ProFoto Strobes: 2 Light Sources with Pre-Teen Model


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ProFoto Strobes: 2 Light Sources with Pre-Teen Model

Move it over just a little bit to mix up the look there all right and now we're going to try something more comfortable because you're feeling so comfortable right all right let's try you kind of laying back here with your legs over this yeah and it's true john now into it yeah there you go and let's try here they did it like this and then their yes exactly and then looks great how do you feel now? Okay I would never really start with this with a preteen because this is really kind of vulnerable I'm open I'm comfortable kind of look and you look really comfortable but starting again it's all about the warmup right starting in the place where I know that it's naturally a little more closed off you can find a lot of poses that worked beautifully with that naturally closed off feel and then you warm up and open up and that's just works very naturally with who they are and makes the whole scene we're comfortable wow you're helping all the battery pack that's awesome you're doing really wel...

l and then just going to switch to the thirty five one four is right here hey I'm simply switching lens is because of the fact that I have a tighter space to shoot it and eighty five doesn't work for the sea no one anymore and a thirty five will give me the wider look okay yeah please thank you so much, danielle could tell you build up some guns it just from this just from yesterday and today. All right, so scooch is here. I'm looking at the overall composition, which is I want the whole frame in here. I want her toes in the shot on dh I'm going to set everything else at first and then lastly, make sure were nice and comfortable go down here. I had started last time I had left off our last shot, an f one six shooting from an f one six right here won't give me that overall look that I want I'm gonna back up a little bit and I'm going to just kind of have a few test spots here, right? So this time we're gonna try something a little different how that will look over there again. That's what I want looking over there who are you looking at? Camera monitor. Yeah, you know, can I worked really hard to hear you say kinda you are rocking it all right, good. So two things I love the way the light is coming down here I'm having her look this way you can see right now that I've got this side perfectly exposed, but I need the other light on the front of her, so if you could put the other light right here and again I'm gonna walk through this lighting in a little bit but that will right there so she's looking kind of into it so but it's right out of frame s so backed up kind of yeah, that is lovely thank you. And so we're gonna hold these two shots up next to each other but show you the uh yes it will all right not afraid I don't have an extension cord they come with extension cords yeah take over this you know what? Let me just make this shot work we'll grab the extension cord next time yeah, I see what's going on no we conjoined danielle we can totally do it yes and then next there's an extension cord that allows you tons more versatility with these uh these generators are okay and then we're holding their yes ok, you ready way set the hair of it right? You're still looking towards canada and you're saying can I have the job you dio it is amazing um and they're gonna hold up that last one to this this one uh well sandbox liability she's a giver nok that's the last one I think okay, you know she's going to take that affirmation as many times as you give it so feel free all right good let's go do it with eyes out but they were good I gotta break the breaker um good. So can we take that one compared to the other one just to show the difference with the lighting the last one that didn't have a letting both sides yeah pretty dramatic shift we've got nicely evenly lit the two things I'm going to think about right out of the gate that hit me first is one the shadowing behind the chair I can make a difference in terms of just lighting that by shifting the lighting a hit more yes, perfect on dh then the other thing is I feel like she's real right on those grid lines right behind her head and we don't necessarily need that s we're going bring shadow back into the legs I'm going too physically move you thank you and then this changes the way that angle is you'll see what I mean when we compare these two and we're gonna light that spot teo alright good wait a one by the way this I have a fit fit fit that is yeah, you have one I agree and cash like amazing my whole family has one I've got some for my parents got some of my daughter my husband we all fit that wars okay you're just bringing that beautiful smile every time ah yeah there we go so we control that shattering over there we can pull those two together um and then I would just continue to pull that off and shallow the aperture but make that appetite a little shallow, but in terms of comfort level, you are just they're like you couldn't be more comfortable you didn't say you just need to warm up right? And I think you've done that very well. All right, good any way that you would throw this extension cord on there. Any questions about that sick section? Yeah, we do. We do have questions. Robin has a question, a question when you were shooting with a five before you had the lens hood on um and then when you switch to the thirty five, you're not using the lens hood besides just protecting the lens was there another purpose for you having it on? Yeah that's a good question the eighty five one four lens I have a lancet on simply because it was left over for me using in a tight inside I mean there's there's a school of thought that says any sort of light near the lens is going to adjust the quality of light in the lens and you wanna lend it on all times I personally only use the lens hood's when I'm outside and I wanna protect it and manage son player it's a really bright scene, I'm going to get a higher quality shot with the lens hood on but in here where I've got a nice controlled light and it's bouncing and spilling everywhere and I'm kind of out of that I don't feel like having len sit on guzman exponentially better shot by any means so it was on because it had remained on from last time and he was off because there wasn't one on there that's the answer all right and let me know if you have another question we have a question from carrie hugh how do you engage how do you engage in connect with preteen boys I find that sometimes they feel too cool to want to get their photo taken how do you break down those walls that they put up? Is it any different than with lily? Yes interesting because first of all hi cary secondly I think that it's a variation point because with lily she's having this dialogue first of all you speak very well you communicate your feelings very well which I really appreciate on dh in general I find that well it's funny because of my three children my son is the most communicative he'll be the one who expresses I feels the most but I think that actually flies against the face of conventional wisdom I feel like with boys in this sort of situation I can have the same conversation but I'm more likely talking in general terms and using metaphors versus being really kind of heart to heart most times, like having a conversation like this feels really nice and you feel kind of doesn't feel like you're growing up and be able to express yourself by giving you my leading you with the answer was that how you feel too that's a feel? Yeah, and whereas with a boy, I might have the same conversation and just say, like, how does this still dios like? All right, so would you feel better like this or this, you know, like it's more about the choices thing on dh, often with children, most of the answers to what do we do next are here two choices? What do you want to do? Which of those two choices of the best for you? That's a new one siren that's a great tip tomorrow because, I mean, I have been fined with my older teenage brother that it's, you have to be more direct in terms of question, question versus expect an open ended answer. Yeah, yeah, but again, you're gonna it's gonna you're gonna take played by your based on the child in front of you. I mean, there are definitely some gender norms that show up, but the most part I find that it's a lot of it is just what's regular surface you can find the tap into it pretty quickly.

Class Description

The best family portraits are those that capture the true spirit and personalities of their subjects. In Children and Family Photography, Tamara Lackey will teach you how to photograph individual children, sibling groups, and complete families in an authentic and exciting new way.

Tamara is a celebrated family and lifestyle photographer. In this class, she’ll teach you how to beautifully light, naturally pose, and creatively photograph children and their families. You’ll learn about:

  • The gear that’ll help you get you great shots
  • Which lights to use and when to use them
  • How to integrate the location into the shoot
  • Digital workflow and album design
Through instruction and demonstration shoots, Tamara will share her top tips on posing and lighting and she’ll teach you how to get everyone into a great group shot. You’ll also learn about what goes into her sales sessions and how she handles prints and portrait albums.

Whether you are a parent who wants to take better photographs for the family album or an experienced photographer hoping to expand into the family photography business – this class will equip you with the insights and skills you need to produce photographs that feel natural and look great. 


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