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Overcome No & Beat the System - chasejarvisLIVE with Justin Simien

Chase Jarvis

Overcome No & Beat the System - chasejarvisLIVE with Justin Simien

Chase Jarvis

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Class Description

“Identity is both a gateway to and a huge obstacle for reaching one’s potential.” — Justin Simien

The next installment of chasejarvisLIVE features special guest Justin Simien — the film director, writer, and artist that everyone in Hollywood is talking about right now. Justin has centered his emerging career around overcoming the “you can’t do this / make this / be this” and around telling stories about the human condition – HIS condition. And he’s parlayed those efforts from a successful IndieGoGo campaign, to nabbing the Special Jury Award at Sundance, and now a nationwide theatrical release of his amazing (and controversial film) Dear White People.

Don't miss this chance to be inspired to do the work you love by someone who's turned “no” into creative fuel.


  • How to use NO as fuel for your creative fire.
  • How to crowdsource your projects from obscurity into success
  • How to break free from the assumptions of others and claim your own identity
  • The power of flipping the script and walking face-first into what people expect from you
  • How to make conversation an integral part of your craft
  • How to use your very own life experiences as the biggest accelerant to your art & career

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Excellent! When is the rebroadcast?