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Shoot: Rooftop with Aiden and Angelina

Lesson 23 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

Shoot: Rooftop with Aiden and Angelina

Lesson 23 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

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23. Shoot: Rooftop with Aiden and Angelina


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Rooftop with Aiden and Angelina

You know what I'm just jumping in here like a nut have you met you formally formally tamara aidan is it do you go by aiden yeah okay tamara angeline are angeline angelina okay you wanna come over to the couch it just came to me in a puff of thought that I'd want to pose you guys on the couch so come here ready we're going to a really fun pose I see it already can I have an assistant please thank you baby favor and hold this alright yeah all right so this is our my thoughts we have a lot of right light but we don't care because we've got a diffuser right we're gonna go up here did you guys know that I know your mommy did you know that do you know that she's she's a silly woman and I like her for that all right here oh can I bend these oh, I knew they'd bed all right your turn ready here we go way alright you're here and you're all like hey welcome to my pad all right we're two scoops you back goal was scratching his back is when I screeches booty back his back straightens up and he beco...

mes a little taller can I scoot you back all of you thank you thank you did not expect it all right and we do the favor you see this distance between you two make it go away by getting closer oh, very good. I would love a diffuser thank you who wants to diffuse for me? Mom lori fuller in the house thank you laura was part of my creative I've sail sail sells class and boy was she good now you do me a favor and hold this over them if they don't listen to me you can feel for you just like wallop them got it so now it's it's it's hefty so do me a favor and use the top of the roof to help yourself out and the only thing I need you to do is keep an eye here because the wind will shift it keep it on the way the shade is changing because if it shifts a little bit and then he's that much in light then I lose the ability to shoot that well yes, exactly and that will happen and you will get a surprising workout doing this. Okay, wonderful. Okay, this is very good angeleno you did me a favor do you see like, all those tiny little hairs coming into your face gladdened pulling back a little bit yet um and then I would love an assistant for the reflector family you wanna help out? I'm shooting with the eighty five to eight I'm gonna shoot now in this shot I'm going to go a little low I noticed right here that aidan stone feet are completely at me I don't want terribly much but if I'm going to shoot a bit little bit lower his feet are going to be by far the closest thing to the camera and when they're the closest thing to the camera they become distorted they become the focal point they become too big um I don't mind it a shot here there but when I want to make a portrait I want to tuck those away a little bit so I'm gonna move this guy out of the way okay and then do you see these? Can I move them okay do you think I could move them up like this for that work? Yes, and then I just okay would you mind terribly if we just stitched the shoes? I know me and they're nice shoes and they've got legos on them hello, that's awesome while your mom is really could I have never bought my kids lego shoes but now when they see this live broadcast I will be buying them all right. Whoa. Um I want to take your shoes off because because I'm gonna shoot this shot wide and because I'm to see a lot of you guys I'm gonna shoot you guys completely frame you could take a break if you want since I'm still doing this because I'm gonna shoot this a lot in the frame um the feet are gonna be a big part oh my gosh look at your tonio abolish that's gorgeous um I'm gonna matching of course your fingernail polish that's amazing I'm going to make sure that I bring in this element of feet which I love in children don't you love your feet they get you places all right and then you're just gonna hug it in there that's it you're doing so well very very well okay do you notice a bunch of people behind us make them go away in your head ready just vanished them just they're gone don't let them bother you in any way all you have to think about is that this shot is all about you not them just you okay all right so when I say vanish what do you make them go away when I say spanish we're gonna make him go away right for it okay here yeah so for this all I need is a little bounce right here look it's too sharp come back here and then remember if you the exact reflection right on their faces this it's too much so we're gonna get it just skim of the light it still makes a difference having the skim of the reflection on their faces oh there's so very much I like about this one thing I'm noticing immediately this is that oh gosh something I've noticed in your time really in the camera is that from the angle that I'm shooting which is straight on into their faces I have this these lines is parallel lines coming down behind them that's a detail I will check at the last second to see how am I doing with it and what I see is that it's just too sharp and they're too in those lines so I can do one of two things I can shoot with the more shallow depth of field or I can make them move a little bit more like this so the lines aren't coming directly out of their faces and I get that gorgeous triangle composition which I love holy eyelashes wow they must have been a t's all right, that is beautiful and that took care of my my major line issues and a sheet slightly off center because I still have that line going right in the middle of them and by shifting myself I shift that okay, let me ask you a question is there any way you could move your whole bodies this many inches two inches that way but not lose the position? Can you do it? Do it do it do it that way that way that way you're more time ok now together again laurie, you with them go go that is brilliant. I love what you've done here with yourselves it is really good I come a little bit closer already vanish remember vanish their god do you see them know I was so excited there got you excited they're gone I don't see it in your face at all you kind of look like it's all right they're gone are you excited that they're gone and related to be favor like poke him for a second just thank you back at me poke him again all right hmm if you close your eyes already make your ears go quiet okay that's hurt on your ears and come back what they hear what they hear lots of noises you know you didn't do it did you give a kiss on the cheek go ahead wait don't they get good again? This would make it make noise one more time let's hear it like a sloppy lad kiss let's hear it can't hear you I love that beautiful wonderful okay let me make that go on so you could see it brilliant very good all right let's get up and take a break kid he's wanted you just one of you you taken arm break so shooting and really really bright sunlight you know this is not the optimal spot to do it but we can do it it's just a matter of what you bring along with you to harness the light we talked about control and light that's one of the things let's try one of you who's my major volunteer angelina you know you want it to be you don't you right so you see how you're sitting exactly I don't want you to change that anyway I just want you to do it right here come on this is a spot for you this is your spot exactly what you just did remember it sit right there alright laurie it's gonna be harder with other if you want to try it you want take a break we have other people willing okay um I am shooting with the eighty five still you want help yes let's get a dad gus your dad okay I want to reiterate by the way I think this is very significant I am not normally shooting and crazy bright contrast the light at this time of day and I wouldn't because this is a lot of work however if you have to this is what you can do with it all right wow you are really nailing it big time all right we'll have to skin the light a little bit I'm gonna fix your hairs about it now you see how your needs air directly underneath your face I actually want him off the side a little bit so can you make your knees go toward your shoulder? Yep. And you're tuned right there yeah, I want to do that because otherwise it's overly symmetrical and I like a little bit of ah the rule of odds a little bit something a little off it's very interesting do you like this fact really it's fascinating to you my thoughts so all right so um what we're gonna have to do I'm trying to think with wind one thing I could do is just oh wow did you know that your head came with ears that is wonderful they're not on all the models so I'm really glad you got him that is excellent that's a great way to hold them in place okay we're going to the reflection love it and gotta do the scan we're gonna actually skin from over here and we have to go pretty far back because it's super right on her let me see what you look at me you know yeah no I still needed a little bit all right so right alright carmelita you're over over oh so families right here that's you so what I did was I just move the reflectors so it's minimizing how much lights coming out and then aidan come here buddy, come here. I want you to look at her. Come here right here right here. Next meet look at her and look at her eyes and tell her to look directly into my eyes like a snake wait tell her that say look into her eyes like a snake now I know you didn't mean it stay with passion I like this name they like ice nic like a snake close. We got to get her hair back a little bit. Do me a favor with your hair back and then doing it again. I say let us like wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. Good, beautiful, beautiful job. Alright, like a snake. You want to come over here real quick speed? We're going to try something different. A and you want to try this one? Let's, have you come over here and take a break? I'm gonna show aidan something differently. Do you have any questions that we wantto hit through? Quick question. How old didn't eventually nar. Well, would you like to tell them your ages? So a aidan is eight and angelina six. Excellent. All right, aidan, we're going to make you into come here. We're going to make you into a like a like we're gonna put you on the cover of some billboard somewhere already. You see this? Do me a favor. Gonna hold this like this. Pull this in here. Hold this. Like this fool isn't here, right? Do you see how I did this? That foot's over that foot. Put that foot over that foot. Oh, you are listening to me and your shoulder's gonna be like this and all you're gonna be like is that okay that's very nice very handsome only thing I really need to capture this moment is a camera okay ready as you are here I'll just watch my thirty five you don't um if thirty five me please okay for this image we've got a lot of bright light coming in which I like for this image but I would like you to dio is I want you to practice giving me this look okay you don't do exactly what I'm giving you ready it's this you do that chin up and down a little bit oh right there right there I love your chin up and let's try a little bit more can you make your eyebrows wiggle yes you can make your make him wiggle very good excellent and then let's try oh I know what I'm gonna try um I am by the way doing evaluative meeting right now clicking it on so you can see the shot on dh then I'm gonna switch over teo uh single shot mode and go in here ready let's try oh yep and then your chin all the way like this ready can you let me let me turn your face as if looks like a lego o like that yeah and I'm gonna shoot this way you ready your eyes air really well let they're beautiful go back a little bit you stay exactly as you are don't move like don't even change your expression just not at all. Okay, maybe a little bit now let me see if this works does that work? So this is this work because that work how about this? Okay, good, good. Mommy did me a favor. Will you come? You come here for a second, you did me a favor and just just go and really close and, um, take a listen that can run out, do that again. I don't think it worked. I think a little bit more a little bit more a lot more really getting there just did in there use nails gorgeous. Thank you. All right. Just that slight difference in expression is huge. If you guys can see that shot, I pulled it up, so hopefully it's up very good. You want take a break. All right, good. Go ahead, take a break. Oh, my gosh. Are you ready? Are you ready? Tomorrow we do have just a couple of quick questions. Yes, let's try to mommy let's tell you guys together. Yeah, one of them someone noticed that your s o is currently at four hundred and that we have enough shutter speed room to bring that down. So is that just something you're not worried about two hundred versus four hundred acres that I'm not? I'm not worried at all. I think we're all still in the same zone and in fact, what that allows me to do is when there's a sudden movement that I'm not planning on, I have some more light to choose from to quickly adjust my shutter speed. Yes, and actually, even though this seems like this is a really, really bright, bright day, the light is dropping off step by step by step as you come in and that's one of the surprises about photography, a lot of people find they'll be on a bright, sunny day in a park and they'll go right to the edge of the light and it's still really brightened just this really lovely, even shade and then they keep going back, and then they end up going into the very far apart where there's a lot of force cover and suddenly they went from s oh one hundred to a thousand and then, like, how is this possible? So bright and funny, but the available light is shifting quite a lot and quick and these air really dark, so they're light absorbing so it's a little bit darker, too. Yes, another question we're getting from says bananas photography says bananas they like to know what time of day do you typically shoot at evening after? Yes, never this time today, although I'm loving the shots were getting because we're getting fantastic subjects like, fantastic. Um, but normally what I try to do is shoot around. It depends, of course, the time of year in the winter, it will be more like nine a m eight. Thirty um in the summer. It's seven. Thirty year eight. Okay, uh, and then in the evening early evening it's going to be either three. Thirty in the winter I start or in the summer will be six. Thirty. So, it's, basically, what I'm going for is the best available morning light, the best available evening light when I have the most even shade I don't worry about sharp contrast delight I always unless I'm doing a sharp contrast in black and white on purpose. Um, I typically want a more neutral light so that kids could move around a time. I don't have to stop them and keep them in one area and I don't have to worry so much about what then turning this way or that way does for shadowing because it's all pretty even like a blanket of even light. That's what I want that's, what I make in my studio, my studio's got twelve foot wide backdrops and I have constant lights to large, constant light set up. So that I have this even swath of light all the way across so they could duel that kind of stuff and I don't have to worry so much about a dramatic like shift thank you I think I'd better say like shit and I said life shift e having a life hitting puberty while we're doing a shoot okay are you guys ready? We're gonna have you guys together germany give you an idea of what I was thinking do you like that idea that means yes eleven let's introduce ourselves to you what's your name in the high fiber I'm tamara you're not a high fiber what are the chances that we could also have his hat at the ready I understand that we might be able to plunk a hat on top um that would be lovely and you want to choose yourself hello I'm teresa teresa I'm tamara we didn't meet five minutes ago downstairs what are you talking about? All right so we're gonna try what I like to do is like a big c snuggle up snuggle portrait that's the official technical term for it um I would love you here you're the first you're going to sit down and this is what I'm envisioning just to show you exactly what I mean I'm gonna have you like this can you be my little helper real quick? Yes, yes yes is the answer come on camera come on and then he's gonna be like this on you and we're going to have a flat does that sound good? Yes all right all right and then I'm gonna shoot from over here and I'm gonna plunk this on you is gonna get surprised it's not happening yet you just wait it's gonna happen it's gonna happen and then I need a little reflector nearby please uh I don't normally travel with this many chords how weird would that be? Could you imagine what people like come on you're not really you're plugged in all right so I like a lot of this happening here this is what I want to happen here do you think you could do exactly what mommy's doing with your legs? Yes yes is the answer come on yes yes way no it's gonna get ah, you are high fashion all right? You're gonna like that mom, you just told us you hold him at this best right here we have a very ticklish little baby I love it. Can I just do one thing real quick? One thing I'm noticing is that his shirt is really buttoned up top that looks cool when you're out about when you then see to your subject that top button looks a little constricting so I'm gonna just promising nothing take you promise I'm just gonna I'm just gonna I'm just gonna front front I said all right all right ready oh my goodness but I don't want it like wide open we're not going for and look okay so I'm just gonna fall right like that done perfect gorgeous okay wow you ready for this to come on using okay I clearly don't need any sort of phil I have them did you see that massive difference by pulling them here versus up against the wall in terms of light on their faces we really do lose a lot of light going back there and simply the absorbing colors really makes a big difference so here I've got gorgeous catch lights I don't need a fill light and all I need is let's put yourself back into crisscross applesauce can you do it yes you can you talk again all right I'm in after just a little bit for where I am I'm now down to two fifty I s o and I'm going to adjust my shutter speed I'm probably gonna be at one eight hundred I remember I had everything set up in the last minute I set them up so just to show you what I got this is what I have before I work on expression I like it um probably gonna goto won one thousand okay here go watch me do just do what I do ready yes and you need never squeeze that they're ugo alright I'm squeezing wait uh gorgeous gorgeous and let's try it with this you want try it can you see this what I'm getting alright oh that looks very good that looks very good do you think oh it's going to be like that I know I know this game I have played this game all right let's try this money come here what did wanna dump him here and mom you're gonna come over here okay ready mommy's gonna help me you go and sit right there and mommy's gonna show us something really fun freddie now you want to stand stand stand stand stand okay great idea let's not stand right perfect as you are I love the position you chose in fact that's actually a pretty nice position pretty much like that all right, so what you're going to do is hold this and when I tell you you're gonna be the only thing I see is he's still a little close to that concrete um so visually I don't love that okay I'm going to keep exactly suppose you did I'm not going to change you in any way here I'll block you from the life that's the wind coming in that's a northern wind even though we're not the no alright ready come here just as you are like this okay right back down here what you did yes yes you did exactly what I wanted you to dio okay so you're gonna be exactly last year alright that's like that that's it that let me get this out from all the chords. Oh, alright, ready when I say go he says that you pulled him. Go right. All right, straight again. That was really good. That was a really good that's. What? We're going all right, ready? And it's obviously going down. Whoa! Okay, ready? Let's. Try it again. This time, when she puts the head in your head, go one, two and then throw it as far as you can. But you have to go one to throw can do that. All right, jeff, up about freddy, remember, you're cool position oh, you literally want to go up. All right, I'm with you. I will match you. I will do what you do. You are in charge. Ready? All right, let me see. Wait, not yet. Not yet. Do that again. Pull those up, you poor people. Can you feel your and we've gone back to here it's a classic. It never goes out of style. All right, let me have you again. Do I get to jump down into the ground? But after we do this ready here. Okay, watch this first. That makes your pants right. We do not want your bottle puppet, I like you holding this hold it, holding this whole it just day don't can you do that? It ok? Just don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Yes! That's it that's the face. I was hoping for her. Okay? You all right? Boom. Remember, grab, grab, grab and then on to we're gonna throw the hatch the grounds fast as we can. Ready. Grab this. Okay. Ready? Here's. How goes grab grab hat one to slam. No, I do it. Okay, grab grab. Awesome hat. And then when I say two, I want to see how hard you can throw it, okay? You know what I mean? Like, throw it. You won't get in trouble, right? Mommy? No travel. You just throw it. Are you ready? Just like that. Grab god. And when I say go, you're just gonna just nail that hat to the ground, right? Betty it's me and I don't want it to be like a light hit. Won't you just can you do that? Alright. Ready one? No way. Teo, wait. Just counting, tio. Good, good. All right. And that is a wrap. Nice work. Excellent job for me, you know?

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