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Painting on Fondant

Lesson 5 from: Cake Decorating: Fondant Fundamentals

Lucinda Larson

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Lesson Info

5. Painting on Fondant

Lesson Info

Painting on Fondant

Part of what we want to do on our funding I want to do some painting because you had this incredible white beautiful campus so let's use that to our advantage and everybody was given a palette with some food color and we're just using it doesn't matter what food color you use you use whatever food color you want um you can even use your pedal dust if you want now I will tell you if you're using a peddled us to paint with when it dries it drives with kind of a velvety finish so that gives you a different look but that gives you a different look so that's kind of cool one of the things that I'm also going to do justice a heads up this is my water fondant that I've just needed and played with and I'm putting it into a bag I'm not putting it back into my funding that I didn't need I could mix them but I don't know it just seems like if I've contaminated it in any way, I'd just assume not contaminate the whole bunch and I'm going to use vodka again because it evaporates quickly doesn't leav...

e a taste and you know it's five a m in the morning no thank you thank you um I have a wide selection of brushes you don't need all those I'm probably only going to use one or two of these um so what we want to do is we want to mix our colors with the vodka so I'm going to get a brush I really want to do this on the side, but I think that for the cameras it's not going to work, so I always do it on the top okay, so that you guys can see and I think that's green yes ok, so I have green pink I don't remember so blue and yellow because part of part of doing color is don't use the color straight out of the tube, go ahead and use mix um and, um, things like on your color wheel, you've got your standard color wheel, so you've got blue, red and yellow so across of, say, like, I've got a red or pink because we use red and pink interchangeably in our cake decorating in the cake decorating world so instead of trying to use straight road every time, if he used pink, we can change that for the red, so if we have a pink that's like neon land, a plane kind of color and way too much what I want to do in my color wheel is I want to come across that pink or that red and add that color so that cross from red or pink is green, so if I had a touch of green to it that will tone down my pink or my red so it's workable and the same goes for the green if I add a touch of pink or red to it that tones it down and makes it look more natural set sound kind of muddies it up just a little bit and if I want to create always called lying lion king gold or yellow I want to go ahead and add a touch of purple to my yellow if I'm going for peek atyou yellow it doesn't matter I can just keep it that neon yellow out of the bottle a killer I like using a lot of mossy green color stage greens for those sort of thing for work in general it just looks more natural to me I've got my brush really dirtied up already so um so question from acme eighty three before placing the kate to be decorated what type of board is best to deliver the cake to its destination well especially a fund it covered cake you want to have on a really sturdy heavy drum and if you remember when I first started the first session I grabbed my board and I went this isn't right it was a double layer and then I realized I had left my boards in the box and now I've put them somewhere else here there so what I like to put mine on our three layers of cardboard and I literally in her luck the ridges so that the ridges go that way or the other method is is used what's called the drum and you can buy those pre covered they're very thick there had very heavy duty and that's what our students are putting their kicks on today is the drums and those air very good for fund it covered cakes and I'll just talk real quick about the board because this makes a huge difference in your cake decorating I like to put my cakes on a board that's two to four inches larger than the cake and I like to have him fairly thick and fairly nice. I go to a lot of effort to cover them with, um an appropriate foil to match the decorations and to work with in a lot of times I'm coloring things on the kate to match the color the foil or toe work with the boil. But one of the things that I want to tell you this is that if I put a cake on a board and let's say I'm doing this cake for a special event it's only eight inches and I'm putting it onto a twelve inch board I may very well put a fourteen inch board underneath it that's covered just like this say in a different contrast in color here's what it does is it raises my cake up off the surface a little more, it adds heights it adds dimension to it and then we can still decorated and have this beautiful little centerpiece. So what I have done is I've added a few more dollars of cardboard and foil and time and covering it, but I have just increased the price of my cake by a good forty to sixty percent so I'm creating a centerpiece I'm not creating a cake that we're putting in a plastic dome and put it into the trunk of our car with the groceries I know how to do that I've done it that's not what we're creating we're creating a centerpiece, so let me show you because this one it's a smaller board remember I told you it wasn't the right board knight spun around in a circle and couldn't find it, so if you consider that I create this cake, I'm going to wrap a beautiful ribbon that coordinates maybe it's pure white with a little thrill on it that I'm going to wrap around to clean up my edge and I'm going to present it on this board that's then hot glue because I don't want to slip and slide on I'm going to put it into a twelve inch box to deliver it to my customer or when my customer comes to pick it up that's what they're going to get it in, I always had the top of the box propped open because I always make my surface raised there's always something up on the surface if I'm doing ah buttercream cake and I'm doing buttercream flowers I'll put a little come pace picket fence around the flowers I'll put a fan um all bevel a little section of the cake on the top so that it has some dimension it's never this flat grocery store type of finish it's always got some dimension it requires a little extra care it'll have the ribbons or the bows that we've talked about that is going to add to the presentation that's going to add to the price and that makes it worth your time thank you you're welcome so the boards yeah, they're important and especially with the funding you've gotta have it thick enough and heavy enough to support it so like if you're doing an eighteen inch round wedding cake or something, you need to have it almost on card or not cardboard you need almost have it on thick plywood or foam core board works if it's thick enough rachel right so when you're having like the double boards for your cake, do you want to hop through those first before you have your cake set on the smaller board like what's the busy I was going to say no one of the things this is that, um I wouldn't hot glue that until just before I'm done because one, if I get anything on a door, if I rub it or that sort of thing, I kind of mess it up I try to keep my boards as clean as possible, but you know you're working, you got to keep moving so I don't hot glue until the end. I also don't add the ribbon until the end, because in at that point, I know where the front of my cake is, and I always have my ribbon start in the back and end in the back. I'd like to add a little bow where that isthe if you know, if possible, sometimes it's not appropriate, you know, if you're doing some manly cake, you're not adding I would just add a little bow on your fishing cake here there you go, but if it's got, you know, a little more on the feminine side, I had a bow. Sometimes I even like to add a bow on the front. It depends on what the cake design is and there's other times a bow is not appropriate, so leave the bow alone. Does that help? Okay, ok, so we're going to make somebody a par colors adam with the vodka and basically what we're doing is we are when you're painting on fondant, you are essentially it's a lot like watercolor, ok, so you're watercolor painting it's not an opaque thing that you can cover over so a lot of painting techniques are you kind of do whatever it is you're going to do and then you color over it it's not gonna work that way okay today I kind of want to do a little bit of a bamboo effect because um I did have a little panda and he didn't quite survive the heat we had so but to him over but I got a little elephant but I want to do bamboo so I'm going to add some of the pink to my green and that's going to give us kind of a brownie color or arrest in that case let's add some more green and you could do your bamboo in brown's you could do it greens you can do it and all kinds of colors yellows I've seen him done in yellow so what I was thinking for our bamboo is I've got some color on here somebody color and if we just kind of touch down come up and that's really light I need more color here I was being so careful with my color and here's the funny part you know you can always add more color it's harder to take it off really hard to take it off so I'm just gonna touchdown give a little jerk give a little jerk give a little jerk to kind of get a little bamboo touch and I want to come back with my brush do a little joint this does not have to be super precise guys what do you think if I keep spinning that while you're trying to watch with that help and if we keep adding and changing that colors were going to come back at her little joints I have the attention span of a grass hopper cause I'm wanting to jump to the next step already and I have to force myself do the rest then jump ahead now design wise had the laugh a little bit when um is it is a bill when isabel said she wants to be a forensic scientist because I thought oh yeah I started decorating when I was really young and then I went to college to get a degree and I paid for my college education with my cake decorating so that when I got done I wouldn't have to decorate cakes anymore and then I went off and got a job in the industry in my field and I thought what am I doing? All I ever say to my children is come on, hurry up mommy's got a meeting I thought I could be home decorating cakes so I left the corporate world went home and started decorating cakes so I could be with my children yeah if you pay for your college education with cakes guess what, you're probably keep doing it but part of what started that is that I have my college degree and visual communication technology with its emphasis and graphic design so because of that there's a few tricks I learned while I was out there so one of them is you want to work in odd numbers you want to have the center be the longest okay so I have five five little sticks of of bamboo and bamboo is very straight very stiff but we can come in and start to have a little fun by adding some branches and leaves and I want to have this is starting to look a little more bamboo we were all supposed to holler yes awesome yeah you do know that by the fourth session I won't be able to keep him quiet now it's like hello out there are you there now I'm using a number five round but truthfully I could go with a smaller brush I'm just hee yah ok, breathe okay so now I have some foliage on there and truthfully if you guys are interested in this and you can you know you like painting or that sort of thing I mean you can just kind of go crazy with this you could do I was going to say told painting but it's not so much told painting one stroke type of painting where your load you know, a couple different colors on your brush works really well unfunded um you can just do all kinds of airbrushing if you can't paint but you like the idea you can use stencils just adding a little full ege around here you can come up to the sky people are mentioning in the chat rooms how therapeutic it is watching people paint here the you're the bob ross of k plays go to a happy face and yeah, this is you know we work hard to get to this point and then we spend just a short time enjoying the the therapeutic the creativity the wonderfulness of this we worked so hard to get to here and the truth of the matter is is that you don't have to cover the cake with funding you could make a beautiful fund and plaque do all the work on that and plop it on to a gun onto a butter cream cake and this is great to do if you have children early in the morning before they're up I don't do so well at night after they've gone to bid I usually do better in the morning before they're up that's me but you know some people do better at night um if you want you can have a glass of wine or something I wouldn't do that at six a m but you know I'm just going to add a couple I don't know about birds but I'm just gonna kind of show you how we could have a little a little bird or two in there anyway. Ok, so at this point, I am going to call that I should probably find my focal point right there, right? Do I want to turn it this way? Looked way go. So how you guys doing? Can I walk over and give you a hand? Oh, nice. And you're adding a son. This would also be a perfect one to do an airbrush on do your background, your sky. Good job. You sure you want to be a forensic scientist? Yeah, ok, good job. So listen, a couple questions from the chat rooms. When from cupcake stylist is there a certain brand of brushes that you prefer? Um, I like the best brush I can afford, and, truthfully, your brushes are directly related to their quality to their price. Um, so the best you can afford is the best you can afford. I do like working with the synthetic as opposed to the natural hair just because it's food and I've got to be able to wash my brushes, so I washed them. It's food I'm dealing with the rule of thumb is is for your brushes you're supposed to brush him or take care of them like the hair on your head so you wouldn't do anything to your brushes that you wouldn't do to the hair on your head so you're not using too hot of water you're not using too harsh of soap and all that the truth of the matter is is in the food industry because I'm doing with food I've got to be able to make sure that my brushes her as clean as possible otherwise I'm risking contaminating people um part of the advantage of working with the vodka is the vodka does kill bacteria so that does help um the other thing that I wanted to point out about your brushes and you working with him with fondant sugar is the sugars are very, very hard on your brushes and you will eat through them rather rapidly as opposed to other surfaces that you're painting on not so much on the fondant the fund it's a little more forgiving but when I'm brushing on gum paste flowers or when I'm brushing on royal icing in particular royal icing I can just ripped through a good set of brushes in an afternoon easy so sometimes I buy the cheaper ones just because I know I'm going to rip through him and I'm gonna end up throwing him in the garbage so cool, and you have a question from ray angel. What does a person do if they aren't talented like you with painting, design, germany tips and tricks for other things they could do on the cake, get a good stencil. Great, get a good stansell. Yeah, you're stencils can be awesome, theirs and again, you don't have to stencil directly onto the cake. You, khun stencil off the cake, use your exacto knife and cut it out, and then put it onto your cake. Um, you can also very especially with fun, that you can very carefully stencil you, khun airbrush, using your stansell's. Um, yeah, there's all kinds of tricks out there, stencil so it can be your best friend.

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