Creating Intricate Animals Part 2


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Creating Intricate Animals Part 2

To go with our palm tree let's, create a little monkey, and I'm using a lighter chocolate. This was made with a milk, chocolate and white chocolate. I do want to wipe my surface down because I've got pearl deaths, and I keep getting that on two things that don't deserve pearl dust work. My chocolate little monkey doesn't have to be that big, so for the body I'm going to use ah that's pretty big, I could probably go those smaller than that that was about the size of a golf ball, their little bodies aren't very biggest, their heads, they're big and I want to do a little cone shape, and I want to give it a little bend, so it has a little shape to it like this, ok? And we can excuse me if he could, even at little butt cheeks will sit that here, let's, get our head that'll be good, then we want to go to our flesh tone, and if you have a little darker flesh town, I have a little darker flesh tone that I'm going to use for his face. You can also use the flesh tone for the hands and the feet, ...

but I will tell you that attaching them and getting them to stay it's kind of a challenge, so you're almost better off skipping it, just making him part of the arms and legs from um chefs mama again okay how long uh can you make and store these before using them and how would you how would you store them you could make them several weeks ahead of time their shelf life before the chocolate probably I would count your shelf life on the chocolate about six months so you could make them ahead of time as faras months ahead of time and distort them you want to store them in a clean dry place you want to make sure they remain dry um and of course just free so if you put them into like a temporary container or a cake box if it's in a dry area you'd be fine so that is one of the cool things about these is that you could do him ahead of time I always kind of like to do mine fresh they just have a fresher look to me than if I do him too far ahead of turn I usually end up re doing him anyway but yeah you could make him way ahead of time and not only that but can't you see these as little cup cake toppers just yeah you could have a lot of fun with ok so I've got that lighter or that darker flesh tone rolled out and we'll go back to our heart shape again and let's cut out this portion I'm not gonna want that up just yet. And we're going to attach that little heart to the face I've got a warm it up first so I'm going to attach little heart to the round ball for the head so much like our panda for the muzzle monkeys have it's not very big but it's wide that's that's too big a lot of times I can't tell where I'm at on the size until I get the bowl and then it's like oh yeah that's too big and then I'm going to um roll it into a a little chubby sausage and we'll attach it and we'll do a little flesh tone knows not that big big kids little noses that is cute they have they have a little triangular type of nose and where this muzzle is we're going to add a wide smile wide mouth with thirst tool I just dipped the edge of my special into the powdered sugar so it wouldn't stick a much and always kind of like toe add a little smile if possible try not to make him look evil although that happens a little bit of black for eyes I keep dropping eyes as stickiest this stuff is I'm just surprised it doesn't stick just super quick feel like I'm always kind of fighting it here and we need a couple of little ears and little monkey ears are more on the side of the head as a post on top of the head they are primate so when you create a monkey that's it it's very close to creating the human figure so if you can learn things like the monkey and the baby you can create a human figure let's use our handy dandy paintbrush attaching long gate that here okay so we've got the head I'm not liking that little nose I'm gonna pull that off and I'm gonna put on a little black nose and because I'm the artist I have that freedom I can do that that's the thing about being an artist does she have what's called artistic freedom and sometimes come on there we go I'm kind of like in that one a little better so I have a son that I used to always refer to monkeys so I've done some birthday cakes for him with monkeys now I'm going to have my monkey on the tree so the back arm all I'm going to see is his little hand coming around the tree so I'm just going to create a little hand and little hands if you just kind of think in terms of little mittens and I've got that so soft I can't work with it so I'm gonna sit it down and let it start with the ball we always start with the ball because I'm only doing one arm I don't need enough for to only one start with the ball let's make it into a sausage because this is like a human form got a shoulder area? We got a little hand area that we're going to create we've got an elbow that we're going to create by doing this way let's could rip little wrist here with our thumb and finger or little finger was to our little shoulder getting soft again so I'm going to come over here to my hand that I wanted to create and the minute use my speed but sheila too great and I don't have to have a finger for every single thing I just kind of imply that they're there that'll work and, um let's see this arm's going to come around it's gonna be gripping on here gripping on I say as it sticks to me and not the tree ok, so all my little hand is now trashed because gripping wasn't happening just keep using your tools to great what it is that you need to create want to make that hand a little longer the arms started the next, so go ahead and put that neck up that put it right up to the neck are back legs again a ball and then we're gonna make it into a sausage I want to attach it over here try to clean that up I think you need a little bit more make that back leg into a sausage we got one in that's thick for the thigh arnie are ankle thin this out I'm going to let that rest for a moment while I get another one so whenever it gets too warm just let her rest do something else let's do a tale now that's our snake the tales are snake let's attach our little tale give it a curl then let's go ahead and attach our back leg and we'll touch her head and I probably need to have a little something underneath it in order to support where I wanted to be so I'm gonna build up a little false background gonna put it right in there probably need a little bit more will attach her head right there and would be really cute is if we created a banana for him to be holding onto I need to that guest turn it this way way yeah it's some of this weii go he needs manana doesn't he well I just happen to have some yellow here and I did it with brown in my hands so it looks like it's got a little brown on it okay so let's move on to our elephant um I will use a gre are elephants going to sit upright? We'll make our body if you try to hurry it it doesn't work you've got to go through all the steps because I tried to rush it and I ended up with a really wrinkly mess which would have been okay I guess for how elephant start with the ball make it into a polish cone shape then I want to have my chocolate is getting wrinkly which is I guess good for an elephant because aren't they wrinkly your panda is adorable and the pandas are just too cute there too cute okay, so for the head you make it into a ball then you roll it into a cone and the cone just gets longer and longer and longer okay? And my chocolate is getting softer and softer so guess what it's going to sit right there and be happy for a moment and while it's doing that I'm going to make some legs make it into a ball first you got it it's old pat huh? Then we're going to turn it into a sausage I'm going to flatten either end for legs cut it in half and then at this point I'm gonna kind of change turn it into aa cone shape so it's thin at the end and then we're going to take your um you're skewers that I gave you uh nope that's not a skewer that's a paintbrush without works great the end of this cure but I'm just going to add three little toenails flatten up that too they have very flat feet now that I'm nice and sticky let's attach those legs very much like the panda teddy bears dunn's so much like the panda and the elephant also well I still have some paste I'm going to make a tail they have a little short tale that has a little curl to it notice I curl all the tales I don't know if their tails really curled or not but I curl all of them and attached that with using our tool let's add the arms on top roll it into a ball make it into a sausage flatten up the feet cut it in half turn it into a cone attach it at the neck you can had toenails on the top two but I didn't do you like to have been so they look like they're doing something okay in the meantime hopefully this is set up enough for my head let's pull out an ear on either side of the head and just use our fingers pinching it between our finger and thumb to create the ear give a little motion flatten out the top of the head the end of the trunk we're going to flatten it out and have a little poke at the end and give it a little bend we also need to add a couple of nostrils we'll use our exacto knife or a sharpie or knife or whatever to give it a little the mouth is supposed to be much smaller than what I just created I got overboard with the mouth I'll pull it in and then we'll just add two dots for the eyes and our elephant is another one that we can have fun with with adding bos onto its head and all the rest of it I'm going to add um how you guys doing over there get past it cava slave driver her night listen you have tips on attaching the animals to the cakes um I like to use a little dab of buttercream um or piping gel your piping gel is a great glue and if you're piping jill isn't working mixture piping jail with a little bit of fondant and then it comes really sticky and works really well or if you're in a pinch a big bottle of super glue yeah right or that hot glue you know yeah no hot hot glue is not really a good way to go unless you're attaching ribbon to the board okay, you can't you can't really see your smile just kind of lost her smile now one thing about most of these little critters is a pretty much done the adult form of them. So if you wanted to have this be really cute, do the baby form of them and it him you know an adult and a baby next to each other that's cute and usually the babies are lighter color I can't uh my little plan keeps trying to break there usually a lighter color we're gonna make it a girl yeah which means she's getting a bow so you guys it's been a long day and you've created a lot of awesome things. Are you ready to come back tomorrow and do basic buttercream and gum paste flowers, gum paste, flowers are that's my favorite thing? So let me use back into this brush a little dot for the center. These are vain ing tooled add some veined to her beau, paula. I think she's done always have to mess with something, you know? Okay, now I'd be done. Hey, can I come over and take a look at what you guys were doing? Yeah, yeah for it. All right, let's, do that little pandas are cute. Look at your little mouse. Good job on the monkey can kill you ran out of brown? Yes, I did. Very good. Uh oh, your monkey looks really cute. King king of the elephants. I like it. Yeah, good job. Good job. Your mouse is adorable. Good job on your panda.

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