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Shooting the Cinemagraph

Stances. Good hands or good scarfs. Good. Your expression needs a little happy. Just a little pull in the mouth. Look up a little bit higher, it's. Just we checked the focus one more time. Oh, yeah, it's. Good. And I think I'm gonna roll. Okay, so when we get to rolling, remember you here shooting for k. You don't need much video, it's. A little bit. So you know, when we're ready account through it. Do me a favor. Don't move too much. I think you got in the right spot. Alright. I am ready. I'm gonna come through it way. Go! One, two, three, four, five there's one may do one more than the backdrops moving way. We're going to freeze that. And the only thing is gonna move is what's in front of her body. Watch her and tell me if she's moving, so give yourself a break. Tell me when you're ready. Jim, how do you decide what lives in image that's? The question? Like, if you look at this right here, what can I make? Move? You could make the backdrop move. But would that be cool? Probably not, ...

because I mean, if you could make that propeller move, that would be awesome. I mean I would love to go to a hangar and tell the guy to pull it out and just let the prop the scope of it I mean that would be awesome but that's for all of us to do that get excited do that you know you go to these places like these aviation places and asked them I mean some of them have those those biplanes with the double wings and stuff in the bright colors and all that if you get those guys pull one of those I would take some images that's the best it was awesome I know your head spinning and you're thinking about all the stuff I want you do the stance again but really really kick it kick your butt more bend that leg a little more get your stance really good and strong and proud you're good lover she's really got the look dunshee my god look a little higher nice all right here we go coming down wait for the fan to blow a little more at her skirt tell you went all right here we go one one two three four five six that's all we need to start not stay there because I want take a picture of you because that is awesome anybody want a picture with her little happy with it I love her okay good now we've got a photograph ok so now like I got edit this now right oh, my god. Ok, so, let's, put the computer back. You could take a break now. That's set. We could turn the lights back on in here. So you know what, it's unbelievable when you see this software to think that it's so easy that once you see me out of this, you're gonna be like how you see us? I can't wait to get this. Now would you do it on your phone and your ipad? You're not going to take four k footage and put in your ipad. Come, I ain't gonna work. But if you're just shooting stuff with your phone or your camera or whatever, it'll all work on there. But if you want to get to this more industrial with the four case stuff you're gonna want cinema graft pro for the mac. Go ahead. I'm curious what platforms? The's air being posted on most often. And if you're posting it on, say your own website or as advertising, how slow is that making the website upload and things like that? Well, you gotta figure when she'd go to edit it's, only a three second clip and then when you put it up on the their server, they fix it so that it's gonna do the looping. They're okay so flicks or which is the company that invented this software that's so easy to use once you host it so the gimmick is that they're going to want you to host it on their software programs but really not a gimmick because if you're smart you will do it because they have the technology to keep it looping that's from it being on their site I should be talking while I'm downloading this card what else were you asking does flicks will cost money or so there's a couple different you could go on their program that's what I would do if you find would you guys is going the internet and look up there look up there stuffed I think they have different options of things that plans that you could dio but I think that four k one is two hundred dollars a year that's the maximum you can spend there and then you can it will allow you to have their server once you have the server see you khun you can upload this to your desktop you could make the movie and put on your desktop but that's not going toe keep going you could tell it the loop for three to six seconds but that's all it's going to do but if you want to just sit there and animate and keep going that you're gonna want to put it into their dust up

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Learn how to weave together portraits and video in Cinemagraphs: From Start to Finish with James Schmelzer

In this fun and exciting class, you’ll learn the process for bringing your photographs to life. James will explain everything from lighting and shooting the video, to editing and exporting the final version. 

Take an ordinary image and transform it into extraordinary piece of art with James Schmelzer in Cinemagraphs: From Start to Finish.