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Low internet good morning and welcome to commercial and iconic head shots with lou freeman here on creative live we've got two workshops that we're doing in these three days and I'm very excited to have lu here it's going to be hard to remember which workshop we're doing but they are very, very exciting so we are really glad to have everybody join us. My name is russ andy's and this is lori lobdell way we are going to be your host for today laredo how you doing? I am doing a fantastic I'm so excited just absolutely fell in love with glue when she was here during photo week and it's such a treat to have her back in the house would get three full days with her we have a lot of shooting plan and it's going to be the bomb that I did not get a chance to meet lew during photo week so I was very excited I actually requested to be on these workshops I fought for it I had to like scrap in the dirt but I managed to come out victorious because I wanted to see I wanted to meet her I wanted to see ...

how she works and as I've been learning these during pre pro yesterday she has so much material packed in so much for these three days that we are very excited today this first day is all about headshots it's all about various different types of headshots. However you want to be able to use them in your business and then the next two days are going to be about lighting for glamour, fine art, all sorts of really exciting, really fun stuff. So we are going to do about ten minutes a pre show here we're going to check all of our audio and video levels, make sure that everything is working so that you can see everything at home. There is a green chat live with class participants link directly below this video feed. If you can click that that will open up the chat rooms and you guys khun go in there and let us know that everything is working. We would love to hear that. All right, while you guys were logging into the chat rooms from around the world, we love you too. Of course. Say where you're joining us from because I'm going to give you guys a shoutout here in just a couple of minutes. Well, you guys are doing that. We're going to take a moment so you can introduce your so we can introduce the in studio audience here. Tto all of you these are people who have traveled from near and far. To be president and lou from learned from lou directly firsthand and they get to represent all of you from around the world so these are the people that get to ask questions that probably a lot of you guys have out they're so we're going to start with valerie right here if you wouldn't mind saying your name how people confined you online and also maybe like why you're really excited teo it learn from lew this week my name is valerie weakland and I'm from newport beach, california my website is valerie weakland dot com and um I was lucky enough to take a class from lou in italy a few months ago and just enjoyed her so much and then I heard this was coming up and I said, oh, I have to do that because I think head shots today they're very important a lot of people request them and they're they're popular thing and then I I also do glamour shooting, but I have natural light so I'm learning how to do light so that's great possible you're gonna have a lot to learn it's going very exciting, very exciting I'm bob hydro, my studio is robert wider studio dot com I'm excited because I've started doing corporate head shots and I just I want to take it to the next level and kind of move up the corporate ladder, so I'm very excited about learning hi, my name is survival until you can find online at a bar and had four two dot com any facebook avalanche our photo on I have to subordinate again and I was with a loo in there for the week, and I enjoy so much and I've learned a lot off on I really request to come here because I really want to have more hair. Thank you. Hi, my name's jury hughes and you could see my work at fda here's dot com and I hope none of my customers are watching basically my head shots suck, so come here and become a lot better, so here I am. We're gonna get along. I like you very hi, my name's. Tobin smith. I'm with stand up tall guy, I'm told smith finding photo been photography, dot com or online with all the places photo been photo I think I'm most excited been doing lots of headshots for awhile, but I put away my my speed lights about two years ago when I made the natural light move for after being here with sue and I'm like, I want to bring them all back also it's really dark in vancouver and I need light so but after watching photo weak and seeing both the language and the style that lou brought, I was like this. This is kind of that next that next step in evolution of what we want to bring. So I'm really excited these next three days. Great to have you back. Hi, I'm sarah from photo been photography tobin's my photographer, he takes the shots I call the shots, I'm not a photographer, but I am really excited because headshots have kind of always been that in between trying to figure out the business side of it, of making it affordable, unprofitable. So I'm really excited about howto put that against our glamour and had a look at it business wise and how to promote it and get it really up there because my goal is to get him really out there. Fantastic! I love it. Hi, my name is jessica with jail, the imagery, all of my social media is under that I'm really excited who here with lou I met her a while ago a workshop with lindsay adler and fell in loe with just how awesome shoes and how much she represents women in the industry, and I really appreciate that thanks looks like it's pretty awesome. Hello my name is mercia I'm from seattle and you can find me online that mercia mostly dot com or facebook mercy mostly photography and I was here during photo week also with lou and I just so enjoyed the class and so enjoyed watching her light imposed and I just can't wait for more so really excited fantastic side have you here and my name is david hodgins I'm down from vancouver, british columbia I've done some corporate head shots through the organization that I work for it I'm just here to try and not take them that way from now on I think that's a common thing everyone everyone gets asked to do head shots and no one necessarily knows how to do them right until you learn how and that's what we're here to do with lou how about the folks online I know we've got people joined this job we do we have people join in from all over the world and so first want to give for shout out tio fashion tv who joins us from singapore a very long time follower here on creative live and we have a kiko saying chow from italy when my favorite countries in the whole wide world and we also have somebody at draining we have summer from texas joining in love texas is well and a steam bridge designed from salt lake city and let's see we have new york we have we had romania as well and that was mary in joining in another long time you were here on creative lives just want to say welcome to you all thank you so much for being here you guys are the reason we are here very excited to have everybody out there joining us we love to have you in there again I would encourage you if you are not in the chat room I would encourage you to jump in give it a try see what you think today is gonna be a great one because again we are going to be doing a lot of shooting throughout these three days and so it'll be a good one to be in there to be really able to have that discussion and talk with people about what's going on. Lou is going to teach very well as she's as she's shooting but it'll be great to be able to really just work with each other to learn even more so it encourage you tried out jump in the chat room and say hi I'm very excited to introduce our instructor for today and also for the next two days be onto this now she's been shooting for over three decades she shoots fine art glamour commercial where chief shoots fashion, she shoots all sorts of friends stuff she has shot over five hundred and ninety seven different uh what do you call him with the editorials. Five hundred ninety seven editorials for playboy magazine, she shot for italy's harper, bizarre she's, an award winning in both the commercial and advertising fields. Winning but the obi and the addy awards and she's, just a wonderful, wonderful person who I am really excited to be able to spend the next three days with. So please help me to give a big, worldwide, creative, live welcome, him and lou freeman, so excited to have you here, how you doing today? I'm excited. You are excited for the day, except for the three days we've got a lot of acton. I know we could do it. All right, well, I'm gonna let you take it away. Have a great one, thank you very much.

Class Description

Ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join creativeLIVE instructor Lou Freeman to learn everything you need to know to take controlled, candid, and commercial portraits and headshots.

The skills you learn throughout this workshop can be applied to iconic portraits, pageant and glamour shots, headshots and other commercial photos, and beyond. You’ll learn about the industry standards for each type of portrait, including how to work professionally with a wide variety of clients. Lou will guide you through determining the unique goal of each shoot and developing a plan for giving clients the results they want. As Lou takes portraits live in-studio, she’ll share foolproof lighting and posing strategies. You’ll also build strategies for marketing and pitching to clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the artistic skills to take classic, iconic portraits and the marketing skills to attract clients who’ll drive your business.


Kent Youngblood

Really enjoyed the class and thought Lou did a great job explaining her process with headshots. I've used her headshot approach with natural light on numerous occasions and came up with stunning shots.