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Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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1 Class Introduction Duration:14:12
2 The Big Ideas: Your Mindset Duration:17:20
3 Deciding Your Goals Duration:20:17
4 Do You Have What It Takes? Duration:12:40
6 Tool #1: Your Elevator Pitch Duration:21:00
10 Tool #5: Your Email Newsletter Duration:18:34
11 The 4 C's of Marketing Duration:09:06
12 What to Do Each Day Duration:25:05
15 Red Flags: Chaos & No Budget Duration:17:41
18 How to Handle Drama Queens Duration:07:00
20 How to Find Your Focus Duration:21:45
21 Target Market Brainstorm Duration:15:28
22 How to Locate a Viable Market Duration:09:37
27 Reasons You Don't Talk Money Duration:10:19
31 What Are You Worth? Duration:09:38
32 How To: The Science of Pricing Duration:13:19
33 How To: 4 Pricing Strategies Duration:26:45
34 How To: Art of Pricing Duration:09:05
36 You Got Them Hooked: Now What? Duration:26:02
37 Anatomy of a Proposal Duration:18:21
38 Best Practices for Proposals Duration:18:08
40 How to Close the Deal Duration:26:58
41 Negotiating Tips Duration:05:07
44 Putting It All Together Duration:16:03

Class Description

Earn more money for the work you love to do – let Ilise Benun show you how in the complete guide to marketing, pricing, and booking freelance work: Command the Fees You Deserve.

Ilise has built a career advising the independently employed. She has authored 7 guidebooks for creative entrepreneurs and runs the popular online freelance resource, The Marketing Mentor. In Command the Fees You Deserve, she will teach you how to land clients who value your services and stop the self-defeating cycle of taking whatever comes along. Ilise will share:

  • Inspiring ideas for finding and approaching clients
  • Step-by-step instructions on pricing and proposals
  • Tips for keeping clients happy and projects on track

You’ll learn how to identify quality prospects, deal with problem clients, and structure your marketing to avoid the feast or famine cycle of freelance work.

Command the Fees You Deserve will help you enjoy greater stability and security by finding the right niche, marketing and pricing your work, and sifting good clients from bad ones.


Rashida B.

I wasn't able to catch this during the day, but I stayed up literally all night for three nights watching the replays. AMAZING. This definitely goes up there with the best of the best and most useful Creativelive courses ever. Pricing isn't the most exciting topic in the world. However, Ilise was passionate about the subject and her enthusiasm made this not only interesting but fun. I loved how she infused it with her vast knowledge and real world examples. Her guests were just as interesting. This was all around GREAT!


Helping others help themselves. Ilise Benun is clear and well-organized. The methods she shares are easy to understand while honest and straightforward in approach, stating from the git-go that work on my part is required. Ilise draws on her own experience as well as the methods and experience of other professionals in this course. She welcomes us into a proven plan for successful growth embracing an attitude of progress rather than perfection and attraction rather than promotion. This is my kind of mentor!


Oh wow! My favorite course to date! Ilise's expertise was tremendously helpful. Thanks to Ilise, I'm not "stuck" any longer and I'm so excited to implement the wealth of knowledge I've gained from this master Marketing Mentor. This course is well worth the cost at any price!! Thank you so much Ilise!!