Decontaminate Colors in Photoshop


Complex Selections: Furry, Fuzzy, and Hairy


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Decontaminate Colors in Photoshop

Often times you're going to end up with color issues and let's see if I show this on black and assuming we're gonna notice more of the color issues? Well, maybe not, but maybe it's on white, you notice it. But there's a special choice down here at the bottom in that special choices called the contaminate colors and with decontaminate colors. What it's going to do is if we turn that on it's going to take whatever color is inside your image a little bit inside, it'll take that color and push it out into the edge. It's going to assume that what's out here with little fringes of the hair are is a combination of the background and the hair color mixed together in that if it just goes a little bit inside your object, it will find the right color that that stuff should be and if it grabs that color, just shoves it out in to that edge where we have the semi transparent areas that it might look better. And so if I turn on decontaminate colors, then we have a slider for the amount, and that mean...

s how aggressive should it be in pushing that stuff out? Usually I want to go for the highest setting that makes the image still look realistic if you go to high it's going to start feeling soft and just not detailed and so let's see if I bring that up I can see it having can you see right about here? I'll turn off decontaminate colors so before after you see how the colors are shifting there and this is going to be easier to judge. If you choose to put this on a new background, get the new background into this document ahead of time put it underneath and then for this preview that's here there's a choice called on layers and if you chose it in this case we're going to see a checkerboard, but if we actually had layer underneath, we would see the contents of the layer that's underneath instead of the checkerboard there and therefore you, khun judge how well the colors are doing on the edge, how well they look with the surroundings but that's decontaminate colors. Anytime you turn it on, then the choices that are available in this pop up men you are going to be limited, you won't be able to get your end result is a selection or a layer mask? The reason for that is it shifting the color of your picture and it can't deliver that end result as just a selection because that wouldn't be able to shift the color of your picture in what it wants to do is it's trying to make it so whatever you do is not permanent and so it's, forcing you to to create a new layer. So you'd have the original one underneath, and you'd have this one on top because it shifting the colors and it doesn't ever want to do that in a way that would be permanent. And so that's. What you'll end up with, I'll click on okay to show you so you'll end up with this, where you have the end result that has the color shifted on the edge. And then you have the original picture underneath. And you can often tell that the colors have shifted, because if you zoom up and you turn the mask off, it'll just look weird on the edge. You see the weird color shift stuff on the edge that's where it was trying to shift the color stuff, and that's. Why we have the one that's underneath, just in case it did that in an area where it wasn't helpful. We could substitute this picture somewhere.

Class Description

Complex textures can be a challenge for image editors – but they don’t need to be. Join Ben Willmore for a guide to working with furry, fuzzy, and hairy textures in Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to isolate complex objects from their backgrounds and tackle hair, fur, and other difficult image textures. You’ll also explore ways to refine your work to get professional-quality, sophisticated images every time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Selections have always been my nightmare, Ben Willmore is a Godsend. His easy to comprehend teaching method and techniques make learning fun and the lessons taught stick. I now own others in his lineup of classes with more on my wishlist. Thank you Ben for making Photoshop Selections less daunting and complicated than it can sometimes be and thank you Creative Live for having one of the best teachers out there. I highly recommend this course to any and all.

Cheryl Bouffard

Love Ben Willmore's classes. Explanations I understand and can follow easily. Thank you.