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Canvas Size

Lesson 4 from: Canvas Size and Cropping in Photoshop CC

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

4. Canvas Size

Lesson Info

Canvas Size

So here we have an image that is rather long and narrow, like more so than even a typical four by six. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna crop this image into for my six ratio. Then we'll actually size it Teoh with of six inches and then we're gonna build out a mat around it to make it an eight by 10 so that you could print it and put it in an eight by 10 frame. But the image itself would be still forest by six ish. Does that make sense? Okay, so we're gonna grab the crop tool again, and we'll do a 2 to 3 ratio. So that's for my six ratio here. And we want that to be horizontal. So maybe something like this. So go ahead and crop it. Now. I want to actually make the make it six inches wide and whatever, um, let's go into our image size. And as we can confirm, it's going to be foreign. Just talk. So we could actually let's just do it this way. Then let's just crop to a specific six inches by four inches, and then we are refighting it and reshaping it at the same time. OK, so just to c...

onfirm, then down here we have a four by 6 300 ish pixels per inch. So now we're gonna build the mat out to make this an eight by 10. We could come up here and, uh, choose an eight by 10 for this and then drag so we could do this and then drag this. However, we want to build a map. That's one method. It would be perfectly acceptable. But I'm going to teach you another method. So you have options. So, another way of doing that, changing the canvas sizes toe actually pull up the canvas size command. So if you've ever gone to the image menu and you've seen image size and then you've wondered what the heck is canvas size like, How is that different than image size? Well, canvas size is what we've just been doing when we've been reversed cropping on Lee, we've been manually dragging ah, visual indication of what we want and now we can actually tell it precisely so I could come in here and tell it that I want a with of 10 inches and a height of eight and this right here shows us where the campus is going to grow from. And I'll show you in another example how we might change this sometimes. But right now we wanted to grow out from the center and it's gonna ask us what color we want the extension to be. And I'm going to leave that white and we'll go ahead and click, OK? And we see now that we have that four by six within the eight by 10 frames. But if we wanted to add something like a little signature something down here, we might want Teoh rearrange this a little bit. So what I'm gonna dio is let's see. Let's actually grab the content aware move to all groups. This will be a clever thing. And I'm gonna draw a shape around this and then just move it where I want it up here and it should fill that in fill this cut out area in. So you see, I left a little hole there where we moved this. Let's see if it's gonna Oh, no. All right, let's do a cleaner way. I'll unlock the transparency of the background by clicking on the link right here. So right now, if I grab the move tool and I try to drag this up, it's gonna tell me it's locked so I can convert it to a normal layer. Or I can click the lock right here to unlock it, and then I can just scoot the whole thing up to make room for the signature plate, and then I'll add some white back below it. And then we can add our signature smoky mountains and size it accordingly. So I would have a mattered little print. We could make a pretense. Okay, so that was with the canvas size. It was essentially the same thing as if we had just done it with the crop tool by telling it that we want a with of 10 and a height of eight and then manually dragging that out. Maybe about like that. I think that looks a little nicer when you agree. I think so. Awesome. So that's always handy. If you have, like a gift you're trying to give someone and you have an eight by frame. But maybe you have an image that, for whatever reason, won't work, isn't eight by 10. You could do something like this to to make it work

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Something that seems so basic, but so important! Big help & tips on gallery wraps, ratio vs size cropping and when to specify resolution or when you need to delete those pixels! Super fun technique to 'crop to shape' great ideal for web & social media. I appreciate that Khara covered the change from 'old crop' panel (previous versions) to 'new crop' (more recent CC versions), every time the interface changes it hard to switch the brain over ;)

a Creativelive Student

I just bought this class based on the previous reviews. I am so glad that I did, as I learned some new tricks to do in Photoshop! Thank you Khara for sharing this great information!

Amy Vaughn

I didn't think I'd learn much in a class about cropping, but Khara went over a few things I didn't know. I'm a Photoshop dinosaur that hasn't been keeping up with all the changes to the tools that came along in the CC version, and turns out there are a few new goodies for cropping. She also had some good tips for gallery wraps.

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