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Cloning, Patching, and Content Aware

Lesson 6 of 8

Content Aware Scale Tool in Photoshop

Dave Cross

Cloning, Patching, and Content Aware

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

6. Content Aware Scale Tool in Photoshop

Lesson Info

Content Aware Scale Tool in Photoshop

the other content aware option that's quite interesting is called content aware scale. And this one does some really interesting things because it is an intelligent way of scaling. Where and some scientists at Adobe would be would be able to explain it in terms that none of us would understand because it's right. But we're looking for seams of something or other, and what it does is it says I can intelligently scale things in ways I couldn't before. So, for example, you saw in that last example how I extended the brick wall. Well, this photo here, maybe my thought is I like the photo, but I wish it was a eight by 10 tall instead of white. Well, I suppose in theory I could just crop it, But I realised afterwards, I wish there was something here like ah, farmhouse, not on the beach. But you know, something that I couldn't just crop out because it was important, are willing to take this wide image and in effect, squish it to make it tall and again, you already know what's gonna happen. Bu...

t just to make a point, if I did normal, free transforming, like there now It's a tall photo, but the people are all squishy and look released bad. So what we can do is we can set this up to tell Photoshopped I'm going to show you the areas that I don't want you to effect. Or I should say toe affect us. Little a possible. In other words, I don't want the people to be transformed. I want everything else around them and it takes a couple of steps. But like anything and force up once you've done it once or twice like okay, makes perfect sense. So you start off by using whatever your favorite selection tool might be. I'm gonna use my regular old lasso tool and make a selection around the people. And what I'm doing here is in a moment I'm going to be able to tell Photoshopped when I do this content aware scale, trying not to affect those people affect everything else. But we have to do that in some other way because right now, if I did content aware scale with this selection, it would Onley content, aware, scale the people so after there's a trick to it, sort of lacto make it so I can tell Photoshopped or indicate which areas to preserve. So the way you do that is you make your selection and then you go to the select menu and you choose save selection. When you choose the Save Selection command, it creates this thing called an Alfa Channel. Now, if you don't put any name, you just click, OK? It will call it Alfa One. If you're not okay without you can call it. I like to call my child something, so I'll call it Fred. That makes no sense at all. But, I mean, just to show you it doesn't really matter, So you click. OK, then weaken de Select. We need to de select because otherwise it would transform just that one area. So the process of making a selection and creating a channel is so in the next step, I can tell it which areas to preserve which areas you can go ahead and scale okay with me so far, so the command is under edit. It's not transform its content aware scale with the very simple remember shortcut every key on the keyboard. See, if I didn't do anything else, it would make an attempt to do watch the people see here. It's doing okay. Look at that. They're not moving too much, but a certain point. If I go too far, all of a sudden they start getting a little whacked out a little bit, so it doesn't work quite as well. So to make sure that doesn't happen when you go to content aware scale up here, it says protect none. So you protect friend or whatever Alfa one is called called Fred because he normally his I don't know. Maybe his name's not Fred, so I want to protect his whole family, not just friends, but pretended. Set Alfa one. I didn't call it bread. It says, Protect Fred. Now, if you have. Sorry this makes I don't know why this makes your life every time. If you have people, you click the men's washroom symbol, which apparently is the symbol for protect. I don't know why that cracks me up, that I don't what else they could do there, but just looks to me like, Yeah, click on the men's watch from Symbol and then the combination of that Alfa Channel and they're protecting people. It will do a much better job of preserving as best it can and you can see I'm squishing pretty far before all of a sudden, now I'm seeing some problems with the people with legs on. But maybe right about there, it's still pretty good. Now it's on a little bit of weirdness to the sky. But think about. I've taken on images with this wide and gone that far before. I'm noticing problems and the alternative would be well, I'll just have to crop it and lose that information. They're completely I've seen case for people have literally taken ah landscape photograph of a beautiful farmhouse and made it look like a tall document. But they haven't had to crop any information out because it's just said, well, there's no reason to keep all that sky and feel they're so in effect. It looks like the building's air moving closer together. Pixel amount will eventually would with I cropped it because right now it's still gonna be the same. But once I've got to this point and had entered, it finishes. It takes a moment to actually do the full transformation. I should also note, by the way, that quite often when you do content aware scale and hit enter. It does improve a little bit as it's doing the final transformation. So at this point, I could finish it off by saying, Let's trim this and they removed the transparent pixels. Now, if I re saved it, it would be a smaller file because I have actually taken away symbol of pixel information. So again, in this example, I would be relatively happy. Acceptance. I looked more closely. A couple things like the sky has a problem and also a few local closer. A shark has taken a bite out of his elbow, apparently. So this is to remind you that don't spend all your time looking at fit in window of you because you might miss something important like that. So just as a tip for you, what I found when I'm dealing, especially with people, before I do anything else. Before I did all that process, I would look at things like elbows and shoulders and their hats sticking out, and I would make a selection of those and pop it onto their own layer. And that way, just as a backup plan when you do that, transform our content aware scale. If it does take a weird bite out of his elbow. You've got elbow replacement, and it usually happens on whatever's in the extremities. So you with going into that, you know that it is gonna be a problem. That's likely where it's gonna be. So you might take her shoulder her hip and lay whatever, just in case it doesn't happen all the time, but I had a pretty dramatic difference there. Sometimes you're not doing that big a difference, So it really doesn't. It's not as evidence, but this is an interesting function we can use for lots of situations, for example. Okay, well, this one her. She's on a fairly pure white background, but I've had cases where I take someone in a white background. You can see the sweep of the background. There's just a bit of shadowing it, but I want a little more room. So because there's no repeating pattern, instead of doing that whole content aware move to A with the extend feature, I would again add extra canvas. Let me show you. Ah, a little side tricked, by the way, just kind of fun. Any time you want to extend canvas, you can use that canvas size, but that involves some degree of math because going to say the existing sizes for 2 28 pixels. And I need to be so. The other option is the crop tool, which is surprised me because you people think of the crop tool as a way to crop out information to remove it. But the crop tool also adds more canvas. If you wanted to, you just dragged the edge and go. I want this much more. When you hit crop, it adds more campus for you. So they have into any math at all you just visually saying, instead of cropping in crop outwards in order crop outwards and ADM or canvas. So in this particular case, because it looks like it's pretty pure white, I should be OK, the tool like this one and then doing content, aware scale and just stretching it out to fit that the only time that wouldn't work if there was one or two little specks of darker dust, and that would be a line because it would actually transform. But that the content aware scale, as opposed to just free transform a want to be clear about this. Technically, I could've just taken free transform, pulled up. But then anything would let look stretchy. This attempts to kind of artificially fill in seems of pixels to make any pattern. Is there look more realistic, so content aware skill. If you're trying to just add a bit more room, if it's there's not a pattern like a brick wall or something that's very noticeable. I would just do this. But as soon as you get any kind of noticeable pattern or texture like grass, that's where that content were moved to. A. With that extend capability works.

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Learn more about Photoshop’s three most indispensable tools in Cloning, Patching, and Content-Aware with Dave Cross.

In this class, you’ll explore and compare common retouching techniques. Dave will share important tips for getting the most out of the Cloning, Patching and Content-Aware tools. You’ll develop the skills to tackle nearly every retouching challenge that comes across your screen using just these tools.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2

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Great job! I'm a beginner at this and it was very simple to understand. Thanks!