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Children and Family Photography


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Speedlight Demo

The light speed light's pretty straightforward who here is not used to speed light I think a lot of you've used it yes no no who wants their next model there's no option you have to do it okay, good come on up um just to show you a couple things the so the speed like the easiest thing in the world and this is what I do in quite homes all the time is bounced it off a feeling or wall there's two considerations here in this specific space this ceiling is really high and uh it's not going to do well for us this is the kind of feeling you get a lot when you're shooting weddings and you're in bars like we could move over to the brick wall and bounce it against the brick wall that will be helpful I'm going to see um immediate response with the color balance so I'm gonna bounce it against that red wall and I'm gonna get a really red warm light come back that's what you see a lot also in exposed brick kind of locations let's just walk over there and do that for two seconds and then I'm going to...

show you just a simple way tio defuse the light so you just got out lean against that again we're not goingto be crazy about opposing I'm gonna go ahead and switch my white balance to flash just to help mitigate the toning and you feel what amazing wonderful wonderful not a problem I'm bouncing it this way, huh? And then um gonna back up here I'm gonna do two shots but your face is just a chin a little bit more towards me. Okay? Uh whoa started back in my book that's a stain ball like, right? Yeah, that that is a life that is not optimal light were going to explain why in a couple seconds two things one I am right here on this and so what I have is with simulate that flash drop off like you got that tiny little tinny like that pops up on your camera you have a really harsh burst of light and it falls off really quick that's kind of what we're having here is because I'm not giving it much room to balance or fall you can actually watch look at me and watch this light real quick why do that again? I know I'm just making you just get up here and do this watch watch how the light the quick burst of it and what it lights first what it's doing? Do you see how quick burst and it lights right out there so now I'm gonna go back out a little bit too this again you're doing beautifully again we're not working on lighting imposing but it starts becoming more even it really is blasting out my right eye you can see how we're working more towards it what did I tell you what's gonna happen when you bounce it against a red brick wall yeah so you're gonna have to correct for that with white balance while you're shooting but come over here and let's make this a lot easier go ahead and sit on the chair and I would not use an additional bounce of any sort if I had a nice low white ceiling not even low like a simple white feeling that you wouldn't normally find most clients home and that's a lot of what I d'oh is use that to get exactly what we talked about the uh flash under ten thousand um we can throw this guy on just make it really easy and show you what I would use in turning into a soft box and I met a detail mode on camera two whoa no not look that not that I didn't adjust when I moved that's all me that's one hundred percent me leave it up there for a while let's show what not to dio uh that was me okay ready hold on this guy have a little outfit like the copy clothing I talked about you wrap around front that I'm trying to ignore bother doing it I already put it up there okay here we go I love how you're staying with me here this is fabulous a question that had come can you tell us again what that flash bender you what that what that bender is yes this is the I was teasingly calling it the flesh better two thousand it's national the flash bender to um buy robe thank you yes and actually has the ability to use it as a soft backs too about the light you can even use it as a snoot this was introduced to me walk through by my social jess she was showing me all the way she uses it I tend to bounce most of time um but then you can use this to kind of dress it I'm asked does it matter if you use spot meter or matrix etcetera when you're using that because it used oh I usually do that with this scene I'll just follow the same rules you know? So it's kind of what I'm looking at and then um something and just bounce it this little outfit on this is the thing is it let me show you this real quick is it? I realize my box camera it bends so you can bend and sort it and kind of create the situation you want in terms of your lighting um this is probably for me the reason I would put something on is when we're out in the field you guys are going to see that tomorrow and there is nothing to balance again and for the longest time I shot with the mets you guys over the mets flash I shot with the mets flash and the reason for it was again back to simplicity of lighting that had a strip on the front where when you every single time the flashman off a burst of light came out of it freddy met slash fans out there we'll speak to it but what was great about that was that enabled you teo constantly have a pop full flush no matter what you do so I'd be out of the park photographing a family putting it right up into the sky and then have that just like a little burst of light come out and it would mimic phil flash but anybody drove by would be like what is she bouncing again against all right and then daniel do you want to grab the thea other one says we're doing this okay uh the pro photo strobes that we've got a lot going on it's not just me right uh they're all right let's put this little baby back on and I'm just simply again using this as a bounce bure doing so well so patient I really appreciate it all right she's just a hair beautiful miss their ugo um so this would be a nice soft way to wrap it around and get the light you want regardless of what kind of ceiling situation you have

Class Description

The best family portraits are those that capture the true spirit and personalities of their subjects. In Children and Family Photography, Tamara Lackey will teach you how to photograph individual children, sibling groups, and complete families in an authentic and exciting new way.

Tamara is a celebrated family and lifestyle photographer. In this class, she’ll teach you how to beautifully light, naturally pose, and creatively photograph children and their families. You’ll learn about:

  • The gear that’ll help you get you great shots
  • Which lights to use and when to use them
  • How to integrate the location into the shoot
  • Digital workflow and album design
Through instruction and demonstration shoots, Tamara will share her top tips on posing and lighting and she’ll teach you how to get everyone into a great group shot. You’ll also learn about what goes into her sales sessions and how she handles prints and portrait albums.

Whether you are a parent who wants to take better photographs for the family album or an experienced photographer hoping to expand into the family photography business – this class will equip you with the insights and skills you need to produce photographs that feel natural and look great. 


1Simple Posing: Young Girl
2Simple Posing:Young Boy
3Group Posing: Two Girls
4Backlit Shots: One Girl
5Shooting in the Shade
6Using the Rule of Thirds
7Review of Selected Images
8Working with Self Consciousness
9Training to Photograph Authentically
10Talking Through Self Consciousness with Subject
11ProFoto Strobes: 2 Light Sources with Pre-Teen Model
12Stylize and Prep for a Shoot
13Simple Family Poses
14Use Props and Backdrops During Family Posing
15Family of 5 Indoor Couch Scene
16Natural Light and Strobes
17Image Review of Family Photos
18Use the Right Light for the Right Occasion
19Ice Light Demo
20Constant Lights Demo
21Speedlight Demo
22TTL Demo
23Reflector Demo
1Pose Children in a field
2Build on your shots
3Capture Motion in a Wide Open Field
4Capture Splashing in a Lake
5Photograph Movement with Fast Moving Subjects
6Top Tips: #1 Simplify The Shot
7Top Tips: #2 Small Posing Shifts for Maximum Effects
8Top Tips: #3 Direct The Feel & Energy
9Top Tips: #4 Be the Destination
10Top Tips: #5 Mix it Up. Vary Everything
11Top Tips Q&A
12Family poses in a field
13Posing: Family of 5
14Dads and Daughter Family Shoot in Field
15Posing: Parent/Child Pairings
16Why Tamara Was Drawn to Family Photography: Beautiful Together
17Adoption Interview with Vicki Taufer
18Lackey Family Adoption Experience: FAQs
1Tamara's Gear: Cameras
2Tamara's Gear: Lenses
3Tamara's Gear: Accessories
4Mylio Demo
5Digital Album Design
6Sales Prep Process
7Photo Review With Client
8Selected Images and how to sell them
9Closing out the Sale
10Professional Photography Pricing
11Start Your Business
12How to Market Yourself
13How to Stay Inspired
14Photoshoot Recap
15Tamara's Top Tips Recap
16Tamara's Tools Recap
17The Importance of Family Photography