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Let's talk about your expose um just from the studio audience how many of you know what the experts home is off and exposed zone not too surprising because wired magazine on ly I think basically invented this this thing or at least popularized it about a year and a half ago it turns out that your genome the human genome project sort of thing the set of all the genes in your body it's pretty big but it's nowhere big compared to the expos on the experts ohm is the set of things that your body encounters things all around you so this includes things like toxins this includes things like light your sleep patterns your exercise patterns all sorts of things like that so that's a pretty a pretty major set of stuff that we could track and we we don't know anyone's full expose um but we're starting to use medical research to give us this kind of information the human genome now is something you can sequence for ninety nine dollars with twenty three and me which is a company that lets you do tha...

t when we first started doing that I was involved in the first cloud computing company and went into an entire floor of a large skyscraper full of servers and disk arrays for the first human genome project so I have no idea how many hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on doing it but now it's nineteen nine bucks if you fast forward another ten or fifteen years from where we are now you'll be doing the same sort of thing with your expos on being able to say no thanks to the wonders of all this tech that I don't even have to look at any more I know about when I slept I know all this stuff about myself and I know the set of things that I was exposed to that might have affected me pollution is part of the explosive a recent environmental working group study showed that they couldn't find any women who didn't have at least some pesticides in their breast milk so we are basically swimming in some number of pesticides and that's the way it is in fact you know is the most is the uh the local native people up in I believe new zealand who live far away from anything they've so many fish and mammals that have accumulated toxins that they actually have ten and twenty times the levels of toxins in their system than you or I would even though they live in a relatively pristine place the explosive was bigger than the genome by far and this is really interesting from a day to day perspective the expose some affects your health more than your jeans on a long term basis if you have defective genes that's going to be a big problem but a lot of your genes don't work quite like that here's a simplistic version of appa genetics and I worked on explaining it this way from my first book if you look at this lovely picture here this is your dna think of it like ah hard drive it stores the set of what could happen the set of potentials for your body but it's not always predictive of exactly what will happen over here we have our in a in a very simplistic version of this and people who are geneticists will probably offended at this level of simplicity but for trying to understand this at a high level to get the concept this is as detailed as I could make it our day you can think of comes in and copies of jeans when you want to make a copy arnie comes in and copies the dna. The dna, however, is sort of protected by something that we call the regulatory protein sleeve think of it like a firewall it prevents our rene from seeing some parts of the dna and are in a here is what copies it but it can only copy what it can see and it's the expos ohm what we just talked about that controls this it tells you it tells the arn a here's what you can copy or methylated as they call it and that changes the expression of genes so the set of things in the exposed film that we can hack in our environment around us to change ourselves is in the environment itself food what kind of food are you going to eat what kind of exercise did you do and when did you do it this's why blindly exercising because we all know if you exercise every day you're a good person almost as good of a person's if you floss every day right but it turns out that's not how the expose some works the intensity the duration how tired you are all those things are part of this this a whole expo sewn the toxins the naturally occurring toxins are quite important for instance if you were bitten by a rattlesnake that's a naturally occurring talks and that's a pretty big one there's a lot of other ones out there essentially naturally occurring pesticides because remember how penicillin was discovered there's a guy looking at culturing bacteria and on his culture plate a mold grew and he noticed that the mold killed all of the bacteria and said so what's happening here is that's a naturally occurring toxins so the very small things and even the very large things around us like this being have very complex chemical defense systems in place and our bodies are well suited to dealing with some of those chemicals other ones were not and due to the miracle of something we call cooking we can inactivate some toxins mentioned I was a ravi again we have several action more than several former raf vegans who have gone bulletproof and I've actually interviewed people like kristen raw and I spent last weekend with alex jamison, who was the vegan kind of girlfriend in super size me who is now not a ravi get anymore because her health was failing just like mind started to go down when I did that and it's kind of funny but exercise and toxins and food have something to do with that and finally this is probably the most annoying one of all your emotions, so your emotional state changes your genes that means it's not enough to sit at the dining room table and hear your two year old say no, no, no, no and say if inside you're saying I want to strangle him, I can't handle this anymore not that I've ever said that to my wonderful two year old just turned three but you need to work on being calm will you do that? Because same thing if you're in a board room with ceos yelling at you it's not enough sit there and go yes sir, I'll take care of it if it's costing you internally emotionally, not only is it wasting your energy, it is changing the expression of your genes it's telling your body that you're in a threatening environment and when there's a threatening environment the species might be under threat so you should optimize for survival instead of for thriving our job is to set up our expose on the world around us to control the world around us, to tell our bodies not your mind already know in your mind, but I mean in your cellular body in your nervous system body that the world is an awesome place an amazing, awesome place with all the best food ever known to man and no real threats because your biology will optimize for performance rather than just getting by and we mentioned before this is pretty much of revolution against good enough and you don't want your environment to be good enough you want the most awesome environment possible because you will perform better you will literally be a better person when you do that it's the things that happen inside and outside there's even a study that was publicized by deepak chopra and I don't remember the university that did the study on the top of my mind but they took a group of people and they taught them a one hour meditation course and said would you meditate for ten minutes a day for thirty days and they drew blood before and after and they did a genetic analysis like they they sequenced the genome on those people and they found more than five hundred genes were consistently either turned on or turned off by ten minutes of mindfulness practice a day in a new population who probably wasn't even doing it right that's pretty amazing so when we talk about toxins here we're generally talking about food and environment and stuff around us, but it gets to be more than that you can hack the expose um because it controls more than your genes for instance biological processes more sunlight, more vitamin d in your skin you get immediate feedback for some changes to your environment like a sunburn or your energy levels. I felt really good when I did that for instance, my bio hacker friendly approved glasses I have twice as much energy all day long when they wear these things immediate feedback wow, I'm not tired and foggy like I was before I change something and now I'm better or I don't fall over his much or maybe I'm just better at playing nintendo wii with the balance board, whatever it is there you get feedback even if you don't know it's feedback and the impact on jeans. I mentioned that study already in thirty days and the scary thing here and the reason that I wrote my first book when I did is that you give this to your kids if you do this before or during pregnancy whether you're the dad or the mom so this is big we are hacking our species whether we like it or not from there let's talk about the first category here and the bulletproof diet which is nuts in the gun the way the diet works the new one that you'll be downloading when you signed up for the chorus we put it vertically so that it fits better on your refrigerator the ones we're presenting here because the screen is going this way would be going that way and I just I just want to clarify day when you say sign up for the course you mean purchased of course there's two different things I just want to make people under stand that when you purchase the course you get an advance copy of the book of tight that has never before been seen by human eyes outside of my team so on this version which is designed for horizontal screen what we're talking about here is things like coconut and let's see I don't think I actually here's coconut so this stuff shredded coconut unsweetened stuff is doesn't look like it's bleached either is one of the best nights you can eat because it's full of the right kinds of oils and if you're listening to this right now there's a least a sixty percent chance in my experience that when I say coconut in your brain before you can engage your rational brain you think ok you think coconut is cholesterol coconut is cholesterol I hear it over and over the reason that you think that is that the american seed oil companies got together in the fifties and did a really cool test they took I think was corn oil is one of the liquid seed oils that ought not to be fed to people and they compared an unhygienic version of that to hydrogenated coconut oil in a very small number of people for a very short period of time. In other words, they took coconut margarine, which causes inflammation and raises cholesterol gave that to people long enough to raise their cholesterol compared to corn oil and said, look, tropical oils are bad now they're make their motivation wasn't actually health their motivation there was to sell more american seed oils and they succeeded dramatically, which is why the average person on the street still thinks that there's somehow eating cholesterol when they eat this perfectly cholesterol free not the other ones that are pretty good on the bulletproof side of things are things like um almonds and they have these kind of funny order almonds are of really, really healthy nut, but like all things you want to pay attention to, what happened to this walnut? Is it a shriveled up well met? In fact, I can probably even find one in here if we look this one's a little bit dark, what you'll find is that shriveled nuts that's with blemishes usually are the ones that have mold growing on them now I don't think I'm obsessed with mold I'm obsessed with feeling good all the time and with food quality so if you're not company and you have a whole bunch of really beautiful almond, you're going to sell them whole. If you have a bunch of kind of shriveled, shrunken almonds that barely meet food quality standards, they don't look pretty, so you can't sell them for high dollar. What do you do? You grind him up, you sliver them. So this is one hint when you're buying nuts to lower the toxin consumption of you and your family for essentially no additional cost is by whole nuts that you can see and don't buy ones that look blemished by nuts that are nice. The ones on this side tend to have less toxins. I'm academia nuts have good oils, and what we've done here is the bull proved I it isn't about more toxic, least toxic, it isn't about more nutritious, least nutritious. What I've done my very best to do is to combine the various things that go into making a food good for you. So, for instance, if I found something, they had no toxins but was full of oils that weren't very good for in the first place, it wouldn't be green, it would be yellow, so what we try and do is say, just doing over here, when I say we, I have a group of people working on this with me, including one of my team, has a master's degree in public health, and this is this's, not a small project to try and categorize this number of foods from many different variables of the same time, and green beans are pretty darn good for you. I like green beans. They're relatively high and carbs, though, so if you're trying to control your carbohydrate intake, which is one of the ways of getting yourself into a fat burning mode, and I mentioned earlier, you won't avoid excess carbohydrates. You probably don't eat a pound of green beans every day because you inadvertently increase your starts consumption overall, though they're pretty good, they have some naturally occurring pesticides and in them to, uh, fighting acid is something there, but because they're still green and they're relatively young there's, not that much of it, so green beans are pretty good. Food chestnuts here are much higher in sugar and starch than the rest of these nuts. And look over here, for instance, we have roasted nuts, which are on this version. I haven't written them up in the new version, we have roasted nuts. These roasted nuts are covered in salt, we think it's salt ah lot of roasted nuts are actually covered in msg. Most of them are roasted in either peanut oil or more likely hydrogen and vegetable fat or corn oil or my favorite is cotton seed and or corn and or canola and or sunflower and or safflower oil. What this means is that that company who spent a lot of money on their packaging designed to make it look really appealing that they have a guy whose job it is to go out and find the cheapest damned oil on the planet he confined and by that and cook it and that they think that it's okay to do that it's not so if you're going to buy roast nuts which I actually don't recommend you need to look at what else is in them besides the nuts themselves. The other thing is peanut oil my so that's a nut peanuts aren't that bad different fast through different things to the body, right? Well, peanut oil is high and very long chain fatty acids and people with alzheimer's and parkinson's have an unusual high amount of those fats in their brains. The problem with very long chain fats like those found in peanuts or that they don't fit well into your cell membrane your cell membrane is only so thick the membranes in your cells are actually just droplets of fats that push waterway on one side and water way on the other side so if the membranes this big but the fact is this big it has to go in sideways and you start getting cell membranes that don't work very well. This is one of the many reasons that roasted nuts might not be an ideal choice for you, and when you get over here onto the lagoon side of things, there's a lot of stuff you really just don't want to be eating because there are high levels of things that irritate your gut. The type of fiber irritates your gut, and most specifically, if you're a seed like this, you evolved in order to reproduce. If you get eaten as food, you didn't reproduce so overtime to prevent animals and bugs and bacteria and mold from ending your species. You put defensive systems in place. If you're a pistachio or most of these nuts, your defensive system looks like this it's a shell that's a nice thing, because what's inside the show was relatively protected by the way pistachios or one of the oldest nuts, even though they're one of the most delicious nuts. Yes, I've categorized nuts by likelihood of having mold contamination because it is such a big problem for our nut crop. Instead of fixing the problem with agricultural techniques, we just keep moving the standards for the amount of mold allowed because it's so much cheaper to do that. She's asking online do not still have the same maiko maiko toxin sorry on them. If you shell them yourself, I just notice you shelled your own your own nuts there it made a difference. If you show them yourself, you're not so be much fresher, the oils or less ranted, and they're less likely to have mold growing on them, because one source of mold exposure comes during processing, and if the nuts are still in their shell there, much safer. But I mean, how much work is it to shell walnuts all day? This is one of the arguments from my paleo friends that cavemen didn't eat that many nuts, because they probably to start because they would have to keep whacking them with rocks. You can only eat so many walnuts per hour, even if you have a lot of them stored up on dried, and you'd be husked them and all, so these were concentrated sources of fat, and most of the nuts on this end have reasonable amounts of fatty acids. But if you do what I used to do, especially when I was in my raw vegan phase and you really like you need fat, your body's telling, you have a lot of fats, you eat a ton of nuts, these nuts, and specifically the lagoons even more have things in them to keep animals from eating too much it's mostly fighting acid that binds and minerals in the body and depending on the species, there's some other things in there, we also have some other things that are not even nuts. These soy nuts are not nuts. It all there a processed food product and soy has a whole raft of things not working for it, specifically estrogen in the soy and the fact that soy stops thyroid function or at least slows it down. We talked earlier about how your thyroid is key actually tow ike and to focus and energy and weight loss. So if you're eating soy nuts every day, you're not doing yourself any favors, especially for women. Sawyer is one of the problems behind the radical decrease in fertility study say one in eight couples can't conceive today my wife is a carolyn's co trained physician, she's, co author of the better baby book with me and obviously, mother of my two kids. When I met her, she had polycystic ovary syndrome and her o b g y n said you won't be able to have kids. We bio hacked that problem using a high fat diet, and one of the problems that she had was that she was drinking soy milk every day, and when she stopped doing that, things did get better, it took more than just removing soy milk. You're going to hear more about these techniques. You did many of the bulletproof things, and on the forums you'll see stories from women who had fertility problems went on a bulletproof diet, and then three or six months later, magically things start working again. That's how our bodies were built they're supposed to do that it's interesting that lou comms aren't particularly good for you, but when you sprout them into bean sprouts, there are some other toxins and bean sprouts that there's like long debates on some food forms about but over all these air, pretty healthy, and if you don't let them sprout this much, you simply don't think I have one out here to show you if you take you can even do with an almond, you take it and you soak it for a little while, and if it's a raw almond, it will actually just begin to split open. When you do that, the fighting casted that was in the almond to protect it and preserve it goes away so sprouting you're, you're not so something rob vegans do all the time it's just been three hours a day preparing my food when I was a rob again and I would sprout all my nuts the problem is, my spreading container would keep getting fungus growing in it which was annoying it also tasted gross and probably wasn't very good for me in fact I know it wasn't so the perfect world is you get nice looking raw nuts or even the grooms and then you sprout them and then you prepare them I don't do that I don't have time to do that I know very few people who have time to do that especially people with kids and or jobs if you have another one you could spend lots of time like looking at your your nuts I'm not a huge fan of fermented soy because it has a huge amount of histamine which is the neuro transmitter as well so I mean that that ties to your allergies but unfair minted soy is particularly bad for you the soy protein powder that you buy at the store for dirt cheap that stuff didn't allow the microbe biological breakdown of some of the anti nutrients present in the soy so this may sound kind of contrary in what saw is not good for you so he's a health food don't they eat soy over in asia? Yeah they had a little bit of fermented soy as ah a garnish almost traditionally and there are some society is now recently where they take soy because it's cheap and they'll do you no tofu stir fry but traditionally it was much smaller amounts process differently than it's done now and there is not a good argument that I confined online that says that you should be consuming soy as an optimal protein source, you might be able to make the argument I would disagree with it that you won't die sooner if you eat soy, but I don't know anyone from the anti aging community or from the weight lifting community who will tell you that you're going to feel best or live longest if you eat soy and the bullet proof concept here, living the bulletproof life is you want to do the things that free your body to reach its full potential and free you to reach your full potential. Soy protein isn't going to cut it. You could do better, and if you could do better for about the same cost and about the same convenience you owe it to yourself. Spend an extra twenty five cents on good quality protein now, so you don't have to spend two dollars later on at the cardiologists and investment in your health now lasts. It gives you more years, and it also means that you're going to spend less on healthcare. Food quality is a health care expense. Did we have a couple of specific questions about on nuts and legumes? Pumpkin seeds? Where would they fall? Um, I don't have pumpkin seeds on here, but I believe I do have them on the new bulletproof diet infographic if I don't bulletproof team who's listening we will put them on their hollow that is not cool uh the same wrong is asking about flaxseeds where did a fool do they contain mobile by the way pumpkin cesaire pretty good there's effects on prostate health if you were to eat tons and tons and tons of them you'd probably get too many of the omega six fatty acids but flaxseeds so present enough for most people I don't recommend them in eire vetted medicine flax seeds are considered a drying oil and this was another problem that dr lana my er my wife had when I first met her she was also eating a lot of flax seeds that oil goes rancid in air or light almost instantly so if you're going to do them you just throw them in the freezer, grind them right away and then eat them without cooking them but you see recipes like baked flax muffins flax oil should never see heat ever it is really unhealthy to eat oxidized omega six fats so you gotta watch out for using those things I would say if you're going to use flax oil use him that way store them extremely carefully and don't eat too many of them there are lignin tze and flax which are particularly good for you but the rest of the flax seed oil is an unstable oil when you eat unstable oils you need to excrete it or you use it, and when you eat unstable oils, it makes less stable cell membranes, and it tends to cause inflammation in the body. That said, I know a few women who do dramatically better when they include a little bit of flax seed oil a little bit in their diet is one of those in equals one thing's the general principle is eat as little omega six oil as you can get away with these air seed oils and things like that. We'll talk some more about that, uh over the next couple of days, but if you are consuming a lot of flaxseed oil for your health or you think it's a replacement for a fish oil or better yet krill oil, you are sadly mistaken. Biochemically we do not in our bodies convert flax seed oil into epa and d j at an efficient ratio, we do that the ratio of forty five to one one gram of fish oil, forty five grams of flax oil. I hope you don't mind if I ask issue of some of the terms that people might not be as familiar with, uh, lignin lignin are I actually don't know if there are protein, what are they anyhow, liggins are a component of flax seeds when you process flax enough, it takes about forty five pounds of flax to get about a half a pound of lignin is out of it and those are the things that are associated with better things like better prostate cancer outcomes and things like that so it's a healthy substance in flaxseeds so I don't say flax is evil it's not it just has a lot of this oil that's not particularly good for you and it makes eating them problematic, but I'm acknowledging there's, good stuff and flax and maybe if you have a specific problem, you should deal with the extra oils just to get the good stuff and the flax but not usually thank you for the question in the audience you touched on the omega six a little bit this's a question about the court or we're gonna get into the whole mega three verse six that some were going to later because I know it's a big topic of yours before we will talk about a ninety three and omega six ratios absolutely when we get to the oils and fats uh, thing let's talk about cooking when we talk about cooking raw and not cooked is relatively bulletproof except especially in the new bulletproof died. I've gone to great lengths to say the's the vegetables you should cook the's are the ones you shouldn't cook there's a great post on bulletproof exact dot com talking about a raw kale smoothie versus cooked kale smoothie and the differences between the two and bottom line is kale has some pretty gnarly stuff in it that can be hard on your body if you don't bind it before you eat it. So it's become like trendy, almost like I exercise every day I floss, and I eat my kale, I'm good, I love myself, but, uh, it turns out you got to cook that kale because kill has oxalic acid in it and there's a problem that happens when you have free oxalic acid in the body, it binds to free calcium and makes little crystals in different parts of the body. One part in particular to be concerned about for women is that it can lead to a condition related to painful sex, and in everyone, you can have different joint pain. You can have skin pain. This comes from high levels of free oxalic acid in the body. If you cook your kale and dump the water and eat the right kind of kayla gets better so cooking raw, not cooked when you can, when it's a safe food to do that it's a good choice, but not always. When you steam things, you're usually protecting the nutrients in them more so than boiling or, say, microwaving, where really microwaves have been shown to remove nutrients, there are less nutrients in food when it's microwaved there's. Some controversy about that. So people say, that's, a bunch of anti science hippie nonsense. Sorry, I wish that was the case. I would love to nuke everything. I did the research, the researches, that's, the way it is, there's, lots of references on the site, and if you can't find him there in my reference database, and I'll put him on the site when you bake stuff you don't want to brown in char the stuff. What you want to be able to do is you want to be able to cook it gently until it's done. Cooking, boiling or poaching works not charring on a grill, and the things that taste best, like broiling, like, you know, high temperature, boil until it's, nice and crusty, allover the outside barbecuing and blackening, and sort of burning the outside of foods. Taste grade. But it does cause extra inflammation.

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