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Let's get into the bulletproof diet though if you look at why people come to the bulletproof executive based on search queries they're joyce on quantitative or what there's there's two things number one bulletproof coffee what is it how does it work and we will talk about that promise the other one though is the bulletproof diet so we're going to talk about that now I decided after I lost my weight that I wanted to dye it that did specific things I've been a weightlifter kind of guy and there's a set of people out there who are like you know I wantto lift weights I want giant muscles I want to be super lean there's another set of people thie anti aging crowd I hang out with like I decided I would eat only like forty calories a day and I'll be cold and thin all the time you know the radical calorie restriction types on I have friends from both camps one camp can bench press the other camp and not vice versa but I didn't want to either one of those guys what I wanted was massive resilien...

ce and this is definitely something that is achievable with not just the bulletproof diet but with the bulletproof life and eating the right foods to generate resilience is a very good idea for you I wanted the highest cognitive performance some people want to eat to run a marathon that's not my game in fact does anyone know what happened? Is a guy who ran the first marathon hey died, which is why we run marathons to be healthy. I didn't want to think about gaining or losing weight the number of times I've lost twenty or thirty pounds and then gained thirty or thirty five pounds, I've lost track of what you're doing, and I was fourteen because of michael, look, I could lose the weight and there it is again, so I don't want to think about it anymore, or I want to just know that if I eat this way, it's done, and that is part of the requirements for the bullet your day. I don't really want to get old because I was pretty much old when I was young, given that arthritis today's fourteen and all. So I have no interest in aging more quickly than I need to, so I'd like to lower my risk of the diseases of ageing and fertility. Now, as a man it's important infertile, you might say what I already have two kids. Uh, lana, if you're listening, I know I don't want more but here's the thing fertility for both men and women is an amazing biomarker for how healthy you are and I'm assuming this is before middle age when it's normal and healthy to to lose your fertility but if you are of the age where you ought to be fertile and you've lost your fertility that should tell you something and guys that tells you something about the last three days up to three months about what you've done and women the cycles are a little bit longer but in both cases if things aren't working right there it's a sign that lots of other things aren't working right because the way evolution works is evolution sort of tells us your job as a species is to reproduce so if the environment is so bad or whatever's going on inside your body you're sick or whatever it is it's so bad that we have to give up the core reason for the species which is reproduction then maybe things aren't that good so if you are dealing with issues there that's a sign that you're doing something wrong outside yourself or there's something going wrong inside yourself and it deserves attention so I decided for all of these variables I wanted to die it they would do these infertility was really about if the diet works it ought to make you stay fertile for longer and it auto even help restore fertility and it did in my own family's case here's what it looks like by the way I'm really proud to show you this picture because check this out. This is the first time anyone's ever seen it. This is a small piece of the new bulletproof diet infographic when you sign up for the paid version of the course, you'll be one of the first people to see this. The book on this is coming out in about three months at bulletproof died book dot com, where you consigned to get the first chapter soon. What we're doing here is we're saying in this diet six to eleven servings of vegetables a day, that would be a lot of vegetables, and in this course, I will show you how to eat six to eleven servings of vegetables because actually hard like they're crunchy your jog it's tired there's ways to get vegetables into the body oils and fast it's only five to nine servings. Thank you, uh, usda for defining servings the way you do confusing, but this is fifty to seventy percent of your calories. Yes, that's right, I look like this and seventy percent of my calories come from fat your brain's made out of fat. Your hormones are made out of fat, your cell membranes are made out of fat and they're not made out of canola oil, they're made out of saturated fat and mono unsaturated fat. Less than one percent of your body is sugar or starch and I've done the research and quantified that so if you're going to eat these things then you want to eat them and you should eat them you want to eat them at the right time and not too much when I was young I used to believe that I needed to eat these for energy so you need a bowl of grape nuts in the morning and I think that was okay how I'm goingto have high energy the only problem was I had to eat every two or three hours and my energy was all over the place because the human body doesn't do that well on ah high sugar high grain I starts diet likewise for protein four to six servings of protein servings brother way of protein a reasonably small because proteins expensive so the economic forces say make protein uh servings very small it's up to twenty percent of calories but really less protein is better if you don't need it that sounds a little bit weird if you're trying to build muscle or you're not getting enough protein it's a problem but a lot of people are trying to lose weight including me when I could only lose fifty pounds of the hundred I wanted to lose we made the mistake of just pounding the protein even now well well sugar was bad you've got to eat high protein it's not true proteins highly inflammatory when you have too much of it you want to get enough protein to meet all of your protein requirements and get the rest of your fuel from fat or even sugar but burning protein for energy is really hard on the body and it leads to inflammation especially around the middle of the body, so don't mess around with cheap sources of protein eat the very highest quality protein you can get and speaking of quality this diet talks a lot about the quality of foods and there's a few things to understand right up front ah fat is not a fat so coconut oil or butter or or an animal fat let's say is made out of different stuff than soybean oil if you take them apart you look at them chemically they're not even the same sort of thing they're both in the same giant class of things but maybe you'd say well they both do about the same thing in the body let's talk about protein so if maybe I said hey here's a bowl of only thirty grams of protein this here's a bowl of protein you probably what is it? And I said I would spider venom but its protein don't worry you would probably not eat that right now, you know from over here I said, hey there's a bold eggs so all right ali tem so somehow we know that not all proteins were the same. Yet when most people who are listening to this right now think about food, they think proteins protein. So this tofu burger is the same as this chicken breast is the same as the piece of steak. I hate to tell you, it's inconvenient ain't that those are not the same thing, but they are not, and they have fundamental different effects on your body and on your inflammation. The bulletproof diet because of this, goes through and tells you what to avoid and shows you what you should be focusing on. It also doesn't tell you what you have to do. It's a road map it's not a set of things you must do. There are a few things that are pretty important. You get rid of the processed foods you feed those to people you don't like grains and soy, same thing soy doesn't even create healthy animals when you feed it to most animals, not to mention what gmo soy does, and then milk and even cheese unfortunately has protein that is highly inflammatory for most people, and she's had some other things in it. When you get rid of these categories, a lot of people feel dramatically better within two or three days. Like the fog lifts, and they have a kind of energy that they haven't felt in a very long time, and if that doesn't work, then at bulletproof coffee and you're like, yes, this is the entire infographic that's coming out in the new book, the one that you can get when you sign up for the paid version of the course way. Explain how much of what to eat nutrient timing in a simple chart for each one of these, and we explained for each category less inflammatory, more inflammatory. So what you're really doing is you're saying for this next meal, I'm going to get it's going to contain some starch. What starch starch is here, it's going to contain some nuts? Isn't this not for this? Not so you can go through, and you can literally see, where are you? On the road map? And some people are going to say, I'm only going to get dark green things, and when you do that, you usually feels some pretty profound stuff, but you can start there, you can start wherever you are, but no matter what you decide to have for lunch or dinner today, you're somewhere on this map, and you can understand if what you're doing is mostly appear, but you're doing three things down here that are highly inflammatory, well, maybe after that meal, you got eighty percent right? But the twenty percent killed you. So if it's the twenty percent that hurt your performance, knowing what they likely are and then testing those things would be pretty valuable, but let's face it. What good is an eating road map if you don't have a way to navigate? There are about o thirteen hundred references that went into this hundred. Yeah, and by the way, I don't have all thirteen hundred here's, only nine hundred of them listed on the website there are more that went in that somewhere in the process got lost, but the thing is there's lots of books they'll tell you how to eat like the paleo diet. I love the paleo crowd like like I even have paleo shoes. See, but here's the thing if you don't know where you fall on this map, even if you're eating paleo one of my favorite things that we don't hear enough about in those circles and some of the very new things were getting here is their own cooking. So if you take the most perfect paleo grass fed meat avocados and then you cook them the wrong way, you introduce a whole bunch of inflammatory stuff some people are more sensitive to those toxins than others, but there is a very noticeable difference in my cognitive performance between a grilled steak over high temperature that's been charged and a sou veed steak that's cooked at a controlled temperature the way the high end restaurants do in a water bath it's the same stake the big variable here is what happened when the fats dripped onto hot coals and came back up who the heck cares? There's a lot of weird science behind that and we actually talk about that in this class in one point on the slide I'll tell you the names of the toxins and how they're farmed but just knowing if I tried to cook a little bit more in this direction versus this direction I can control inflammation my goal is to just say look, if you don't I feel almost like a buzz after your meal like I feel so good then there was probably something in there that was too far towards the side of inflammation and this is the easiest tool it took two months to put this tool together with all to get all the knowledge and all the right places and to be able to tell you well, where did you land today? So this is the best way that I know of in order to decide how you doing on the inflammation and the performance side of things including its pretty much paleo there's a few places where a paleo when I don't agree but even if let's say you're a vegan and there are probably a few begins watching this. They're also probably a few soon to be ex vegans watching this, I've converted more than my fair share of vegans to eating very well treated, high quality animal products as a way of helping their health and even helping the environment so let's say that you're a vegan here could probably gonna be eating more starch than average, but which starches are more compatible with humans, which starts his contain other things that are inflammatory in them. I was a raw vegan for about half a year, it did not help my health. In fact, I got some food sensitivities that I didn't have before that, but if I had known what was on this chart, I would have probably chosen my vegetables differently or prepared them differently. So this is as comprehensive as it gets it's also something that fits on your refrigerator that's the other thing that's exciting, you don't need a reference manual in your kitchen. You need one, paige, you can look at it and say, I'm gonna pick between his two foot foods, howto white slightly increase my performance, we're making a better choice that's kind of it I'm taking this to the grocery store most definitely, and you'll be able to buy the book. It's a soon to be new york times bestseller another question you mentioned a couple of times about inflammation yeah and like most people think about informations like my knee swelled up but I don't think you're talking about that can you kind of sure span on that inflammation is something that happens throughout your body and food really really does this to you if you look in the mirror and you say oh my goodness I developed a muffin top well what cause is that it's not that you got fat from yesterday to today if you want to experience muffin top for yourself eat on the green side of this for three four days then go out and have four five beers and look at yourself the next morning the mirror there will be inflammation you did not get fat from the beer you got inflamed from the bear so a lot of people who are walking around thinking that they're obese I have extra fat but they also have a lot of extra inflammation in their body and it's because just like if a bee stings you swell up different parts of your body get this process going and food is one of the things that's inflammatory so is a lack of sleep so is a lack of some nutrients so is extra exercise even so there are lots of things that can push you to inflammation and some inflammation is good for you when you lift heavy things for while your muscles get inflamed. They get sore and tired in that drives growth. So not all inflammations bad. Not all. Stress is bad, but chronic inflammation caused by your food, which is a major issue for people today is a bad thing. In fact, it's one of the things that not only affects your body inflamation affects the speed that electricity can flow in your mind. So a person with an inflamed body will experience an inflamed mind. And when you have an inflamed mind, it's harder for your brain to do the things that it evolved to do. There's also another question. Great blood test that you khun, quantify your inflammation with and track it as you implement the diet. Yes, most people who have spoken with and people on the forums on bulletproof exact dot com who have tracked their inflammation within six weeks. They see he huge improvements and inflammation. And these usually, uh, lipids or a cardiovascular profile. Things like c reactive protein and homocysteine and lp p l a too. And these air, of course, in the reference guide that you get when you sign up these types of tests are markers of inflammation and there's ah lot written about risk for cardiovascular events and stroke. Tied to inflammatory markers in the blood, it turns out inflammation is a better marker, whether you're going to have one of those events than simple cholesterol numbers. The reason that we've spent so much time focusing on cholesterol for so many years cholesterols easy to measure, so we tend to focus on things we can see and measure when you spend blood, the cholesterol separates out so wow, we could do that going back, I believe, to the nineteen thirties of memory serves so we can start looking at that as something new. The problem is that what comes out isn't always the same cholesterol there's, many different types, and if you have high cholesterol and you have no inflammation, you have a very different situation in the body than vice versa. So I care more about homocysteine and c reactive protein. Then I do about total cholesterol. In fact, I don't care much about total cholesterol. It all, uh, teo, go further on mark's question uh, something I've been wondering about it, and I was gonna ask today, so I'm gonna ask it is ah, is there a certain blood tests or other tests and germinal you suggest that we do is a baseline, and then a timeframe of whether it's six weeks or three months to revisit and quantify those numbers I mean, the ones you mentioned obviously, but other stuff too, I would check out the wellness fx test profiles wellness fx dot coms letter f x this is also in the uh in the reference guide that you can get with a download I'm an advisor to the company and I've worked with them on what what things should be in the panel and you get a pretty comprehensive thing there you want to understand what having with your blood lipids you want to understand those inflammation markers and then there's basic stuff like how's your liver doing and from their testing can get very expensive very quickly. One thing that I do when I work with my executive performance coaching clients is oftentimes I want to know how their thyroids doing because there's seven ways your thyroid kenbrell ache and your thyroid sits here in your neck and it's something that controls your body temperature when your thyroid isn't working right which happens as a result of pollution or disease or illness or stress or dietary changes or even things like soy protein or even access kale believed or not can affect thyroid function those things when you when you have that we have those things happen your thyroid function gets lower your ability to pay attention and focus and have energy all day goes down so the typical tests you get the doctor's office for your thyroid says, oh let's, just look at the hormone that stimulates thyroid hormones there, then you'll be fine, but the other six ways your thyroid can break involved one part of the hormone doesn't convert to another part, so it's good to get a full thyroid panel and that's something that one this fx has available. So when you do that is not uncommon at all, especially if you're dealing with weight issues or energy issues or attention issues to figure out something's a little off there and maybe you can correct it nutritionally maybe can use supplements, or maybe you want to work with your physician giving a prescription thyroid medication there's nothing wrong with fixing things using the appropriate tools about health issues there, she date because it's wrong about the thyroid strong has asked us online. Are there any special concerns for someone who has hep c, who has hepatitis c? The special concerns for hepatitis c r how's your liver doing and I'm not a medical doctor. I am a bio hacker, but certainly improving liver function is an important thing to do, and there are lots of ways you can do that nutritionally. And when you're talking about things like the bulletproof diet, you need to be getting your liver mark curzon hep c anyway, but some of the types of fat that I recommend, for instance, can help the liver function and as we get into more detail over the next couple of days we'll talk about things like bile turnover in the liver and how that affects things. So if I was dealing with hepatitis c, which has certainly happened in my family, then what you want to be doing is looking at antioxidant levels and things that boost the production of the anti oxidants in the liver any other questions? All right, so we talked about this nice roadmap here, which is great, but if you want to know where you are and also you won't eat something down here is this working for me? You're not working for me is very hard to know, so you ate a meal you weren't particularly tired meeting feel great you don't feel bad, but you know, maybe you're tired because you worked hard, so if you eat something that causes low grade inflammation every day because you think it's good for you and it's not it will take a toll on your performance it'll mean you're more tired it'll mean you're less focus I mean you're crankier and moodier, so the compass is the trick there there's an iphone app it's free it's called food sense and you can actually detect problem foods using your iphone all you do is hold the iphone up to your finger the flash on the camera turns on shines in your finger and we use the camera to look at changes in the color of your finger. Believe it or not, every time your heart beats your skin turns red. In fact, it's happening on your face right now, it just happens faster and in finer grade e ation than we can see, but using these incredibly cheap, low cost centers like you're talking about now your iphone can get your heart rate and you can download this from the app store you just search for bulletproof food sense. This is free because I think it's so important that I'd rather more people had access to it. What it does is it looks at your heart rate before you eat a meal, and then it asks if your heart rate after you eat a meal and if you wait something on that road map that was not the right food for you, your heart rate will go up by more than sixteen beats per minute. This is based on work dating as far back as the nineteen fifties from a guy named dr broca. This is a cheap and easy way to tell if you have food sensitivities, and once you tell you say, wow, I do have some food since to be something's raising my heart rate in a way that's probably not perceptible to me what I do about it, well, you avoid them, and you may decide you want to go out and get a full laboratory panel to figure out what foods you're allergic to or not. When I'm working with my executive coaching clients, I suggest they get a full blood tests to figure out what foods they should avoid. The problem is that if you go to a restaurant and you tell them, don't put that in there, I don't even know if they're putting it in there anymore, so these giant companies mix a bunch of ingredients together, and one of my favorite examples of this gluten messes me up. I do not do well if I included, I'm pretty sensitive to it, so I'm on a virgin atlantic flight in first class or the food's actually probably the best airplane food that you'll find I still don't need on airplanes, though at the time I was still waiting on airplanes and think it gave me a gluten free muffin biscuit bread thing, and I was about to eat it, and I read the ingredients that contains wheat starch contains sixty milligrams of gluten per gram, so there was like sixty milligrams of gluten in this piece of thing that was labeled in big letters gluten free because the way we label food is it is mostly free of that that's good enough same thing no added msg as long as what you added was only seventy four percent msg it's legal to say there's no msg in there because of my own health history I am like a canary you give me a miss g I'm going to be down for the count I really feel unwell when I have it so I can tell you very very well when I missed you when I didn't and funny enough it's there a lot of time even when very well meaning cook in a restaurant says no I didn't add any because they added the spice mix and the spice mix legally didn't have to admit that it was in there even though it wass so and up like this on your iphone that can tell you if this happened or didn't happen it's kind of a useful thing to have any plans for an android app plans yeah okay so it is like it's a free app and I support a lot of research and and all with the bulletproof executive website so yes definitely I want to do an android app and I'm working with the developer team on that but it probably means other developers and it's a free ab so I'm doing my best here around so many people are asking about your red glasses you want to just give up very quick reasons to why you wear orange maybe yeah they're orange I'm in training with bono all right, good answer no glasses like this can actually in the evening they cut out blue light so they make you sleep much better in my case, my eyes are relatively sensitive to the blue spectrum they always have been so when I wear this color of lens I am much higher performance all day long so given that I want to give everything that I have in terms of energy for this lecture and for this whole day and I'm going to do it day after day after day and I did something else like this three days before this and before that I was in korea in china for two weeks talking about bulletproof was senior executives over there I'm living a very high, intense life right now so in order for me to do what I want to do, I have twice as much energy when I wear these glasses. So I'm totally happy to look either like a total geek or rock star depending on your opinion I'm ok why whatever you think about it but I'm gonna do it because it works for me. These lenses are from a company called ireland it's a prescription tent actually for my eyes specifically we looked in my visual processing system we looked at what different colors due to the sympathetic response in my body and knowing this has totally given me more energy all day every day so you see me wearing these indoors under bright lights especially because that's when I get the most benefit and the make again is called erlin I r l e n the ireland institute is uh nonprofit group has gone out and figured out that the color of light has an impact on human health and the color of light there especially in kids with autism or matters greatly you could take a dyslexic kid you put the right color of lens on their eyes or over their paper and their dyslexia goes away you turn off the florescent lights that are so common in in school classrooms now kids behavior across the whole classroom gets better but the kids who are a typical neurologically they get better too so years ago I got my eyes tested and I realized oh my god I feel so much better when I let my visual processing system relax when I'm indoors so it's what I do it took me a while to decide I was gonna look this unusual but it is yeah maybe or infer whatever for you he might be green I'm kidding I have no idea you can tell if someone's color would be but one of my uh one my friends is putting on the gluten free summit dr thomas bryant just got his and his color was more purple so it really depends on the way your eyes focus people don't really know this, but seeing the color blue takes about four if memory serves trillion times more work in the eyes than seeing more of an orange color, so you'll see pilots wear this color as well, because it's, very hard to see clouds and sky when you're looking at blue, but when they have this kind of color, things are much higher contrast. So I'm saving my brain for other things, aside from trying to sort out find color gradations sounds a bit weird. Yeah, I know it looks weird, but for me, for my brain, I'm totally down with it. Wait, does one good tested for this it's on their website, but I have no financial relation with these guys. I just talked about stuff that works, so we're clear on that it's I r l e n is how it's gonna thank you about if you want the cool frames. That's gonna hard to dio.

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