Commercial Portrait Lighting


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Commercial Portrait Lighting - One Light Set-Up Part 1

Tune-in for a memorable shoot with celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith, Here’s your chance to see what really goes on during an editorial or corporate portrait shoot as Brian Smith photographs portraits of CreativeLive staff. Watch as Brian captures portraits of the folks who bring you CreativeLive. Hear why Brian chooses each location, see how he lights each shot on the fly and watch him post-processes a few of his favorite portraits from the shoot.



  • <p>I respect Brian Smith&#39;s work a great deal and I know he is a very talented (and personable) photographer, but this was a pretty rough class. The improvised feel of his presentation did not pay off nor did his decision to take portraits of the Creative Live staff. He did apply some unconventional under lighting at one point that ended up better than I thought, but for the most part he was plowing through a mediocre experience. I did feel for him, but I regret buying this class sight unseen and expected much better from a photographer of his calibre.</p>
  • <p>I would not recommend this class. Brian is a great photographer, just not an instructor. I wanted to know how commercial photography is different. Is it lighted differently, shot, posed,? etc. Why are we using this light? Why move the angle? What are we looking for in locations? Why did we want this lens over this one? Is commercial photography right for me? Is there a big market for it? A simple 15 minute explanation off the top would&#39;ve helped. I guess I can&#39;t complain because I caught this for free. But I could only stand through the first 90 minutes because honestly I feel time would be better spent on youtube searching for commercial photography. Hopefully next time he comes better prepared to teach than play around with gear.</p>
  • <p>I loved Brian&#39;s personality, work and approach and had no problem with him photographing Creative Live staff. Actually I love how the classes on CL are more relaxed and personal and I am sure if I had any questions I could contact Mr Smith any time. </p>