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Shoot: Rooftop with Mom and Baby

Lesson 27 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

Shoot: Rooftop with Mom and Baby

Lesson 27 from: Children's Posing Guide

Tamara Lackey

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27. Shoot: Rooftop with Mom and Baby


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Rooftop with Mom and Baby

Yes all right what's your name juliana joining ana and your name I'm gene gene okay nice to meet you I'm tamara um and we're having a silly time appear on the roof trying to steal only move through everything what I love this hat how old is juliana? She is almost seven months almost seven months like how close like five days okay can you get casey's eyelashes just sweepers that's fantastic. Okay, I think we're gonna do do you think like she's nice and warm all chose to those who doesn't want the shoes I love these shoes all right what we're gonna do is we're gonna set up with a different look we're going to use that black gray thing and um we're gonna have to just kind of plop you guys down and do like a little bit of a changing um would you mind laying flat on the ground with a pillow underneath you and the up here that's nice. I think we're gonna start with something funky like that. Okay. All right let's, come over here please. Can you? Juliana pardon? Is there blanket what we have ...

for blanket gets through the line very often if I have a blanket with a baby and it's not exactly the colors that would go with the outfit um all I do is just know that I'm into a couple of those shots in black and white and then take the the blanket out it doesn't stop me from using it all right so we're gonna go over here thank you I think I think what you had it the wide side on the ground is wonderful day eh okay good and then we're gonna try nico I'm not putting on the other side all right then we're gonna try doing um a little bit of this how does she normally feel laying down depends all right all right so let me just show you what I'm envisioning first before I make you go into the effort but what one of these I'm thinking that would be really interesting depending on how she's doing is you would be like this that's do you're just gonna break what's up we're gonna diffuser right there for that light so it's not so bright on you and then we're gonna have a juliana actually facing in that way and so do your head in her head and we're just going to see if we could snuggle around a little bit make it work um if you feel more comfortable you put a second pillow here so she's completely on a pillow and we'll have somebody over there just in case she rolls a little bit all right good so here I'll hold her first baby hello baby hello. Okay, so come right down there okay uh beautiful and then to make ever take your hair and pull it over let's pull the diffuser up right away so we don't have any squinting yes that's it exactly um and then did me a favor try if you're laying back there trying to put your chin up just a hair more than you normally would and then we're gonna have you looking over this way yes beautiful you look great. So if you notice from opposing perspective I start with mom and make sure that she looks good first before we add the crazy element of tiny human um and where was that older sister pillow? You think meal can you put it right here by the way neil and gus both did some behind the scenes shots from yesterday the roof they're so fun they're so cool like you don't know when you're in it what they're like but you guys get a chance check out their facebook pages you might wanna tell your facebook page is they're really fun alright ready? You ready for this? You already for this here we go and then neil can you play the part of the guard on just in case, right? Good, good, good ready? Remember? Okay, all right and then you've got it you've got hold onto her and then we just have major defusing going on for both bud and mama and then remembered I said every time every time you shoot overhead you have the strap on oh I love it and for this because I'm shooting down and I'm really close I'm going to all right giuliana is starting to get upset so we're gonna move her but just before we dio angle I'm shooting at you can't really see that expression so I take two seconds but before I wear her down no I don't wear it out near where you grew up and bring her up it's already think she's settling okay she looks section let's just hold this really close were you to be there and make sure your shoulder is really in there for her to roll on yet okay oh I love uh all right let's go ahead and grab her and pull her up um that was hilarious so we should be writing me up uh let's go ahead and pull her up to you make sure she's really comfortable um one of the things that I'll do on a shoot is we'll work into that a little bit like get her warmed up we got a lot of times I want to show you the pose um but let's start let's grab the hat back on you aren't stay exactly as you are right there it's just lovely. Um what we're gonna d'oh is I want her to gain comfort from you so if you can kind of hold her to you look really close up and the armed tuck here yeah just like that oh, you know sleepy oh, baby uh what are one of things that would uh that you know what suits her right now? Well that's you stereo for teo okay, so try that again with her right towards you one of the things that I want you to keep in mind from a shooting perspective technically the closer I am getting some the more I want to open up by tomorrow I want my aperture to be more that field a focused beam or extended all right so let's see what if you just hold a right to your chest right right. Just the most basic holding her right there just yeah snuggling her type but just a second let me try something ready can I take her for a second that I loathe teo ready? Ready ready wait let's try let's see if we can't hold her just close to you were just going to get her in a better mood for this and you know she might be a little warm with cash. Okay? All right. Good. Ok. Okay. Where's daddy daddy in the house this's the use reinforcements just like a baby did same thing facing me everybody turn and that's where you're going yet no wow, my background just move that was awesome let's try a reflector underneath guys it's hilarious definitely don't have you can see from that shot but it's it's not uh phil there's no phil and we lost feel completely and we lost the light in her eyes and I don't want that so I'm gonna grab the reflector and we're gonna try it again now we have awesome phil uh that was so cute I guess it'd be very kind take this bracelet oh uh no no no okay let's talk it back a little bit uh the only thing I'm thinking is I'm trying to manage distractions that's no look at you I don't see embrace it, all right? There we go and we're gonna get some food going again. All right? You ready? You and run back to me. Okay, wait daddio let's pull the reflector over that's really good actually, um and then yeah, I was going to say can you grab her hand and her mouth that's trust all right, who's working press julianna yeah, you're beautiful, you know, are you going to go all the way up here? What I'm noticing is that her her eyelashes are core adjust there very long, but on a really sharp, sunny day they will they will be challenging because they then blocked a lot of the light from coming in the eyes it's wonderful she's the most amazing desk protector in the world for life but little by little brother's tosi and you, uh but uh that means that if you notice I'm asking dust to please gusto please please please go really in with that reflector because I had that good thing I have that hooding I'm going on just simply is a natural response to the gorgeous gorgeous eyelashes um and I definitely want to get in there on the one oh five grab those yeah you know what I'm talking about right you are um cross closer little lady lakes cross your legs like that lady legs okay oh guess she's eleven your face this is it. All right ready guest you know come here what did you call yourself that every life you're making it work alright look at this nice this's the face for you here e all right good good on the oh, the one of five would love the one of five one of things I wanted to you for sure is get the details of those stunning lashes so her looking down a little bit is actually a great thing give me a favor and wipe hurt shitting a pick there it is oh that's really close to me offered me so your wife won't like it way. Okay there oh did I get that I want the last is even more all right do me a favor trading holder steadily as possible you know that's very difficult with babies like motion here try one thing real quick so um one of these I'm noticing is that gus is a very appealing to her and I could either use that or I'll have to eliminate the distraction of it it's good like he's like uh what what there you go there oh, I love that about the lashes like this. I like looking now one of things that have to do I'm super super close oh my gosh, there I'm super club clothes and I want to watch the one I in focus the one eye out of focus so I have to shift where I'm going and then also make sure maxing out my amateur so I'm not a seven one because I'm this close for f stop we're going to do it very good. All right, I'm gonna get this by the way quick before she gets back let's try let's try do me a favor, all right? Let's, come over here. We have a change of scene um with babies change in the scene could be very, very helpful. We're gonna come right in here. We're gonna use this purple, which we didn't get a chance to use before we're gonna have you guys we're not gonna go low because that's tough um but we're gonna have you stand here then favor you yeah, but thank you and have you come right here I wonder to the wind a lot of times with babies sensory changes can have a huge impact like it's a little bit cooler now little bit warmer now um and that's what we want to be able to use here we go love it um do me a favor and let's try something just like this ready okay uh face to wait no she did it she got it she said okay ready hold on let me get set up now because I'm gonna have her moving I'm gonna grab my twenty four seventy lens again my goal is to minimize shake the one oh five macro lens is amazing for details and everything is not moving when everything's moving it becomes a problematic because you've gotta quickly cheat the limbs to get upto where it's trying too soon too and it could be kind of slow moving in that regard twenty four seventy I have significantly less issues with okay so let's try this again ready and I'm gonna do a little bit of the funky noise to get her attention and then hopefully I d'oh okay all right here we go wait I got a switch my settings back I was in the other place wait go I'm at one one thousandth time that f five and I am and I met at five because we have separate planes um if they were so totally cheek to cheek I could drop it to a free too okay, ready? Here we go, let's, grab a little bit of that. Just the under light here yet. Okay, let's, do a little shake. Do we have some light coming in overhead? Yeah. Let's. Bloxham, that bright light. Kind of messing with our contrast yet there. And can you guys that yeah, that's part of what happens when you don't have a diffuse and you've got a sharp like coming here. Dark shadows. Okay, okay. I'm gonna try my whale noise. Maybe I know too much right there. That's, right? Wait. Got her attention. And now I what is your smile? That's also what I want let's. Get these ready. Alright. Ok. Is it possible to hold it up high? But step backwards there. We got all that good people that yes, you do that again. I didn't get a good that's. Good it's. So good when we're done. Okay, now that she's done with that good, we got it. We got it. Yea, perfect. All right. Thank you so much. Thank you very, very much. Thank you. Do you?

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Judi McCann

I really loved these videos and am grateful to Tamara for her clear teachings and her ability to relate her ideas in an instructional setting. She's extremely thorough in her explanations as to the how's and why's. She's got a super sense of humor, too, which is nice. I would very highly recommend this class.

Charlene Goldsmith

This is my first creative live course, and I was really sceptical that I would be getting my money's worth. But I can honestly say that this has been a brilliant investment. Not only is Tamara amazing, but the content is fantastic. I feel like I got more than I bargained for as I even learnt some things in Photoshop I didn't know. Big double thumbs up!

Mari Sierra

Tamara is so good at what she does... Plus funny! This class was great and I learned so much from her... It's one of my faves and in my wish list!

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