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Lesson 45 from: Children and Family Photography

Tamara Lackey

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45. Mylio Demo


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The Importance of Family Photography


Lesson Info

Mylio Demo

Let's check that chat digital work foe digital works for me has been changing a lot in the last year almost for the longest time my digital work foe was comprised of come back from a shoot you back everything up tio an external hard drive that's connected to your laptop you then take that and back it up to your server your photo server for us we had a wireless server in our studio that was all hooked up tio storage that was in the back and that you can access wirelessly and then you have now backed it up to your external drive. You've acted up to some sort of main drive that everybody in the studio can access and the third back up forever was dvds that became a joke with, you know, he's a super large file sizes s o that had switched over then to having additional stacked external drives in the studio and so my goal was always I wanted backed up to three places. Then last fall or summer I talked with kevin gilbert who's with my leo and he asked if you heard about us we haven't launched ...

yet, but I'd like to give you a little demo and showed me what their product could do and I was blown away just like what the very first takeaway had when I saw my leo was that I no longer had to do three physical backups that I could just put on one place and walk away and to me, from the perspective of I want to enjoy my life and work less and not do the seedy underbelly part of photography, which I think of as mass editing and storage that's usually how I see that like, you have to do this part to get to this part like toe have the baby, you gotta change the diaper, but it just goes that way. And so the first time I saw it, all I could think of is like, I import here and then it will go everywhere. And I'm just done that's sort of changing the way I shoot personally and professionally, more so personally right out of the gate. So personally, what I started doing was putting every photograph I had into the software, which I'm gonna show you now and you'll see what I could be so effective. There we go. So this is my leo. If you go to my leo dot com, you can check out a lot more there's different ways display it. I like this this way. This theme looks this looks very fun and bright to me. This is a mass amount of my images that I have just thrown in when I mean by that is I will have just hooked up an external drive and click like copy, or even literally drag it onto my leo and just starts importing aiken select where I wanted to go, but ill in port in, and it will come into these folders, and then and then anything that I've pulled in from two thousand seven goes in here from two thousand eleven goes here thousand fifteen goes here and on and on and on that has to do with personal ones, anything that I pulled in with, like my lush products, with marketing images with things I like to do with different programs or any areas I'm working in, they all have their own folders, and then I get more specific and I go into albums and say, look at all the mass amount of photos I have, how do you want to classify them in a way that I can immediately access? So the cool thing here is you see this number, I'll click all photos, and every single photo I have is in here and that's everything the crap, the good stuff, the stuff we've scanned in over the years stuff people have sent me my all my images that have ever been tagged of me or I have ever put on social media like everything, so it's basically how I would describe my leo as as this incredible catch all repository of every image ever taken of you or that you've taken that you care to save andi will take everything and organize it everywhere and give you all kinds of valuable information about the images that you have and when I say it's really changed everything for me in the last year what I mean by that is I have been able to see oh gosh I have this one image fifty different places I don't need this one image fifty different places I now have a quick way to check pixel by pixel there's any shift in these images or if they're all the same image and I just need to delete forty eight of them and keep to safe right it's also allowed me to be able to access my images in a whole variety of ways I can see when I shot the image by month by year by date I could say cash where where those images from when we went to the beach four years ago it was I think it was july timeframe and I'll go right to that and find it s so I would be an obviously you can see when I started using it very very actively based on the months and how much the images are tied in there so I can go to the ninth or the eighth and this is everything also from my cell phone so it's automatically set up to constantly import everything I'm shooting so I don't have to worry about that either I find that my phone is getting full I know it's all in my leo and it's also backed up to three places automatically, which I'll show you in a second s oh, I can just clear up my phone it's accessible by calendar it's accessible by people so anybody who's already tagged from social media or I tag when I put in there I confined it's also accessible by locations, wherever I was when I shot it if I had the geo tag on looking look at that look at that totally random I hope he's watching this was from two years ago when we were setting up the lighting for children posing guide like this is the experience you have when you're doing this like these random things yeah all right, so obviously I can see is a bunch of questions already I'll pause there's a bunch more than to tell you about it, but the experience I've had with my leo is constant like joy and surprised and well, lots of tears looking for images of my kids that I have not seen since I shot it quickly stored it because I'm so busy and then they all kind of flooded in what I have viewed them this way what my leo is doing for you is auto sorting everything it's auto organizing everything I just throw it in like import just don't don't don't that's how I did it everything just everything there's those dvds in the garage there's that laptop that I haven't given away yet I don't know how to get things off the hard drive we pull him out now and get rid of the laptop there are the usb drive we have like one of those doors on our desk in our kitchen that's got a bunch of usb drives like I found a bunch of pictures from disney world that I forgot we paid for when we left that it's just all thrown in here and then you can sort personally however you want but it's auto gotta sort it for you by calendar people locations all of that what would I have this product I joined last fall and the one thing that I really like my leo for is that I was going through my old family albums of my childhood from birth and I was looking at the photos and they were falling apart I was able to scan him in color correct him let him into my leo and preserve them for the rest of time so anybody in my family can always have a photo of me when I was one day old or five or ten super cool do you have a picture to share with us right now? You actually maybe because you do with my you know yeah that's fantastic. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. We do have some questions coming in. So one question is, does my leo store raw and j peg images? Yes. Pulling raw awesome. Another question is, does my leo automatically pull from your light room? So does it store the edited and rob versions of everything? And is that automatic? Do you know, I think a lot of that is preference a ble andi, I could probably get an answer to that specifically, but, yes, it does. That's the answer I'm getting what the other that's, the big. So since I have been the reason I had stayed a little bit on that is since I've got my leo there's been forty upgrades like it just keeps getting better, and these capabilities that weren't there a month ago, I opened it up and it upgrades like I have this now, I mean, that's how the experience has been they're listening to everything, and I've certainly funneled back a lot of feedback on dh the if you go in now, tio, any image that you want to end it now they can you edit it directly in photo shop in light room, but you can also now do mass catalogs and everything it's incredible, what you say. We disagree there is ah auto exports from light room into miley though I haven't even done that I don't even know that but that's cool it's been confirmed in three places now so yes you can so the other thing then is when you are going through this just because you can see it running right here I'm obviously online you're going to be able tio have it and it reads up at the top kind of how things were going and where they're going but they started as if I'm starting it for the first time I'm gonna hit think I'm gonna go back teo folders for instance or albums and you're gonna be able to see right here my library and where everything is these these badges kind of letting you know what they're green yellow or red I'm actually really well caught up which is wonderful on dh you khun designate what size you want these to be where you want them to be so right here on tamara's personal mac book for instance I want these to be previews and thumbs which means that when I open up an image any image uh oh this by the way okay this is a great image this is the very first photograph I ever got of my daughter right before we adopted her emily said three and a half you met yesterday it's a pixellated won because they sent me an extraordinarily low res image but you can kind of pull any of these images that you want to see others crab one and show you this is a preview mode so it's a preview mode it's fine for what you need from a visibility perspective but if I want this image and I wantto print it, I will say right here okay, you know what? This is only a preview mood, but I want it in the original full frame I don't want the originals on my laptop because I don't wanna hog a ton of space on my laptop and these are really big files, but if I'm out anywhere I have access to everything and I just have to select it click you know, given the original for that please because I want to export it or print it right here on the spot and within seconds four minutes maybe if you've got a crazy slow internet but I've done this on in a taxi with the hot spot on my phone I downloaded like five images and then sent them digitally to somebody else to do something with because they need it for prints just because I had it right here, you could do that on your phone too, but I like the guy I wanted the big old version I don't even start with that which I think most people when they look at mimeo there because everybody gets benefits differently for me, the massive benefit is the extraordinary time savings I love that, but for other people they're goingto have the ability tio say that anything they put on their phone when they dump it in their phone is now available to them on there anything they jump on the laptop is now bill able to them on their phone or their ipad, so the exact same catalog that exist here now exists everywhere and it's constantly sinking and going back and forth. So something's added, here something's out there something sitting there, it goes to all three places in terms of accessibility and that's before we're talking about the extra backup, which I'll get to the second so right on here, any change I'm making on this screen will show up on here real time, which is really crazy and I can then say I want an original files on here I want to send a image to somebody from here I have access to again, you could determine how much you want, but my goal is to have everything I have and be able to reach it at any time. So when it comes tio this, when it comes to the part of being able to sink things I can designate what else I want to sink in the second I upload one files to this mac mac laptop I know that's going to go to my phone and it's going to go to my ipad in the states of quality that I want I only want a preview mode or thumb mode here only one a preview mode here but I want all my originals toe live in three places because I love redone it back up I like knowing if a drive fails there's another drive right there I like knowing that if there's a disaster some sort everything's on the cloud and so now I have it set up that way you could even do something more than that you could have one drive in your home another drive in your parent's home for instance just to be super safe and then you could have another one if you did not like the cloud and there's a lot of people out there who do not want the things on the cloud then you don't have to have that but it's set up here for me I have all my original is going to the cloud just because that's how I choose to do it again I know the people don't want that at all I actually like that I had that going teo another backup that's living in my home it's right next tio matt that's in our living room the kids play on and I just have my leo running so that it's kind of falling everything and going places? I have it of course on that I'm aca's well, I have it on this phone. I have it on a studio one and have it on the mini I mean, that sounds crazy to have that many devices, but now every photo I've ever taken is accessible everywhere and it's costly backed up in full to three places that are all protected like that's amazing that's like serious peace of mind for me and that's. One of the reasons I've become such a fan of this product yes. Did you say chris? Well, that's amazing! I know way have some folks actually in the chat room I'll give a shout out to defrost who has been using my leo for a while and is telling his experience in the chat rooms as well and how much he loves that he knows wife put everything on there right in the guy's got to that part yet do you use this for your clients and for your business photos? Okay, so here's the other part that I found so I jumped in with both feet personal big time for months because that was my biggest pain point and the studio had everything sorted and cleaned and backed up, but personally I was a mess digitally speaking, I was a mess andi and I had a lot of fear about that so one of the first things I thought of when it was introduced to me was this is going to save me so much time and now I can save everything because I have that same feeling like it's getting crumbly, you're going away. I literally had the experience of one of the hard drives I played I was plugging in was failing to mount and I was dragging them off one by one while it was like flicker on for a second, I'm like I'm getting these things off is like the saving people from the ship as it's going down that's how I felt, so that was a relief to get all that cleaned off and then put all this together on dso personally, that was my first priority since because that's when my pain was professionally, we wanted to set it up in the studio, but what we found is with the version we're in now and I know that's changing and maybe even why I'm speaking it's already changed. It was set up, though that as a work account, everybody in the studio would be on it, which also meant that everybody be able to see every personal images and we're close to the studio, but I don't want to see everybody's. You know, mirror selfies and vice versa so we just said for now let's wait to that next upgrade hits and then we'll all be connected and what I do instead is I pull in the the specific folders I want for work I think I mentioned some of those before andi those are marketing folders there specific for lust albums, therefore certain marketing accounts I'm doing work I'm doing for nikon I'm pulling those ones on because those the ones that I'm constantly having to refer to and then I have them everywhere. So when I get a call literally I was addressing yesterday I got a call from nikon asking for some images and I know I can go on my phone while I'm getting ready for the show and have them sent over as flores because I have that folder right there so for work for that way I'm using it the next level and what I know a lot of people already doing is having it set up so that every single time I do a shoot it's going right in and going all those places so that is the next level it's already doable for you but I'm just now treating it with different accounts um the other thing I would say is in terms of giving an example to you of what I mean by time saving this is a personal example, but this is you could see exactly how you would use this professionally. My father, we just had a surprise birthday party for my father, which was really impactful and beautiful. But we what we ended up doing was calling everybody that we knew who knew him to send us every picture that had ever been taken of him over the course of his life, and send it our way so that we could put together a slide show to show him. And what I started getting was just an incredible amount of images from everywhere. Scanned images, ripped black white photos in the mail from, like, his, his, you know, relatives, and so we're putting it together, scanning it in and this kind of job, and you guys know, right doing this kind of project, it would normally be something that would take weeks and weeks. What I did was I had the bulk of the work involved with this job was just scanning of all the physical photos that came to me, but that had to be done anyway. Once that was done, they were just put a stick imported there, I imported every digital image that was emailed to me, and I just threw it in this folder over and over again, dead, dead folder, and then I opened up the old er saw eighty percent of images you know were things like my brother sent me a picture of dogs and I said why assign me a picture of dogs because dad likes dogs like these his dog's imported goods now I'm like okay I'm not gonna use those images so I could quickly then select and what I mean by select is you would go in and say hey here's some dogs I'm gonna throw them into the light box here's an image I like that one on daz I'm putting them down here what I'm doing is having a whole cross election and then I can take them and put them anywhere I want them to g o so I create an album called dads burt birthday party dad seventy ith on dh then I'm able to take every one of these images that air from everywhere you know the span the globe literally the globe and look at him on dh put them someplace I'm gonna show you a picture by the way this is my dad when he first married my mom right um so we pulled them again and nobody had ever seen all these images together nobody and he had he had not seen a lot of them because they're ones people took when he was at parties or reunions or when he was a kid we reshot the one relative who sent us a ton of pictures from him growing up that he'd never seen you know, just kind of crazy, so you pull them all together and then ended up making thiss just export of them all, and they made a book and a slide show on the whole thing if you even especially we took out the scanning was a couple hours, and this would normally be forever but it's, because the process was made so easy with caleb because the process was made so darn easy, you know? So that that's, the kind of thing that was has been exceptional value add for me other things, if you if you photograph sports, I was I went out and photographed my daughters, not now, I've done it with a field hockey and soccer and then my other son, but one examples I went out instead of the sidelines with my seventy two hundred shot a bunch of images and came back down from the mile leo, and then edit them in my leo, which we'll show you in a second, and then sent them from my leo to the whole team and had it done in twenty minutes, and that is not my normal turnaround time out, all right in there like that, normally I go out and shoot it, put it down, I've got so much to work, I'll try to do it later, and then I'd never send them so so that's what I mean about the turnaround time so here's, the other thing is from is editing, so if you open up an image you could go into, um, this editing panel right here and this is this is it. So this is ahh blank raw image thrown in from years ago nothing's ever really been done with it, I can find out information about winning a shot where we shot, I'll show you that in a minute, but now you have all these editing tools where you can adjust the color balance, you could adjust the tent, you can manage exposure, you can control highlights, you could boost the clarity, you can sharpen it, you can just say, you know, turn the whole thing into black and white just right there modify the black and white tones or the channels you know what? I hate all of it. I'm gonna reset it or I love all of it. I love ever changed, I just made and I'm going to copy that and apply it to all these other images or you know what? This is that's a lot of stuff to dio I know brushes aren't in yet brushes are on the way they're going to be putting brushes and miley, which I think will be huge, but you can do all that and then say now I want to edit with might room or I'm going to go open it into photoshopped or whatever I want to do I can then go out there, make any changes and then bring it right back in ah, what other images? What's like, you know, kind of a recent image, but if I can't remember the details on it, click click the information panel and I could go ok, this was shot with my nine hundred eight hundred it was shot with a fourteen twenty four lens this was the size of it. These loose was the meeting option. I chose these air, the metadata behind the image if I wanted to caption it I would oh, I used it in the nation's better lab animate a web webinar and I had update so that automatically got populated sent in with me because at one point I used it with that this was the date I shot it. I mean, you just have all this information depending on where you are. I think I have all my geo text shut off but normally would tell you this was shut in shot in london. This is who it was. If you tagged it, I tend to turn a lot of that offer privacy say, but if you wanted to have that all tracked you'd have it yeah, so that's a lot of what the those capabilities are, and I don't just do that with wi I I snapped photos of drawings they do or cards they make or anything, and then I put it all into this folder with each of my kids, so I have a way to store it all, so each of the kids have all their fun little gifts or mother's day cards and it's all right there too. Yeah, I feel like I'm scratching the surface of what you could do with this product. The other thing, I I love it, it's funny because I've told miley that's a million times like, I love that I can access all my videos now because I take a ton of videos on and they're like, well, we don't have the editing capabilities yet, you know, that's coming, I'm like, I don't even care that edit them. I just love that have a place to track them because that's really tough, you're taking his cute little videos everywhere and where do they go? And now I have every video that ever taken sorted by you just literally would go in here and hit play and then a video that I shot, I don't think I have audio on right now. But this would be I specifically said I didn't need audio so that's on me, but then I would have the video there ready to go she's singing I might drop in letter saying to me, but then I was the video right there and then every video I shot because I have the info right there assigned every video I ever shot. I now just put him in as videos june two thousand twelve I just classify them all that way on dyken quickly access them and see what I want to see. Thank you so much for going in depth on that demo there's a lot of people who are really excited and already signing up for the free trial. So awesome again, if you missed that, even go to my leo. Why l io dot com and there is a free trial are start trialled in a little yellow icon up at the top, so very cool. Thank you. You're welcome. Just going to say somebody had asked about video, so and whether you could put video on there. Yeah, no it's very cool the you know, other things that you know you can keep in mind is if you're doing something the sharing capabilities here, I can email it to somebody and I can designate right in the program whether or not I want to send them a large one resolution seismology small medium the actual size of it the quality of the image they want to send if I want to send the metadata or not you know I have all the ability to do that right there on then on my phone I have the exact same capability but also with text so I can immediately just text people whatever file one I want right for my leo to andi obviously you can keep going you have rating systems you khun go through, you come off of the shoot, you quickly call the images in the back either on your laptop on your phone, on your ipad ipad I think is the way that I'm gonna be moving with that when I roll out of a shoot I'm going to be then just going loaded up here go my ipad and then just eye could see sitting in a coffee shop just tagging, tagging, tagging a lot more relaxed manner, determining what I want having sent you know this place of that place I know I talk tio joe mcnally, he uses it like we're in a little bit more of a complicated way we're hill label certain things like this these images I'm shooting should go to our social media account these images and labeling should go into our commercial account s o on the fly as their uploaded and tag macon go different places. You could do that as well. Um, aaron matthew jordan smith saying that when he rolls out of a shoot that's, what he'll do is still immediately start tagging and doing things with that as he's leaving and then by the time he's on the plane he's just gotten a chunk of it done already, you know, which is really cool, but I know from a user perspective that it is a complete package solution for me, and it keeps getting better. I mean, honestly, I would say maybe once every week I get a update like we've upgraded something and come it's like opening a little gift like what's in there. Now how is my life easier now? I think that's actually have a name came about my life organized my life is over agonised, but that's kind of exactly what the deal is. So it's super cool that way and I feel like even as I just said all that to you like I'm scratching the surface there's there's. So many more capabilities, teo but this point I feel like we're going.

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