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Toxins in the Home & Tech Demo

Toxins in the bathroom antibacterial soaps are a huge source of toxins we're not talking about food here we're talking about stuff in your environment river that expose home things that change you this common anti bacterial thing that's in a lot of the soap you get is linked to thyroid and testosterone problems you don't need antibacterial soap in your bathroom by the non antibacterial so it didn't cost any indifferent it just happened to be better for you it was a small decision but it's a small decision that over time could have big big consequences there's there's no reason to take the sub optimal course here intercon disrupting fragrances it says fragrance on the label just don't buy it because those things have effects and a lot of the ingredients and fragrances have never been tested for safety on humans they're not even required to be labeled we don't even know what's in some of the fragrance is because the perfume industry got that law passed eighty years ago or something tap w...

ater has either chloramine or chlorine and fluoride innit florida's a prescription anti thyroid substance and there is a great argument that putting fluoride in public water isn't going to help your teeth this is an ongoing debate about it there's the since the nineteen fifties the aluminum industry has been putting fluoride which is a waste product from lou no smelting into water I would argue is a way to dispose of it under the argument that it binds to the outside of your teeth the problem is that when it goes into your body it does bad things to your body as well so you want you don't want to expose yourself to that in my book on infant intelligence and what's you during pregnancy there are links with fluoride and lower I q shampoo has valet ds in it which mimics estrogen your buddy does has a hard enough job keeping its estrogen and testosterone progesterone in place don't add stuff you don't have to add you khun by shampoo that doesn't have that innit same thing cosmetic ingredients and aluminum when you had your kitchen I'm not going to read all these chemical names to you but there are things in cleaning products that are seriously bad a few to breathe and you don't necessarily want your counters and on your skin a minimum wear gloves if you're going to use this stuff and here's a hint that clean fresh smell is artificial endocrine disrupting fragrance if you're using what most people use cleaning products shouldn't smell like anything but chemicals if they're putting something in there that does things to your brain which is what sense do for no good reason then take it out by unscented cleaning products for sure and try and get ones that don't contain ingredients like this because they copy your estrogen's they increase stress on the body and toxins and leftovers what? When you let food sit overnight, it forms more histamine and you'd be surprised how often leftovers weren't sword according to the vory rigid fda requirements for food safety that restaurants go through so I cannot tell you the number of times my executive performance coaching clients I had leftovers and I felt like a zombie, so if you're used to being a peak performer, I'll tell you flat out there's a much higher than normal chance that your leftovers are not helping you perform it a peak level I'm not saying never eat leftovers I eat leftover sometimes, but if they're two days old tossem if they're one day old and you put him in the fridge quickly they might be okay but you will see a rapid decline in how you feel after you eat them compared to what you think and if you eat them every day for instance, that one of those deli counters then you won't feel a difference because you feel that way all the time. B p a there are so many studies on b p a in fact, I spent the weekend recently with a guy who got named pete myers out of carnegie mellon a professor there who's did most of the research on not most the research but most of the analysis of the research pulling together hey uh for the environmental working group microwaves we talked about that cookware talking's in the bedroom what your clothes are made out of matters flame retardants and mattresses are an absolute chemical industry crime they lobbied hard to make sure that there's several pounds of flame retardant in your mattress even though burning mattresses don't really kill very many people at all because no one smokes in bed anymore because not that many people smoke and even if they do burning mattresses don't typically get them. So for a very small percentage of the market, these guys guaranteed a giant enormous market you can buy a chemical free mattress you spend a third of your life on your mattress invest in a chemical free mattress if your mattress has been soaked repeatedly, there is a clear correlation, especially among kids of water damage mattresses and sudden infant death syndrome. If you're in a room or one of those mercury, those nasty cheap bad for the planet bad for you curly compact fluorescent bulbs breaks run away and don't breathe I'm not joking about run I mean get out of there because there is mercury gas in that thing and you do not want to increase the levels of mercury in your body substantially at least let the air clear out before you clean it up better yet have someone you don't like clean it up or just don't use them there is no place in your home for compact for us and lights by an led it's more energy efficient, the rules state that if you break one of those lights in your house, you need to have a toxic cleanup epa team come in and do it, but people don't do that is a matter of fact, there is a case where parents didn't know this, they're very young child had a bull break in his room. They cleaned it up, put it in the trashcan in his room, and the next morning had behavioral differences, and the child ended up changing his neurological makeup to be more like an autistic child. So I don't have the date on that on the top of mine, but it was pretty interesting case report in a medical journal about that where they think this could have been a contributing factor not saying mercury causes autism it's one of things that causes a neuro inflammation, which is related autism and allergens and bedding or problem and better quality. You don't have to be fearful of the environment around you. All I'm saying is you can make choices for any of these factors to improve the health of the environment, make the choice that was within your economic. And convenience thresholds if you needed a mattress and you only had six bucks to spend on the mattress then sleep on a mattress wherever you can get it if you don't have a choice there but if you have a choice, make the right choice and some of these choices don't cost you a nickel more there no more or less convenient they're just better choices when you make a better choice you're also gonna hack the environment around you because the people who make products are gonna listen to what you buy they're going to see what you buy and they'll start making more stuff with less toxins in it when they do that we'll have less things like birds dying fish dying like we can actually change the makeup of our planet by making more intelligent choices that make our own health better. I'm a big fan of that toxins outside like pesticides, air pollution these are pretty well known if there's cats pooping in your kid's sandbox there's there's more risk there than you think believe it or not and if you have a litter box inside, there are risks there, especially for pregnant women. Um you could just get a dog and sorry cat people there's also lots of other things that grow in houses you don't necessarily want let's talk about talks and binding agents and we're still doing okay on time if you want to try this one, you can go to the upgraded self store discount code creative live you could get a discount on it and this is a grated coconut charcoal who should take it pretty much. Most people ought to take a charcoal capsule to help attract toxins from the gut even the bacteria in the gut as well as the rest of the body talks and buy into a lot of talk charcoal finds a lot of toxins in the environment. We just launched this because most of the time chuckles taking on lisa digestive remedy this is a larger bottle design for you, teo, to use on a regular basis to help you buy and toxins that you would never have been exposed to had you been a cave person activated charcoal comes from coconut shells at least my charcoal comes from coconut shells not all of it's from a clean source like that and it is you've light it on fire and you wait until it's almost done burning and you cut the air and it creates a special form of carbon that is highly negatively charged. It attracts positively charged toxins to it and then it allows you to excrete them it's even used say if you were, uh accidentally ingested some poison you would take activated charcoal in an emergency room with in order to find whatever was in your stomach and take you where you're gonna eat junk food you're gonna go out and meet chuck e cheese it really a fax mental clarity when you take activated charcoal with food that's probably dirty if you have brain fog and don't take it with any medications or drugs this will stop your medications or going into your body will attract anything positive like good nutrients and stuff there is they're open questions about it it tends to like proteins so I wouldn't mix ah high end way protein or college and protein like the stuff I use with charcoal the same time it doesn't tend to attract fats or sugars so you're reasonably ok on those things and I've seen a few reports that for for high end like coconut based charcoal like this that it doesn't attract nutrients but I haven't seen like the the hard science behind it I can tell you we don't know I absolutely know that I feel and perform much better when I take it with poor quality food than if I don't but if I'm eating at home where I have high quality food I don't teach our goal of food I take it on them if I start feeling any bit of rain fog I take it and even in kids it's shocking my kids are pretty even keeled there's six and my son just turned uh just turned for ah and it's kind of amazing they're doing great than they eat something at a friend's house that wasn't that particular and their behaviour changes they get like muchmore you know I want to fight with with each other and they just start you know misbehaving when that happens and it's really out of character within fifteen minutes after they get a little bit of charcoal we just mix it in water and they drink it they returned back to their normal selves this because kids are much more sensitive to the effect of these things than we are and why it works I mentioned of fines, toxins and for typical adults one two four grams works it can cause constipation given charcoal half a dozen times people have overdosed her accidental ingestion is great stuff because you're a fireman yeah given the back to the toxin thing for antibacterial soap for someone else in the health care profession you know we're kind of around a lot of sickness is there any any alternative teo still cleaning our hands that's not antibacterial? Well the antibacterial stuff doesn't work very well because we've made bacteria of basically resistant to it the hands joe which just out calling it alcohol is far more anti bacterial than try close and anyway it's alcohol better dine iodine what's that red soap calcium but I forgot its name is described in the surgical scrubs stuff I mean if you really need anti bacterial activity but you don't you don't oftentimes need that your skin's covered in bacteria even after you wash with triclosan so it doesn't move the needle for you in a meaningful way calcium d group rate is another supplement that I'm a huge fan of calcium big blue great increases the rate at which your lover with your lever can eliminate toxins of greater good of fine force, which I don't know if we even have it up here on the shelf this is a brand new product out here and we'll get it out to show you good fine is the master and I oxidant in yourselves and the main detoxifying thing in your liver when you drink, you're good with levels fall until your body can build more glue defy on so you must have this stuff it really really improves mental clarity because when your body's running clean you think better and you taking on empty stomach is a matter of fact this is the ingredient that you guys took that made you feel clear and clean even though you're sick you're dealing with getting better but you noticed in effect when you tried it for the first time without even knowing how to pronounce it. I did not know how to pronounce it and I do it I feel better like I said I had a cold do you have a cold? I took some last night like you said, it doesn't taste good but the way that it's where they may be it's the texture that put me off but I have to be honest I do feel quite clear right now and I have been feeling pretty terrible before I have ah friend who spent twenty years studying shamanism and he actually doesn't ivy of go to find once a week because it improves meditation practice your brain loves solidifying and when I'm doing brain training stuff I absolutely take extra good without enforce because of what it does bulletproof coffee or the bluetooth ion or the combo both stuff synergistic like if you're not feeling good you need to hit it hard oh here we go that's what it looks like I've worked for years with judith ion and this is the third generation one that absorbs about five times better than any previous quoted line in history most gratifying if you buy pills uh they just get digested you don't get any benefit it has to be wrapped in something that'll escorted into the bloodstream and this stuff uses a pharmaceutical delivery technique so you just scored a little bit out of a syringe onto a spoon it's pretty pretty amazing stuff I don't mess around if there's a way to make this one better it will be better next generation but this is extremely effective also you could get a code for it and of course chocolate and coffee for detox when you start to get something that's toxic. You want coffee after your dinner? You want sugar? Your liver likes actually brain likes the caffeine and your liver likes sugar and fat toe oxidize toxins so that's a sign that you've been exposed to something and there's nothing wrong with using chocolate or coffee to make your brain feel better when toxins have made you feel not so good. And, of course, the same thing. Carella same sort of thing. Clara was a toxin binding agent. Particularly useful. If you're gonna eat fish because it binds mercury and probiotics are another thing. Probiotics are bacteria living your stomach. They actually worked to detoxify some foods for you it's important that you take good ones. I recommend soil based organisms. Garden of life makes some good ones. Don't take them with food because they get killed by the stomach acid primal defense from garden of life is a nice blend of these things, and if you don't take a problematic on any diet right now, I think you're totally missing out. And if you go and you buy a really cheap probiotic, you may be moving your health in the wrong direction. I wrote recently about how some bacteria take protein in your food and turn it into things that increase your cardiac risk or increase your allergies so you can actually have little chemical factories in your gut make sure the chemical factories the bacteria in your gut are making the chemicals you want, not the ones you don't want now there's a tech I want to talk about farm for red saunas are too big to have her in the studio these really help you detox we also have medical lasers this is something I've been using for bio hacking for awhile about a four thousand dollar laser and it has multiple effects but don't worry it doesn't hurt your eyes it's a d focused laser it actually helps your eyes you can put this over a lymph node and it'll actually increase cellular activity it causes the basic kappler is to expand so you get more oxygen flowing through and you get more a teepee created anyone here a little tired, a little nauseous from not enough bulletproof coffee uh headaches just whatever let's try this what is it? You know it's just come on out. We'll have used the laser rock I just had a bit of a headache but of a headache so just hold this thing on your forehead for a little while it's not gonna hurt you just do it like that you can hold it and do it for a minute just kind of show the cameras it's a simple thing it doesn't hurt it's not cutting it's not heating and you can sit down and takes three minutes to run this and we'll ask you how you feel and it's okay to say I didn't feel anything some people don't but quite often you feel a difference particularly people are having nausea when nerves are exposed to this kind of laser frequency especially the infrared range they become less inflamed so you literally can make the nerve less inflamed particularly for t m j which is where this was pioneered for you khun take this nerve here and you can relax the jaw it's pretty amazing this help me to get past whiplash very quickly now we also have the bulletproof vibe where is that thing it's right here I need another volunteer someone who's never been on a whole body vibration platform hop on lymphatic circulation really helps you detox ready stand there I don't know if the cameras if it is too much no no it's it's good you can stop it I mean just had to tell just hear my voice comes by bring my vocal cords it's wild but yeah everyone's been hearing about these last couple years you know usually it's the really really, really expensive ones they're like fifteen grand but dave's is fifteen hundred but I just know from a little bit from davis said that bacon ah increase lymphatic drainage in your body and that's something even me I'm I think I'm relatively healthy but even me sometimes will have some swelling of my ankles for no apparent reason but yeah and how are we feeling there in the front row right yeah daddy because um I get the spark it aches so this sparks haven't and how I'm curious as to how long you're in a stand off I don't know I'm not sure we'll find out okay fifteen minutes alright alright what people chatting about here in the er in the chat room we've had a lot of really interesting comics one that will be the last day from when he recovers in just a second it's a lot of people have been asking about the california proposition sixty five warning about toxins etcetera so we'll come to that later on but people seem to be really engaged they've bean you are seeking particular about the lagoons the nuts etcetera they've been asking about different types of lagoon sweet potatoes buses, yams are they all equally things like that? What about the proposition sixty five people are saying it does appear on your coffee brands and they're saying they see it's you know something that they see in starbucks they see it all over the place is something they should be concerned about or is it something you're just mandated tohave it's a mandate? There are some aggressive law firms right now they're going out and suing anyone who doesn't have proper sixty five thanks we're having trouble hearing s all talk, so thank you so they're having a hard time with huh? Getting sued by people. So if you live in california, I put a warning I'm a coffee because coffee's always had acrylamide, innit? Mine is a medium roast to minimize the formation of it, but it's still there so the coffee companies that don't have that get sued so you'll see a lot of those warnings on a lot of products almost every building in california has one in this building causes cancer. I hope they fix the legislation because right now it's not helping people over there are toxins because there might be talks is everywhere he might as well slap the warning up to keep from getting sued, having some sort of weird allergy think so that was weird. That was interesting that it's california based I saw in starbucks was very curious about that it's ah it's a definite thing that we can fix it it's all in california thing and finally the other technology you're going to actually get a live demo from a physician this afternoon is called soma poles it's, a puls electromagnetic field that increases a lot of sailor respiration you're also going to get a forty percent discount code that I negotiated for people who are watching this. Because I think it's a really fundamental home technology. That said before lunch, abel's going to come up. And I'm gonna ask, able to take it away. And I'll join able on stage in just a minute.

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