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Community Marketing for Wedding Photographers

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Principles to Create Community

Katelyn James

Community Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Katelyn James

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4. Principles to Create Community

Lesson Info

Principles to Create Community

So the five key principles of creating community instead of just drawing in customers are as follows and I think it's really important to recognize that this is going to look different for every single one of you and every single one of you online I have been personally marketing from the very beginning if you're in a season where you have been completely transactional like your images of the on ly thing that people have seen of you this is going to take some time but it is not impossible and when I say time I'm saying max six months all right you can't go home and put all your brides and took facebook group if you've never shown them that you want them to be part of a community they would be really freaked out okay? You can't do that I want to talk to you about the steps to make this happen gradually so the first principle is you have to run your business personally and what I mean by that is you have to market what on lee you have so the only thing that you have that makes you unique...

is you and I let me just say this I know you've heard this before you've probably heard this a million times and I think so often when people say in photography oh just market yourselves like sharing you are I don't know about you but I think of people taking selfies like here I am and I that's not what I'm going for personal marketing doesn't look like taking selfies it looks like sherri youare beyond just being a photographer I can just look at some of you sitting here and I could tell their unique things about you that I don't even know anything about you guys except where you're from and I know that there are certain aspects of your life that go beyond just being a person behind the camera you have more to share than you think and the reason why this works is because it allows people to get to know me and it allows them to start trusting me and when you trust a photographer you can actually change your life you cannot change others lives if you don't let them into your own. If you're desperate to have a business that's more fulfilling than just paying your bills at the end of the month, then you've got to be willing to invest s u r into your business. I can't have an impact on greg and carries life if they don't ever get to know me there's got to be something deeper and the cool thing is is that when you allow your personality into your business, you become untouchable this is why caitlyn james lets anyone come to your workshops you could literally be my next door neighbor and come to our workshop because you cannot be caitlin james, you can't you can't be me! I have built my business on who I am, and no one can take that away from me. And so there's there's just freedom I have in my business had not worry about the girl down the street and not worry about the girl who started to do the same type of sessions that I'm doing and not worry about the guy who is literally trying to do all the cool lens flare stuff that I'm trying tio I don't even know what everyone else, but you know what I'm saying, you don't have to worry about competition when you start marketing who you are, so I'm gonna give you some examples and let me preface this with if you're going to share, you are personally down to my love for gummy bears, you also have to have a great online presence if you do not have a great online presence. It's going really hard to be taken seriously if you start blogging about the fact that you love coming, bears that's probably not going to go over very well, but I've worked hard to create a nice professional site that people trust and they come back to and that way because it's professional people can come in and it can read these fun things about my life without thinking that I'm a joke. Hopefully that makes sense. So let me explain this. I'm more than just a photographer. I'm also I I love to do interior decorating. I when I blogged about my love for interior design, that is my way to an outlet out of photography. Sometimes we get sick of it right a little bit. Sometimes we get tired of photography. Maybe you're not in your state, your business where you get tired of it. But you will get tired of it eventually and you need something else to be creative. And then you come back rejuvenated. My my system for that is through interior decorator. I love that stuff. I am a sister. I have a brother and a sister. My sister just got married. Everyone who follows my blog's followed the whole wedding process and they were excited for I share that. I have siblings because guess what? I guarantee you do. Some of you have siblings, so you relate to me. You get at least that part of my life. Okay, you may not relate to this. This is very strange, but I can't be in my last three toes. I know that's weird, but everyone who falls on bog knows it because I did a ten a z ten things you didn't know about me block post and people I got so nervous like, what am I sharing this? This is so stupid but it just may be a real person instead of being this girl with a camera in front of face I'm just a real girl that camp in our toes and who loves coming bears the next six months after I did this bog post guess what everything a couple gave us, but when we left an engagement session coming bears because they read the flog michael did a five things you didn't know about michael block post and he talked about I thought I should say that he talked about how he likes the toilet paper to go above and not under, like under over, you know, it's a thing I was so embarrassed, I think michael take that down and then the comments started rolling in there like, oh my gosh, michael, I totally get you bro, I understand I do the same thing and I'm like, oh oh my god! So all that to say, am I saying going home, you're going to go and say caitlin said, don't be a burrito business and make sure you share about your toilet paper preferences that's great does not want to go on for, but what I am trying to share is the more that you let people in your life the more areas of relatability you're showing to them. So I talk about how we met in high school and how we dated and it got married on our eighth anniversary. I share that I love pouring into teenagers at our church. This is our poppy, we miss him he's a beast boo and we share him all the time. He's, our little mascot we share about our travels and we share. This is my office we share behind the scenes. People love getting to know that stuff about us because every little thing you share, it makes you more human to them. This is what's interesting if you are on ly sharing your images, you are on ly sharing the one thing that your future klein I don't understand they're coming to you because they need a professional wedding photographer and you're marketing to them and just saying, look at all these pretty pictures they don't know anything about who you are, they may not even know what you look like. I guarantee you out of this group of just you guys and I know groups online majority of tarver's don't even show their faith. You go to a facebook profile picture and it's a picture of a bouquet and maybe your logo is the cover photo people don't even know what you look like how in the world are you supposed to have insistent area of connection? People can come back to that over and over and over again so why not facebook? Why not just instagram? Because this is a permanent venue for personal connection that's great if you love instagram we've had an inquiry from instagram this morning l a wedding because we use the hashtag the knot and got into the top post it stay there for a few days that was sad that was that was for free has nothing to do with this but on instagram if everyone tried something give that a shot s o we got inquiry and that's awesome but that instagram is gone now it's gone into instagram space it's just not even existent but my blawg you can go back and look at my first weddings oh my log you can go back to the poster michael proposed to me and I actually had one bride her name's colleen and she's the sweetest and she actually told me, she said I'm going through every single one of your blood posting all way to two thousand twelve this was in two thousand fifteen and she was excited to know who was going to be a part of her day she was in, she was committed, and while some people would say, oh, my gosh, really, who has time for that? She was she does because she cares and she's invested. So another reason is it's a home base it's where fans get connected, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, I know that every single one of you have a community waiting to be formed and the community doesn't he just be your bride's? It could be your fans, your people who believe in you, you know, those people you post on facebook and they always like everything you got, at least it could be your mother, I don't care, but you've got a community forming, you just have to recognize it, and you have to take ownership of it. So the last reason why we do blogging to share personally in our marketing is because it's also a catalyst for eh, theo growth, you're not going to grow in a theo if you're just posting on facebook and instagram, that doesn't count, google doesn't view it that way, so if you want, why not share yourself personally? Haven't archive of your work, form a personal connection with your future brides and boost your theo it's kind of a no brainer? And yet everyone keeps saying it's all about micro blogging about instagram you know, I love instagram our instagram is going really quickly right now, but that's not how I'm going to form my community, but it does come into play in like two slides s o the second principle is you have to create areas of connection so says good and talks about how these airs three different areas that your people, your brides or your fans at all I should be connected to either a leader to each other or to a shared idea. Let me break that down so connected to a leader we do that through our blawg this is our blawg right here when we designed it back in january, I made the designer restructure the entire home page just to have this that sounds so stuck up, but I needed my face to be on the front of my block because remember what I said, I need people to load my sight and initially know what I look like, so they start to trust me. We connect with people through our eyes, and I want people to make sure that people so much face from the very beginning so my block is the area of connection and then that's a picture of my instagram feed, my instagram feed there's a few things this is also for free, but if you're on instagram, which a lot of most harbors are there's four or five stories that need to be told over and over again when I adopted this concept into our instagram feed we started growing quickly because people knew what to expect from us so I share behind the scenes a share portfolio oh I share our puppy and I share a personal life that's it so when michael are walking downtown we might see something crazy or I gotta want make sure it looks great on my feed but also I want to make sure you guys know you're smiling but I also want to make sure that it fits the stories of them telling on instagram that air personally connecting people to my brand connected to each other this is my favorite thing at the end of the year we take all of our pride to the spot okay and it's a surprise we don't advertise this is not a part of their welcome packet it's at the end of the year when they don't expect anything from us we go to them and say you know what? We want to see you again we want to spend a day with you so I know you might be out christmas shopping but stop by the red door spa we're going to treat you to think that your massage it's about one hundred fifty dollars a person so that for us is normally two to three thousand dollars and I know it's expensive but I don't I'm not saying you have to do this I am saying we want to create an experience it's going to be shareable so for you guys I say three to five percent of the package price should go back to your couple in some way to create an experience that's going to enhance their overall experience with you so three to five percent think about your package price think about what you charge what with three to five percent allow you to do for them another idea say the spa is too much why don't you do a manicure with your maid of honor day? Why don't you do you think about this manicure with your maid of honor means that you're spending twenty to thirty dollars a person s o maybe forty to sixty dollars per bride because her friends coming what do girls do when they go to an event with their bestie selfie and what are they going to use? They're gonna have to your business they're going to hash tag cage a bride and guess what? When that maid of honor gets engaged guess who's going to be here they're photographer it's gonna be me or you so that's a different example of how you don't have to do exactly this but there are other options out there okay when these brides come in for their massage this is the getting red like the waiting room and we just sit there and we talking one by one, I get to see these girls lt's all over again, and they love I thought they're going to be excited to see me interesting. They like seeing each other more again. It sounds like I'm so self centered, I'm not I just thought they know me, they're going to be excited, but really they loved meeting like o'malley. You're the one that the country themed wedding I loved your wedding, lisa, you had your gold or treatment all of your portrait. I love your wedding because they're following the block and they're connected because they had a shared experience together, so let's keep going connected to each other through a facebook group. So after you start to establish that you want a community in your business, let's, say, and again in the supplemental download there's ah, a like a timeline on when this would be appropriate. So say you start talking about your community that you're forming, and then you joined a facebook group. You put all your brights into a facebooker if we leave a pinned message at the top that explained that this group consists of kj brides, young and old who want to help each other out and give advice and well wishes for other cagey brides, so guess what they do in this group they talk about how to buy your first house they talk about who's a hair makeup artist you used if you're getting married in charlottesville they talk about oh my gosh welcome to the families is the newest kj bride they love each other and they love helping don't you agree that when you feel you help someone, you have a little bit more purpose you were speaking through into their life and you matter a little bit more I'm allowing my brides to do exactly that thing so this is the first post clare says this is the ultimate vips facebook group I feel like I just got the amex black card and the reason why I love that it's because this is what I want them to feel I want them to feel like no one even comes close to being a part of this group because only thirty brides get of the year so I create a facebook group and this is a way that they connected really funny of um we end up shooting the same reception deep like the court because they sell it to each other in this group so we shoot a wedding in april and that april bride will sell it to a fall bride and I shoot it all for kids so connected to assure a night assured idea I was really concerned about this I'm like how am I going to talk about this I don't know how to explain it for brides like for crossfit, the shared idea in that community is we can all be stronger together what's the shared idea for photography business and then I got this quote, I'm a part of the community that you form, and I can feel that I feel like I've known all these people that I've never even met simply because of our shared love for your business. Now I'm going to give you example of this. Basically, my success is their success this morning, michael was saying he's like, ok, langly, this is looking at a tweet, so our president of our university had a son and we were in college, he started a shirt company called ledbury, and the ledbury shirt company was very, very new on because I was in the area and the president of the university knew me he's like, hey, you should take some photos of my son and his new shirt business, and I'm like that's not really my specialty, but I'll do it last night at the emmys, andy sandberg doesn't write sorry, okay, you know that guy andy samberg got up there and he was wearing and lead very shirt and lead very tweeted out, and even the ledbury will never show the pictures I took because they were so awful because ledbury succeeded I felt like I was a little bit of their success now that they succeed because I took their pictures, but because at the very early stages I was a part of the business, I was a part of their story and even though I only did one shoot for them, I feel connected when I this is the message we got the day before we did our talk of the ppp I all the brides knew that I was nervous, but I was getting excited and they left that post for me that's awesome! They're apart, it's, almost like if you shoot an awesome wedding, a destination location for the first time if you for in a community your community brides there could be proud to say, hey, the guy that shot that he's my wedding photographer hey, the girl is doing this in her business. She worked with me. I'm a k j brad I'm an age a bright and whatever you call your people that believes me to this another way to connect them to a shared ideas they're using a hashtag so what did the lady gaga do with her people? What does she call them monsters thank you you're actually not the man that I thought was going to answer that question, but that's great justin bieber believers, yes, what about taylor swift, swifties, swifties I love taking ideas from music industry and transforming them and translating them into the photography world. I may not have little monsters again don't go call your bride's little clusters that would not go over well, but I love taking the idea of cage a bride, naming your people, giving them a title that they can live under during the season of her life and even in the future. So shared idea this kayleigh instagram about her anniversary two years later news hashtag a photography has cage a bride two years later, I hope that these guys are celebrating their twenty fifth anniversary and they still feel like a cage a bride moving a meal gift card. We sent out a fifty dollars gift card right before their final payment is due strategic planning they're sending me thousands of dollars I want to send him a free dinner out guess what they do on their dinner out, they take a picture together they've maybe they photographed the note on the gift card that I send him in the instagram with hashtag all right sometimes sometimes you get prize that air totally dream brides this girl went even beyond she sent me a gift like I was her maid of honor and said, will you be my wedding photographer with a bone for my dog and my favorite necklace to date? Isn't that crazy? Well, you know, I'm like, oh yes, I'll be really has a resounding yes so ultimately and now alan element that's not normal, but after five to six years of doing that that this has been a reality recently we have bride that just love being a part of this and ultimately it's awesome because we get to be a part of their lives, not just with images so three were getting close to the end you have take see their expectations that the experience we do this by under promising and over delivering. So we do that through turnaround time. Our contract says three of four weeks we deliverance, sunday's, they're shocked number of images when I got married jasmine star told me you're going to receive eight hundred images and guess how many we got from her a lot more than that I was I was blown away and I thought to myself we were one of her favorite wedding no, she probably does that for everybody, but she made us feel special because she under promised and over delivered. We included free our coverage for all of our bride so when our bride's a couple weeks for the wedding realized, oh my gosh, they're going to miss the cake cutting their done at nine and we could kick it ten and their hourly rate is five dollars an hour when they call me in tears, I get to be the hero and say we'll stay for free. That's our wedding gift to you guys. What did that cost me? Nothing, simply just being smart enough to say, I'm going to under promise and over deliver. Ultimately, those tiny little changes produced macro huge results in business. I love this because I know how we are. We were business owners, we want to come sit in on this talk and you want to leave and say caitlin said, do this, I'm going to press that button and then we're done. I'm automatically going tohave community and it's not that simple. This takes a lot of work, but the reward is great. Let me give you an example of how micro changes have produced a macro result. So matin irby, I'm grateful for our photography investment for us, it was so much more than just pictures for us. Pictures of everything bring back so much emotion, but it's almost more than that. We're so grateful for the entire experience. You too gave us quick replies tio emails sitting look back fund facebook post feeling like I was working with a friend. Super fast block post for both the engagement and the wedding a surprise slideshow at her wedding a surprise canvas I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that our pictures really do mean the world to us. You were without a doubt the best investment we could have made for our wedding day. Thank you, thank you, thank you million times over and beyond. Blessed to be a cage, a bride what's the first thing she said e mails quick applies to e mails. I started the experience with her through an email, so when you look at this you're like, oh my gosh, that's great that caitlyn offers this big experience. It starts with the little stuff. It starts with how you treat them and emails and it leads all way to the end of the wedding experience, where we send them a surprise canvas. At the end of the day, when you're creating experience, you want to make sure that your entrepreneurial in the way that you create your experience, I am very, very tempted to have a beautiful flash drive delivery system where I have a custom box and custom ribbon and that's what a lot of the fine art photographers do in our area and it's gorgeous, and every time I see their instagrams and like michael, we need to start doing that but I know for my business that's not smart because I delivered through online galleries so why would they need a flash drive? They don't need a flash drive instead I'm trying to think as entrepreneur what should I do for my couples so we took that fifty dollars we used to spin off last rise and now we send them a surprise canvas twenty five thirty from cg pro prince dot com thirty five ninety nine for us it's cheaper than what we were doing and guess what happens they get their canvas when they come back from their honeymoon we just use whatever picture they use of the sneak peek on instagram or facebook because we know what they love it we use that image we ship it directly their house we don't even say you send it except on the address line when the apartment line it says love k plus him they know it's us and they put it on their wall and every person that walks in it's not just oh oh look at that flash drive it's oh my gosh I love your wedding pictures and I guarantee you the next line is retired justice in that she's surprised us with that I mean I'm not a genius but that's smart marketing okay I would rather spend fifty dollars on that and have re occurring return then have a fifty dollars flash drive that gets shoved in a drawer so when you're creating your experience when you're building up these amazing experiences for your bride's, make sure you think like an entrepreneur and you don't just think about pretty because I am really I think about pretty a lot and michael has to bring me back to reality and say, how is that going to bring value back to our business though? Caitlin okay, so number four you have to educate your audience, you can't expect the community if you never show them what it's all about. So what I mean by that is you can start building a reputation now my reputation in my businesses that I blogged weddings on tuesdays after they shot their shot. I do that for many reasons one the golden hour of impact people are excited about weddings right after they were shot they're not excited to see a wedding two months later after the full galleries been delivered. Why even blogging people are excited right afterwards the golden window of impact and so one example of this would be I had a bride who booked a year in advance for a saturday, then I had a bride who booked on friday six months prior so the girl on saturday was expecting all year that her block post was going to be the tuesday after her wedding, but little did she know I booked a wedding the day prior so that meant that her wedding was going to bump to thursday and one I told her you would have thought I had killed her puppy she was devastated that her block date had been moved and I thought to myself, you know what? That is kind of crazy but the same time I have built up a reputation and I'm known for she has been expecting her block because simply because I've told people this is my system, this is what I do, so you want to make sure that you build an expectation around your experience that people know what's happening one way we do that is sharing our wind greg and carrie, I don't if you remember a few slides back was a picture of us with a couple that was greg and kerry and their engagement session was done in alexandria and it was amazing it was right at the end of cherry blossom season. So what happens when we have those sessions is that they were like posing underneath a tree like he's nuzzling in, you know, she's laughing down over your shoulder and michael is in the back shaking the tree so all the cherry blossoms will fall it's amazing it's beautiful when we showed up on their wedding day, the first thing that happened was that grandma in her wheelchair rolled up to michael and said, you must be michael, you're the tree shakur that's like that's, the only thing she said, and I thought to myself, I'm going to use that story in our blawg post about their wedding, because what does that show? It shows that this is working if grandma knows his name and knows that he should shook the tree, that means that greg and kerry had an awesome time on their engagement session so much so they told grandma about it, and grandma remembered his name, and so I wrote about that in their block post, because I want other people to see what it looks like toe work with caitlin and michael last, but not least you have to be from one of the conf ah lo! And this is really a tough one, because we all know people that are not follow a ble, the negative nancy's of the facebook world, we've seen them, right? Yes, they're negative nothing's going their way, they act like they don't even own a business there, just ranting and raving about politics. That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about being a person who is easy to latch on to and get to know and there's a few characteristics that go along side of this, if you're going to be a person that is, follow a ble, you have to accept the fact that your leader some of you may not think of yourself as being a leader, but the moment you got a business license and said I want to run a business you were leading people and it's not just your staff if you have one it's not just your family if you have won it anyone who says you know what I like what he or she is doing I believe in what they're doing you owe it to them to show up can you imagine a pastor trying to grow a community and a congregation and then not showing up for two weeks? Do you trust him? Are you going to come back to that church? No, because he didn't show up do you think anyone's going to come back to your site time and time again if nothing's there I didn't mention this earlier, but a dead blawg is worse. Yeah, a dead dialogue is a worse than no blawg I would rather you go home a few block has been sitting for since two thousand thirteen with no post that matthew go home and deleted then the hat or at least put a post up that says we've transitioned into sharing on instagram because when I have coaching clients come to my house and they come in and I've never met them, I've never heard of them the on ly perception I have of them is what's online I had to sit down and say ok, so I know it looks like you haven't been busy the last few years let's talk about how to make it work in there like no, I've been so busy that's why haven't blogged and I get to tell them well, my perception is the same perception is a bride and to me from your blawg it looks like you've done anything in two years so if you better to get rid of the blawg than toe haven't inactive log just sitting there so you have to show up you have to be consistent you also have to be relevant, you have to let people in not only do you feel let people in and allow them to relate in certain levels you also you also have to be often tip authenticity you also have to be authentic people love knowing more about a person and just hey I take pictures no they want to know I take pictures because I love my experience with my wedding photographer or I take pictures because I didn't have a wedding photographer. I don't know what your story is but it's a story that needs to be told and people will connect to that last but not least you have to have a purpose people like following businesses that have a purpose this is where I get a little personal for me I had a life size reality check this past year w p p I I remember going to w p p I when I was so new it was two thousand eight and I walked the halls with my friend jess and I just felt like this tiny little fish in this use ocean of amazing photographers who had made a name for them self. And I remember walking past the welcome booth and saying, if I get my picture on that welcome to I will have made it like I will be done. I can retire like I will have made it, and this year it happened this year I walked by not one, but two we have david analys in here and then we have literally over life size version of kristen. Sarah anyone has something really funny. This picture her hand wasn't like that at a photo shoot upper hand because she was still throwing the air throwing the leaves. So I got so nervous because if you get close to it, you could total retail. I walked past this and I thought, oh my gosh, I should be feeling that feeling right I should be feeling that sense of accomplishment, but I got up on stage in my debit pp I talk and I ended it by saying, you know, what's crazy that as I speak is being rolled up and put in a dumpster behind the mgm grand las vegas it's just paper it's just paper, they literally rolled it out, they probably balled it up and they threw it away and I think so often us, his photographers place our hopes and dreams on projects just like this, maybe it's a print publication, maybe it's shooting a bride in a certain location you know what? You're going to do? Those things I have every confidence in me to say you're going to do those things I've done those things and they are nothing there's so many things that yes, this is great and it was a good feeling, but my purpose and my identity is a business owner cannot be wrapped up in a life size picture of a bride and groom that it's now in the landfill in las vegas somewhere that can't be my purpose. So speaking of purpose, I think your community can on ly be formed when your heart is in the right place. If you are all about the money, if you're all about trying to get your sales up, if you're all about the profit and not the purpose, this is going to be a struggle for you if you were strictly in business to make money and I understand we've got bills to pay, michael and I have bills to pay we're trying to sell her house has been on the market for almost five months and it's not being sold on like this is bad. We need to make money to pay our bills. We understand that, but ultimately creating community is the way I have to run my business because I know at the end of the day, every single business, every single business is the mission statement that has nothing to do with money now, nothing that's the on ly way you're going to find satisfaction in your business and when I look at this, I think, okay, what is my purpose over the prophet? What am I doing this for? I'm building a community, I just told you all of the reasons why I build a community because it build a stronger business and it stronger brand. But what I didn't share with you is that when I built a community, I actually have the right and the trust to speak into my client's lives, and that is what fills a felt that's what keeps us going when we have those bad wedding days or we have a problem client that sometimes arise, which is minimal now, but when we have hard times, the thing that keeps me going is the fact that we have the right to speak into people's lives now, and we never had that before. Remember the second fire I said I needed my business to be more emotionally satisfying and more financially satisfying in our life they go hand in hand if you want to charge more and you want to create a community you will be able to raise your prices but that's not the wind the wind looks something like this I'm not going to say who's who because I know maybe some of them are watching but in this collides there are a lot of things represented a lot there's a bride up here that had stage four cancer and michael carried around a chair behind her for portrait time just so she could stand up a nuzzle and then sit down and stand up and give a kiss and then sit down that's not in his job description but he did it because we get to have a personal connection with their clients is a girl appear who lost her death her dad six months before her wedding and it never dealt with the repercussions of that had never dealt with the grief and on her wedding day she was so overwhelmed she physically vomited all day and on ly people that know us in the in the groom my job did not include wiping vomit off of a wedding dress but it did that day there's a girl appear who didn't respond to her album for the longest time and I thought what is up with them in and she recently responded back in august and said caitlyn it's been crazy because jason's mom was diagnosed with cancer in margin passed away in april and she said, I don't know if you knew I don't know how this happened but it's almost like you knew because we have more pictures of her than anybody else in our family isn't that amazing and there's other stories there's a girl here in the nineteen weeks pregnant on her wedding day and I was the one taking her beer out and pouring some of it out so it looked like she was drinking throughout the day so no one would question how did I get the right to know that it was me and her mom no one else knew there's a girl appear they got diagnosed with a brain tumor and it's since become one of our closest friends and one of my strongest leaders in our industry and she's in amazing and she called me and said taylan, I don't know what to do but I know you pray and I know you believe in something and I want you to pray with me because I'm scared to death and I gotta cancel my cajun session and we prayed on the phone with her there's a girl here that is hugging her mom because it's the last picture she has of her mom her mom died seven days after her wedding seven days her dad passed away when she was little, and so she danced with her mom, knowing it's probably going to be the last time she did that there's another couple here, where he had staged stage four cancer and still does, and we made it a point, even though I don't edit in photo shop to do special ed it so that he didn't look his frail, we pulled his neck out a little bit, so it's neck look like he used to when he used to work out and be built there's another couple here, who she lost her dad a month of for a wedding. I say all of this, because ultimately I would have never gotten a chance to speak into these people's lives if I never let them into mine, and I would never let them into mine if I didn't want to have a community instead of just customers. So my challenge to you, if yes, build your business, raise your prices, bring more in for your family, and so you can make a living off other dream, but don't do it at the expense of your soul, do it so that you have a purpose and why ultimately, this satisfies me this is the reason I do what I do, and if I ever lost this and I should not be wedding attire for I will be done, and I say that all the time, like michael, if this ever becomes a business it's all about caitlin james, then we're going to shut it down because not worth it. So I just want to challenge you. You. This is possible for you. This is you're capable of doing this, and you're capable of making a difference. So thank you guys so much. I'm so glad that you're here. Thank you.

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Trying to get noticed in a crowded market can feel like an exercise in futility – it is seriously tough to rise above the noise...unless you have a team of people backing you up.

Learn how to make that happen in Community Marketing for Wedding Photographers with Katelyn James. Katelyn cultivates community, not clients. That differentiation has helped her excel in business and allows her to work with enthusiastic clients who are prepared to pay professional rates.

In this fast-paced class, she’ll share her secrets for using social media to unite and grow a community. She’ll show you how to equip your community to market for you and help you establish routines and systems that constantly grows your network.

Learn how to build a lifelong community of loyal fans who believe in your work, your talent, the experience that you offer in  Community Marketing for Wedding Photographers with Katelyn James.  

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She killed it... great instructor!!! This was a wonderful first impression. I love her southern charm, her mellow, soft spoken, laid back way of teaching. She had me at 'burrito'. She made me wanna be a KJ bride and I'm already married! I learned so much about what worked for her in marketing & they were great ideas that made sense. A lot of juicy tidbits to implement immediately. Congrats Katelyn James, your first time at creativeLIVE and you nailed it!


The last 5 minutes of the last video is worth 100x the investment of this course. While the entire series was a wonderful and insightful look into what a true community looks like ('s really not about you), those last 5 minutes brought home why you as a wedding photographer should ever want to pick up a camera in the first place. From one Virginian (though an adopted one!) to another, beautifully said Katelyn. And now...this guy needs to go find a tissue.


Katelyn is one of a kind. She perfectly balances the line between being a complete professional and also being incredibly personable. Such a great use time to get see a peek into her excellent marketing skills.