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Why The Bulletproof Diet Works

The bulletproof diet had several goals we talked about this a little bit number was massive resilience. I want to be able to do what I want to do. Speaking of massive resilience, I'm doing pretty well today. I got four and half hours of sleep last night at a hotel interrupted by two fire alarms, which is a lovely way to wake up and the night before two and half hours asleep, and I've been traveling for the last five days. I'm doing really, really well, and I'm actually happy and excited to be here. Part of that is that I have resilience here that I would have been a zombie for for a week if I tried this when I was in my mid twenties, I wanted the highest cognitive performance I could engineer out of a diet I don't want to think about regulating my weight. You want to get old and die quickly and as you mentioned on the first day, fertility is a marker of my longevity and your longevity matters. First reason it works bulletproof tie it tastes good, we mentioned will powers of finite reso...

urce. If you eat a diet that doesn't taste good, you will not stick to it, so the idea of eating a bowl of grape nuts with skim milk every morning. Even though you'll need to eat a lot of grape nuts every two hours to stay full, you're not going to get what you should be getting out of that you're not going to stick to it. Long term that's. Why general doesn't work it's easier it's less work to eat stuff that tastes good and is satisfying a creamy cup of bulletproof coffee makes you go. In fact, this week I got a chance to hang out with a friend who's, six months pregnant, she had eaten zero red meat and very little butter for the first six months, and when you're pregnant, your body needs those as building blocks. So I took her and her husband out for dinner, and I said, now let's get you the grass fed steak and put a huge hunk of cross fed butter on top of it, and she made sounds first she was eating, and if if you've been around pregnant women before, when they get food they need for their baby it's like watching someone in prison eat and and she was gone, like literally making those kinds of sounds when she ate and just raving about how she was this happy as she'd been in months. Because she got access to the kinds of things like this and eating good stuff is just easier you should feel like that you should almost have a food high when you eat really good food expect that from every meal and you'll perform better cravings destroyed good eating if you eat things that cause cravings you eat bad things which caused more cravings it creates a slippery slope we've got to fix that satisfaction matters and when you get good stuff you feel good and you kick more ass it's really straightforward there's this thing about hunger when you're hungry I don't mean when there's no food in your body I mean when you're hungry which is in itself like a food craving you don't think very well because you start spending all of your energy thinking about food and you know I don't think about food I want to do this food this and this test switching back and forth kills you eating some protein destroys hunger by the way those numbers there's references that back all this up and these references are going into the new bulletproof diet book if you eat a lot of healthy fat, you won't have cravings high nutrient density a lot of nutrients you eat a ton of vegetables were talking of eleven serving the vegetables a day that means you won't be craving vitamins that you're not getting our minerals they're not getting and regulating hunger hormones it should say, works so you need to be able to regulate your hunger hormones then there's leptin when you eat protein in the morning you can reset your left and once you're on the bulletproof diet for a while you'll tend to reset your leptin anyway. Lepton is essentially a hunger hormone if you're starting out and you're significantly overweight, you might need to include protein in your bulletproof coffee in the morning and even if you're a normal weight, you may find you feel better if you have protein in some mornings particularly for women. This is the difference between women and men women who do just intermittent fasting for long periods of time tinto have monthly hormonal regularities and it creates adrenal stress bulletproof intermittent fasting somedays talk about exactly how to do the fasting coming up here some days is fine everyday is probably not a good idea so what you do on the days when you're not going to do that and you're you're lazy at least like me is you make the bulletproof coffee and then you add some upgraded college into it because it has very little flavor it goes in and it doesn't even require significant digestion because it's pre digested by enzymes so this morning I put about twenty grams of grated college in my coffee because I probably won't have any protein at lunch so my brain will be extra sharp when I'm speaking this afternoon, when your leptin resistance, you get fat. This is one of the primary reasons people get fat and when you're left insensitive, you're but means your body can respond to this hormone that's naturally produced when you eat fat and protein is that you'll be lean and you'll have energy, and this is critical insulin resistance. See is the path to type two diabetes, but before you get insulin resistant, you get leptin resistance. So by eating according to the road map of the bulletproof diet and controlling the amount of carbohydrate you take in, you can prevent yourself from getting leptin resistance. So you prevent insulin resistance, so you prevent type two diabetes from coming later in life. And if you're eating fruit dose which we control on the diet, fructose raises trackless rides when trackless rights go up, then you ruin your left insensitivity. This is a reason that having a big bowl of fruit for breakfast is just a bad idea. This is why high fructose corn syrup in your soda is a bad idea because of this pathway right here. Also, there's two studies showing processed foods and sugary foods cause leptin resistance is well, how many of you have heard of v I p viso active intestinal peptide? Or polly peptide one of you who I was trying to figure out if you had any real geeks in the audience very very few people have paid attention to this but it's one of the things that regulates gut function and this thing controls the state of your brain how well you sleep how will your gut functions and the state of your metabolism interestingly, at the beginning of our class two of you said that you'd had significant problems with toxic molds in your environment that affected your health right? Twenty eight percent of people have a genetic profile that makes them susceptible to those if I count the number of people in here that's funny twenty five percent of you have had mold issues this follows exactly what I'd expect and for the people listening we did not stack the audience that way I had no idea anyone had any experience with living in a house that had a problem with toxic mold. So viper is one of the first things that talks mold breaks in a quarter of people who are listening to this today viper modulates inflammation in your body if you have eye problems which come from eating and breathing things with toxic mold in them, if you're one in four people then you will have information that is unchecked in your body oh, by the way, if you're viper breaks your leptin breaks, you get fat in the leptin breaks it's a whole cascade it's a chain that happens so the bulletproof diet book is going to explain hey, this is how the pathways work it'll do it in regular language and say you can worry about the pathways or you can spend your time looking at the road map figuring out what the best path down the road map is for you and you have a little kryptonite detector on your iphone along the way there's a study out there that says stress emotional stress or physical biological stress from the environment affects the function of this poly peptide and here's the thing control your stress levels with toys or breathing or sleeping or yoga or meditation or whatever does it for you and avoid the toxins and you could get healthy pipe levels which lead to healthy lepton which lead to not getting insulin resistance which lead to less inflammation which leads to kicking morass from this wrapped it wasn't supposed to otto fagih is something that cleans your cells this is another reasonable diet works cells build us to make a lipo fusion this is an aging thing that happens and a lot of the anti aging attempts are how do we get rid of this gunk in the cells there's a very very easy way to do that you want to do it because it accelerates aging so with otto fiji you get rid of the gunk you can do this while maintaining your muscle mass. Most of the time we used to believe you had to remove the cells, you had to basically shrink in order to get rid of this stuff, and when you do it to reduce the effects of aging, we're going to talk about a way of timing your intake of protein we called bulletproof protein fasting we're one day a week, you change what you eat relatively radically, you don't have to do it every week, but when you do it literally helps yourselves clean themselves out, but you don't have to be hungry and have cravings and be tired when you do it. It's one of the reasons that a lot of of societies have supported fasting because fasting for a day or two days or for a lot of days will cause out of aging. But this is a problem because most of us aren't willing to fast for a day or two. The things that cause otto veggie key tones ketones happened when your body goes into fat burning mode, which means you ate very few carbohydrates or of greater dmc t oil and upgraded brain octane both directly go to key tones in the body that's how they're broken down so you can raise key tones, which seems like it might be a good idea to help you're still yourselves stay clean full professor min fasting, which will also talk about in more detail how to implement that protein restriction, will talk about how to do that and exercise so the things that are good for you we take advantage of these in orderto let yourselves clean themselves out. This is the I don't want to get old and die part of the bulletproof diet, then there's bile turnover it is actually a picture of a liver biles and interesting substance it sort of way all know it's something do with digestion and it's not a very nice thing and it's green maybe you know that if you remember that but biles job in the liver is to help you digest fat and to some extent protein, but their studies that show by also is one of the primary toxin removal roots in the body. Bile is also a signaling molecule, which is also not commonly known even in medical circles. So bile communicates with your body that, oh, I got fed fat, I didn't get fed fat, and if you re circulate your bile, which a lot of us evolved to do, that means the toxins in the bile get re circulated a cz well, this is good, though, because bile is biologically very expensive for your body to make. It also means that if you don't have bio safe header goal bladder removed and you can't store it. You're not going to be able to absorb vitamin a and vitamin d and vitamin e so biogas a lot of uses and when you don't have bile, you build up toxins when you eat ah, high fat diet it increases by all. Turn over. This is the amount of bile that your body makes and amount of bile that your body excretes. So if you've ever looked at the oil, stick in your car eventually stuff builds up in the oil. You need to change the oil by eating a higher fat diet like this. It causes your body to excrete more bile, which carries toxins out of the body with it. And it's actually good for you to have high bile turnover versus les. This is particularly important if you tend to have lots of inflammation, you've been significantly overweight. There's even a study. I kind of like studies number seventeen here that shows a high fat in combination with the low talks and diet gives you the turnover. Uh, the toxin specifically are mycotoxins, biogenic amines, things like histamine and pc, which comes from cooking. Next up we could talk about inflammation. The reason I chose this as a picture from inflammation, aside from the fact that I had it was creative commons and I was allowed to do it one of the interesting things that I noticed in my path of being a bio hacker I've had unchecked inflammation for a lot of my life and I noticed one of the first places I feel it in my toes I've always gotten blisters terrible blisters on my feet when I would walk and one day when I was going to business school I would walk the same quarter mile and I get no blisters and then the next day I walked the same quarter mile and I would get blisters and something occurred to me wait a minute same shoes, same walk two different days why were there blisters one davis is not another day same socks too what it was was it was what I ate the night before I had eaten something that triggered inflammation in my body inflammation then caused me to form blisters quickly so you can track your own inflammation if you tend to have problems with your feet or any other part of the body like that if the same stimulus causes different things on different days, pay attention to that about byron about some other health related issues all right let's do it em walton dd is asking what have you have bile stones it's just that effectual metabolism vitamins and fast I think we have some questions from the audience to but how about that? If you have bile stones, it or gall stones it definitely effects how you're going to be able to digest fat you have ducks in the liver and when they get clogged it's harder to do that it's also painful there are supplements out there that you can take that helped to break those up there are, uh, it's certainly something you see your doctor about if you have stones in your liver though the causes of stones are highly debatable and we'll just say that when you look around online there's a lot of information that doesn't agree with some of the traditional approaches to treating them and potentially you want to go you want to try fasting you want to experiment with what's going to work there but that's a situation where you should see a doctor because I mean you could need surgery who knows? But I would try and soften the stones before I would go into surgery like on a day I have a relevant story that is just that right there this happened about a week last week, so I had I had this thing for like five years were you know, my my right ankle and foot would get kind small, innit? For me I thought I was happy I work usually were like compression underwear and I've read something that could affect limp drainage and whatnot so I kind of wrote it off is that uh been doing the bulletproof diet very strict for since like june first and last week someone made a very, very delicious smelling pasta dish at the fire station and I hadn't had I was like overdue for a re feet so I'm like I had a cup of orzo pasta I you know I don't think much much of it the next day I didn't realise just the next day my right ankle swelled up and I and then I realized that this this hasn't happened in two months so I'm like well, it has something to do with the gluten obviously problem may be just that but like same exact thing it was crazy you turned inflammation back on your body was healing that thing and that's your weak spot it it sounds a little crazy but I hear this from people and in my own life I've I've lost track of the number of things like that where I thought it was normal I thought it was something but it's really my body's response to something else s o becoming aware of those things instead of saying oh it hurts keep asking why? Because the reason you think something like that's happening probably isn't what you think it is hi countem oliver information essentially and so the oils I isn't that a problem for liver I fed diet for people with liver problems? It depends on the kind of fat so many sixes probably not a good omega sixes are a bad idea also protein puts a big load on the liver so if I had high liver enzymes I would practice intermittent fasting because that lets the liver quote take a break which is a really good idea and then you'd want to support the liver in its detoxification pathways the liver relies on glue define as its primary detoxification uh mechanism when you take tylenol it really reduces the amount of growth and liver when you drink alcohol it really reduces the level of bluetooth eye on in fact, if you drink so much that you're manufacturer of judith ion in the liver stops or in other words you cant make as much as you're consuming you start getting a liver damage from what you're drinking one way to help yourself make more good with ia is to just take vitamin c it's one of the two main building blocks for good a thigh and vitamin c plus in a single sistine and amino acid and your product out of my mind so that talking about a medical condition my products don't do anything for medical conditions but my products do boost levels with mind and body good answer um egg yolks be a good way to boost a bile yes, because I say that because I had really bad digestion for a few days and I'm taking cholesterol mean which pulls while out of your body and it's actually been going on for a week and I didn't know unless I've missed my eggs because I've been travelling normally I have six eggs last night I just put six eggs and literally half an hour later it was gone, so I was wondering about that uh, they definitely going to stimulate by all production if you're dealing with bio or digestion issues, taking a digestive supplement with something called ox bile in it is a really, really good idea if you were on a detox regimen or you're having a hard time adjusting to a higher fat diet. One thing that happens on the bulletproof diet or even people just goto paleo for the first six weeks if you've been ahh vegetarian or you're on a low fat diet, your body your pancreas is designed to make enzymes and it'll make enzymes that digest sugar that I just protein. And if you've been on a fat deficient diet, your pancreas is optimized to get as much nutrition as you can out of food that's deficient and fat. It takes about six weeks for the pancreas to change gears and say, all right, I'm going to make more like pays I'm gonna help you digest fat it may also take you months to make enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach especially you been on proton pump inhibitors anything that lower stomach acid so this is another thing that people find when they get off gluten they get off the toxins they tend to get less heartburn but if you're still having a hard time digesting fat then what you do is you take digestive enzymes with ox bile and you take patane hcl which is literally capsule full hydrochloric acid the stuff your stomach should be making as we get older our hcl production goes down and our ability to digest foods and get the most out of them goes away. I take potanin's sail with all of my fat containing meals because as far as I can tell, I stopped making hundred forecast that years ago when I was a beast and I make very little on my own so when I take it I digest my food better and I feel better when I don't take it I don't die justus well foolproof diet is designed to cause or to prevent chronic inflammation their studies show stress causes inflammation by the way a low fat diet causes stress got pathogens also could be a problem and by eating less starch and a specialist gluten you make it harder for got pathogens to survive food toxins caused chronic inflammation we have studies here toxins in the environment has lots of studies there and being fat causes inflammation just the presence of fat in your body so we want to get rid of these things and it turns out elect ins which are in wheat which are in the night shade family can lead to damage gut and food allergies fight eights things present in soy and a lot of the avoid types of seeds and grains they're gluten mull toxins so this is why those recommendations aaron place that's safe these ones are more red foods these ones are more green foods here's the interesting thing some toxins help your liver be stronger so it's not that you should never eat any toxins but I can tell you eating mycotoxins in mould toxins on a regular basis is not going to help the liver be stronger. In fact, vegetable defense systems make your liver stronger because some of the vegetable defense systems are antioxidants and fighter nutrients. So the reason that there is say hi fi nal count in coffee is that coffee makes that to protect itself from predation and the fact that we're trying to target finals and polly finals as part of our nutritional intake is pretty neat system there so it's not that every vegetable defense system is bad for you it's that some of the ways vegetables defend themselves or bad for us and some of them are good for us which is why the vegetables are placed where they are on the spectrum we talked about cooking and this looks good I'm already hungry but there's more studies here open flame does create toxins meet over three hundred degrees grilling by the way I use three fifty because not that much comes at three fifty but five hundred degrees really does create a lot of toxins grilling makes uh I'm not even going to spell out all these things in the interest of time but what I will tell you is that their studies reach of these so the recommendations were cooking come from this and cook your food less and gently and you'll be happier you also like I said overcook your bacon see how you feel you'll your ankle will hurt the next morning it's just how the body is I don't like it this way it just is biogenic amines histamine is the most famous one you know anti histamines when you have allergies histamines forman foods they also are neurotransmitters there stimulatory they make you cranky and stimulated and agitated but you need some they affect your gut function, your metabolism there a primary thing that makes your body go and not go? This is why ben a drill is such a powerful thing that cause headaches, nausea, allergies interesting when there's protein and food and the food ferments these will form and sauerkraut is a reasonable source of of histamine, which is why for minute vegetables I'm not opposed to them if they could be amazing in healing, but if you don't know what fermented your vegetables it's not a good idea the number one highest source of histamine in food comes from asian style fish sauce, which is fermented fish number two comes from fermented soy, so if you have allergies and you're eating lots of fermented soy, you might want to reconsider that decision and replace it with a gn fermented grass fed beef frequent ketosis does lots of good things zero to seventy five grams of carbs today and there's all sorts of interesting things that ketosis does around neurological disease. Oh my goodness when you're in ketosis you have more blood in your brain when there's more blood in your brain there's more oxygen in your brain, more metabolic activity and there's more waste being carried away that's awesome you get better neurotransmitter levels your heart actually likes key tones mohr than it likes glucose from sugar so this whole not dying thing being ketosis frequently but not all the time appears to be a very good strategy and when you do intermittent ketosis, sometimes I've been fat burning mode sometimes not then you get better performance fritos goes to the liver instead of to be used as fuel like m c t oil goes to be used as fuel without having to go through the liver glucose come to use this fuel but not for us, which is a sugar like glucose except it has to be processed your triglycerides and get this your uric acid the thing that causes gout fruit is correlated with gout so is beer the finger's always pointed at red meat which has some things like periods in it that contribute to gout but uric acid is a primary thing to pay attention to you should be having no high fructose corn syrup and you should be having very little fruit and lots and lots of vegetables if you have gout fritos makes advanced location and products which are things where sugar finds two protein which causes aging in your tissues it links to your college and college in that you're eating as a food source and you're trying to have smooth healthy skin which is made of collagen and plump lips made out of college and well sorry for justin help you ldl cholesterol is not a big deal unless it's oxidized what oxidizes ldl cholesterol for does not the only thing it does but it does this is why fruits that are high in fructose are lower on the bulletproof diet there's good science behind this supporting healthy gut flora there's a lot of bacteria in your god they regulate the amount of energy in your body bacteria or got control your mood this is why when you eat something say with sucralose the artificial sweetener that affects the bacteria in your gut it can affect your mood you could have inflammation caused directly by what's in your gut and remember that left and slide we're talking about? A lepton is one of the core hormones here. The wrong bacteria growing in your gut can give you leptin resistance, which gives you insulin resistance, which leads to type two diabetes. So you want to be nice to these guys in your gut, which is one of the reasons you eat organic because pesticides and gmo foods change the bacteria in your gut micronutrients this is my daughter anna. She asked santa for a stick of butter for christmas that she could have all for herself this's her christmas butter. This is a pub med published study where they looked at diets in the west, and they said to meet that us recommended daily allowance of all the vitamins and minerals using four different common diets, you would need to eat twenty seven thousand collars the day it was jason mira calton from rich food, poor food and their latest book is worth buying if you haven't seen it. It's ah, like a grocery positioning system, but they cited the study, which is how I found it, but yeah, twenty seven thousand dollars a day that's a lot. So if you think you're getting your micronutrients just from your food, you better be eating a little bit more and if you're vegetarian, you're gonna need even more than that so there were parts of europe system that are malnourished right now, so when you take care of that and nutrient dense foods make them correctly so you don't removed foods as you're cooking it and avoid toxins into the day, try this getting clean so you can feel dirty once you are eating a queen diet like this where you actually understand how your brain feels, how your body feels, how the chronic aches and pains go away, then you can start finding your kryptonite. You can use the iphone app, the food sense application or you literate can just look at how do I feel today and ask yourself that? And then you just keep doing this. But until you've felt the clean state where you can think and feel in your body moves the way wanted to move it's very hard to go. Wow, I was there, and now I'm not there because most of us are doing twenty things that keep us out of that state. So try and for just two weeks try it and you'll feel different when you have this self awareness. You realize that you can control your environment to control yourself and that's what we're talking about, so we had to talk about the things you get from this, and I'm going to go really fast. Don't forget the compass it's free when you get really clean you khun just rely on how you feel or you can quantify and measure with the flash on your camera to tell you whom I ate something in this meal that's probably gonna cause inflammation just search for bulletproof food sense on the iphone star I'm going tio here we go talk about timing and our timing is perfect actually to make sure you get to the brake on time because we're going to be making some lamb in about five minutes here's the basic bulletproof diet when t eat you want to eat this diet if you want to maintain your body fat levels or just slowly lose weight at a natural rate slow being relative speaking because you'll still lose at least a couple pounds a week if you have weight to lose on this diet you want good mental performance and it's generally a low carb diet but you can eat some carbs in the evenings here's the timing you drink bulletproof coffee in the morning if you're going to have sugar and start to eat in the evening you can eat meat all day you can eat fat all day eat vegetables all day eat them from the green side of the bulletproof diet but you're going to be eating something at some point all the day but I will tell you if you take this and say I'm going to shift it down here. I'm going to have a bunch of fruit for breakfast is going to affect those five reasons you eat the bulletproof diet full professor mitten fasting means that you're focusing on fat loss and the best mental focus you want zero food cravings and what you're doing here is you're not counting calories. Cutting calories generally makes you tired because twenty twenty five percent every collars go to fuel your brain. Cut your calories, there's literally less energy left for your brain and your body will move less like when I do this, I'm burning calories if I didn't have enough food, I would naturally stand like this and not move side to side because my animal inside is trying to save my energy until more food comes with intermittent fasting. If I wanted to eat twenty five hundred calories today, I'm still going to do it. I'm just having it all for dinner, or I'm having a late lunch and a dinner. This isn't about eating less food the way you do this is bulletproof coffee in the morning, you can eat fat during the fast. This is a big thing known was doing this until bull prevented meant in fasting came out the idea that zero protein and zero sugar in the morning. Gives you a different metabolic effect and allows yourselves to clean themselves and all is really important and it's, what gives you lots of energy during a fast you eat normal foods for lunch and or dinner and even when you're doing this intimate fascinate you can have some carbs just haven't later in the day finally bulletproof protein fasting is a new concept that's coming out in this book um my friend josh wouldn't pointed out to me it's something I've been doing for quite a while but he pointed out I was still getting too much protein you need to be pretty radical about it less than fifteen grams of protein which means even things like white rice have one or two grams so you need to look online and figure out um I actually getting very little protein so for one day a week you stop eating any protein and this really kicks the body into this cellular cleaning process. You end up eating a lot of avocados and coconut milk and things like that and you can have carbs all day long so it looks like this you can still do bulletproof coffee, you can eat your carbs, you could even have a little fruit for breakfast have some salt with it if you do that and you can eat the rest of these things when you do it, you can start losing weight if you've been stuck and maybe even regular intermittent fasting, even the bulletproof diet you've plowed toad it's because you're eating too much protein is because you haven't done this. I've seen countless people like on atkins who get stuck halfway through. They do this boom goes down. If you want to get the rest of these in from these these details and you want to get the first chapter of this book when it comes out, you can register for free at bulletproof diet book dot com. I'd appreciate it if you did that because I want to be able to show the publishers. Yeah, look, people are interested in this amazing way to bio hack the body. Now, I believe it's time for us to do the, uh, lamb we are. We're gonna actually switch. Now, switch the set, get into some cooking. But anyone from the audience have any questions for the but the internet chat rooms have been fantastic today. We've got some really great questions and comments coming in. But mark, if you like, you brought up the, uh I haven't seen that yet. The protein fasting, uh, I was hoping you could maybe tell me some more about how protein can affect, uh, ketosis, because my first start experiment with the ketogenic diet, uh, I was my harbin take was very, very low, but being the traditional bodybuilder mentality, I was still having my forty grams of protein after I worked out having a shake before I went to bed, I was not getting into ketosis, so I've read somewhere like the protein and it worked, and just before you answer that to build on that for people who might be new, can you explain what ketosis and ketogenic diet is for people so ketosis and acute and it's fat burning mode? So your body khun burn to fuels the cambridge sugar or it can burn fat, your body actually doesn't burn protein your body converts protein into sugar in a very metabolically expensive and toxic process, which is why high protein, low fat diet is a really bad idea for your longevity in your inflammation. Atkins in my mind, dr atkins, the atkins diet, which focused on putting you into ketosis, was really ahead of his time. I have a book from two years before I was born, where he wrote a lot of this stuff, but dr atkins made two big mistakes number one he didn't look at the difference between types of fat, so can oil no problem into fat it's going to do this and it matters. The other thing is that he was too heavy on the protein and he wasn't looking at the quality of the protein, so a pork rind which is completely damaged fax has been fried and completely damaged protein it's junk food it's just zero sugar junk food that's like the perfect atkins food it'll put you into ketosis but it will also make you inflamed so I found that when I started doing that stuff fifteen years ago it was the excess protein and it was you know I was pounding the protein to I've got to do it doesn't work and it's not even good for you, so when you eat super high quality protein cause you're only eating moderate protein on the bulletproof diet, it just needs to be the right good quality protein don't mess around with cheap protein because then you won't get the nutrients you need from it. This is why I would only do two tablespoons of the way, not mohr and why I would focus on the collagen and I'd focus on high quality animal protein or eggs which are really amazing but not mess around with the other stuff do we have time for one more question before we get started on this? Yeah sleepy that's a lady in the second row here yeah, but when you say carbs allowed with types of carbs justin vegetables and fruit or on the uh on the bulletproof diet we have ah whole sort of starch safe star jim photographic but the short answer there is that sweet potatoes carrots, butternut squash and white rice some people are sensitive to some of those things you might want to figure that out. A lot of people, if they're not nineteen sensitive, can tolerate the inside like the white mushy part of a baked potato. But a lot of people do not do well in potato starch and there's twenty different things that go wrong with with white potatoes that could lead to increased inflammation. I consider them kind of a risky your source of starch, but sweet potatoes are for most people their favorite once. Once they try them and learn how to cook them. It's not just for, you know, yam thing you do on thanksgiving. You can make french fries with the steak french fries out of yams that are amazing or out of sweet potatoes have but how come the you know, recommend brown rice? He said. White race direction and brown rice because brown rice has the outer layer in it's still, which is where all the naturally occurring anti nutrients and pesticides are, and brown rice is really hard on the got the fiber and it can be damaging to the lining of the gut. This is why, throughout societies where rice was a common food source. People who could afford white rice ate white rice and the people who are desperately poor a brown rice it wasn't cause the poor people like we're somehow making a healthier decision because they couldn't afford to get their white right to get their rice milt so rice is a source of starch it's not a source of significant nutrients the men who told you that brown rice was good for you was alive in the seventies and early eighties and oh, fiber is good there's fiber here eat it not knowing that it was wrapped in naturally occurring defense systems that your body is not good at detoxing have you removed ground rice off book diet the new because I know it's on the current one yeah, it's it's swamped and the three days of the white rice is had brown eyes and I'm surprised the current one should actually have that's what made? I think I made that swell up like a year ago I haven't okay, so it is still on there probably printed one from a year ago because that's what it was like version one dot one or something so he's like rice really high likes to make, though, because I've always avoided it because of that you can eat it all by itself now, so dip it in butter and then put some egg yolks on it won't be that high guy seeming

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Learn to lose weight, increase your IQ, and focus your mind with the revolutionary Bulletproof system. Dave Asprey, founder of The Bulletproof Executive, is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent 15 years and over $300,000 to hack his own biology. In this 3-day workshop, Dave will teach you how to upgrade both your body and your mind using his proven Bulletproof techniques to enter a state of high performance that everyone is capable of reaching.

During this class, you'll learn to how to effortlessly lose weight without counting calories, how to turn off inflammation in the body, how to actually upgrade your IQ by at least 10 points, how to turn off your stress response, and how to have more control of what happens in your head. Oh, and Dave will also teach you how to make his world-famous Bulletproof Coffee.