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Digital Album Design

So this is a lush albums like I said, I'm using it for different accounts lush albums is of course the album line that we created to be able teo do a few things if you go to a lush albums dot com right now you would be able to see our website and this is the gist of it we went hyphen crazy it's a high end custom it'd be friendly animal friendly fund order half price fine art album collection but that's kind of what we wanted to create I wanted an album line that was something where is that album line here somewhere I think that's over there stretched over I wanted an outline that I could in our studio we have sold portrait albums forever and thank you so much we have sold portrait albums forever and I wanted an alum mine I'll show this more a little bit in sales, but that could give me something that I could present to a client that that would really fit beautifully with home to core not just be a cool looking album but actually fits in beautiful home to court and we have about fifteen...

different options here, but the cool thing is despite the quality of them in the look and feel of them, they're so fast and easy to design an order because we're partnering with fund a and I'm using his album builder design software to be able to do this so if you were to go teo less albums for the first time and not get sure how to get started we live we have an overview here and ability to download fundy designer on dh to be able to right out of the gate I work in the trial mode so you can work in child mode you don't ever have to buy the product every usage of this product I'm about to show you is included with less albums so there's no additional cost you would literally open up like this and ask if you want to purchase now continue the trial but you can use it as a try a ll program and every single time that you are no less album there's no additional cost everything's ready built in on dh this is what you might do if you want to create a project so you might say um less albums fun I don't know and then it's a tell us where to get these images from I'm going to grab uh this file click open and it's gonna pull in just a sampling of some of the images we've shot over the last few days and as it's importing them what it's doing is it's going to automatically give you all the layout options? This is the best part of it the design function is so crazy fast so just going to say I wantto use funding direct of course I want to choose less albums the fine art album is the one we dio and then I'm just going to say for the sake of ease let's do a penny by eight so I say if you want to cover or not yeah, give me a cut up and then let's call it the lush ceo album create an album and then sew right out the gate everything's there for you too d'oh you've got your cut out that you can supply and then you've got your first lay out that you can add and I'm just gonna grab these four images drop them in and it's gonna auto style it for me but then I can click here and say, well, what are a bunch of different styles that I could use with the same four images? And I'll say try all these four styles maybe I'll click one open it up and look at it and I can keep my safe zones or by cut zones if I want them or I could drop him off on dh then I could say you know what? That's fine, but I want that to be that main one it's gonna give me an idea of hey, this is the image size you have if you wanted to space, you may wanna reconsider, okay, I'll adjust it reconsider thanks for the warning I'll put it like this I can move these around if I want or I can reshape the whole box and resize it and I'll keep the orientation of every image I put in there by the way I started designing albums in photo shop one by one layer by later at a new ad knew this isn't saying to me the idea here is that you can if you wanted teo drop every one of these images in and haven't auto designed layout like that or you can get very specific this way on dh look at all the suggestions it would give to you if you say this okay that fits maybe make that smaller bring that over second see his face etcetera on dh then you're going to go back into album layout here so I'm gonna go back tio my project uh and I have got this first spread and I'm gonna open up a second spread and I can try the same thing again I can say you know I just want that one image and that will tell me if I could use just the one image full bleed or if I want to try it like this and say you know what? That looks great but I want to add him in okay now that you've added him in what are a bunch of other ways to see that okay there's a bunch of other ways to see that move it like there I can zoom in on it if I want if I like it just as is I can leave it I can try switching it to various tones of black and white and adjust the contrast if I wanted teo so on the fly I could design this in front of a client and say this is the book I think we should lay out for you the actual design is not going to take one hundred hours we could do this really quickly and we can adjust as you want and I like being able to see things like hey if this is the layout don't forget that's where your that's where gutter line is that's where the spread is going to be and then you can keep going you know what? I actually want to replace that one now that I think about it that's pretty but maybe we'll bring this piece in let me see it now I don't want that one maybe that one on and on and on so right out of the gate I'm able teo create quite a lot I'm going to just keep going and build this super fast I want these two here I want this thes three here I'm going to put him here I'm going teo add him here and then then with him uh boss, I got to go back to this let's try that was here and as you can see how quickly I'm on my way to just being done based on what I want to see I like that and then I could be and I'll tell you you could have ten pages twenty pages up one hundred pages you can have an entire album with only ten pages which for portrait clients that's a nice thing because sometimes a lot of pressure to build a huge book and you don't have to do that and then once you get done you can simply go in you can export this as a preview to send to your clients to show them you can go right on finish ordering the book and have it clicked out to you within two weeks you could get the books this is on your doorstep this whole process I have done this in like eight minutes and then on to the ordering which is two minutes because it's like click click go and then you could get that in two weeks if you preference tit which is incredible amount of time savings as it relates to digital album design any questions here? I'm showing you the really straightforward way I do it a lot of people can use patterns or designs or I personally I really like the clean look of it that's kind of where I feel like images shine more but you can obviously go as crazy as you want in this and you can add colors to the background you connive ad text if you wanted teo there's just a lot of options available tio a couple more questions tamara one is are the images printed onto paper or is the mats and yes it's a fine art paper this is actually the eppes in fine art matte paper which is actually that's not the title of it I'm calling it that but what I wanted was that inkjet look but where the colors could really really pop so you can have the black and whites which would be really lovely but you would have the color still retain everything there's been times that you have images print on color on dh they're just super super faded and I really like to being able to have that look that kind of fine art matt look but still be able to see it's the color tone is really rich and detailed the shadow details really lovely that's another big deal to me and and the other thing that you can't really tell is there's a laminate across every single page but it's kind of this invisible laminate so you guys have seen albums where there's a laminate it's really sticky I don't love that and this ends up having this protective coating so that you can give it to your clients and say you know this is gonna last a while which is kind of a big deal and well, right now we come in three different styles of fabrics but there's going to be in five colors which I only brought quick sample five colors in each but there's going to be a lot more of those coming to and ten percent of all proceeds as you heard goes till it goes to beautiful together I keep stressing that because it's just the coolest thing I love that um yeah so if there are what are the price ranges for the albums where can people go find yes, you go lush happens dot com and you go teo I know that I mean, since we're assuming all photographers were listening on the right yes because we don't want like just anybody ordering albums therefore therefore professional photographers but the if you go to les happens dot com under about and click pricing it's going to ask you to log in on dh then you're going to get the pricing back to you. But I can tell you that every single album right now starts in under two hundred dollars on the goal there is for you to be able to use this as a very profitable product and that was big because we've moved portrait albums forever in our studio been on you'll see that when we do the sale segment it's it's a huge part of how we sell is that were able to show a lot of them they love and then we get responses like that scrape and running out of wall space or, you know, I know I want to do this with this. I'm not sure what I would do the other one's right now to be able to say, let me just really quickly show you ah, superfast layout of what this design could look at, you can touch and feel the album and get a sense of it, and and I could even auto design it with you in two minutes. I would never have offered that in the past, because that just meant I was just sit there for hours while someone says, try it that way. But this being ableto have this really quickly out done very fast, and and then be able to say that you get it that quickly. So for as as a portrait photographer, I've had multiple experiences where I get albums and they printed wrong there's a problem? I've got to send it back, and that could end up taking if you don't get it album for four weeks, that could end up taking a very long time. And did you say what is the texture of the outside of the fabric thiss one's called velvet suede? This is really fun designing these albums in terms of the colors and stuff but if you go on the website you can actually see a full video we've done it but this is called velvety suede and this is very similar to like a soft kind of combo velvet suede although it's all animal friendly and this is called then silk and its again a lot like a silk album but there are no worms destroyed all the worms are healthy and safe go home s o this is in decline and this is the soft linen and the soft linen is very similar to what you think it was a linen album but it's got a incredibly soft field in all three fabrics we're made to be very, very durable because the things I kept hearing again I've worked with clients over and over and over again I have full accountability to my clients I don't have any clients that like I'm just going to try to do a quick transaction and they're gone I know that it needs to be a long term thing and so you need high quality albums that will stay high quality that you have the protective pages you've got the starting exteriors I know that they have these air crafted by fideo here in the united states and there's thirteen people attention from start to finish so they get a lot of care intention which is pretty incredible

Class Description

The best family portraits are those that capture the true spirit and personalities of their subjects. In Children and Family Photography, Tamara Lackey will teach you how to photograph individual children, sibling groups, and complete families in an authentic and exciting new way.

Tamara is a celebrated family and lifestyle photographer. In this class, she’ll teach you how to beautifully light, naturally pose, and creatively photograph children and their families. You’ll learn about:

  • The gear that’ll help you get you great shots
  • Which lights to use and when to use them
  • How to integrate the location into the shoot
  • Digital workflow and album design
Through instruction and demonstration shoots, Tamara will share her top tips on posing and lighting and she’ll teach you how to get everyone into a great group shot. You’ll also learn about what goes into her sales sessions and how she handles prints and portrait albums.

Whether you are a parent who wants to take better photographs for the family album or an experienced photographer hoping to expand into the family photography business – this class will equip you with the insights and skills you need to produce photographs that feel natural and look great. 


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