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Shoot: Living Room with Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 1

Lesson 31 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

Shoot: Living Room with Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 1

Lesson 31 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

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31. Shoot: Living Room with Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 1


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Living Room with Ari, Eli, Zoe - Part 1

So what we're going to dio is we're going to create a little scene for you it's magic movie magic we about four seconds ago michelle I learned that she's going to be playing the parked let's call you let's give you a name mom mom she's gonna play mom she's three children and what she's going to dio hi, michelle hi. Say hello to the interwebs I'm tamara hi, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you so what we're gonna do is I'm going to just show up at your house because we decided to book a photo session and we know we want to do that we know we want to do one in your home from your perspective you live there you straighten up a little bit but you've got three kids hello? You did what you could do in the time that you had I'm walking up and I'm gonna come on like, knock on the door and walk on the scene and I'm going to literally simulate oh, is it little nama figuratively simulate that actually is weird figuratively simulate exactly what I would do it if I were meeting you and just walking u...

p and saying hello going in your house and on dso we'll spend a few minutes talking about the process of when you see it, what you see what you can do without being offensive to her client whose home maybe either cluttered or just designed in a way that looks perfect for home to core but not necessarily for the photo shoot there is a big difference the little things you could do and how you can adjust and what you can work within the space you have and create kind of little mini studio sets given no matter what you walk into so you want to bring the kiddies up should we introduce them first before we start the scene? All right, come on up. That's ari he's almost six hi, ari. Almost six I want them here and its allies almost eleven. Hello, eli and so we hide away. How are you? All right, you know what? Why don't you have a seat? Very nice. Okay, so you're going to be in the home and I'm just gonna walk up been requesting for the past two days in the set. I don't know if you remember what that where is the dog wave? We have a dog here for you, wei have a dog. Are you gonna rat behind me dio whatever you need when you do it, god rest is gonna be our dog. Actually, you know what, we should probably get one of the students to be oh, that would be I have to do anything you want except for that no, no challenge accepted, all right wei have the dog wake the noise is awesome okay, you only have to be the scene for like thirty seconds and then you get to leave but the dog has his day. Okay, good. I am I am coming up to the front door um exactly as is because we're acting all right. Ready? Okay, she's one toy maybe two maybe some ice cream hey, nice to meet you. Oh, my goodness. Look at your place. Just clean up a little yeah, that everyone to pick stuff up yeah, I appreciate it who's that back there you have the couch great job. You have a dog? We don't even know how bad. Yes, I love it. Well, I would love to first and foremost, meet everyone you said you're michelle tamra it's so nice to meet you in person. Um, you are awesome, dude, nice to meet you. Awesome. Dude, I'm tamara very nice to meet you. Six almost july twenty let's not jump the gun, zoey and so how old are you? A are you sure about that? Okay, is our eight ish like before or after eight? Like where you after? All right, excellent. You lie and you are eleven. Almost what day, halloween, that's awesome. Do you like being a howling birthday? I would love that um all right? So one of things that I want to take into account I don't do this somewhat like to cameron breaking the third wall I'm telling you what I'm doing I'm gonna walk in and the first thing I see is a letter like a lot of clutter and not an abnormal amount of clutter by any means I I also see three kids kind of ready to go on bouncing off the walls and jumping around so what I would do initially is meet the children and then say and then then do this are you guys want to do the photo shoot right now or do you want to run and get everything out and then come right back photoshoot wine run now all right, you go right on and then I would do that I basically pare down normally in about three kids I've got one or two that already and the other ones you don't want to be there they want to run and play this and that and then I kind of take him away and then I spend the first few minutes never picking up my camera unless something amazing happened and I have to click it but just simply walking through and figuring out where we're going to shoot what we're going to dio in this home that is it's amazing that you raised three kids and a dog in here it's not that big but congratulations san francisco yes, haida had goes, eh? So what I see in here as well as as natural light goes, we're gonna call this our door and that's our window so we've got a door and we've got a window. Um, we have some available we've got some tungsten incandescent light. I believe that looks like I talked earlier about how we want to pay attention to color balance it. I walk in and I'm trying to shoot directly from with my camera and I've got ah, window and you see this a lot you see window with incandescent or tungsten light in front of it, like a lamp or something. It's not difficult to get kind of a wonky color of light because you've got that mixed color balance coming together, eh? So what I'll do, probably especially it's a military and it's very bright right right now is just immediately turn this off for the sake of being able tio. And then let me tell you real quick how I set that up but immediately turn this off for the sake of not having to combat against that the color issues. So, um, I'm gonna go back in to see would you mind for the purposes of just our photo shoot, if I just kind of move things around, I promise I'll put everything back but it might you know, maybe lift up the carpet a little bit in some c and then you might say oh but it's gonna be a disaster over there that's true I haven't vacuumed underneath yes I don't care at all I get it I am the same way but I'm probably gonna lift a few things back scoot your chairs around maybe even take some of these papers and move them out something that we don't notice every day really seems to show up in a photograph would you mind good that's a good deal of that. Okay, get so, uh we're just gonna take these and just throw him over here on I do this aa lot stacks of books, huh? Nice touch gummy bears. Um this is knickknacks a lot of things that look really fun like this. If I'm trying to shoot, I might use it on the edge of the frame for the most part I want to clean open remember, I try to do a lot of uncluttered, simple, clean shooting with the emphasis to be on the child and the interaction not necessarily interior design. So I'll come in and probably spend something like ten, fifteen minutes just doing this and then having everything in one spot that's another trick is like instead of just putting these here but this there create your little holding area on dh then put everything in there so you can not only put it all back and no where you put it just from a polite perspective but also be able to pull elements in as you want um the other thing I would do after I go around and kind of de clutter and um make little areas which we're going to continue to do a little bit is I would talk about clothing when I go to a client's home I say it doesn't really this is what I wanted to keep in mind if you want to select some options most the time when I show up they have several things laid on the bed or the couch or just go right up to the closet let's talk a little bit about clothing it looks like they all look fantastic. They look like you ready to go did you have any other clothing options to look at? We do have a few other shirts and pants in another hat in there. All right. Do you mind if I just label out liam all that all right uh wow. Who wears this and how do you wear it? Nobody said you were that all right let's go over here andan what I'm looking for for clothing we talked a lot about clothing but I'm primarily thinking I'm gonna be photographing them together that could be a whole different outfit right of the gate and gauge it based on how they're doing it they're all in a good mood and they feel like into it and their anticipatory I'll start right at the gate trying to make sure their clothing coordinates and then later I'll be changing things out and not worry so much about it. But if I'm looking at them right now, I feel like these things g o in a color perspective, that's a little orange and that's a little red if we have him in the middle, it all works so that's kind of how I would I'll be placing everybody together um, nice try um and then I'll be laying things out and having ideas as I go and you guys probably do this too, as I'm shooting, I'm envisioning the other clothes that I looked at and thinking where would be the best place for us to swap into that? So if I'm shooting against a window with zoe here, I'm very much wanted to do something where it's really kind of a cute top of spaghetti straps because I want to really clean and simple and unfettered and not so many layers for like a window light portrait where I wanted to be really strongly about face um okay, and then hat who's has this, it has it's yours, but you don't like cats I totally get that what if we never put it on you we just hover it like magic watch what if I'm not gonna put it on you I'm not gonna put it on you know anybody like it's this what if I take a photograph of just like this with that be okay like what I hear what all right so we'll do something like that later we'll warm up to it um and then I get we have are holding spot so let's go ahead and get started with something that would be a lot of fun which is using this window um if you see right here we've got an alarm clock this is just going to go and I mean the biggest takeaway I want youto have is don't walk in and feel like you're restricted by what exists absolutely asked permission I've never never had a client so don't touch anything it's all taped down nobody says that the only thing I get is a self consciousness about what you might find when you move the furniture and I can give full assurances that those things they're living at my house too um so move things about and I'll just move this off to the side and then way have read any favorite right there come here let me show you here show me can you do jumping jacks to know what those look like to jump jack how about doing army jack that's it do you guys notice by the way on day three how often I'm said no to all the time every day my whole life it's really rejecting um but I'm expecting the know when I get the yes I'm like what why why would you say yes okay and then I'm gonna move this because it's really light with this get on it you're doesn't um I'm gonna shoot against this window and I'm gonna plan to throw all three kids in the chair my expectation ashes these two will go pretty seamlessly with different feelings this will be our uh and you have the freckles too oh that's a good idea let's take these off yes let's just dump the shoes from all over here all right that's good way to move it own it love it if you also see I don't have to clean the whole house up to start with I don't have to do that at all I'm just creating the area I want to shoot it making something happen shoot shoot shoot changed energy let's discuss more go to a different section set up the home shoot shoot shoot any questions on all this fairly straightforward anything that is out of the ordinary with what you might do or want to change or feels weird to you what does it all seem? So what if you have like a vision of where you want to shoot and uh a client says oh please don't move that and you're like who um tell him shut up no I don't think that um if I have a vision where shoot I think I've ever had that experience you know and experience I have had is somebody I've I've thought something looked really striking and I want to photograph and they like oh not that chair I hate that chair I mean it begs the question why sit in your living room but I have had that and then and then I'll explain what I see and how I'm planning to shoot it and this is not furniture photography it's an element in the shoot and I'll explain that to on dial do a test shot and show them and they'll say that's not so bad that's fine that's fine you know something like that it's a serious issue it's not worth pushing it for me um all right let's try this you trip over here and do me a favor and go tackle your mom real quick just tackler to the ground you too come here ready can I take this off for just a second? We'll bring it back in a minute I can't take your hat off again all right you guys come in here all right this is this is my vision you ready for my vision it's coming out of my mind you ready? So I envision you all the way back up against there yet and then um zoe scooch back and lean with your back on your brother and your legs over here wow yeah, I like that very much. I have a feeling and you guys tell me if you believe that this is true that that somebody I'm not gonna name any names it's going to be a little problematic to keep still would you say that's true yeah yeah you know these things all right? I don't have a reflector and mom, would you mind helping with the reflector? All right? You said just call your mom right? No way that did not blast dry balls out did it? So what I'm doing right now is I'm so simply using available light and using a window in a home I'm moving a chair to be in front of the window. I'm actually going to do a little bit more one of things I typically d'oh is they put the chair on an angle because I'm trying to avoid us. Hold tight, okay, this is gonna go really fast. I typically try to avoid the complete complete straight on look because I think that over symmetry khun b not that appealing and then I move anything that's going to block it or be in my shot and I gotta worry about post time with out of the way all right and then I after I have them set up then I have my main light is the backlight and my tail light is reflector and the film light is filling in the shadows of the main like this is like so two days ago right? Got it um and then I'm coming in here what do I have to be careful of? A we'll have a limited space here so probably the next thing I'm gonna do is look around and see what room I have to move I do move a lot and I tend to fall over things so I'm going to move the coffee table back. The other thing I've got to be concerned about is if I get too this is a really sharp like coming back because of the way the lighting setup in here which by the way, whoever did the lighting in this living room I really like what you did with our space thank you very much that wasn't easy to do and I appreciate it um when I go in front it's very plausible that I wanna create shadowing which I don't want to do so I've gotta watch where my body is in relation to that reflector that's bringing a lot of light back you do notice why I even bothered to even bring in at all right? I'm not going to bring in our our wildcard who's currently showing on the couch uh I'm not going to bring in our awesome wildcard who's incredibly illustrative of what an everyday shoot would be until everything sent to everything is set up because there's no point I'm just gonna have tio fight against that and why would I why would I do that eh so what I'm doing is simply setting up the shot with consideration of everything except for that last elements who is I think I don't know what he's doing what would you say he's doing being crazy crazy yes yes you know to be fair he earns it look at these guys just like boom I heard you wanted us to model for you well I'm still on the high shooting mood from upstairs okay but I've got my I've got my lighting pretty close to what I want the biggest thing I'm gonna do is change my angle I'm shooting from a little high this living was a mess how do you live here um I'm gonna uh I'm shooting from a little high so I know I want to get this out of the way um the other question I get a lot of times is do you move the furniture all yourself I don't hire manual labor um often I'll ask one of the parents to help me would you mind dropping that grab the other side of this it's extraordinarily heavy I think it's good there's a freakin rock on it like that um oh, that brings a really good point language and children um for the longest time until my kids became of the age where they started using language quite freely and finding it flowery and interesting by the way he could do whatever you want, I'm just doing what I would do if we were really oh you're smiling, smiling and that he's gonna lose his oh my god, you're real time alright brings up paws of the language I'll come back to that did you see what just happened? She was rocking it so michelle just leaned over and said you're gonna lose okay, you say what you said, so I told them that they each got to start with twenty dollars to cooperate for a photo shoot and he's going to start with twenty twenty dollars in the toy store and if they are really, really great yes extra five dollars I see you owning the store soon, but for every time they misbehave they get five dollars taken away. So that's what I told him that he would lose five dollars if he doesn't okay one of us has a parent at a photo shoot that's and that's very normal you're right, you're completely right what is missing from this specific circumstances that wouldn't be missing from other circumstances for photo shoots? I'll give you a hint it's step one in our process I did not set expectations because we've never spoken. This is a production were throwing altogether was saying, let's, just go, can we go back in time? A little? All right, so this is about, uh, two months ago were trying to chat, chatting. I can't wait, I'll talk to you boom, fast forward a week out, just a reminder when we're on the shoot I know it's gonna be chaotic and crazy, but what we want to do is just say you could do no wrong, and in fact, all you have is right toe look forward to something great will happen. We're not goingto punish or take things away, and if he throws the stuffed animals right in my eyeballs and they become part of my eyeballs and now I have stuffed animals for eyeballs for this, my life, that's fine. Um, we're not going to worry at all about behavior because I don't want them to feel stymied by the regular rules, and in fact, I want them to have the luxury of a vacation from them and that's part of what? Why? This will be a more fun experience. So even if he is pounding away at my back while I'm taking a photograph, I will I will either manager or I'll say a very staking me down and we'll still keep it playful and fine. Is that okay? Do you have concerns about that? No concerns. Okay, good. You don't mind me ruining your children. No, that's. Fine. A good picture of it. That's. Fine. Spoken like a true artist. I love it. Ok, eso that was our expectations that we missed. So I'm really glad you did that. Because that illustrates that quite well. So go ahead, leaning over and say cash. You're doing the wrong son. You are being perfect. Ar e good job. I think that was okay. Just instruct you that thing whenever you see somebody you like where's, my camera it's not even on me. Um okay, so we're going back, teo. All right? We're back here real time. So while we're at it let's, just run through those to profess, we've got the expectations, the mood management we're going, we're making it happen as we go. Obviously mood and energy is highly affected by the expectations is that we already had the advantage of that. We already talked about lighting already talked about clothing on and we're getting close. We're getting close to the part where we're goingto actually do a shoot any other questions about that do you feel like pretty good about what we've got? Okay, so uh let's go back to actually going ahead and doing a photograph, shall we? So I'm going to move these out of the way, all right? Here's your job are you ready? Just so you can spend nine hundred dollars at the toy store is what I'm thinking is first of all let me do a favour scooch up a little bit to your back's a little bit straighter just a little bit and pull your booty back to the back of the chair yet um and then you're back to leading member how your legs were going that way and you were leaning yeah like that. All right, so here's the trick can I am are these strings this is a hair band I take this off okay? Remind me to give this back to you that's a friendship bracelet or something you wanna keep on you can't get it up. Ok? Things like that if you find little kind of distracting things make the call with mom or dad whether they care and if it's something that she couldn't get off but you don't want in the photographs cut it if it's not violently terrible for you something like that do you have a preference you can cut it off do you want to cut it off or you want to keep it you can cut it off that of course means where is your kitchen look scissors uh, so I would normally cut this off I don't think we necessarily have to do that but that is something I would do because in a beautiful image when she's like this with mom and we've got the string it's a mars it I want that off a lot of what we're doing here is blending real time beauty the authentic expression with great posing great portrait rules I want this to have a lot of life in these images but I also I don't want to sacrifice the technical and the timelessness for that life I think we could do it together okay oh my gosh you're going in awesome dude ready here we go on and then really quick you don't know this but I have a tail so everywhere I go my extremely large tail follows oh god that's a bad twitter don't do that one all right, here we go you can't find your bracelet you want this one instead all right, let me help you get into position okay, do me a favor drop those drop him yeah, and then we're gonna place you like a puppy gonna place you right here. You ready? I'm gonna drop you you'd be okay all right uh all right very nice all right we're gonna get over here we're going to sketch like this well, we did meet you favor you bring that reflector this one didn't need to make your arm fall asleep sticking oh, I see you're probably gonna lose that arm yeah um if I merely popped to this frame this position because it's more interesting to me than straight on and I love the way they're all they're all their heads were right here the thing I have to be mindful from from a background perspective is by shoot high I had that lamp in that alarm clock all that stuff on the floor it's cluttering ugly um instead what I'm gonna want is to drop my angle and have them pushed forward a little bit all right shall we do that again? You want another drop or you feel but no you do feel good you look great you look phenomenal hippo alright ready for like this okay the one thing I'm not editing is the way this lighting is coming in that I'm gonna have to be sure I'm going to be sure that we don't have any of them cross their arms or heads in front of each other or else we have contrast I'm so sorry dog but you're going all right that's right and I'm and I'm vegan and I treat animals that way like that that is it right there all right, let's, try this yet. We know that doesn't know yet that doesn't, hoyt all right, I'm finding that I can make so you need to hold us on play I can make this work here. This is what I'm seeing I can make this work, but I think when I'm looking at this image there's a couple of things that aren't right for me first and foremost, first of all, the faces are amazing. Wow, these are good looking kids. Did you know how good looking there? They're fair. Yes, you're like I got that very attractive children a couple of things I'm seeing because always pants are white in this image, it can be kind of distracting tohave the white pants and right of the gate. If I find that to be something in a group photo, I might quickly say any chance with another pair of pants you don't have to have them. I'm just saying I would ugo so I might even say for the next rather shoots all still go with this, but fairly quickly I'm going to say if we're gonna be in a home and we're gonna be in tight spaces and we'll be all together, I'm gonna want to change that because it's going to start to really stand out and it's going to be the most striking part of the image um that's one consideration the other consideration I have is from the angle I think we can do a lot more flattering things if we get them up a little bit higher and I'm shooting maura against the window and instead of having that table kind of right there in the corner so that's a did you hear me and immediately adjust yourself really time that's incredible! I'm hoping that you get to buy everything in that store consumerism should flourish all right, ready? Now you're gonna come here I saw that you're gonna go right there. Yes, and then to be fair, you just keep that's. Just keep your head in motion. I'll keep it right here. You're not to move it. You guys get ready. I'm going to keep the head. The head will be here, remember? You're gonna be this way? Yeah, and you're leading back like this? Don't you worry it's not time for the head yet and ready slowly I'm going to place your head in the right position and then your head's going to be in this position and it will get in your head is going to be right there. And then we're gonna have this beautiful light going this way and then I'm going to say to you, what is the name of your dog again? I can't remember don't don't it was doggie. His um legs are a little high something like this and then like this like this and that would be perfect and then I got him right before he threw his legs his hands up right there. Oh, no. What happened? Your eyeballs let's do it again. We lost your eyeballs. Oh, my goodness. So, um something's happening here? Your whole skeletal system has moved all the way down. Yes, I'm a little concerned with what I see here, so let's see if we can't fix this situation so this is an image I would love to deliver black and white. I love this already going to scratch up a little bit just with your humanity did this because I have a feeling we'll be highly distracted way could turn this a little bit I can't compete with life size them we have t m f h from the uk who says what would tomorrow do if there were heavy carpets and small windows like money houses here in the uk, often with dark walls or walls that would create massive color cast? Yes, yes and I have that a lot too. I live in chapel hill, north carolina and there's a whole section of town that's the historic homes and they're very small windows, very dark rooms very heavy, musty old school carpeting that old school probably incredibly value, but what I do a lot with carpet is I roll it up and I move it out of the way. I asked permission, and then I roll it up. What I often find is that dark line that the carpet's been there forever on that floor and older homes, so I have to roll up a fair amount and then watch for that shoot so that I'm not emphasizing that off cord line that you looks like you just rolled up a rug. Um, the other thing with window light is aiken, bring additional light. I could bring additive light with me on camera flash works really well in homes. The big deals on camera flash, of course, is it slows you down? Um, you have to, like, stop and put it on and make sure you're not, uh we're not just in this image, for instance, that just took the three of them when I dip down a little bit with the on camera flash, if I'm switching vertically or horizontally have to quickly adjust the bounce of it, so that will slow you you down a little bit more. My goal always is less equipment faster moving, less equipment, faster moving, which is why I want to invest in better products and carry less things so I could be more responsive. Um, the other thing about small windows is, um, is that you can also open doors, and I do that keeps stepping on products. The other thing I do quite a lot is, um, open doorways, so I'll walk in and to a home, and then I'll move a couch right up to the front door, open the windows and then shoot right there, just create a hole window light seen from a doorway. So those air three quick ways you could move around those kind of issues like to know if you just had the window for lighting, would you use a soft box if I just had that? No, no, no, I rarely will bring a soft box into a home. Um, I shoot with these the westcott spider lights, the tt sixes and you can just pull him off, take him in somewhere, plug him in without a stand, drop him to the ground, especially for a toddler that's kind of perfect if I need to do that, I can again. I want less things if I could get away with less things, so what I'll do is I'll start with window light door light reflector on camera flash must I go soft box? I'll do that last and video light I also can easily carry around our friend doug gordon who was just on creative live he's got a torchlight that I'll use that is really easy it's got a dimmer switch it's like this big and for kids a couple of them together you can actually color balance it and bring it up and down and hold it by hand or have a parent hold it or throw it on a stick you need teo any stick like a lollipop stick or ah that's also very useful to have a burst of light in a small package that can actually like quite a lot of eyes the monitor good for you that's great perfect there's just no way I can compete with you looking at you but it's just impossible and how is it that you guys haven't moved that's crazy wow um what are the chances we could bring that fan back on the set? Um one of the things I like to do too even less with with fashion of course used fans quite a lot with kids there is a fashionable element but it's mostly the novelty the feel of it is silly and will bring about a new expression that's mostly what I am using it for um okay so I think what we're going to dio is I love that you have this fan in your home because it's like hot right we're north carolina really? Yeah so well your service go there's not a lot of conditioners it's true, right? So you have a fan? We're gonna pull this in and just play with them a little bit, but first I'm gonna perfect this image a little bit more so I really like a lot of what I've got going on here setting wise I'm at s o sixteen hundred I met one to fiftieth because they're contained for shutter speed on dammit f four for, um aperture. All right, so we're gonna try this one more time, okay? This time I'm gonna go a little bit lower. What happened? What? What? All right, you are doing guerette and you are going that's a good spot right there on then you're gonna lean in a little bit like you're gonna lean in towards him? Yes, you that shoulder. You bring that shoulder in? Actually, how about, like that? That's? Probably about this. So let's, keep it it's like that until I say unmask him and then you'll throw your hand right here ready know she'll throw your hand here like on top of their hands. Okay, but not till I say I'm not skim. Okay, you can't unmask you. Okay, here we go. Getting ready. I'm shooting at a twenty four millimeter one, two, three I laughed in I e s hair you can't even see you just don't want to bang heads that so if you're really worried about and then see, did you see right here? This is a really good illustration hold on a second. Yeah, it's not a good illustration for you. This is really good because this showcase is field plane of focus. Did you say I said I'm played a focus when one gets really far ahead. Two things happen a, um you can have the other two out of focus. They're actually not out of focus because I'm shooting an f four so they're they're fine. Zoey might be slightly soft, but they might be both actually slightly soft that's actually true, but the other big thing that I noticed this could be fun for a novel to shot and such but if I'm trying to deliver a portrait of the children together what I mostly see here is distortion. His head being closer to lenses looks significantly larger, which is a necessary true to life. It could be a fun shot. It doesn't mean I wouldn't deliver a fun shot like this, but that's not what I'm going for for a portrait. Okay, so I'm gonna just keep pushing your head back. Is that a problem? Is that weird to say yes, it's weird, okay, oh my goodness, look at your hair look at that it stays oh, I love it can I do that, michelle what? It looks like first before you let me just get one to show you I'm not gonna flip that cameron show you so we could be a favorite lean forward no, no, I have to take it first and then I show you hello immediate gratification I haven't even taken it yet. All right, lean forward if there's me yes, so you're awesome. Okay, these two what did I mean where did they come from? Amazing right head turned this we're gonna do the hair I'm gonna show to you right now and then when I say after go kick after I go click is when you get to see it here you go here's the click part I need to explain to you how time works this hasn't returned yet there there is no there is a continuum of time right now, right now that will be then it hasn't occurred yet they're gonna keep their heads straight that's good you do me a favor, hold that head is that weight that's who say I'm hanging all right there there keep it there that is perfect uh I don't think he's going to get this relational time they wait, let me show you exactly what I would do in this situation ready over there look over here look see if you can find it see if you could make it appear with your mind go we'll find it we'll find it you'll see it you wouldn't come back all right get back in your toe look first you didn't find it or shall we make it let's make it yes alright jump back in you feel free to pet it no problems already all right scooch back up buddy up buddy up buddy up I promise you we'll show up yet all right there all right I'm gonna put this back it oh yes I love that all right now okay, we could release his head really release that way to come over here please. Thank you so much. You're doing such a nice job um all right oh yeah I love the feet first thing islands those are great alright, so zoe we have last you you screw gin up many booty back member howyou were to be all the way over here. I don't know what you did it's like you were going with the motion does your body even turn this way? All right, there are excellent accident very nice. Okay, you want to do that? Here we go are you ready? Awesome dude that's fine, I'll just bite that ear off the one right there, okay? I'm going in oh, that is delicious

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Judi McCann

I really loved these videos and am grateful to Tamara for her clear teachings and her ability to relate her ideas in an instructional setting. She's extremely thorough in her explanations as to the how's and why's. She's got a super sense of humor, too, which is nice. I would very highly recommend this class.

Charlene Goldsmith

This is my first creative live course, and I was really sceptical that I would be getting my money's worth. But I can honestly say that this has been a brilliant investment. Not only is Tamara amazing, but the content is fantastic. I feel like I got more than I bargained for as I even learnt some things in Photoshop I didn't know. Big double thumbs up!

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Tamara is so good at what she does... Plus funny! This class was great and I learned so much from her... It's one of my faves and in my wish list!

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