Complex Selections: Furry, Fuzzy, and Hairy

Lesson 2/12 - Adding Drop Shadow to Selection Layer in Photoshop


Complex Selections: Furry, Fuzzy, and Hairy


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Adding Drop Shadow to Selection Layer in Photoshop

If I want us to have more separation between it and its background, I might go to the bottom of my layers panel click on the letters f x and I'm just going to add a drop shadow it's not that I want something that looks like a drop shadow I'm just going to use it to slightly dark in the surroundings there's a little more of a feel of separation, so I'll do drop shadow if you want to see it while you have the settings for the drop shadow open you can actually click on your picture and drag you see my drop shadow so in here the choice called size controls how soft the edges because you don't get a really soft we're really defined one I don't want it to be all that defined otherwise it might be too obvious that it's there and I'm going to keep it lined up pretty darn close with the original and then the choice called opacity controls how dense it is, how much it shows up and I just want to make sure it's not showing up too much would be too obvious but just a hint of that might give me jus...

t a little bit more separation will click okay and I'll choose undo just so you can see if it made any difference so here's undo there's before there's with the drop shot just a little bit more separation you can also change the color of the drop shadow. And if I were to change it to more of the color of the sky, you wouldn't see it as much. And it would just give you a little more separation. Uh, but the main thing I was thinking about what this one is the thing that I want to select, which was our smoke was one color in the feature and butter shop. That's good. And isolating one particular color, this color range and that's. Why I ended up going for that. There are always more than one way we could have done this. I could have also attempted to do it using the blending sliders, which is something we used in the last class that I taught. We used it on clouds on. That would be because if you look at the original, the brightness of the smoke was different than the background. And so that might have worked as well. Uh, it's, just a matter of you gotta pick one. And that was something hadn't shown you yet the color range. So you happen to choose it. We probably could have gone with either one.

Class Description

Complex textures can be a challenge for image editors – but they don’t need to be. Join Ben Willmore for a guide to working with furry, fuzzy, and hairy textures in Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to isolate complex objects from their backgrounds and tackle hair, fur, and other difficult image textures. You’ll also explore ways to refine your work to get professional-quality, sophisticated images every time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Selections have always been my nightmare, Ben Willmore is a Godsend. His easy to comprehend teaching method and techniques make learning fun and the lessons taught stick. I now own others in his lineup of classes with more on my wishlist. Thank you Ben for making Photoshop Selections less daunting and complicated than it can sometimes be and thank you Creative Live for having one of the best teachers out there. I highly recommend this course to any and all.

Cheryl Bouffard

Love Ben Willmore's classes. Explanations I understand and can follow easily. Thank you.