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Assessing the Image

This image wasn't meant to be commercial beauty image, but it's a perfect illustration as to what I do sometimes or often times with my role files. We just got together as she's my favorite one of my favorite models story tracy and she had this lipstick I had this nail polish, she played her moscow that's it and we were just playing around and shooting when we were shooting, it seemed like the call was identical, but when I photographed it under the lights, I can see that it's very, very different. So like I said, if everything is perfect and you don't really need to do local changes, then you're just a just a little bit, this is basically what I do with them, we just I I don't touch exposure, I don't need to touch my white bones because everything was shot well and I can just play around a little bit with highlights shadows, whites, blacks just to make sure that I have details in the dark so I don't have too much blown out highlights and just make it a little bit on a flatter seidel. ...

So I don't want to add any contrast at this point because it will be more difficult for me to fix skin issues, so I just want to make sure that everything is nice and the dynamic range of the photo is a little bit expended at this point and with this particular image say you've got the same situation you need tio match the colors, of course you can do it in front of shop, selective caller human saturation. Any other call correction adjustment layer you can use, but I know that that's that must be done, and I know how quickly do it here, so I won't even take it to find a shelter, because obviously the data that you can get from the role filed is going to be always better than doing some things later in fatah shelf, especially when it's about the exposure color is not so important, but sometimes they are so to eliminate that guessing game, you know, will it look okay and photo shop or not? I just do it right here because I know that that's what I want from the image, so the first step that I would do, I would just look at the image and do my overall corrections just to kind of get that base over just to get the exposure, the overall colors knife and obviously the skin is the most important element here, so I will create a virtual copy right here and here I will look at whatever problems I know that I will have to deal with later, and I can see that because we didn't have a makeup artist we didn't have any foundation on her skin and they can see those red patches that's normal for human beings absolutely normal, but off course for the image I want tio remove that readiness a little bit from her skin, so this first virtual copy I'm going to create kind of like a base layer something that will be my bass player and fatah shop, so I'm going to play around in the hues saturation and lou eminence part of the developed module in maybe just shift the rattle of it towards the yellow er color and maybe right now a little bit and I don't care for the lips now I don't care for anything else I'm only looking at the skin and I want that readiness to go away. He would just get a little bit brighter steel rule, maybe not so much still a fighter. Okay, well, I think to start with this is a pretty good start, so I don't see those patches all that much now we'll go back to the original file and create another virtual copy. Now I want to get done with the lips and as much as I like the caller I d for example, just for the demonstration purposes I wanted to be a little bit more yellow er less purplish but more yellow her so I will just do the same things it's maybe a little bit off yellow into the reds and then here will do the opposite I will actually dark in the lips and maybe add a little bit off more saturation here again I don't care about the skin I don't care about anything else here I'm only looking at the lips and I think this is good and then I will go ahead and create one more virtual copy and now I only care about the nails I want tio make the nail similar to this collar that I've created for the lips so I will at some saturation and maybe a little bit off yellow again and darken and just here I know that I can perfected later when I have it olympia's d but I'm just trying to get it as close as possible at this vote point and a little bit okay, this should be enough and will perfect it later so now that I've got three virtual copies one for the skin one for the lips in one for the nails I can select the mall in right click and take them all into fatah shop as layers so instead of exporting each one separately I can actually tell photoshopped to open this whole set up already in one piece de stack and then it usually takes a little bit of time and well, even though it kind of saves you a couple of seconds here and there maybe the more that second that it piles up the stack you know you don't have to actually together them and tracked them all manually so once they're all in one same psd this's my skin and I usually call it base it's just my way off uh yes I do name in base this will be the background layer for the rest of my players this was this was my lips and this was my help I think this was my nails this is the only downside is that you need to remember what exactly you exported for what and then this is lips and then just to make it quick of course I spend a little bit off time here to get perfect selections done and get them all oh perfectly emerged together but just to save our time today I will just do something like this is my nails here before after the selection is made and again I do it precisely at home I wouldn't just face it in but every time before I actually do anything with my selection I always go in to refine age to make sure that my selection either sharp enough or soft enough depending on what the actual outline on the images so here I can smooth the corners a little bit and soft and maybe just a little bit but not so much and then elevate off contrast and shift they justify need teo and then once I feel like a camp that's close enough I will simply just kill them with white and of course one more time I would go ahead with a brush and zoom in close enough and just make sure that everything is perfectly outlined and then I will go ahead to the lips in here unfortunately that won't select the lips precisely but I'll do something same water just to speed it up okay of course I will then again make sure my selection is perfect to save our time I'll do it very quickly now something like this and I won't even stop at this still okay I don't care about the outlines for now but at this point I can say ok well everything is fine it's close enough I can add a little bit off maybe clip mask curve or selective color too actually get the callers even closer to one another for example if I wanted tio change the color of the nails I would go ahead and the ad say selective collar and clear mask it by holding ault for option and then in here I can change oh that's the lips okay so I can apply my changes to the call until imagine perfectly but not only that I can do sometimes with sometimes I just duplicate the layer and see how my blending moz can be helpful for example if I take down the original layer and then this one I just duplicated it and set it to sell flight, and then I can adjust the capacity and see how that will work. It actually creates a little bit more death and volume, so that can be the way to go sometimes if the darkness off the area that I extracted from the role file is fine, but the color is a little bit off and the base collar is better than what I've just created on top, so I can just change the blending more to luminosity off this a top layer, and then it will only dark into the point that I want, but it won't change. Paul, are they on their line late? So my point here, I guess, is that don't forget that you've got those very basic and simple controls your blending modes your capacity in you can group layers, and you, khun group adjustment layers, and you can clean mask adjustment layers so there's, so much that you can do if you're still are not where you want it to be normally, when once you go, once you go through this whole row conversion, the few virtual copies a couple of times, then it will really take you like one two minutes to actually develop your role file march, whatever you need, tio, get out ofthe each conversion, and we want to re touching, but if you got it and you still not sure that this is what this is not what you were going for remember that you've got only adjustment layers capacity and blaming modes to play around with just one quick question we had dana it's june s and robert and a few other people who are kind of wondering why you do how this method of creating virtual copies is different from say using curves and human saturation and photoshopped with a layer mask why do you do it that way instead of doing everything in foshan in maine? The main reason why is that your role file has this much data and when you do all those changes in the broken verger you still get the best quality off the colors and the values off the image once you take your image out into photo shop you've already thrown away so much data and you have only this much left and then if you add your curves in change your callers there is a very narra limit that you can do with that file in psd that's the beauty of the row converter because you're working with that plenty of data to play around with so that's the main reason and again some things can be done later in partial but I just don't even want it in second guess it will look good or not I just do it right there in the broken burger and that's it

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Beautiful photographs are used to sell hair and skin care products, cosmetics, makeup, jewelry, and so much more. Learn about the concepts and techniques that are used to create polished, ad-ready beauty images in Commercial Beauty Retouching with Julia Kuzmenko McKim.

It requires vision, skill, practice, and patience to create flawless perfection. In Commercial Beauty Retouching, you’ll learn the theory behind the the techniques and get helpful tips that will take your skin and makeup retouching to the next level.

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