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Shoot: Bedroom with Alexis

Lesson 13 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

Shoot: Bedroom with Alexis

Lesson 13 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

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13. Shoot: Bedroom with Alexis


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Bedroom with Alexis

Tell me your name again alexis I'm tamra did you know who all these people are? They're your fans they here to watch you is that okay? Could I try moving you into a couple spots and seeing outlooks? You think that's ok wonderful I saw you over there laying on the carpet do you want to try that one try laying right here yes just like that oh my goodness that's exactly it and then exactly as you are late with your legs like this I'm gonna cross him right? They're ready okay and then jimmy where's my reflect us well liked me better all right just like that and then with this I can then switch back to the eighty five and I do change lenses this often because it makes a difference. Um can I switch back to the eighty five please? Uh okay yes. What is your hair taste like like like a mushroom or like a banana does it taste like should I try it now would it be weird all right here again can you see this? They'll switch so what I have is I've got nice even lighting optimally I would want to man...

age the shadow in the upper right hand corner but we're going with what we got and I really appreciate all the effort that went into building this bedroom set by the way gratify thank you um okay, here we go so see how you are to me favorite lift yourself up yeah yeah yeah just like that just like that and then do you want me tio and see if I noticed right here we've got a little human goo which was very normal I can say mommy, can you come like this were there maybe with your figure it kind of like this little human do no, I think that's a little uh you know you got it it was ah dry skin or something around it perfect. Okay, we have gotten your guru okay and then we're gonna have you lift up a very good very good I'm gonna move back here to try it again very good. What are you looking at them what do they have that I don't what do you see back there? What do you see? Do you see crazy humans now wait do me a favor take your hand and you put it down I'll just through my hand uh what are you doing to face? What are you doing there face? All right, you look so pretty do you know you look like to me? Have you ever been to the zoo? And then you walk in and you see the really really like the prettiest of all the monkeys have you ever seen that you look like this one monkey where you're going to still tell you my monkey story where did you go? I don't want to hear about the pretty monkey story you look like the one I saw it had this blonde wig on and you know what her name was what do you think it was what's your guests what's your guests you can treat down here if you want I don't mind going come on down what do you think her name was? Do you think it wass what would you guess and I'll tell you I'll tell you the answer I won't make you not know what do you think it is? Do you think it wass chrissy do you think it was fabulous all do you think it had anything to do with what monkeys like to dio you did all right reading lean over this way a little bit and tell me if I fall over when I do this okay I will try my very best to photograph you without falling but I might fall and if I fall will you tell me you can say no if you want you can say no I won't tell you okay oh yeah that's excellent and then do you know how to jump on this bed have you ever jumped on abed? You've never jumped in bed are you kidding me? You've never in your whole life well do you want to show you how it's done ugo if I were to jump then you jump no okay I've got a better idea let's lift you up you're doing such a good job by the way can you see this by the way because they're coming up um let's try this one just to give you all that information data by the way you want to see it um all right so let's try just like this one have you sit on your bottom right there um we're gonna have you come this way and I'm gonna try a really interesting shot that's a little different you're gonna be just like this and I'm going to be all the way over here with my thirty five and I'm gonna try so what I want to do now is I feel like I got some good straight up images and I want to change the framing of it like we discussed so I'm gonna take the reflector away please and then can you scratch that back just a little bit if you got a second to mention your settings people would love to know those it was just now um um there those are my settings I'm shooting with um okay some coming this way and then I want to try is it possible to screech that back in the corner gas what you think so now what I'm thinking of is I got some really fun ones of her she's very pretty like this and then I might try something a little bit different um see if I shoot lower I help manage that shadow somewhat and then I think I am going to actually take that reflector please and then um oh I really like that look I'm bringing around here please we're gonna go right uh like I see it right there it's kind of a little bit of a spotlight effect okay alexis okay, that looks so pretty did you know this did you know this already you did how did you know how pretty is gonna look let me tell you two things okay first um you know how to say I don't know really quickly right? You know how to say I don't know really quickly right? How do you say no no really fast ok say it really fast it sounds sounds like this ready that's the fast I could say it's going to be one syllable here we go uh can you do that? Try say uh uh see what I'm looking at right now and I'm doing my composition I'm looking at the window behind you and horizontally like where it is vertically I feel like it's too close to your head something's screwed you over a little bit and then shoot it again so that compositionally will be in the upper right hand corner and you'll be in the lower left hand corner do you like that? Ok, ok and they were gonna just the reflector and then now what I have is a little bit more of a layering frame you you mean so it's kind of layered so you have to switch to soft white now because we've moved into a different light. Yeah um so and if you saw the reflector the back reflector works is a little bit of a spotlight in brightly lit situations which could be wonderful but it can also be too harsh and create additional shadows. Okay, so what the layering frame is did you want to explain it to you just like send you an article from the internet? Okay, well, basically it's like this you grab your toes, will you and squeeze them? I want to hear what sound they make, what sound they make? What do they sound like this? Are you sure? That's trying to do me a favor and come even a little bit tighter. So now yeah, and because we're in such a contrast the light situation you really have to be precise. She moves a couple inches over, you have to switch the reflector altogether, so flip it back to the silver side, which is now gold yet I'm going to go back like this and then come back a little bit yeah, so if you're really close that is even even though a light source that's closer subject is actually softer yeah it's kind of a little bit different we've got this little situation okay ready have you ever done this watch triad try at come on you don't want to do it a role all right I'll give you a break um what I will want to dio can you see this? You see how that looks and then so even though she's not doing what I quote unquote want I'm getting what I want you had no idea is getting so much of what I wanted did you no we're going to try something very different kind of offer frame this would be something where we move outside of what I'm delivering to a client and we deliver kind of something I want to try something different so alexis can I move you scoot you okay? All right right here legs off the bed like this there oh yes that's perfect and then what I would love is khun somebody bring the fan and hold the fan right up here rebecca that's you girl I see movement just do it right there. Um I don't even know where these voices come from on I do I haven't apologized mom, could I switch back the twenty four seventy please? So what we're gonna do is something a little different we're goingto have I want to shoot this compositionally as more of a wide horizontal frame where she's just on the right side and there's some fan coming in here and the whole bedroom seeing a show okay ready you wanna watch this she's gonna use the fan on you have you ever had that before do you know what's gonna feel like here I'll show you I'll be with you the whole way just so you're not like freaked out already so can you move it up from this direction do you have the band with oh that's pretty good though right what do you think do you like it okay so all you have to do your whole job is to look at the fandango uh here if it picks up a try okay just don't do that then just do this right so you just do that stay just like that and then tell me if the fan tells you anything because every once in a while the family changes pictures ready to see anything happening not yet how about if you hold your arms out it might come to you then if you pulled your arms out try holding your arms like this then the fan will like see you and they will want to talk to you a little bit you don't think so let me see look at me what do you think how about not at all you don't think okay how about like that up down back to the side how about just wave to the fans how about say fan? No not interested no, you're not going to do any of those you know what your mommy told me? She said that you and my dad I have a lot in common because she knows about spirit did you know that? Oh my gosh where's the reflector okay, so write like this all right? Oh is it so cold? Is it so call do you kind of feel like you're freezing a little bit? Yes let's try right that's actually switched o white and then if we go over here that that is where the reflector does the best thing and when I noticed when she tilts her face down the shadows appear when she felt her face up the shadows go away so watch this you do this you're gonna say no I know you're gonna say now how about this go like this? Oh oh my gosh was like stars up there did you see the stars? You didn't see that there's one falling down right now look, look oh, are you gonna risk the start hating you? Yes, I am, lady. All right, I've got a better idea. All right now that's two silvery but I want to do the same thing which is like this burrito effect just like this and I'm gonna shoot through because if she can come down and I've got a combat light which is really comment on natural light shoots then I'll just have to work with it ready. So I'll just be up here and she's not gonna look at me at all, ever, ever. You okay? You know, you did it. Did you know about him here? Now you can't see me this hell, no, you can't. Yes, you can. All right, good let's, give you a little bit of a break, all right, you're coming back, though, sister. Yeah.

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Judi McCann

I really loved these videos and am grateful to Tamara for her clear teachings and her ability to relate her ideas in an instructional setting. She's extremely thorough in her explanations as to the how's and why's. She's got a super sense of humor, too, which is nice. I would very highly recommend this class.

Charlene Goldsmith

This is my first creative live course, and I was really sceptical that I would be getting my money's worth. But I can honestly say that this has been a brilliant investment. Not only is Tamara amazing, but the content is fantastic. I feel like I got more than I bargained for as I even learnt some things in Photoshop I didn't know. Big double thumbs up!

Mari Sierra

Tamara is so good at what she does... Plus funny! This class was great and I learned so much from her... It's one of my faves and in my wish list!

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