Cinemagraphs: From Start to Finish


Cinemagraphs: From Start to Finish


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Exporting & Benefits of Cinemagraphs

Ok so there you go back down here where it said you're still frame now we're going to import that still back into there but this is very important because to really do this without this I mean this is awesome ok, so it was this one right and we're gonna import that back in now we could take this a whole another step further and get into adding filters to it so they have their own adjustments which we can go to so this here and there I'll just go over some of these features you can change the temperature like if I wanted to go all moonlight was the moonlight or there's your cpr right there you could have done just in a tent if you wanted to if you didn't two meter readings and stuff like I was doing that you're gonna be sitting there playing with this all day which just fix it right before you do it again you brightness all that kind of stuff and then the other cool feature that I yell that these people for years to fix is now you can shoot a vertical flexible and then you can rotate it...

and here if you want because it always ended up on the timeline horizontal even if you shot a vertical and now let's go to effects so they did that one for me and here's where you can get into adding fades into the corners chrome look some of their filters are going to build up the contrast, so if you use your lighting and you make really dark shadows on your image, like I didn't really shade her up too much in the shadows because some of the filters and a lot of contrast to it and then it would just block up blocked at all up, blow it out. But I love that blue one that one's called cool and see how this one looks really contrast e something just it's just blowing it out so some of their filters dirty fade, so my favorite one probably is going to be it's going to either be this transfer or the sea pia, but the transfers making her face to light it's to contrast the right so I would just stick with cbs guys like that. Ok, so now that we've got that, I'm going to take this image is it looked done? Do you guys happy with it? It's? Good enough, right? All right, so let's, go and export it now you can make this like a lot of you were asking. What about a jiff? Do I make a jeff? But remember, we're trying to get away from jeffs because they were the ones that were lo rez didn't have enough. Quality and to really why shoot four k and then wreck it with a jiff just like a j peg if you ever shoot a j peg in your camera and the open not up, do something to it save it opening up saving again could keep compressing it compressing it compresses nothing left that's why you would have switched to a tip so then right here we're going to keep it apple pro rez and right here is where I tell it how many times I wanted to luke, so I'm just going to pick around six and let it do it and we're gonna call this amelia and now it's exporting it and this is going to end up on my desktop, so at that point I could do whatever I want with it, but I want to put it on social media do I want to put it on my web site because it's going to embed code into it that you can always go back from you copy the code and put that in anything but it's not gonna loop any more than what I just told it just now when I told it six times or whatever and the only way you're going to get it to really loop around and stick around for a long time and just keep playing is if you put it up on their server which we're going to do I'm just going to load this and put it up right now so what it's doing that any more questions you want to know? Um how is this product he's fallen photography business for promotional or marketing or to sell declines to our people? Our question of the day that's question of the day who is this person hands carol carol day you baker best question of the day when there are social media things that keep people on your what they called tests or things that results out there of how you sustain people okay, we're in detroit, we just had our automotive summit and guess who would put it on facebook now? Why is facebook in detroit telling all the big auto executives and everybody there how to do social media and guess who they hire to do all the photo blue stuff in the lobby? Me so I had all my staff behind a curtain one person's got the ipad taking what's your email I'm shooting the shop, putting it over to my other guy that works for me he's sending it back to all the computers in the back and we had a green screen backdrop and then we're extracting it, putting in our own animation back behind they're put in the facebook on there and uploading it to these people right there to get people to stay on your website the movie's double or triple the amount of time that people stay on there. So what carol's trying to find out is how to get people to stay on her website or how to get mohr notice out there that would be it is he put movies forget still frames still, firms are boring doesn't catch any attention. Something has to move in the minute you look at this picture and you go well, what is that? You stay there? High school, amelia a m e l a right? Of course. Okay, so right now this is exporting, but I'm going to put this up on social media. Raina more questions. Hi, carol. Good job. You have questions here, megan, is there an area that has a text to weaken watermark, those with this program and also the music you were talking about earlier? Okay, so let's say you had that image that we just have I took this still frame into photoshopped why? And I just put my logo on there because that part's not moving, you just can't put it on the parts that you're going to erase. So why not? As far as I know, they might even offer that on their web site, I don't know that's a good question, if not, you should email him, tell him to so benefits using cinema graphs the number one thing like I said the beginning was to make sure that you khun touch up a photograph and since you're only having to touch up one frame that's on invaluable you have to be able to touch up something but you've got to be able to use constant lights to create the whole thing or you're not going to even have anything to work with you gotta get the lighting right but I think the biggest benefit is that in the ease of it without this okay so are you looking at this thing on the screen right now? Can you see this right here that you're in bed code that's the one you copy and paste anything you want you're done there's your file you want to leave it on your desktop you want toe put it up on social media now if we go to let's go to the website it's the movie that's the movie let's get out of that let's go to let's go on the internet and go to okay this is flicks a ll site so now I just uploaded that image and it's going to be up on their site but so these air some of things that they have on their site profile the different software is the blog's all that kind of stuff so I should be able to go to my profile and here I am and I'll just go down these there's some of the these are all my cinema graphs on here and that one is not on here yet so they have somebody at their server that's probably processing that stuff right now, but once it's up there and it's on their site then you have that you're sharing your work with the world and it's got your name on there so assumes this really booms and gets out there you're going to have corporate companies looking at this and going while look at your work and all that kind of stuff so you got a lot of questions so sorry there's no way to link it back to your web site directly so you're not pulling people to you directly. You have to pull them to flix allfirst no, no, no. So once you're once right now I have that in bed code I can put that on social media and it will go but I have to pull it from their silver and not my dust top once it's up on that server then you could do anything you want with a cozy um but in bed code is still in it that's it's worth twenty dollars a month or whatever they charge but I think if you buy the whole software for two hundred I think it's all in that package everything you want I understand you lit up in the internet and it could be easily used in social media is certainly great for business is attracting clientele but for those for client you're delivering this to who um say wants to show to a family member who may not have internet can this be downloaded onto a dvd or thumb drive and then replayed that way the m ovi file so right now this file I have right now this one I'm playing for my desktop so once you created saying in your in your studio in your process you can literally save it and deliver it to a client but watch c were like right now here's the movie that movie that saved my desktop correct if you if I push play you're going to see the timeline it's going to say twenty seconds so this is on ly how long it will play for which is good enough because social media is not going to watch it any longer than that if you don't want to put it on their server if you put it on the server because I pushed loop it'll go the whole time never stopped the lines you stare great thank you so the biggest thing for social media is keeping them staying on your site keeping them there how long are you catching them to stay on your thing in the statistics show that movies they stay longer can you play that again for everybody wants to see that one more time. Okay, so here plays again this is just from the movie that's on my desktop so the server is going to take a little bit before that's up, but once it's up on the server then you're good and that will play for his long as you're on it. And you know, I did show you some of the other ones that are on there. How would you how would you host that cinema graph on your own website? Would you just embed the video file that's correct? Okay? Or you could take this movie file bringing into a software program like any one of the final cut pro or whatever you want to put it into an ad, the the audio file onto it, but they might even have it on here. I'm not that one that I'm not sure okay? And how did you come up with this specific concept? We've got a couple questions about the core you got your back dry like starless it is I've done everything from out in the summertime I bought those snow cans, they have a christmas time and out my back door, the studio I've got those evergreen trees, all spray snow all over the evergreen trees then I called that company it's actually outside of seattle where they make the snow machine called flurry it's called the flurry this thing is off the hooks not that much money either and you can make all the snow you want I bought a box of snow the fake stuff it's styrofoam we've stood on ladders and drop snow behind him because you only need three five seconds of snow going I've done that I've got the bubble machine can't you want bubbles I got the confetti machine um we've done you've seen the smoke we've done fogg I mean it's endless to the amount of stuff that you want to do but you don't have do that to it could be anything from doing time lapse created timelapse background put that put a shoot on a green screen but the time lapse back in there I mean endless of the stuff that you could d'oh it's just up to you of all that you know there's a lot of stuff out there aspires machines go that can help to like the bubble in the confetti and all that kind stuff go ahead I was just going to ask how your cinema graphs have been used commercially other than you said at the auto show you were there like what other clients are have been interested in this and um we've done like you got you know everybody's got a different environment what's big in their community right? So for me I do a lot of food stuff we are I think where the pizza capital of the world little caesars all those companies domino's all of them have come out of detroit I photographed every single one of that's all I do at least once a month is some kind of pizzeria so I'll do stuff for them where you know we'll put some a little bit of steam coming out of the pizza or you do a poll with the cheese and the back and you know whatever it is or some kid in the background eating I mean it's up to you we do that I've done like anything that we're like next week I gotta do a furniture catalog so we might put all the furniture out on the patio and then like the fire pit and now the furniture catalog company has the firepit going in the scene with the people back there I don't need the people moving but enough to wow look how pretty that is so I mean we do a ton of stuff people know me for doing like high school senior portrait's and weddings and stuff like that is really what my studio is known for but then I have a whole another part division where we do video productions and tv commercials and like I said, I just filmed all the stuff for home shopping network which wass of hair extensions and stuff like that so I do a bunch of different stuff but I'm in my environment of where you know of what's big in our area I was up here I'd be working for microsoft, right? Yeah go ahead um I I had a question about you had kind of answered this that you khun also added this in premier pro or aftereffects and do some other filters to it but what I want to know is can you actually do the actual cinema graph in premier pro yeah, the guys that started this those two photographers out in new york they were saying it was taking him two weeks to do what we can do now because when you're doing all those multiple layers and you've got to still frame on the layers and that's that's very, very hard so I wouldn't even do it I wouldn't even try to do it because this is so easy right now with this software program that you know to do that would be really hard it's possible yeah that's how it was originally done they were doing it in adobe and then these other people I saw that and said I need some techie people so they're up in toronto where they developed this and then they thought that they were going to be the next uh you know, I don't know they thought they're going to be the next social media and it ended up being what it is and a lot of great if people have more questions, too, about flicks will specifically robert is actually from flick soliz in the cute right now they have, you know, save me right now, I could see my forty is lighting for it. My whole thing is trying to get photographers to get into really lighting for this and that's why we're using the constant lights. I'm not really a photoshopped guru like I just did a big thing for the automotive ceo of the automotive industry and detroit gm, they did this big thing, and I took all their pictures and I touched him up in two seconds and printed them out, no layers, no nothing. I'm like one of those kind of guys where I'll do this so fast, you know, I run a studio, I do, I do, you know, any kids we do a day, they're, you know, much production, you know, many people are working there's nobody in there going like us, you know, playing and, you know, photo shop is for enhancement, so I can touch up pictures really quick and do it, but I'm not one to sit there and make a hundred layers or three hundred layers or four hundred layers of my whoa, you know, I I'm faster than that. Robert is on and thank god to help you with all those tech questions, and my job really is to get you inspired show you all the stuff that I've been doing, but when he gets in a tech stuff and they're probably he could probably help you with those questions as to how you put the music gone and some of that kind of stuff better than me. So so what? What lighting techniques sources specific to cinema graphs versus doing still imagery when you it's different when you do stills, you can use strobes. All right, just think about a gold pro format this gopro have a pc connection on it. No. Okay, can you think of the cameras in the future? Even gonna have pc connections on him? You buy a new camera right now, muslim don't even have a piece. I just bought the new panasonic, the ft c one thousand there's no pc connection on their camera. Panasonic already knows you will not be using flash. So if these cameras are don't even have a pc connection where we going? We're going into constant lighting. We're going at the hybrid photography. You're gonna be making movies and still friends at the same time. But it's all going to be from constant lighting so if you don't jump on this you're gonna be behind the game and you're not gonna be prepared you're not going to be ready look at me in my age I'm still doing this stuff when I'm still expect I'm still really you know inspired and having fun at it but how why am I how do I know where it's going? You know you think that the young kids would be really on the waiver where this going and now we've got proof with the new iphone coming out that yes this is where we're going but this is way more advanced thing as far as this airplane and all this kind of stuff I love airplanes and we love that stuff and west got kind of helped me with some of these ideas because I can't keep doing this stuff and doing the same stuff so a lot of it's been a group effort with stuff on my team to from west guy and I appreciate them helping me with all this stuff to yeah totally is that where you got this background what's got printed there for me wow they got that big printer in house so they could do that stuff you know because they're print backgrounds their print everything yeah so yeah I mean they have a whole wardrobe so every time I go there to the factory there in toledo, ohio they see me escape from and I'm in the wardrobe closet thinking have any of you guys ever been to any like photo shop world or any of these things where you see us with these big sets and you can all take pictures all right just imagine a big set with the models and everybody's taken photographs so you're gonna be able do that with star I know how you gonna let three hundred tigers take a picture at the same time constant liking you can so that's you know that's the kind of stuff that we're definitely going sweet any final thoughts jim as we wrap this up well basically we wanted to do was get you guys inspired to see some of the stuff that I'm doing and let you get hip to it see how easy that is to d'oh and my an expert at this stuff nobody I mean we come on the whole thing's only been out a year I mean that thing when I met them in new york was on ly last well it was it was not last year but the way you know just in last january so you're in half so you got the whole thing is only from eleven twenty eleven so you're jumping on it raised the beginning and technology keeps getting better the four key cameras air out now we can edit and four k I mean it's unbelievable

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