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Cloning, Patching, and Content Aware

Lesson 4 of 8

Content Aware Move Tool in Photoshop

Dave Cross

Cloning, Patching, and Content Aware

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

4. Content Aware Move Tool in Photoshop

Lesson Info

Content Aware Move Tool in Photoshop

We talked about content aware a little bit. There's some content aware stuff that really is quite remarkable. And it's still every time I've show and I've shown this is came out and see a six. I showed it many, many times, and every time I do, I still shake my head at Gosh, this would have taken me times longer in previous situation. So let's look at this example where we have this photograph and the person loves it. But can you just they always say that? Can you just and because people don't know, they would say, Can you just I wish I was staying a little further to the left. You just moved me over the left. Well, in fold shop terms, that means cut her off the background and move her over and cover up where she used to be. So it looks like she's now standing over there, which before this tool I'm about to show you would have been. If you're lucky 1/2 on our process of move over and then clone and patch and he'll and everything else. Now there's a tool that does pretty darn good job. ...

Most of the time right out of the gate. And if you are watching our little Photoshopped this yesterday, I think when Jim gave us an assignment, he said, I'll give you more time and took like five seconds was like air here ago. Done. So I still make a new layer because I still want to have the results of this tool on its own layer, along with all the other tools we've been talking about healing patches that are there's content aware move. It always starts with the selection. Now I will mention to you. Once again, I usually like to make a little more like I'm not trying to be really accurate. Take on Lee her. I'm getting a little bit more just to help blend in a bit. One of the interesting side notes about this is I switched to the content aware Move Tool, and I also made my selection with the content aware move tool. But if you happen to feel more comfortable using some other selection tool like the lasso tool, you can still make the selection with that tool and then switch to this tool. So there's no rule that says for this to work you must make your selection with this tool. The other thing is it uses what I would call standard rules of making selections. For example, I made a selection around her, and then I realized, Oh, she's got a shadow over there. So I moved her. The shadow should move to, so I really should have selected that to any time you're making a selection. Want to add more to it? You hold down the shift key and you can add to the existing selection. Instead of starting over again, I hold on the shift key and say, I want to get this little shadow in here, too. What's the key to remove part of the selections Option or Ault? So if you select a little too much, you can. And again that works with the content aware Move tool or some people again, like a more comfortable using selection type tools. You could do that and then at the end, Swiss to this tool for that next operation, you need to use this tool. But to have her selected doesn't matter how you do it Now I've had people ask, Does it help of its feathered or not? I don't think it does. I tried both to me. The only I would say is I would not. This is a rare case of me saying this. I would not use the quick selection tool because the selection will be right to the edge of the balloon. I want a little more to help it blend in more so I always. And the good thing is it takes no time. Just gonna go. We You're not trying to be incredibly accurate. I have a blank layer. I make sure says sample all layers up in here. There's two most I'll show you both, um, with different options. But this one says move. And this is one of these things where I still remember that when this was a new technology. You know, I work with Adobe. Like many people where they give you a pre release version, you have to sign your life away to say I won't mention anything. So I knew about content aware move for like, months before it came out, and someone say, How do you do this? I'm like, who? Just wait. I can't see him. Well, you have to take your client. I'd have to show them the old way, knowing that in a few months, boy, you're gonna be so excited. But you're not allowed to say anything that was like could not wait for the day that I could say, Look at this. So you just once this is all done just that I think she should be over here deliberately holding down my pants. That won't happen yet to show you how well this works. So in the past I would have cut her, like, duplicated onto a separate layer and then another layer to cover up where she used to be. In this case, I just say I think right about there is where I want her and I let go and it does. A bit of calculation says, There you go now is the perfect No buts. Pretty darn good. And you think about what it just did. This is what it actually did. Was it made that so It didn't just move the pixels over It generated new pixels to make it look like she was never where she just waas What? I mean, if I went back in time toe like Photoshopped CS two, and show people would have been like, You are a man from the future that has someone strange power because it just I mean, it's still you can tell even today I still look at and go. Wow, that's pretty amazing. It took. I didn't time it. What was that like? Four seconds. Five seconds? And it's pretty close. I mean, if I look closer at it, okay, I need a bit of work here and maybe over there, and there's whatever that is. There's two of them, so you know, there's a bit of cleanup, but, gosh, that's still pretty darn amazing. So this point I'd make another new layer and I'd switch back to my patch tool. I should mention, by the way, I'm using keyboard shortcuts that I want to go over and click on it. So all these tools share the same letter J. You know, because J for patch or move, you know, makes perfect sense. Um, so then I can come over here and second, that needs to be cover up that and get the red of this shadow so you can see it's still not taking all that long to continue fixing but and again to use that same expression compared to the old turned over what I used to go through in cash. That's pretty amazing. I feel compelled now that I have to share that story since I made that joke because people who watched my career like last probably heard this like eight times but still my all time favorite riel Photoshopped story. I was talking about how every tool in photo shop has a single letter You can press to activate it like em for marquee and see for Crop Tiefer type. And I still remember teaching in Atlanta, Georgia, and and I said, You know, some tools a little more weird, like s for Clone Stamp or W for Magic Wand, I said. But then the healing brush It's J for the healing brush. How you ever remember that? And I swear to you so much out. Just think Jesus, I'm healed and I was like soul. So like I will never, ever forget now this j for the healing brush because it's like, thanks, perfect sense when you say it that way. So now I've actually had people that have heard me say that enough. They actually call it the Jesus brush, which I think is stretching it a little bit. But at least if it helps you remember, that is J for the healing Rogers like Sure, why not? So, I mean, take a look at what just happened here and then, you know, if I started from scratch and put a timer on it that mean wow, but best of all, and she says, You know, never mind. It's not like you do anything that was like, Well, now that I've done all that, I can't go back. It's still on two separate layers to get to that point. So content Aware Move is one of those things that when I watched the first video, the Adobe Santa was like, That's fake, That can't be true. And plus, they had I forget what it was like. Ah, woman in a wheat field in like, That's pretty simple. So I took a photo I taken of a couple staying in front of a brick wall, going Try this. I was like, Wow, that's pretty good. Even the one I thought was going to really challenge them like that's really actually really good. So content aware move pretty amazing

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Learn more about Photoshop’s three most indispensable tools in Cloning, Patching, and Content-Aware with Dave Cross.

In this class, you’ll explore and compare common retouching techniques. Dave will share important tips for getting the most out of the Cloning, Patching and Content-Aware tools. You’ll develop the skills to tackle nearly every retouching challenge that comes across your screen using just these tools.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2

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Great job! I'm a beginner at this and it was very simple to understand. Thanks!