Commercial Beauty Retouching


Commercial Beauty Retouching


Class Description

Beautiful photographs are used to sell hair and skin care products, cosmetics, makeup, jewelry, and so much more. Learn about the concepts and techniques that are used to create polished, ad-ready beauty images in Commercial Beauty Retouching with Julia Kuzmenko McKim.

It requires vision, skill, practice, and patience to create flawless perfection. In Commercial Beauty Retouching, you’ll learn the theory behind the the techniques and get helpful tips that will take your skin and makeup retouching to the next level.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Lightroom 5


a Creativelive Student

I could not disagree with the previous reviewers of this course more. Maybe because I am familiar with Julia's previous articles online and knew the topics to be discussed was NOT what I have seen on CL before. Which is exactly why I find her mini segments so useful. If you want to learn how to open a certain type of layer in PS, this isn't your class. Quite frankly, if you need help setting up a doge and burn layer or something similar, you are not ready for concepts addressed in this course. If however, you are familiar within the software and you care about the thoughtful application of whatever technique of your choice, then this IS your class. You are only as good as your intentions, and the point of this class is to teach what to address and she illustrated those points in whatever way she has found to be best. Not a waste of money, and actually, quite a deal. I sincerely hope CL brings her back for a 3 day course. If my review isn't enough to help you buy it, then here's the bottom line. I get paid more for my efforts of retouching after implementing the process taught here and her other class. If that doesn't help sway your opinion, nothing will. - Meggan Joy

William West

First of all, I absolutely love Julia's work. That's the reason I purchased this class. But I have to agree with others here; there was a lot about each technique she uses, but the class would have benefitted a great deal from a lot more application of the technique to yield the results she achieves. I'm glad the price was relatively low because I don't feel like I really took much away from this one. Again - Julie is an amazing artist; she just needs some instructional design skills. :-)