Color Correcting and Creating a Cinematic Look in Photoshop® CC


Lesson Info

Color Grading Techniques

Adding a cinematic color effect creates a whole new look to any image. Join Jesus Ramirez as he explains the color theory of the cinematic look, and talks about the different tools that Photoshop® CC has available to replicate this effect. You’ll learn:

  • The color theory behind the movie color effect
  • The difference between color correction and color grading
  • Using the Curves Adjustment Layers to create the cinematic color effect
  • Using the Color Match adjustment to apply a cinematic color effect
  • Using the Color Lookup Adjustment Layer to apply cinematic color effects built into Photoshop®

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5.1



  • I watched this class live, and I thought he gave great examples as he explained techniques. I have been wanting to learn how to color grade images, and I am very happy with the three approaches he shared. I feel I have a great handle on this look now. Thanks so much CL for bringing him to teach us.
  • False advertising. You will learn only most basic techniques for image grading - curves, levels, color balance etc. While useful, it's nowhere near "Summer blockbuster" look, nor any advanced Hollywood stuff. Just simple generic tips on how to recreate basic color grading. Also the price. This short class is worth 10-15$ in my opinion, not more. Do not buy with the full price tag.
  • I am only onto lesson 6 but already I have learned so many new things that I really needed to learn about color! Especially how to use the curves layer adjustment with blend modes! Wow!! Such a great investment!