, you know, so I got on google I found one thing somewhere I think was on yahoo answers and the guy had the same issues like yeah, I just got some regular oil from the health food store and put him on a q tip in my nationals and was gone in like two days. So it was like I went over down a health food store got a ball of oregano oil for five bucks and I did the q tip thing and also I put five drops instead of a neti pot brings out my science but that it was gone in two or three days ago never came back. You're fortunate it turned out that way because some of those oils have you done with tea tree oil you probably would have been in an incredible amount of pain that reagan oil burn you cant believe but I just sucked it up so be careful you can't actually hurt yourself with some of these things test a little bit first, but yeah, it's. A lot of these spices have profound anti fungal benefits. Original oil is one that you cannot seize on toenail fungus like it's, a pretty strong, actually anti microbial for both fungus and bacteria. So it's worth googling a little bit it's, so cool. When I started doing this years, years ago, you had, like, buy books, and then what was in the book might be good and there wasn't an opinion on it. But now you can find the one other guy who needed a nose mint and you guys can strategize on what to do about the bad smelling nose. This is why the internet and the cloud itself has totally changed all of our abilities to take care of ourselves, because you can always find that other person who dealt with the same thing you are. And there's even companies out there. Twenty three and mia does genetic analysis acquired a company called cure together that my friend alexandra started alexandra carmichael had some health conditions and said, what if I got five hundred other people together, had my weird symptoms and we ran our own studies on ourselves? How cool is that that's, citizen science the way it ought to be.

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