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The Knot Wedding: Bridal Party + Family

So what we're about to go into is shooting the bridal party. Now bridal party portraits don't normally unfold this way, but today this is what they did. I had about five to ten minutes to work with the guys and I had about ten minutes to work with the girls. So, what we're gonna go into is how I shot the guys before the ceremony, how I shot the girls before the ceremony. And then what we did after the ceremony is we photographed the group in one area that I felt like, at least I got the safe shot, If all else fails and I can't get anymore photos of the bridal party at least we got one shot of them all together. Now, the goal is for after the ceremony, once we have a little bit more time and latitude, is to actually shoot one more group photo, hopefully better light, maybe in the vineyards, we'll see what light it's gonna give us. So that's what we're going into. Now as far as family photos go, I knew that the bride and groom did not have large families so I was able to work through the...

m as quickly as possible. So you're gonna see how we effectively move through bridal party photos and how I effectively move through family photos. You're gonna see us jumping around at different parts of the day because that's how it unfolded during the different parts of the day. So hang on with us and at the end I'm gonna bring us all back and tie it all together hopefully with a cute little bow. Gentlemen, we're gonna make this as quick as possible so that you guys can enjoy the party later on. So this shot right now, we're gonna, see we have music going ambient stuff, that's right, show me the dance moves, this is good, this is really good. Okay, so guys I'm gonna set you guys up. May I ask who the best man is? Very nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. What was your name? Jesse. Jesse. That's my brother, we look nothing alike. (laughs) Good looks run in the family. Alright guys, we're gonna have Taylor and Jesse right here in the center. So Taylor you standing exactly how you are is exactly how I want you but turn, angle in towards Jesse a tiny bit. Jesse you're gonna angle in towards Taylor. Now who comes after Jesse? Down the aisle? Yes. Already in the, in the order, if want- And who comes after, I'm sorry what was you're name? Justin. Justin. Nice to meet you Justin. Nice to meet you. Who comes after Justin? You're gonna be on this side. And then who comes, get you on this side, great. So gentlemen on this side, can I have your right hand in your right pant pocket, your top button done. Your left hands in your left pant pocket with your top buttons done. Jesse you're gonna come in closer to Taylor. Hands out? Uh yeah, yeah, yeah. So it depends. Just make sure that the coat isn't puckering like this, it's just relaxing, just like that. Great, we're gonna come in nice and close. So what I'm looking for right now is I'm gonna have to crop out their feet because I don't have enough space and I'm just gonna have to be okay with that, I'm gonna create this as a frame. No, no please. Gentlemen can I have guys all just scoot over about three feet. Right about there, great. Taylor scoot back a little bit, great. You're gonna come in this way. So Jesse come in closer to Taylor. Justin come in closer to Jesse. You're gonna step in just in close to Justin, great, prefect. So right now I'm cropping out their feet because I don't have another option for open shade. I'm shooting this at 200th. Hold on one second. Which one are we looking in? You are gonna be looking, I know, there's a lot of cameras guys, don't, worry. You guys, I'll be walking you through the process. Right now I'm at 400 ISO, 1/60ths of the second, F40. (camera shutters) I'm cropping out their feet because this is the options that I'm given. Wanna makes sure that there's no gaps. So Jesse, take one step in closer to Taylor. Justin, one closer, one close. This is perfect. Gentlemen, you're gonna be looking at my camera, I'll be talking you through the whole process. Make us laugh, too? Now great guys, can you guys get in a little bit closer? Stand a little bit closer, nice. Nice. JD, are you ready for Taylor? I'm ready. Taylor, can you look at JD? Gentlemen, you guys will be looking here at me. Fantastic. (camera shutters) Great, so now we're gonna do. Taylor, take two big steps toward me. Nice, great. Can you take one step back? Beautiful. Now, can you take one step back and then square your shoulders toward me? Square them towards me, have your hand in your pant pocket. Yeah, that's great. Gentlemen, take two steps back. Take one step back. Take up one step towards me, fantastic. Can you square your shoulders towards me? Nice, and you're gonna be looking in that direction. And take one step in closer this way. And then, yeah, there you go. And actually, not really, you're gonna be joining a- (sneezes) Bless you! One step out, toward me, there you go, nice. (laughs) And then we're gonna see what the girls' candids look like. Thank you. Cool. Oh, by JD. Oh this is a great job. Think you could give me Taylor? Yeah, no problem. Eyes right here gentlemen, nice. And then, Taylor, can you look over at JD? Nice. Good, gentlemen, now on the count of three, I want you guys just coming up behind Taylor, just wrap your arms around him, however comes natural. You gotta sneeze again? I got you, take your time. I got it. (laughs) I think I'm good. Okay. If you sneeze in the middle of my photo, I mean. (laughs) It'll be a really good photo. On the count of three guys, one, two, three. Come up from around Taylor, nice. Yeah. Nice, that's good, that's good. And then Taylor, look at the guys. Guys, look at Taylor, just relaxing. (laughs) Good, all right guys, all right. What we're gonna do is, we are going to create a walking formation for the guys so I can shoot head to toe. Because at this point, I haven't been able to. So Taylor, I'm gonna have you here. You're gonna be facing this direction. Now, guys, we're thinking of like uh, depending on what generation you're from, Reservoir Dogs or Mighty Ducks. Okay, so he'll be the apex, right? Okay (laughs). So I want the, yes, I want the slow clap. Duh, that's right guys, not quite yet. Taylor will be at the apex, we'll have, let's see, Jesse on this side. It was Justin, right, on that side? And then guys, you're gonna kind of just, kind of create the V a little bit around him. Now it's a little, exactly. The reason why I'm doing this, exactly. I want those motions too. Is because we don't have enough room for you guys to walk all next to each other, so I'm gonna have, you guys all just walk in. Now, the idea is not to look like you're angry, like have anger faces, the idea is simply to walk, enjoy. Kinda create a casual type vibe. So you're gonna be looking at the guys, guys be looking, you guys can trash talk, whatever it's gonna take Taylor to smile and enjoy. Right now I'm shooting with the... Let's see, Taylor, one step this way. Guys, if you can't see my camera, the camera can't see you. So careful, because they're gonna be walking to us. So, I'm just gonna set the light right about now. I do understand that this light's not very good, but I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna own it, and I'm gonna rock it. Here we go. I'm at 4O, 200ths of the second, 400 ISO. I have just about a few feet for them to walk. So guys, on the count of three, you guys can start with your left foot first, taking it nice and slow. One, two, three, talking trash, enjoying the moment. We just have about this amount of room to work. We're gonna be good, here we go. So in three, two, one, left foot. Taylor, looking at the boys. Guys, there you go. (groomsmen chatting) (laughs) Okay, pause, pause, pause, come up all around Taylor. Back up, Matt, back up, Matt. All right, nice. Come in nice and close, just casual, casual, casual, yeah. Very good. (camera shutters) Nice guys, thanks guys. This is great, this is good, thank you guys so much. If there's other casual shots that you guys want, JD will hang out with you guys all day. You guys just want to chill, relax, that's okay. I'm gonna get one shot of Taylor, then I'm gonna go shoot the bride. Tay, I'm gonna shoot you just right now. We're gonna add you in that photo. So I'm going to shoot this at a 2.0. I just need to get a solid shot, I'm in mud right now, wow. I just need a solid shot of the groom. (romantic music) Man, this song is and just everything is just firing. Okay, um, Anise, can I have you take one step to the left? Oh sure. I'm shooting here, so sorry, love, so sorry. Nice. Taylor, can you look out towards the- There you go, nice, chin down a tiny bit, and then eyes here. Nice. I'm just loving this music, man. This is great! How you feeling Taylor, good? I'm great. Good, wait until you see your wife, your future wife. I know. She's looking so good. Yeah. That's good. Can I have you button your jacket? Unbutton it, and then button it, you look down. Now look off towards the side, towards that portico. Yup, eyes down, back at the coat. Slight smile, looking at the portico again. Oh, there we go, homie, there we go. Eyes here, attaboy, thank you, thank you. Okay let's do that photo, thank you Taylor. Okay, here we go, here we go, girl time. Now that the guys are safely tucked away and enjoying their drinks and enjoying the day and JD's hanging out with them, I can rest assured that that's being taken care of. About to shoot the girls right now. The bride will get into her dress, we'll have it, keep it light, keep it fun, and keep it directive. Once we have everybody in, we will be stepping outside to two locations to shoot bridesmaids photos. I will make sure that they get two variations of the bridesmaids photos and keep them very candid. The Knot has a penchant for posting bridesmaid photos not in the traditional sense, but them just enjoying and laughing, and because I know that, I wanna make sure that if this thing gets to print, those are the types of photos that they're gonna be using and wanting. So, having said that, the next move for, would be for us is to get her in her dress, go outside to two different locations, shoot two poses in both of those two locations, get them back tucked in, and then, once we do that, I will then be shooting set up details for the ceremony. So that's what's going on. So ladies, I'm going to have you grab Sam's dress. (background chatter) Maybe not, you never know. I'm shooting at a 2.5 (mumbles) 500 ISO, 1/60th of a second. So, actually, whoever needs to be in the room, can you be in the room? And if not, we're gonna close these doors and if you could stand in front of the doors so people can't see in. Thank you, great. I'm gonna turn around. Got it, yes. So this is what happens, if I'm working with a male videographer, he'll stay in the room if she's okay with it, and Sam is okay with it, and he's looking away. And I'll call him when he's ready. So Sam, I won't be shooting you until you are fully covered. There will be no cameras on you until you're fully covered, and then we're gonna flip on them. Oh okay, okay, Okay, cool That's why I was worried. Yeah, no, no, no. And you can keep your robe on until you're fully covered and then we'll open the doors. We'll have Matt turn around. So if you hear me shooting, I'm just shooting things that are around you, not you. Okay. (camera shutters) And so ladies, if you guys want to hop in the frame, in, out of the frame, however you feel comfortable, is exactly what I want. Tammy, you can be shooting, too. I can do that, right? I switched my ISO because it seemed to get a little bit darker. The light in here is really weird because I have the day lights going on. Because of the filming for The Knot, so I'm just trying my best to really work with this. So, she's getting into it, so I'm gonna stop shooting. Oh, should wear it with my shoes on. No, not yet. Oh no? No, we'll get there. Oh, yes, I have people to help me. Yes. I'm used to-- So ladies, what you wanna do is get the dress as low as possible, so she doesn't have to hurdle it. And then, we want to make sure that we can see the floor all the way at the knee, just like this, gorgeous. Oh, that was mine, sorry. Okay. There we go. Oh, I'm so tense in this. So once we get her covered, she's gonna remove the robe and then I'll have Matt turn around. Once you're covered, you take your time. I lived in a sorority house with like 50 girls, so I have lost all dignity and modesty a long time ago. (laughs) So we're gonna drape those items behind the sofa, thank you. So, Samantha, whenever you're ready, whenever you feel comfortable, you tell-- Oh yeah, yeah, you're good. So Matt, we're good, thank you. (background chatter) So pull down her dress, because it's gathered around her belly. (bridesmaid laughs) Sam, we're keeping the face nice and light and happy. Beautiful. (bridesmaids talking) So what's happening right now is The Knot is putting on a mic and so we're just trying to like, wait it out. I think I just lost the time for the bridesmaids photos before the ceremony, which totally bums me out. I'm still gonna try and fight for them, but it just depends on how things are gonna unfold. So we'll see. (camera shutters) So ladies, what I'm gonna each have you guys do is grab her shoes, a jewelry, her handkerchief, so once the mic's on, we're gonna pop her in, we're gonna step you guys outside as quickly as possible. Take one step back, Sam, great. So, Leigh, are we good? Yeah, we're good. Thank you. We'll have time to adjust the mic before we go down to the ceremony, too. Thank you, thank you. So, we're gonna, can you guys unbuckle her shoes and then... I can hold up the dress. Great, fantastic. Princess, can you stand over here? Thank you, princess. Oh, you look so beautiful. Thank you, love and now you can look at Sam. Oh, how beautiful. You're gonna come down and get her into her shoes. Oh, I was just gonna say, take a few pictures. So I have to be careful. Samantha's arm is cocked in such a way that I don't think is... But I'm just gonna be patient with it because her right arm is just not in a complimentary way, so I'm not gonna fire off too many. I'm gonna wait until she's elevated, oh, right there. She, nope. I'm just not gonna shoot because her arm is cocked in such a way that it makes it distracting. So I'm gonna wait until she's in her left shoe, that brings her body up and relaxes that right arm. So Sam, we're keeping the face nice and light. Light, light. (laughs) Okay. Beautiful. (background chatter) (camera shutters) Nice focal points on the bride. I'm shooting at 2.5 640 ISO, 1/60th of a second. Now she's lifted up and her arm's relaxed, I'll shoot it back. (camera shutters) Toe down, toe down, there you go. (camera shutters) My dad, dancing. So ladies, we're gonna go into jewelry. Just hand it to her? Put it on, however. (laughs) Am I putting them on her or is she? No, I'll put it on. That's the one in the mirror. Oh yeah, the veil. Let's put on the veil before we go down to the ceremony, so we'll do bridesmaids photos, fingers crossed, without it. And then it will be a nice little change of look. Okay. Who's putting on the veil? Can I really use this now? We're gonna do that before we go down. If you can put it on, that would be fantastic, okay. Are you supposed to pin this? You can wrap it around the bouquet if you want, as you walk down. Oh perfect, thanks for telling us, I'm like. (laughs) So, the bride is getting touched up right now. She just had a beautiful evocative moment of reading a letter from her husband to be. I instructed the bridesmaids to get their bouquets and meet us outside, because the bride will actually get there faster if she sees her friends out there going en route. We'll be right outside. I've instructed and cleaned up a certain small area. We are working in very small areas today. But I think that we'll be able to walk that out and hopefully seven to 10 minutes, because that's all that I have before I have to shoot the ceremony. So here we go. So I'm just kind of adjusting the dress a tiny bit. I do have other stuff, here. I want you, um, let's see, yeah, there you go. Oh. Just relax it, relax the elbows, bring it on in. I'm gonna need everybody to back up. I'm getting a shot from back here. I need, yeah. So Sam, take one step forward. Samantha, take one step forward. Right there, perfect, beautiful. Just relax, you're gonna be looking out there, beautiful. I'm just gonna get a bridal portrait with her. So I'm at 320 ISO. Beautiful. Samantha, relax the bouquet slightly lower. There you go, boo, thank you. Gorgeous, beautiful, look over your left shoulder. Down at the floor, beautiful. With your left hand, can you get the back of your dress and slightly adjust it? Like that, bring it up to your hand, now lift the shoulders. Like this? Yes, like this, beautiful. Looking out the window again. Beautiful, relax your hand. This hand? Yes, and then the other hand. Drop both hands back to the bouquet, back to the bouquet. Attagirl. Good. Pause. I'm not like, leaning back, I'm holding myself up, but is it making me? Not at all, and your bouquet is there too. So take a deep breath, relax that left shoulder, peel it on back, beautiful. And there's somebody in the background, okay. Relaxing the shoulder, looking down at the bouquet again. Beautiful. Chin towards me, slightly, beautiful. Then bring your eyes here, attagirl. We're going, here we go. Do I look angry? No, you look fierce. I'm used to smiling so much. So we're gonna have you peel out this way. And we are gonna get you tucked away. Everybody on this side, please. I'm gonna be shutting these doors. Okay, I can't move the carpet. Let's see, Sam, I need you center, here. I need your feet there, beautiful. Now ladies, there are a total of five, correct? Mm-hmm. Can I have your sister stand here? Yeah. And we're gonna turn your body in this way. Your sister's going to stand here. Who's third in line? Me Perfect, I'll get you right over here. One step out towards me, love, beautiful. So honey, come right here. I know, let's go, let's go, we're keeping it on time. Beautiful, we'll have you right over here on this side. Gorgeous. Do you want me like slightly behind her? No, we're gonna be in front of the portico. You're gonna be angling yourself in towards... I'll fix this. Oh, the button popped off. Let's just tuck it in right now, and then on the break, we'll have it adjusted, right there. Turn it in this way. Ladies, you're going to, I'm gonna take your, yes. Can I have your cell phone? Yes. Tammy. Ladies, we're gonna have your bouquets here. Bring it on this way, I'm gonna bring you over here, and I'm dividing up the brunettes on this side, lighter hair on this side, beautiful. So turn out this way, towards your sister, that's okay. Oh, the mic was, just coming off. Should I put my hair in front? Ah, one side, you know I'm a big fan of the one side hair. Okay, okay, good, I'm glad we all agree. Oh, the one side. So turn in towards Sam, beautiful. So ladies, relax. Come in this way, come this way, take a tiny step out towards me. Then, ladies, your bouquet's gonna be in your left hand, ladies, be in your right hand. Sam, you're good there. Okay. Line up the bouquets to match up with Sam's height. Gorgeous. Beautiful, okay. I'm shooting at a 4O, I'm shooting at ISO 160. I'm gonna test shot. This is light that I like at 320ths of a second. So ladies, what I want you to do is... Oh let's get princess in there. How can I forget? I saved the best princess for the last. Can you come over here, princess? Flower girl first? Yeah, flower girl first. I need a shot of flower girl, get that. Oh you look so beautiful. Oh yeah, we'll leave Katie out for a few of them. Okay. We'll bring her in-- I've got cloud coverage. I've got cloud coverage? Okay. So, beautiful everybody, ladies, take a deep breath and then relax the shoulders, abdomens in, relaxing one hip. All ready ladies, loving this, gorgeous. Beautiful. Relax. I'm shooting it horizontal and vertical. Do you think the location slightly lower, a little bit? There we go, there we go, Jeanie, thank you, beautiful. Now ladies, take a deep breath and everyone's just gonna chat with each other. Yes, there we go. (background chatter) (laughs) So I'm doing this primarily to get candid photos as well as for the videographer. That's great, now lovely ladies, when you laugh, just be conscious of the ha ha ha, just do the ha ha ha. So right, right, exactly, there you go. (laughs) Beautiful. Oh, she's so beautiful. Hi princess, can you look here? Oh, yeah. Hi love. Oh so beautiful. Okay, so now what we're gonna do is ladies, while you guys have your bouquets, we're gonna just kind of like create, one tiny bit, step out. Okay. Beautiful, turn out, square your shoulders towards me. Now ladies, you guys are just gonna be looking at Samantha and you can maybe, fix the back of her dress. You guys are maybe doing slight little zhuzhes and modifications, zhuzhes, that's right. So, light change, there's a light change. I have to compensate for that because of the light in front of them. Look at them, or? Yes please. So this, right there in front of them, is a natural reflector and so I just need to make sure that I'm compensating for that light. Sam, flip your view to the other side. There you go, girls. Beautiful, now everybody kind of come in nice and tight, nice and tight. So we're gonna get, I'm sorry, forgive me. Let's make room for your sister. We're gonna do the quintessential sorority pose. Oh, we're good at those. So Samantha, yes, I know. I'm gonna bring you on this side of Sam. You're gonna put your feet underneath her dress, beautiful. Lovely, angle in, so remember ladies, pop, oh yeah, pop the knee. I'm gonna take that, pop the knee. Pop the knee. Pop the knee. Come in, come in over here, baby. Yeah, thank you. Come in this way, come in this way, come in this way. Hey Sam, I approve of that, I really do. I talk loud enough. (laughs) Exactly, just broadcast voice, exactly, exactly. So JD, you ready? Yep. So I have a shot in mind that I want JD to go. I'm at 4.0 320ths of a second, 160, got it, got it. I'm at 500ths of a second, beautiful. Ladies, eyes here, leaning in for that sorority pose. There we go ladies, beautiful. Take a deep breath. Relax it out. You're gonna lean in and then everyone's going to be looking at me and Sam, when I have you look at JD, I'll tell you when. Right there he is, hey! (everyone laughs) None of the cute stuff yet. None of the cute stuff, okay. Everybody take a deep breath. Relax the shoulders, leaning in for that sorority pose. Ugh, and Sam at JD. Beautiful. Thank you ladies. I'll pause here. Bouquets all down. Princess can I have you stand right over here with me? Beautiful. Line up the bouquets here. JD, side. Can you guys line up the bouquets here. Oh like that, oh yeah. To Sam. There we go. Come in, come in, come in, come in, come in, come in. Beautiful. Beautiful ladies. I'm getting just the bouquets but I really want you to sell the upper body, so lean it in. Beautiful, that's it ladies. Girls, girls, girls, okay. Okay, other side so we can get you away from guests. So, let's pop in. Oh you know what Jas, let's verify. I think I saw some guests back there. Tammy, can you pop out and verify that there aren't guests on the other side? They're married, how cute are they? Oh God. Aw. Way to set it up Sam. They're like, "No." They're like no. Yeah, yeah, no. Yeah no. (laughs) This is just what happened. We're in one location with two to three different poses. Now we're going to go to the second location and get two poses there. I feel confident that if we didn't get to the other side it would be okay. But so far I'm gonna take it and maximize it so that I can get time to shoot the ceremony. So we're on our way. Okay, ladies we'll pause here. We'll pause here. Beautiful, beautiful. Ugh, this light. I mean. (everyone laughs) (metal clanks) We're gonna have to get (drowned out) door also. Yes please. Great. I'm noticed that there's not the best light that I want and not enough space so I'm gonna kind of create like an arc. So I'll have the bride in the front, ladies behind her. So think of classic outside, traditional outside, a little candid, now we're going to do something a little more editorial. Okay, so think of Vanity Fair, think of Vogue. So you don't want to be looking pissed in photos but you want to be looking fierce and if I see you pissed I'm gonna call you out. But you already got this down, don't act like you don't know. She has brought into a whole new world of like-- Smizing, yes. Smizing with the eyes. Smizing. That's exactly what we're doing. So while he's prepping her, can I have you pop her around this way? Sam, you're gonna turn around this way and he's gonna follow you. Twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist. Great. So now what we're doing is we're maximizing time. I think right here is gonna be great. Let's see, I'm gonna get her sister on this side. So ladies, the way you have lined up on the other side would be fantastic. So I'm just actually gonna get one girl on this... I'm gonna get you right here, love, you're nice and petite. Step in this way. Beautiful. Square your shoulders towards me. All the way. Yeah, I remember we're thinking Vanity Fair. We're thinking looking good. I'm gonna take you over here, love and have your hand here and the bouquet down. I love where your bouquet is there. I'm gonna be staggering the bouquets. So give it to me real quick, I wanna see what we're doing here. Oh, the necklace? Oh, no, no, no, the look. The gorgeous look. Okay, good. Take one step in closer to Sam. Beautiful, good. Okay, good. Now instead of putting it back, I want you to rest it back. There we go, darling. Pop in right here. Great, we're going to have you come right over here, whenever you're ready. I'm gonna have you stand just like this. Okay. So shoulder to shoulder. Beautiful. Beautiful. I'm gonna take you right in here. Bouquet in the other hand. Beautiful. And then I'm gonna take you right over here with your bouquet all the way down and your hand here. So, Tammy can you hold up the diffuser above the lower parts of the dress. Even if I can just save a bit of one. Even if I didn't have the diffuser in this situation, it wouldn't bother me whatsoever. So, Tammy I'm gonna have you on the opposite side of the tree. Perfect. So I'm gonna shoot this at ISO 200. I'm at 4.0. I'm at 200ths of a second. We're gonna get one last minute of zhush. This is beautiful. Tammy lower it. To the left. To the left, I'm sorry to the right. (Jasmine laughs) And Tammy, actually, let's pass it. Let's pass it, let's pass it. Beautiful. So Sam, your shoulders are squared to me. I want you to turn in slightly towards JD. Turn your, beautiful. So turn your hips and shoulders towards JD. A little bit more. Put your toes at him. Put your toes at him. There you go. Now bring your shoulders to him, there you go. Oh, I get it. There we go, there we go. Beautiful. Now everybody, now we have to be very conscious that this is not the look. Oh we have somebody behind us, we're just gonna ignore it right now. Here we go, everybody's dealing with me. Smiling? Yes, slight smiles. Slight smiles, Sam relax it. Beautiful. Take a deep breath, relax it on out. Pop the hip, pop the hip. Think sorority and fierce. In three, two and one. Beautiful. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Now, take a deep breath. Now everybody can just lean next to the next person. Just kind of like however it happens. Yes, I want you to turn in towards your sister. Link your arms with your sister. And pop in, come out closer to Sam. There you go. Beautiful, oh ladies I can't even deal with this right now. I'm sorry, can I have you back up a bit? Okay, we have princess in the shot. We're gonna keep princess in the shot. We're just gonna roll with it. She's gonna turn towards us. Okay. Beautiful. There we go. We're leaning and we're feeling great. Oh ladies, I can't. Looking at each other. Gorgeous. Now what we're gonna do ladies, nice and slow, in cadence of three two one. You're gonna be walking towards me. Looking at each other. Sam, you can link arms with your sister or you can have it down, whatever you feel most comfortable, but I need you to go three two one. Exactly. So we're relaxed, we're feeling good. We're keeping the faces nice and light but we're not doing the ha ha ha. You're keeping your faces light. So it's not like this, just pleasant. Okay, here we go guys. We're gonna relax. Beautiful. And we're gonna start with you left foot first. In a cadence of three, two, one. Side to side, looking, enjoying. And starting in three, two, and one. Left, side to side, slow. Slow ladies, slow. Slow (laughs). We lost one! We lost one! That was good though you totally owned it. Let's back it up, let's back it up. And we'll do it one more time. And we'll get you tucked away. I love you. I'm glad you did that. That was good. That was great. Sorry! There's no apologies. She fell off the side. But you guys, look at what we gave her. We gave her nothing. (chatting and laughing) Good, so you guys squeeze in a little tighter so we get room on this end. Beautiful, ladies. Squeeze in nice and tight. Squeeze in so we're not losing anybody in the process of us going. You got it, are you going? Yeah baby, we're ready to go. Great. Okay ladies. Beautiful. So this light is amazing, so ladies, we're looking at each other we're going even slower than we did last time. So in three two one, left foot go. Lovely, looking side to side. Beautiful. Beautiful. We're not falling, we're not falling. This is good. (camera shutters) Beautiful. Everybody just lean in, just casual however it works. However it works, gather in, gather in. Get in nice and close, get in nice and close, get in nice and close, get in nice and close, eyes here. Eyes, here, oh ladies. (romantic live music) So right now I'm just trying to pick off the important family members because this is the time that we have a very short, limited amount of time for family formals. So I want to make sure that we have everybody so we're not spending time wasting looking for people. I'm gonna get the couple in the shade as much as possible. So this is not an ideal situation but this is the only situation we have right now. So this is where they brought the couple. So we're gonna try to do family pictures as quick as possible. Oh actually, look at this area. Can we squeeze everybody in you think, for family photos? You know it's not good, tough shade really. Let me check, let me check. This area's super tiny. I have literally about a foot of shade, but their families aren't that big, so I'm gonna try to keep them here. JD, can I get her sister please? Sister, yeah. But since her Dad's here, where's Mr. Carisch? Oh Mr. Carisch, I'll take you right over here. Sam, I'll take you here. You know and my aunt, I may get a picture with my Dad. Absolutely, absolutely. She's like the Mom. Where's your aunt? She's making her way over. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Did it all go okay? Uh, brilliant. Right? (drowned out) the shadiness. I know we're gonna try to keep you guys in the shade. It is warm, I know. So we're going to try to do this. Let's see, JD, I also need the scrim please. The scrim. (background chatter) So Sam, I'm gonna have her just right behind her, sorry. That was perfect. So Dad, I'll have you right about here. (background chatter) You're gonna stick your feet underneath her dress. Okay, what do you mean? You mean, like this? Yeah, and just stand-- Let me be just a little bit casual. Absolutely, absolutely. Beautiful, Taylor you're going to turn in towards Sam. So you know what we'll do, while we're waiting for your half the family, we'll just do photos real quick, right here. Yeah. Okay, great. So, Sam you're gonna turns towards me. Dad you're gonna turn towards Sam. Taylor you're gonna turn in towards, beautiful. Relax the bouquet. Do you need diffuser or bounce? Diffuse please. I just want it for that broken light. <v Mr. Carisch>Do we have a little stool I could stand on? You know J, I don't know that I'm going to be able to cover much of it. It's okay, I just need facial as much as possible. (background chatter) So this lighting is not the best. And I understand it but it's just something I'm going to have to go through. I'm gonna have you peel in as much as possible. Yep. You're gonna stand off to the side, yeah. And then just kind of... Great. And so Mr. Carisch, I'm gonna need you closer to Samantha right now. <v Mr. Carisch>Okay. So even closer, even closer, beautiful. That nice. How about that? Oh fantastic. I'm gonna get my kiss real quick. Great! Hi! So, JD, I'm ready for you when you are. ("Right on Fire" by Johnny Cash) Taylor can I have you hand in your pocket? The usge. Yep, there you go. There we go, everyone's looking here? Everyone's looking here, beautiful. (camera shutters) Beautiful. Nice. Gentlemen, can you put your arms around Samantha. Just around that backside. Mr. Carisch, there we go. Nice. Maybe I can go a little-- I got it, I'm good, thank you. I'm good, thank you. Great, so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add the rest of your family in. Okay. Taylor you're just gonna scoot in closer to Sam. There we go. Do you know if this is helping a lot? Yes, a lot, thank you. Princess, can you stand over here with Uncle Taylor? Thank you, you're such a good queen. Now, do you want me to go in there? Oh yes, please, please. The only thing I ask is that you remove your sunglasses. Okay. Jasmine. Yes, love. <v Mr. Carisch>You tell me hun when you want me out of the picture. No, no, is this-- Well, it's not her Dad. Okay, would you like it as group shot, if not. How about we do it without-- <v Mr. Carisch>Why don't we do it without me? We're all good with it. Yeah, yeah. Okay great, fantastic, thank you. You're not hurting anybody. Fantastic. So Taylor, I'm gonna get you on this side. Mr. Carisch, I just need one more photo of you and Samantha right after this one. You're so sweet. You can call him Bob. No one ever-- Okay, Bob, okay, Bob, okay. (laughs) You're going to step in this way. You're enjoying the Mr. Carisch, huh? Beautiful. You're gonna come in this way. Princess, can I have you stand over here with Taylor? Come over here kiddo. Okay, that looks good, actually, that looks really good. Turn in towards Sam. Beautiful, you're gonna take a step in this way. Beautiful. Okay You're good. Sorry, sorry-- It's okay Sam, you take the time you need. Jay, up. This light is not my best friend, but this is the best I have. Everyone's looking here at this camera. Beautiful. Everyone's here. Beautiful. Hi Princess, looking here. Everyone's here, beautiful. Get her to lean in. Beautiful. Princess, can you look here sweetie? Oh, thank you. Okay, that's great. Okay, great, great. Sorry Jas-- And you got a photo of her and her sister by herself? I did. Okay, perfect, great. Okay, then I just need Bob and Samantha. Okay, yeah. Actually, you know what, if you could just do some side profile shots? Actually, I can have Tammy do that and I need you to get the side profile shots, thank you. Be careful, it's a little... That was easy. You're gonna turn in towards Bob. Bob you're gonna put her arm around her waist. There you go. Bob, can I have your hand in your pant pocket? There you go, beautiful. Oh, that's nice. Beautiful. Tammy, I need it on her nose. Beautiful. Eyes here, everybody looking at this camera, this camera. Beautiful, this camera right here. Lean in a little closer to your Dad. Beautiful. Sam can you get on your tippy-toes and give your Dad a kiss on the cheek. Cute, thank you. Beautiful, thank you so much. Lovely, great. Thank you. Anybody from your family that we're missing? Did you want to do you aunt? Janet, yeah. And maybe my Dad with... Janet! Janet! May? Do you want it you, Janet, Taylor and your Dad or just you, Janet. Oh yeah, sure. Just you and Janet. Oh it's family. Oh, you could. It's my sister. I mean however you want to-- Taylor! I'm gonna get you back here with... Bob, I'm gonna have you take a step out. Janet I love your dress! Thank you, it looks cute with my sandals. Janet, you look beautiful. Come in a little closer, it's your sister. We're all friends and family. And then Taylor, can I have your hand in your pocket? (background chatter) Tammy can you just lift it up, just straight up? Beautiful. Eyes right here, everyone's looking here at this camera. Beautiful. Everyone lean in nice and close to Samantha and Taylor. Lean in, Bob, lean in, lean in a little. There you go. Oh this is it. Thank you guys so much, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it, thank you. Where's Jim and Carroll? They're coming. Great. So I'm gonna have Carroll, Jim and Jesse, cool? Yeah. Jesse, can I get you on that side? Yes you can. Beautiful, fantastic. Whoo, let's see. (laughs) So, let's see. So Carroll, I'll have you stand over here with Samantha. Can you lift up your left foot, Sam? There you go, beautiful, Carroll you're gonna step your feet right underneath, beautiful. Beautiful. (background chatter) So you're gonna hold the bouquet and when you're holding the bouquet, at your time, you're just gonna rest your hand at your elbow. You're gonna turn in and you're gonna have your hand in your pant pocket. There you go. Sort of? Yeah, just like casual, handsome, I like it. I'm liking this. Jesse, can you turn in? Nice, hand in your pant pocket. Beautiful, you guys create such gentlemen. I'm truly, truly, truly. Tammy, I need you standing up on this chair and then back so you'll cast a bigger shadow. I got it. I know love, sorry. Nope, that's alright. But my focus is basically on the bride and groom. I understand that... Okay, it's okay, we're just gonna... (whispering) Great, everybody's turn in, Jesse take one step towards Taylor. Beautiful. Oh this is beautiful. Everybody, eyes here, gorgeous. Beautiful. Can everybody take a deep breath, relax the shoulder. There you go, oh beautiful. Everybody lean in. Beautiful. (camera shutters) Beautiful, now we have your boutineer competing with Samantha's face. (everyone laughs) It's a big boutineer and you're so tiny. Sam, can you take a step forward. Yeah, sure. There we go, we're gonna do this. Turn slightly towards Taylor. Oh towards Taylor? Just a little and can you step in towards this way? Beautiful, there we go, there we go. Beautiful. (laughs) Beautiful, eyes here, gorgeous. Thank you guys so much. Beautiful, so now we're going do is Jesse we're gonna have you take a step out. Sam, you're gonna turn in towards, beautiful. Carroll, you're gonna take as step out. Oh, I'm sorry, out of the frame, forgive me Jesse. (laughs) Nice, yes. Oh, sorry, have you take a step in this way. Beautiful. Jay, you're getting side angle? I am. Okay. Beautiful, relaxing the bouquet Sam. I know it's heavy. It is heavy. (laughs) Right. Anytime you want a break from it just give it to me. Beautiful, eyes here, everyone at this camera. Beautiful, thank you so much. Oh this is so stunning. (camera shutters) Thank you so much. Now what we're gonna do, is Samantha we're gonna get you out. We're gonna do a couple shots with Taylor and his parents. Yeah. You good? I'm good. JD? Oh, I'm good. Are you sure? Watch me go. Okay. Can you grab this please? Of course. Actually Taylor, do you mind if we have your Mom in the middle? No not at all. I always think it's nice to have a lady by her men, by her boys. Hand in pocket, there we go. Beautiful. This is lovely. Jesse, we'll have you come in. Right hand in your right pocket. Fantastic. Everybody looking here, gorgeous. (camera shutters) (laughs) Eyes here at this camera, beautiful. (camera shutters) Beautiful, now what we're gonna do is were gonna get a photo of just Taylor and his Mom. I know Taylor, we're powering through. We're powering through. I got it, you're good, you're good. Beautiful. Eyes here, gorgeous. Good, can you guys do me a favor, can you guys look at each other? There you go, nice. Thank you guys. Aww. Okay, so this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna shoot a safe shot and then I'm gonna keep the bridal party after because I noticed the reception's already getting setup and I don't want the guests to touch it. So Samantha, bridal party, real quick you guys, what we're gonna do right now is we're just gonna do one bridal party photo. We're gonna keep it on the safe side and then we'll get time for press. Give me five minutes for here and then after the reception we're gonna do another more casual vineyard style bridal party photo. So I want you guys to get hydrated, get some drinks, have some fun, give me five minutes and then the rest you guys are partying until after the reception. Perfect. Cool. Oh I love you. Gosh. We're gonna walk behind in the shaded area so we can try to keep everybody cool. So what I'm looking for right now is natural reflectors. We have this big natural reflector. This is a really really really dark area that's not my favorite but I'm gonna get the safe shot. And then hopefully later today get a shot that I'm actually a little more happy with. I'm gonna bring you out here. Right about there, that's great, thank you. We're gonna start placing the guys in relation to where you guys stand. Let's see, Taylor, Jesse, we'll get Samantha. Right about here? (laughs) Yeah, ladies we're gonna get you on this side. Let's see, uh let's see. Samantha, ladies, we're gonna line up, everybody, in the order in which you were standing. (background chatter) Take your time Sam. I'm gonna say, can we make sure we get a picture with Tim? Yes. Just with him. Yes, then you know what I'm gonna do is... I need somebody to get the officiant. I'm gonna have him. Oh, thanks. (background chatter) Taylor, I'm gonna have you here. Brilliant, Sam, I'll have you here. Now, Sam, there's a little incline, Okay. I want you on that incline. Give you a little bit of that baboom. There we go, there we go. Want this gown on here? Yes Bob, have it brought back there, right back there. Beautiful, so ladies, I need you guys lined up in the order in which you descended on the aisle. We're gonna go grab my bouquet, so. Oh that's okay, that's okay. (background chatter) We're gonna put it right behind her. Right about there, thank you so much. That's brilliant, thank you. So, ladies, we're gonna get lined up so that when the bouquet arrives... We'll leave a little bit of space for her. We'll pop you guys right in. Ladies, come on, lean it on in. (background chatter) You're gonna come in this way. You're gonna stand one tiny step behind Samantha. You bet. Right under the dress, right? Yes, and then get in closer. Attagirl, attagirl. (background chatter) Can you ladies turn in this way. Come in this way. It's okay, it's been a long day and it's hot. You guys don't get drinks right now. Okay, princess, you want to be in these photos? Of course. We're gonna have you stand right here next to Mommy. Thank you, I'll hold this for you and then you'll give it back to me or I'll give it back to you. Okay, gentlemen, can you guys line up after Jesse. Jesse, can you get on this side of Taylor? (laughs) I know to make this interesting. Turn in this way. And gentlemen, can I have your right hands in your pant pockets. So come in slightly towards me, nice. Good, let's see. Yeah, what are we doing Taylor, hand or thumb? Hand, now Taylor, Taylor, yeah there we go. Can I have all four fingers in your pant pocket. I'm gonna shoot this with a 35. So gentlemen, I need you to angle in a little bit more. Can I have you take one step out towards me? Me? How 'bout one more baby step more? Boom. Ladies, boom. I'm moving her because she had a major hot spot on her chest. I'm just gonna sacrifice a tiny bit now. And that's okay. I'm gonna crop out the natural reflector in front of them. 'Cause I don't want it to be an distraction. The light is just, it's pleasant, it's fine. I don't think it's anything magical but they're also not in the sun. So can I have princess look here at me. Ladies, line up your bouquets. Beautiful, there you go. Oh, how beautiful everyone's looking. Okay, everyone looking at this camera. Princess, can you relax your dress a little bit. Relax it, relax it, oh just like that. Everyone looking here at three, two, one. Everyone take a deep breath and lean in. Thank you, oh there we go, there we go. (everyone laughs) Beautiful. Sam, come out a tiny bit to me, boo. There you go, nice. Love it, thank you. Okay, so that's the classic photo. We're gonna be okay with it. After, just give me one five minute photo, vineyards, fun, beautiful light. Just hydrate, have a good time, thank you so much. (everyone thanking Jasmine) Hydrate properly, right? Yes, hydrate properly. Thank you guys. (bridal party laughs) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you guys. So if you guys wouldn't mind, can I have everybody just step like maybe four or five steps over this way. JD, can you please remove those four items. I'm gonna get you on this side. You're gonna turn in towards Taylor. Taylor you're gonna turn in towards Sam. (background chatter) Oh that's no problem, I'll position them when they arrive, just so that we can save time. So your daughter and her boyfriend are still coming? (everyone responds) Perfect, then great. Then we'll have this right over here. So, perfect. I'm gonna have you guys take a step back. I'm gonna get you on this side. Actually, forgive me, I'm gonna get you on this side so that I can bring in, we'll keep both families. I've you right here. I'll have you step in this way. You'll come right in here. Jesse, I'm gonna have you right over here. Oh here they are, here they are. So then we're gonna have you here. Did you find the boyfriend? Yeah. Yeah right? That was impressive. Can I have you remove your sunglasses? Thank you. (background chatter) Beautiful, so you're gonna angle in towards Sam. Beautiful, you're gonna angle in towards this way. Have your hand in your right pant pocket. You're gonna turn in towards him, this way. And you can rest your hand on his elbow. Beautiful. There we go, awesome. Have your hand in your pant pocket. If I can have you remove your sunglasses. Thank you so much. Take a step in towards Taylor. You're gonna take a step in. This is beautiful. (background chatter) Everyone here will be looking at this camera. This is lovely. 402, 50th of a second, 320 ISO. Everyone's looking here, beautiful. I'm gonna shoot a vertical and I'm gonna shoot a horizontal. Fantastic, thank you. Let's see, let's do bridal party. Let's do bridal party. JD-- Oh wait! Yes, talk to me. What about the boys and the parents? I think we were-- Did we, I forget. Yes, I think you did. I think did that. Just the four of us, yes. Yeah. Of course they did. Samantha don't worry though. I'm thinking of these things, I don't even remember them. Yeah, you did the four of us. Okay. (background chatter) Not yet, can I get a photo of the two of you and then we're done. That would be the last shot. There it is, the best looking shot, here we go. Okay, Mr. and Mrs. We're gonna grab a-- Do you wanna ride with us when we leave? We need to stay, we're doing bridal party dude. (background chatter) Sorry Jesse, five minutes, five minutes. You guys are gonna be looking here at this camera. This is beautiful. Thank you guys, thank you. Taylor's gonna appreciate that photo. I know he is, thank you guys so much. Okay, great, wedding party, here we go. We're gonna make this quick, we're gonna make this easy, we're gonna make this fun. As fun as possible. Uh, let's see, JD, I also need my 50 on deck, for some reason it's not in my bag. (clears throat) So, Sam. Sam! Yes. Let's get you right over here. Okay. Get in the photo. Right here lovey. Okay. This light is stunning. I'm gonna bring you in right over here. You're gonna turn in. Faris? Okay, thank you. (background chatter) He's a little sad right there. He's a little sad. We'll turn it towards you. We're gonna tuck him back in there. Taylor I'm gonna have you come in right over here. Ladies, can I have you line up starting with the matron of honor? And can I ask you to remove your sunglasses? Thank you. What am I doing? You're gonna come in right next to your wife. Oh! I know! Tim, get you on that side. Seven minutes. Great. Bridal party, bridal party, bridal party. So gentlemen, remove your sunglasses, we'll pop you guys right in, right here. Actually I'm loving, right there, you guys are just kinda staying... Actually, let's switch positions. Jesse, I'm gonna get you closest. Ladies, we're gonna stagger you guys behind the bride and groom. This is very similar to what we did. (background chatter) Thank you, yes, darling yes. You guys are ready for this. They threw one bouquet, so I don't have one, just so you know. Oh, oh no. Hey Faris, we're missing a bouquet, what do you suggest we do? Yeah, cause we tossed it. Yeah I know. I can lean in and hold somebody else's but I'm on the end so I don't know if that would look weird. We're gonna stagger. We're gonna stagger. I don't need mine, if I'm right next to her maybe I can do this. Ah, see you get me, we're on this. Yeah, this is it. This is done, this is great. We're perfect. Perfect, okay. (everyone chatting) Nice, okay, so ladies what we're gonna do is we're just gonna stagger. This is the Vanity Fair kind of like from earlier today. Can you switch your shoulders towards me? Face your shoudlers-- Oh, towards you? Mhmm, take one tiny step back, beautiful. You're next in line, correct? Yep. You're gonna be right up next to her by height. No, you're gonna drop this bouquet all the way down. Up right there, beautiful. Back it up, back it up, back it up, back it up. This way, I'm sorry. This way, this way, this way. Have you right about here with your bouquet down. Or actually up. Up? No, we're gonna have you separate. We're gonna have you up. We're gonna have you down. Just like this, beautiful. With my hand on your shoulder, you think? Yeah, I like that. Or, let me see in her lap? I like that, that's good. Do I still have my armpit fat? No you don't have any. This angle it's good. Can you do my fat? Yeah me too. I'm not a reconstruction surgeon, but you guys don't need this. You guys don't need it. Photoshop. Oh well, I mean, you guys don't need it. It's on a need only basis and you guys don't qualify. I'm gonna have you step in this way. Step in. That's really sweet and cute but Photoshop us. (laughs) Thanks, I'm gonna have your hand at and then you're gonna turn your shoulders out a little bit towards me. Beautiful and then chin is going to be towards my camera. That's beautiful. So gentlemen, we're gonna be setting up kind of like angular. Kind of like a cover of a record or a magazine. Jesse, we have the flask. I mean, that's looking pretty fierce. Classic, right? That's classy, I mean, I'm not gonna lie. You're gonna hang in. Sam take out one step, beautiful. Right about there. And then come in this way. Hand in your pocket. Beautiful, Jesse I'm gonna take you this way. (background chatter) Square your shoulders. I'll take this, I'll take this. It'll come back empty. Here we go, can you keep this up? Jesse, square your shoulders towards me. One step back. There we go, hand in pocket. Justin, turn in towards him. Come out a tiny bit. Square your shoulders towards me. Can you square your shoulders towards me? Yeah, there we go, yeah. Hand in your pocket. Both of them? How every you feel most comfortable is where I want you. Right about there. Square up a tiny bit towards me. Towards me and then your facing towards my camera. One step in. Right about there is fantastic. Okay, bridal party, here we go. Here we go, the faster we get this done the faster everybody's drinking, except for you guys 'cause you guys are trouble makers, so that's not happening. Yes, I just called you guys out on that. The girls? Yes! They are just crazy, all kinds of crazy. Okay, beautiful. I want you... Back? Yeah, a little bit and square your shoulders this way and then put your right hand up on her shoulder. And then with your left hand, I want you... Uh no, just holding the side of your dress. That, like that. And just relax the hand a little. Beautiful, thank you darling. Okay, here we go, everyone's looking here at this camera. Everyone's looking here, beautiful. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Now what I want everyone to do, come closer to the bride and groom. And then what we're going to do, is we're going to walk. Right in front of you. Super casual. Yes, Jesse, a little less of that. (laughs) You guys are gonna, (background chatter) yes the cadence. Don't steal my verbiage. I worked ten years on this stuff, okay. That's right friend, let's get this together. You're gonna start with your left foot forward. Everyone's gonna be looking at each other. So guys, we're thinking Resovour Dogs, flying V. Ladies, cover of a magazine, we're walking nice and slow, we're working it, we're enjoying this. Okay, so don't-- Are we looking at each other or at him? Well, it depends, if he's so far ahead of you and you're looking like this, it doesn't make sense. Right now looking at him makes sense. If he comes out a little too far from you guys, just look side to side. We just need one frame. And ladies, remember the laughs, smaller laughs, not bigger laughs. (clears throat) That's right, just like that. Everybody look at her. Let's laugh that way. Okay, guys in three, two, one. Left foot, go. Looking at each other. Taylor, Sam, look at each other. Taylor, Sam, can you guys kiss? Can you back up Matt, Matt, back up. One more kiss friends, one more kiss, one more kiss. That's it. (groomsmen howl) Praise, praise friends. Okay, bridal party, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (everyone cheers) Great, thank you guys, thank you. Get some drinks, guys. Boom, boom, high fives all the way. Thanks guys, thank you guys. Oh Jasmine. Yes. Can we do a picture of me with the guys and him with the girls? Let's do that. Let's hammer that out real quick. So what are you envisioning for this Sam? Oh anything, I don't care. (Jasmine coughs) Pick her up, pick her up. (background chatter) Well, if she had a vision. So let's see, guys hang out right over here. Taylor, we're gonna have you here. Now ladies, come up this way. Ladies, come out this way. Come on ladies. How about we're all be kissing Taylor? Come on ladies. (background chatter) So Taylor, I kind of want you to square your shoulders towards me, this way. Nice, hand in your pocket. Undo the bottom button. Now ladies you're just gonna come in. And I think that those kind of like over the top like don't sell as well as you guys just having fun, poking fun, just kinda looking good. Okay, we're gonna bring it in right around him. However ladies, just get in nice and close. Go ahead boo, you're right here. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. (bridesmaids chatting) Oh, that was organic, there we go, boom. Everybody like lean in. Taylor put your arms around the ladies around you. Sam's friends are so good looking. Taylor act like your happy bro. Nice, thank you guys. Beautiful. Perfect, we're good? Great, we're good. We're good, ladies, uh, sorry, bride, gentlemen. Lady and gentlemen. Yeah, lady. Okay, okay. Yeah, whatever you suggest Jasmine. Okay, so what we're gonna do is gentlemen, we're gonna have Samantha in the front, front and foreground. I have a feeling you want do something silly or big. Oh I don't know. I'm all about it. He's really not, he's a very serious guy. (background chatter) Take one step back, take one step back. Jesse, take about one step right over here. Take one step back right about there, nice. So Samantha, you're just gonna be here. Gentlemen, however, if the coats are open, if your hands are in your pocket, however looks good. Samantha's gonna be the focus. You guys are just gonna be her entourage. We're doing the light? Are we looking at her or? You're looking at me. And we're doing that light smile Sam. Relax that bouquet Sam, beautiful. Gentleman, can you around Sam? Put your arms around, whatever happens, happens, it's all good. Good. (Jasmine laughs) Nice guys. That was fantastic. Okay great. That was great, that was great. So, what you saw was me probably my most frantic throughout the day because we were on very strict time constraints but I found a way to make it work. So how we actually saved time was, traditionally on a wedding day I get about 30 minutes to shoot the bridal party and I get about 30 minutes to shoot the family. In this particular situation, I had a total of 25 minutes to shoot everything. So my time was cut in half, so how I was able to save time, was that instead of me photographing the bride and each bridesmaid and the groom and each groomsmen, I delegated that to JD and I came in and I handled most of the lifestyle kind of group photos. And him being able to take those reigns freed me up intensively. So the photos that you see in the gallery, from that perspective, will belong solely to him which is amazing and I'm extraordinarily thankful for. Now what happens is I had about 10 minutes with the girls and they just fired through. Now the way I was able to get through bridesmaids photos so quickly is because I knew what I was doing far before we'd gone into it. We took them outside in that portico area and I told myself, I have about six minutes to get about three or four different poses. And then I came out to the backside in front of the gate and I knew that this is where I was going to get a little more of kind of like an editorial feel. Editorial, not in editorial magazine, but editorial still in what I like to do. So the girls are standing a little bit edgier at angular postures. We had them walking. So that was the plan in going into it. If I didn't have a plan, if I didn't know where I was going, if I didn't know what the lighting was, I would probably be so stressed and I'd probably be able to fire one pose. Which in my mind isn't enough for me for the magazine, isn't enough for me as a photographer and is not enough for me in regards to the bride. Now the guys, the guys photos were just okay. If I'm gonna choose where I'm gonna spend more time, it will always be with bridesmaids because traditionally editors have a tendency of choosing a little bit more of brides and their bridesmaids photos. So as long as I got a couple of cool photos of the guys walking and talking trash, hanging out, that's gonna be great and I know that JD is taking care of it more of like them drinking beer earlier in the day. I'm just gonna let it go. Because I was working with a limited time, do I want to shoot more groomsmen photos, yes. Did I have the time for it, no. So I'm gonna let it go and say I did the best I could given that parameters. Now family photos. We were shooting family photos at 12:30. I literally had about a foot and a half of shade. I put family members in the shade. Thankfully, they didn't have 15-20 member families. It was basically just siblings and parents. And I was able to keep about up to six people in like a foot and half by three feet space. And are those photos the prettiest photos you've ever seen? Probably not, but are they good enough to end up on a Christmas card and are they good enough to use on Father's Day to tag her Dad in a picture? Yes. Do I stand by the photos? Yes. Do I wish I could have done it better? Yes. But still, I stand by it, because on a wedding day, I have yet to shoot a wedding that was 100% perfect from beginning, middle to end. So I'll take an 80% day given what we were given today and run with it any day. So with that, I'm gonna give myself grace. I'm gonna encourage people that as you deal with hot messes throughout the day, have a plan, execute the plan and still stand by it knowing that you did everything you possibly could. The best way you possibly could do it.

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Every day, for 30 days, you’ll get a 30-90 minute comprehensive lesson designed to inspire and help you build a wedding photography business that thrives.

You’ll also learn all about Jasmine’s shooting and editing techniques for wedding photography. You’ll learn how to:

  • Prompt clients to get natural-looking poses
  • Leverage natural light so everyone looks gorgeous
  • Deal with unexpected events and shoot under pressure
  • Cull, edit, and market on social after the event

Jasmine will take you on location as she shoots a real wedding, narrating her on-the-fly decision making and how she keeps clients happy throughout the day.

This comprehensive class offers powerful insight into how one of world's leading wedding photographers runs her business and gives you the tools you need to pick up your camera, follow your dreams, and develop a rewarding career in wedding photography.