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The Bulletproof Life

Dave Asprey

The Bulletproof Life

Dave Asprey

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1 Class Introduction Duration:04:06
2 History of a Biohacker Duration:31:21
3 The Bulletproof Diet Duration:28:45
5 Toxins 1 Duration:29:47
8 Veggies & Fruits Demo Duration:37:12
9 Sleep Supplements Duration:16:07
10 Bulletproof Your Bedroom Demo Duration:20:13
11 Braised Indian Salmon Demo Duration:12:18
12 Hacking Your Sleep Duration:25:55
13 Guest: Dr. William Pawluk Duration:39:00
14 Proteins & Meat Demo Duration:29:05
15 Why The Bulletproof Diet Works Duration:37:51
16 Lamb Cumin Loaf Demo & Q&A Duration:13:44
17 Body Supplements Duration:15:33
18 Dr. Justin Marchegiani Duration:14:25
20 Hacking the Brain Duration:16:10
22 Bulletproof Coffee Demo Duration:26:12
23 Neurofeedback Demo Duration:08:44
24 Guest: Dr. Terry Wahls Duration:37:12
25 Upgraded Brain Trainer Demo Duration:16:02
26 Neurofeedback Demo Duration:39:18
27 Spices & Flavorings Demo Duration:16:23
28 Braised Beef Demo Duration:23:46
29 Stress Tech Demo Duration:08:49
30 Guest: Jeff Hunt of Restwise Duration:19:00
31 Identify Stress Duration:19:34
32 Heart Rate App Demo & Q&A Duration:18:58
35 Bulletproof Sex Lecture Duration:22:25
36 Hacking Happiness Duration:22:01
37 Guest: Dr. Emily Deans Duration:37:22
38 Final Q&A Duration:13:09

Class Description

Learn to lose weight, increase your IQ, and focus your mind with the revolutionary Bulletproof system. Dave Asprey, founder of The Bulletproof Executive, is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent 15 years and over $300,000 to hack his own biology. In this 3-day workshop, Dave will teach you how to upgrade both your body and your mind using his proven Bulletproof techniques to enter a state of high performance that everyone is capable of reaching.

During this class, you'll learn to how to effortlessly lose weight without counting calories, how to turn off inflammation in the body, how to actually upgrade your IQ by at least 10 points, how to turn off your stress response, and how to have more control of what happens in your head. Oh, and Dave will also teach you how to make his world-famous Bulletproof Coffee.


a Creativelive Student

i 've read 2 of his books. Can't wait for the upcoming third one. i am forever grateful for his research. His brain octane oil is THE reference point in my life. BEST MCT OiL out there. We only have other options of MCT oil's because he brought his research UP to the table. THANK YOU so much, Dave!!!! i tried biohacking my own "system" for 20 years because of lots of same issues and only after i found his insights it all started making sense. i had already given up of going to MD's. Because of Dave i now consult with biochemists. Boy, how can a doctor prescribe medications without knowing biochemical? Anyway, this class is not really his best .... his books are SOMETHiNG ... much deeper and written in such ease language ... and his podcast has the cutting edge scientists and conscious MD's EVER. LiFE CHANGiNG!! i am into the bulletproof diet and i have never been so fit working out so little and feeling so happy & bright! i don't crave for junk food. i dont use the nootropics but i sleep better knowing i will have a cup of a bulletproof in the morning!!! so delicious. i think he actually is part of a new wave of education system. Brilliant!!!

Comedy Gumball Machine

If you care about healthy living - [healthy food/maximizing your mind-body performance] - this course will provide, to the minutiae, inside information on food & merchandise that will help you accomplish just that. Great course. I'm glad there are people like Dave Asprey out there fighting for proper foods, natural approach to healing the mind & body, providing all the information we need to avoid detrimental products. Thanks Dave!

a Creativelive Student

Buy this course! I don't remember the last time I was this excited after sitting through a "class" for 3 days but this course was riveting. Dave is amazing. The things I learned about my body and mind were so profound that I still feel a bit stunned from it all. This course was so very informative and life changing. I immediately started incorporating a lot of the stuff I learned into my daily routine. BulletProof Coffee will change your life. If you want to experience a real and lasting paradigm shift in the way you approach your mind/body wellness, I can't recommend this course enough. Thank you Dave Asprey and CreativeLive! Stay BulletProof :-)