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Constant Lights Demo

So when we drag up one constant light who's, our next model was not self conscious in anyway. All right, good. Um and then because we're on this thing, I'm gonna just get you a chair in a minute across so the constant light yes, that would be great. I rarely ever used these as one. You could certainly put a main light and thank you so much. Um, but I always liked the hair to pop behind the individual. I just have a seat. We're just going to show how well like with this. So this is the one, and then we'll grab the other. You are just tuning in. We are not setting up big portrait's for showing the quickest, easiest way to use it for lighting. I mean, this guy a little bit more. So, um, for an individual, I just kind of showed you what I would do this do with this, but usually the main light is about here. It's, just off a little bit to the right tends to be hinted hit pointed a hint down if I have to worry about in this case, we've got some good lighting across the curtains if I've got j...

ust a dampening kind of dark curtain, I'm going to make sure I like that. Uh but here I think I could just skim across and I can actually look that's the idea of what you see is what you get I can look and see what I'm doing here and then I don't know why the light's not working so strange in this situation when I just have a one I mean you can see how pretty that is right just right here and because she's got bright colored hair because I've gotta break colored backdrop I could just be fine here if I wanted teo but I could take a couple extra steps like this up light at the back of your hair and be golden I'm just gonna pet you while being plugged in it's funny we just got that out of context but we just got fingerprinted the other day and uh not a federal offense and that they told my fingerprints were really rough and I think it's because of constant washing hands them constantly navigating people yeah tomorrow while we're getting that plugged in that question for you came from michelle barr chassis ashworth which is if I'm on ly using natural light and my limiting myself as we're going through all these would you say to that, eh? So if you're only using natural light are you limiting yourself? I have been a huge proponent of mostly natural light for my entire career I love natural light that being said I think um you could do a lot when you add in these pieces I wouldn't answer say go out and buy every single lighting option there is because that I certainly didn't but I slowly would add to my collection as I went along and a couple things I found is I think we saw the side by side of the natural light with the strobes outside and a shade just kind of gives a lot more modeling to the look it's nice when it's portable it's nice to not think about lighting I did a ten hour commercial shoot at a brand new spa that just opened up in the hospital and I just like we were joking that I was wheeling around my I v but I was literally going around with the lighting stand and the umbrella from room to room to room to shoot shoot shoot and that is all I needed and that's amazing because normally they'd be a lot more kidding up to dio so I don't I wouldn't say you necessary are limiting yourself especially if you're using the reflector and the diffusers you can get a lot out of those but as you start adding a few of these in you're gonna have a lot more or capability to mix things up that could answer yeah great alright wow we're style in this nice I said we're not going to style this we're gonna throw people down just like no thank you, danielle all right so on this kind of shot right here I've got the main light I'm gonna move it right about here this is pretty bright for us I'm gonna put it down to let two steals bread okay all right and then did you introduce yourself no lisa jump get cover give her back her yes get courage is not the same as uh which I thought so a shot like this I mean this is the joy of constant light is just in two seconds were good and of course I'm to show you before and after but I can see exactly what issues I have if she has hair coming down her forehead or going across her cheek I can see the soft shadow it leaves I don't have the benefit of that with strokes. All right, so do me a favor look just slightly over here we're just gonna like yeah exactly not the hair say I am not self conscious at all my level after I am gone you know I said I wasn't gonna play with the uh uh mccall's gonna white balance but I am quite balance I am not shit up just a hair a beautiful so as you can see with the constant lights I mean just kind of met there it's just lovely and um they're the only thing I would start adding on here is if I have a family of five six seven I'm going to have four lights I'm gonna keep dragging them in on dh then I'll be able to do whatever I want but I am not going teo look at her she's totally feeling it. I am not going teo for the heck of it usually take just one or two small lights with a large family because that's kind of tough too, man so exactly as we are even modifying my settings for having no light to try to light this well as we are, this is the difference. And when you are shooting indoors, that is that's a really big deal. Okay, so this is just yeah that's modifying but that's too much that's not you that's me? Okay, um can we take the right one and hold it up next to the one with the strobe so significantly more flattering, more well lit managing even that see, this is what we mean by softly do you see this is just basically the ambience overheads this is the soft light you can see how much more flattering and more fair it is two euro on dh one might look at that and say what she's got catch lights you can see it there's not a lot of crazy shadowing it's softer shadowing these airsoft box lighting the army and light but obviously the comparison is it's hard to say it's not you also see that the white balance shifts when we turn the lights on and off and you've got to adjust for that as well all right thank you very much you did beautiful I think um any other questions about the constant lights the use of a constant or continuous lights either in the studio in a client's home I totally saw that the question had come through from tracy dev how strong are the constant lights can you speak to that again? Yes. So the tedy these air the tt sixes I first started out with these when they were two t five thank you and the uh they were in the t t three that's what I'd had and those are not that strong that's basically three lights in there instead of five or six the more they added on that now we have all tv sixes and the ability to then use them there are a lot stronger again aiken do kids jumping I think I showed you that shot earlier the kids jumping in our studio using just constant light I could do that with no problem but if I wanted teo that that scene in there with the kids jumping on the couch I'm gonna have to add at least two more in and optimally I would have my strobe set up but you can still do it boosted in post be okay

Class Description

The best family portraits are those that capture the true spirit and personalities of their subjects. In Children and Family Photography, Tamara Lackey will teach you how to photograph individual children, sibling groups, and complete families in an authentic and exciting new way.

Tamara is a celebrated family and lifestyle photographer. In this class, she’ll teach you how to beautifully light, naturally pose, and creatively photograph children and their families. You’ll learn about:

  • The gear that’ll help you get you great shots
  • Which lights to use and when to use them
  • How to integrate the location into the shoot
  • Digital workflow and album design
Through instruction and demonstration shoots, Tamara will share her top tips on posing and lighting and she’ll teach you how to get everyone into a great group shot. You’ll also learn about what goes into her sales sessions and how she handles prints and portrait albums.

Whether you are a parent who wants to take better photographs for the family album or an experienced photographer hoping to expand into the family photography business – this class will equip you with the insights and skills you need to produce photographs that feel natural and look great. 


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